Chapter 1843 Mysterious Lifeform

While Long Chen had opened the path inside, it had been Meng Qi who had managed to see and record the situation inside. While he was confident in his powerful Spiritual Strength, his technique was not refined enough, and he couldn’t be distracted by doing two things at once.

Meng Qi’s Spiritual Strength had been protected by Long Chen within the essence blood. Now, she allowed Long Chen to see what she had seen.

It was a world of creation, like they really were inside an egg. There were even egg whites and egg yolk. However, the yolk contained a giant figure floating within it.

There were nine openings throughout the egg from which chains condensed of blood runes merged into the yolk.

Long Chen felt like he could see blood flowing within the chains, entering the egg yolk.

Of the nine openings, one was connecting the egg to the blood pool, while the other eight were the chains from the lake.

The nine openings had an unending flow of energy entering the yolk. The young was three thousand meters long. It was still an embryo, looking like the young of a dog. It was furless and still not fully opaque, so it was possible to see its giant heart beating.

Long Chen realized that the huge pressure he had felt squeezing his essence blood had actually been the result of this heartbeat. 

Other than the nine main chains, countless translucent chains were sending surges of energy into its body. Although it wasn’t even fully developed, the pressure it gave off made Long Chen’s hair stand on end.

“Just what kind of existence is this? It’s just an embryo, but the pressure it gives me is even greater than that of the four Grand Elders!” 

Meng Qi removed her finger, and that image faded. The two of them exchanged a glance, both seeing each other’s shock. The existence within this mysterious egg was absolutely terrifying.

“Should we still continue?” asked Meng Qi. This egg was probably related to heaven-shaking secrets. Who could predict the consequences of getting involved?

“Yes, we’re going through with it. The embryo still hasn’t formed a consciousness, so Little Snow’s soul should be able to easily take control,” said Long Chen. This opportunity was not one he could pass up. “But before we go through with it, we need to rest. I used up a great deal of my Spiritual Strength and essence blood. We only have one chance to send Little Snow’s crystal core in, so we have to be in peak condition.”

This time, there could be no mistakes. If Little Snow’s crystal core was destroyed during the process, it would completely vanish from this world.

Six hours later, Long Chen and Meng Qi finally approached the egg again. Long Chen now gathered a fist-sized sphere of his essence blood.

This was his purest essence blood, and taking out so much of it made him pale. Meng Qi looked at him with worry, but she didn’t say anything. Opening her hand, a fiery-red crystal core floated in front of Long Chen.

This was Little Snow’s crystal core. It had been nourished by the Myriad Spirit Diagram this entire time. It was now much smaller than before but contained great power.

“Little Snow, we’ll have to take a risk this time. If it works, we’ll never have to part again.” Long Chen gently kissed Little Snow’s crystal core.

The crystal core brightened slightly as if responding to him. He knew that Little Snow’s will and memories were locked within the crystal core.

Back when the Eastern Wasteland Bell had sealed Little Snow’s soul inside the crystal core, it had said that Little Snow’s soul would enter a kind of hibernation.

“Little Snow, we’ll be able to fight alongside each other again soon.”

Long Chen hardened his heart. Wrapping the crystal core with his essence blood, he slowly sent it toward the blood pool.

Meng Qi was also completely focused, her arms tightly wrapped around Long Chen’s back. Her Spiritual Strength was helping Long Chen endure this difficult process.

They didn’t know if it was because of the previous experience, but the blood pool didn’t reject his essence blood. It directly absorbed and channeled it into the egg.

Once inside the egg, that terrifying heartbeat rang out once more. It was like divine thunder, shaking Long Chen’s soul. Fortunately, he had Meng Qi helping him share the burden this time, so it wasn’t as bad as before.

He slowly sent Little Snow’s crystal core over to the embryo. The closer it got, the more dangerous he felt that lifeform to be.

Long Chen almost started to regret it. He felt that he had been too decisive this time. Could such a terrifying lifeform really be taken over by Little Snow? It felt like it could wipe away Little Snow’s soul with a single thought.

However, the arrow had been loosed from its bow now. There was no turning back now. Having his essence blood enter had been difficult, but pulling it out was impossible.

“Long Chen, Little Snow wouldn’t be able to take over this kind of existence. It would be better to have Little Snow merge with it. That way, this pure soul will have Little Snow’s memories, and there will be two souls inside it, but Little Snow’s soul will have the dominant position. Little Snow will still be Little Snow,” transmitted Meng Qi.

“We can only do this.” Long Chen nodded. If Little Snow tried to take over, it would activate this lifeform’s automatic self-protective measures. Little Snow would be destroyed.

This lifeform’s soul was currently a blank piece of paper. Having Little Snow’s soul merge with it was actually no different from taking over it. The main difference was just that it was safer.

Little Snow’s crystal core slowly landed where that lifeform’s head was. The crystal core opened, and bursts of Spiritual Strength began to merge into that lifeform.

Long Chen and Meng Qi’s hearts tightened. If that lifeform reacted, Little Snow would be destroyed.

Fortunately, the lifeform didn’t react. It continued to lay there in slumber.

Finally, two hours passed, and Little Snow’s spiritual fluctuations vanished. The crystal core fractured and transformed into powder.

The entire egg shook ever so slightly, and the lifeform also quivered for a moment. That embryonic dog actually opened its eyes.

It made a sound. When Long Chen heard it, tears overflowed his eyes. That sound, those spiritual fluctuations, they were familiar. Little Snow had succeeded and was saying hello.

However, just a short moment later, it couldn’t keep its eyes open any longer. It once more fell into slumber.

Its two claws seemed to wave as if it didn’t want to sleep, but it couldn’t resist the call of slumber.


Both Long Chen and Meng Qi opened their eyes, tears overflowing. They had succeeded. Little Snow would be revived!

Meng Qi hugged Long Chen tightly. She knew this had been a constant scar in Long Chen’s heart.

For Long Chen, Little Snow had chosen to sacrifice itself by taking a curse. That had been Little Snow’s choice. Unable to advance any further, Little Snow hadn’t wanted to hold Long Chen back, so it had chosen a dignified way to die.

Ever since Little Snow died, Long Chen was rarely happy. Although things had improved afterward, he had never forgotten about it.

Now that Little Snow had merged with this lifeform, when it hatched, it would definitely be an incomparably terrifying existence.

Most importantly, it would retain Little Snow’s memories. Little Snow would still be Little Snow, Long Chen’s closest companion.

It took a long time for them to calm down from their joy. Long Chen slowly approached the egg. However, he couldn’t get too close before runes suddenly appeared on the egg. This egg was protected.

“Fortunately, the lifeform inside it is also from a wolf race. Little Snow won’t change too much,” said Meng Qi.

“Yes. If it was a serpent or a centipede, I wouldn’t let Little Snow merge with it.” Long Chen also smiled. It felt like a curse had been lifted. He felt more relaxed than he had in a long time, and his smile was brighter. Long Chen suddenly felt filled with confidence toward the future.

“Now we should consider how to leave here,” said Meng Qi.

This was a no-flying zone, and their magical arts were suppressed. Leaving was definitely a big problem.

“It shouldn’t be too difficult. If we follow one of the chains, perhaps we’ll find a way out,” said Long Chen.

The two of them swam up. Long Chen had Meng Qi choose a chain. She was curious why Long Chen didn’t pick one himself, but he merely said that his luck wasn’t good.

Following that chain, they finally reached the edge of the lake.

Originally, Long Chen had been planning on taking some of the water here. This water was capable of cleansing the soul and tempering the body. Most importantly, it possessed a trace of divine energy.

However, he decided against it. This water, this entire place, they were all prepared for the egg. If Little Snow needed the water, it would be bad for him to take it.

Following the chain, they found that it stabbed into the cliffside. The path came to an end.

“Alright, let’s climb. Here, I’ll carry you.” Long Chen smiled and squatted.

Meng Qi also smiled faintly. She wrapped her arms around Long Chen’s neck tightly from behind. It seemed that it had been a long time since she had been in such intimate contact with Long Chen.

“Hold on tightly. Don’t fall off.” Long Chen took a deep breath. Using two sharp daggers, he repeatedly stabbed them into the cliffside and used them as handholds to climb up.

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