Chapter 1842 Strange Altar


Long Chen was directly blown out of the lake. He coughed up a mouthful of blood. Following him was the dragon tooth that he caught.

“Long Chen, are you alright?!”

Meng Qi came charging out of the water, swimming over to his side. Huge waves rocked the lake, which pulled the two of them further apart.

“I’m fine!” shouted Long Chen. He quickly recovered. In truth, that attack had almost destroyed his body.

“Meng Qi, do you know the origins of that egg? How is it so powerful?” asked Long Chen.

Those runes on top of it were nothing more than a passive defense, and yet their power was so immense.

“I’ve never seen or heard of such an egg. Those runes on top of it aren’t recorded in any of the ancient scriptures that I’ve read. There wasn’t even anything similar to them,” said Meng Qi.

Even though Meng Qi was a skilled Beast Tamer, she had never heard of anything like that giant egg.

“Let’s go back.” Long Chen once more descended into the water, slowly approaching the egg. This time he saw it clearly. It was truly like a giant mountain.

If it weren’t for the fact that it was round and smooth, Long Chen might suspect it really was a giant egg-shaped mountain.

Its body was like jade. The divine runes that had activated just now had calmed back down. The egg looked completely innocent again.

Just now, the two of them had been fooled by its outer appearance, resulting in them almost being killed.

This time, they were much more careful. They didn’t touch it again, instead swimming below it. As they descended, they noticed eight giant chains binding the egg.

These eight chains were thirty meters thick and had blood-colored runes on them. They emitted a fierce aura, like they were the bones of a devil.

The eight chains had astonishing Blood Qi fluctuations coming from them. As for where the chains were coming from, there was no way to tell. They stretched far beyond where they could see.

“What is going on? Is it absorbing the egg’s energy?” asked Long Chen.

“No, they’re not absorbing the egg’s energy. It’s the egg that is absorbing some kind of mysterious bloodline energy from the eight chains. These fluctuations are terrifying,” said Meng Qi.

Neither Long Chen nor Meng Qi could figure out what this egg was. They carefully went around the chains, continuing downward.

Finally, they saw that beneath the egg was actually a giant altar. The altar was so large that the giant egg was resting on top of it steadily.

“As expected, none of this is natural.”

Long Chen and Meng Qi exchanged a glance. The Yin Yang World was filled with oddities. Long Chen and Meng Qi already suspected that the nest they had come across had been arranged by someone to nourish those three things.

Now there was this mysterious pool with a giant egg and altar within. Just who had created all this? And what was their goal?

Suddenly, Long Chen thought of the mysterious coffin he had come across in Devil Spirit Mountain with Chang Hao and Bao Buping. Inside had been a sleeping man.

“There’s an image here!”

Meng Qi’s message interrupted Long Chen’s thought process. Long Chen looked where Meng Qi was pointing.

There was a giant carving on the lower portion of the altar. It was just that it was so big, and they were too close to see what it was. When they backed up a bit, they saw it was an image of a wolf.

A giant wolf looked up at the stars in the quiet night. Behind it was a full moon. It was a very simple stone carving, but when he saw it, an image of that terrifying wolf appeared in Long Chen’s mind. It was staring right at him.


Long Chen suddenly heard Meng Qi shout into his ear, and he woke up from his stupor. He was shocked to find that at some point, he had walked right over to the altar.

There was a blood pool at the center of the altar, and this blood pool also had a band connecting it to the bottom of the egg. It looked almost like a baby’s umbilical cord. It was a startling and frightening sight.

“This image doesn’t have a formation on it, but just the will carved into it is able to make people form an urge to sacrifice themselves to the blood pool,” said Meng Qi, her face pale.

As a soul cultivator, Meng Qi had reacted quicker than Long Chen. The two of them had both been drawn over to the altar. Looking at the blood pool, they shivered.

“It seems this egg is the young of a wolf race. It’s just that we don’t know which race,” said Meng Qi.

“Do wolves give birth to eggs?” Long Chen looked at her, dumbfounded.

“Fool, what wolf would have eggs? Don’t you see that umbilical cord leading from the blood pool to the egg? Clearly, the wolf fetus was inserted into the egg, while the blood pool should be the mother’s blood. As for the eight chains and the lake water, including the immortal mist at the top, they should all have been prepared to incubate this giant egg,” said Meng Qi.

“Meng Qi, are you saying…”

Long Chen’s eyes suddenly lit up. At the same time, Meng Qi’s eyes also brightened. She knew what he was thinking.

“Will it work?”

Meng Qi knew that Long Chen wanted to merge Little Snow’s crystal core into the egg so that Little Snow could seize the body of the embryo inside.

“I don’t know either. But I want to try it.” Long Chen couldn’t suppress his own heartbeats. The lifeform inside this giant egg definitely had a terrifying origin. If Little Snow could take control of it, no one would be able to know just how powerful it would become.

“Meng Qi, I’ll use my own essence blood to form a blood rune, but my control over my Spiritual Strength isn’t tight enough. Help me out. The first thing we should do is take a look at what’s inside.”

“Alright.” Meng Qi nodded.

Long Chen paused for a moment to calm himself down. Then the space between his eyebrows split open, and his purest essence blood condensed into a dragon-shaped rune. This rune contained his qi, his essence, and his spirit.

Seeing him do this, Meng Qi formed consecutive hand seals, summoning one spiritual rune after another that stuck itself to the essence blood.

Both of them were solemn. They didn’t dare to be the slightest bit careless. The blood rune slowly entered the blood pool.

When it approached the blood pool, as Long Chen had expected, a powerful suction force drew it in.

A sharp pang of pain stabbed Long Chen’s head, but he bore the pain with gritted teeth. His divine sense continued to stick to the blood rune.

This was definitely extremely dangerous. Long Chen was having his own mind enter the blood pool, and through there, enter the giant egg. 

His Spiritual Strength clung stubbornly to his essence blood. Suddenly, a fierce howl rang out in his mind, and his whole body shook. That was a howl that could shatter stars. It was something that should never exist in this world.

Blood poured out of his nose, eyes, ears, and mouth.

“Long Chen!”

“I’m fine. Continue!”

That terrifying howl seemed to want to shatter his soul. He knew that this was the leftover will of the owner of the essence blood in the pool. It wasn’t targeting him, but just this leftover will was enough to almost shatter his soul. Long Chen was unable to imagine just what kind of existence the master of this pool had been.

After a while, before his essence blood had even fully merged with the blood pool, he felt like his soul was being torn apart.

However, he still persevered, protecting the blood rune. Meng Qi’s own soul was hidden within it, but she couldn’t expose herself. Long Chen wanted her to be in charge of examining the changes throughout this process, but his focus was on protecting the blood rune and making sure it didn’t dissipate.

Originally, Long Chen had been thinking of sneaking his blood rune into the cord connecting the blood pool to the egg, but it was actually automatically sucked over there.

“My essence blood contains the green dragon’s essence blood. The blood pool isn’t rejecting it, so as expected, this egg isn’t here to just absorb spiritual qi from heaven and earth. It is absorbing other things as well.”

This had just been a guess, and if it hadn’t succeeded, he would have thought of some other way to enter through the eight chains, but it had actually succeeded. His essence blood slowly flowed through the cord.

Through his essence blood, he sensed terrifying pressure from all directions that might shatter his essence blood. Fortunately, his Spiritual Strength was strong enough, or this drop of blood would have been crushed at the start.

Eventually, his mind shook. He felt like his essence blood was being crushed. His expression changed, and his Yuan Spirit appeared as he pushed his Spiritual Strength to his limit.

“Alright, you can pull back your Spiritual Strength!” shouted Meng Qi.


Long Chen immediately pulled back his Spiritual Strength, and in that instant, his blood rune exploded. Long Chen felt the world spinning around him. He almost fainted.

Having pulled back his Spiritual Strength, he had lost his connection to his drop of essence blood. His face was a bit pale, and he had exhausted most of his Spiritual Strength.

Long Chen summoned his divine ring, absorbing the endless energy within this lake water. He rapidly recovered his Spiritual Strength.

“How was it? Did you see what was inside?” asked Long Chen urgently.

“I saw it. Here.” Meng Qi pressed a finger against his head, and a scene appeared in Long Chen’s mind.

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