Chapter 1844 Silver Wing Horned Eagle

Although the laws here restricted their flying, that didn’t affect Long Chen’s power. Stabbing a dagger into the cliff, he fiercely pulled, sending him hundreds of meters into the air.

This was fast, but he had to be careful. The cliffside was bare and uneven, and the immortal mist blocked his sight.

If he went too fast, he might crash into a protrusion from the cliffside. He wasn’t worried for himself, but he’d be distressed if Meng Qi was injured.

Meng Qi was holding on tightly, smiling. Her soul was linked to Long Chen’s and she could feel what he was thinking.

Long Chen was oftentimes a fool, yet he was always gentle with her. Sometimes happiness was just that simple. Having a person to be concerned about and having a person constantly within one’s heart, even if it was in a dangerous situation, could make you feel blessed. That made her think of what Long Chen had said before: as long as she was present, even hell could feel like a wonderland.

After climbing for the better part of a day, the mist finally became sparse. Long Chen could see the clear sky again. They had reached the opening.

“Long Chen, do you think those Magical Beasts will attack us now? If they do, we’ll have to fall back down.”

“That really is a possibility.”

The two of them were soaked in the lakewater and infected by its aura. This immortal mist was a treasure to these Magical Beasts, and if they went up, there was no guarantee the Magical Beasts would ignore them like before.

Actually, falling from an attack wasn’t the worst-case scenario. More likely, they wouldn’t even have a chance to fall. If these terrifying twelfth rank Magical Beasts were to attack, they probably wouldn’t survive.

“Don’t worry, I have a method.” Long Chen suddenly began to climb left and right.

“What are you looking for? Do you need my help?”

“No need. Hehe, I’ve already found it.” Long Chen began to climb at an angle. They quickly arrived at a cave.

Meng Qi saw another cave entrance further away. Then looking around, she saw there were many similar openings all around.

“This is…?”

“Do you remember those Magical Beasts in the mountain range that weren’t moving? There’s a hole beneath them. I feel like these caves are part of the natural terrain that leads here, but that snow wolf up there was too stingy to let us through. Each of these caves should lead out to one of those openings. We can randomly pick one instead of taking the risk of climbing out here.”

The two of them entered the cave. However, upon entering, they found that this cave wasn’t naturally made. It seemed to have been dug by some unknown Magical Beast.

“It seems some Magical Beasts good at digging holes began to dig their way over to the volcano to steal the spiritual qi, but before they could benefit, they were kicked out.” Long Chen shook his head with a sigh.

Meng Qi nodded. This guess was very likely. The Magical Beasts that they had crossed on the way here didn’t look like the kind that could dig holes like this.

“Why don’t we see those Magical Beasts’ corpses…?” muttered Meng Qi to herself. “Ah, they must have been drawn over by the altar. Their Spiritual Strength wasn’t strong enough to resist its lure, and they became sacrifices to the blood pool.”

According to reason, there was no way this many Magical Beasts could just obediently lay there. A few must have tested to see if they could snatch the treasure. However, Long Chen and Meng Qi hadn’t seen a single Magical Beast down there, not even a corpse.

When they factored in the blood pool at the middle of the altar that lay at the bottom of the lake, it made sense. These Magical Beasts wouldn’t be able to resist its pull. Even Meng Qi and Long Chen had almost sacrificed themselves.

“It seems the existence Little Snow has merged with has a very amazing origin. All kinds of energy are being sent to it as nourishment.” Long Chen had never seen such a giant investment. To place a terrifying lifeform’s young into an egg and then send all kinds of energy to nourish it, just what kind of lifeform was worth such an investment?

“Don’t worry about it, now that its soul has merged with Little Snow, they are one. No matter how terrifying its origin, it is still Little Snow. Little Snow will become our strongest support in the future,” comforted Meng Qi.

Meng Qi knew that Long Chen was starting to worry. He cared too much about Little Snow and was afraid of some accident occurring. He was afraid of Little Snow no longer recognizing him in the future.

The path was completely straight, and they went along it without an accident for an hour before seeing the end. Based on how far they had gone, they guessed that it should be the outer edge of this region.

“There’s a feather. It’s a bird Magical Beast up above,” said Long Chen upon seeing a giant feather on the ground. It was very beautiful, looking as if it had been made entirely out of silver. It looked like an ornament made by a silver craftsman.

“It’s the Silver Wing Horned Eagle. It’s a comparatively more gentle beast. As long as we don’t show any hostility, it normally wouldn’t attack us,” said Meng Qi.

Although the Silver Wing Horned Eagle was also a Magical Beast, other than hunting, it rarely killed. It wasn’t as fierce as other Magical Beasts.

Magical Beasts were naturally ferocious and tyrannical. Even if it wasn’t to eat, they normally liked killing. Even if you didn’t provoke them, they would still kill weaker Magical Beasts instinctively.

Compared to average Magical Beasts, the Silver Wing Horned Eagle was much gentler. Unless it felt threatened, it normally wouldn’t attack. So upon seeing its feather, Meng Qi sighed with relief.

They continued onward, and the path began to go up. They quickly saw a silver ‘ceiling’.

Just like the other Magical Beast, the Silver Wing Horned Eagle was using its own body to block the exit, absorbing the sparse aura coming out of it.

Long Chen pulled Meng Qi over. At this moment, he realized that the no-flight law had vanished at some point. They were no longer restricted. Long Chen pushed open a small space for Meng Qi, and the two of them charged out from a gap between the Silver Wing Horned Eagle’s giant feathers.

Past the silver feathers, Long Chen finally saw the sky again, the sun. He took a deep breath of relief.

Just at this moment, a silver head turned toward them. Two tufts of down stood high on its forehead, looking like two high horns. This was naturally the origin of the name of the Silver Wing Horned Eagle.

Magical Beasts were different from Xuan Beasts. Their bloodlines were inferior, and their intelligence was extremely low. They couldn’t control themselves. Humans gave them names based on their appearances or divine abilities.

At this time, the Silver Wing Horned Eagle was staring at Long Chen and Meng Qi coldly. Even its eyes contained a silver glint to them. They were like two sharp swords.

“Meng Qi, didn’t you say that the Silver Wing Horned Eagle’s temper is very good? Why don’t I feel the same way?” Long Chen hair rose. He found that the Silver Wing Horned Eagle had formed a killing intent toward the two of them.

Suddenly, two rays of light shot out of its eyes, shooting straight toward them.

Long Chen dodged, pulling Meng Qi with him. That silver light shot into the distance, piercing a distant mountain.

“Not good. We’ve been in the lakewater for too long. It smells us and wants to eat us!” exclaimed Meng Qi. As a Beast Tamer, it was easier for her to sense the emotions in a Magical Beast’s spiritual fluctuations.

“Meng Qi, Cloud is in seclusion, so you need a powerful housepet. I feel like this Silver Wing Horned Eagle is decent. I’ll give it to you as a gift.”

Long Chen looked around and saw that since they were on the outer edge, the Magical Beasts weren’t as concentrated. His divine ring appeared behind him, and Evilmoon appeared in his hand. A saber-image slashed toward the Silver Wing Horned Eagle.

The Silver Wing Horned Eagle didn’t dodge, and its body didn’t even move. A giant beak pierced toward the saber-image.

Long Chen smiled coldly. Just as his saber was about to land, five stars lit up in Long Chen’s eyes, and a powerful pressure descended.


Long Chen’s power increased by ten times. As a result, Evilmoon smashed hard onto the Silver Wing Horned Eagle’s beak.

The immense power sent it flying. The Silver Wing Horned Eagle had clearly viewed the two of them as nothing more than ants, so it was too lazy to even move its body. As a result, Long Chen’s sudden increase in power caught it off guard.

After sending it flying, a golden dragon tooth appeared in the sky, striking the Silver Wing Horned Eagle’s head.

Blood splashed. The dragon tooth pierced through the Silver Wing Horned Eagle’s skin, causing its blood to spurt out like springwater. 

In that instant, the Silver Wing Horned Eagle no longer dared to move. The dragon tooth was touching its crystal core. As long as the dragon tooth pressed forward ever so slightly, it would lose its life.

Although the Silver Wing Horned Eagle was a twelfth rank Magical Beast with great power, its low intelligence made it unable to take advantage of its immense power. Its life was now in Long Chen’s hands.

It knelt on the ground. As the dragon tooth was keeping its head pressed down, it didn’t dare to move.

“Magical Beasts are just beasts. They have great power but don’t know how to use it properly.” Long Chen shook his head.

Meng Qi was greatly shocked. She hadn’t expected Long Chen to be so powerful. He was able to so easily subdue a twelfth rank Magical Beast.

“Give it the slave mark. It won’t dare to resist,” said Long Chen.

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