Chapter 1841 The Giant Egg at the Bottom of the Lake

The wolf, which had previously ignored Long Chen, bared its fangs at him now for giving it an order.

However, it had just expressed its anger when Long Chen tossed out a medicinal pill that entered its mouth.

The wolf’s anger instantly vanished. After hesitating, it decided to stand.

Once it stood, they had a higher vantage point, and Meng Qi finally saw the circular mountain in the distance.

When she saw that the mountain was surrounded by countless powerful twelfth rank Magical Beasts, she sucked in a cold gasp of air just like Long Chen had done.

“What is going on?” she asked.

“I’m not sure. But look, under the wolf is a cave. There’s a special aura coming out of it,” said Long Chen.

“This… is the aura of primordial life,” said Meng Qi with a strange expression after sensing the air coming out of the cave.

The wolf seemed to be somewhat alarmed to see Long Chen and Meng Qi eyeing the cave, so it knelt down once more, staring at them.

Meng Qi had already jumped off of it, but the wolf stubbornly blocked the cave, no longer letting the two of them look.

“What is this primordial life aura?” asked Long Chen.

Meng Qi said, “It refers to the energy of a mother’s amniotic fluid. It’s the fluid which births life. Humans, Magical Beasts, Xuan Beasts, they all rely on this primordial life fluid to grow in the womb.

“But why would such an aura be here?”

Meng Qi shook her head, indicating that she didn’t know either. However, this primordial life fluid which she had sensed was incredibly grand. She had never sensed such terrifying fluctuations.

“Come. Let’s go sneak a peek,” said Long Chen.

“Sneak… a peek?”

Meng Qi looked at the distant concentrated twelfth rank Magical Beasts.

“It’s fine, they just guard their own territory. We don’t look like threats, so they won’t bother us. Furthermore, because there are so many of them around, they won’t make any moves until they have to. Perhaps there’s a treasure in that circular mountain, so I feel like we should risk it.” Long Chen smiled.

“Even at this time, you can still smile? No wonder others call you a monster,” sighed Meng Qi. But that smile loosened her tense nerves.

Meng Qi couldn’t help sighing. If she could advance to the Life Star realm here, she would definitely have a chance to gather a few powerful housepets with this many twelfth rank Magical Beasts obediently lying here.

However, the patriarch and Li Tianxuan had harshly warned all of them before entering the Yin Yang World that they could not make that breakthrough within this world. Otherwise, their cultivation bases would stagnate and they would never be able to advance again.

Meng Qi currently only had Cloud, and she had never had a chance to gather stronger housepets. Ordinary tenth rank Magical Beasts weren’t worth the effort for her.

Long Chen brought Meng Qi forward carefully. They didn’t intentionally suppress their auras because that would only raise the guards of the Magical Beasts.

They simply walked over, passing by the Magical Beasts. Some of them looked coldly at them. Only a few unfriendly ones stood and raised their hackles at them in warning. However, even they didn’t attack.

When they encountered those bad-tempered Magical Beasts, Long Chen would make a slight detour around them, indicating he was harmless. After doing that, those Magical Beasts didn’t bother him.

As they went further in, the Magical Beasts grew more concentrated. Some of them were extremely tense, making it so Long Chen had to carefully bypass them.

He found that the further he went, the stronger the auras of the Magical Beasts grew. However, the stronger they were, the better their temper was.

Perhaps it was because they were so strong that they viewed the two of them as ants, so they weren’t wary when they passed by.

Both of them quickly arrived at the circular mountain. There was no longer any way forward unless they crawled on top of the bodies of the Magical Beasts because they were standing side by side.

“Now what?” whispered Meng Qi.

The two of them didn’t dare to fly here. If they were in the air and those Magical Beasts attacked, they wouldn’t have a chance to dodge. But while they were on the ground, these Magical Beasts seemed to be restraining each other and wouldn’t easily attack.

“There’s a Silver Horn Bull over there. That kind of Magical Beast has a slightly better temper. Maybe we can test going over with it.” Long Chen pulled Meng Qi past a black gorilla to the bull.

The Silver Horn Bull’s horn was gigantic and flickered with divine light. It seemed to be absorbing something through that horn.

Long Chen and Meng Qi quietly climbed up its body. The Silver Horn Bull didn’t react at all.

Standing on top of its head, they looked inside the circular mountain.

This was actually a giant volcano, and there was dense immortal mist covering it. An endless flow of life energy flowed out of it. Just taking a breath here would fully refresh someone.

These Magical Beasts were all quietly lying here in meditation, greedily absorbing the immortal mist flowing out of the volcano.

Unfortunately, the mist blocked their sight as well as their divine sense. They couldn’t see the situation within.

“Let’s go down.”

Long Chen carefully slid down the Silver Horn Bull’s ear. Suddenly, its giant eye slowly opened, making Meng Qi jump.

However, after looking around, it lazily closed its eyes again. It had clearly noticed them yet didn’t care.

Seeing Long Chen continue sliding out as if nothing had happened, Meng Qi sighed. It took big guts to follow Long Chen in his adventuring. Anyone with a weak heart would have been frightened to death.

“Not good.”

Long Chen and Meng Qi suddenly found that they were unable to sustain flight within this region. After sliding off the bull’s ear, they couldn’t float in the air. They began to involuntarily descend down the volcano.

Meng Qi covered her mouth so that she didn’t scream. They began to fall like two stones.

“A no-flying zone!” Long Chen was startled. It was impossible to fly within this volcano. It seemed that there was a special law prohibiting their magical arts.

Long Chen grabbed Meng Qi’s waist and held on tightly as they fell.

They quickly entered the mist and became unable to see anything. Even their divine sense was restricted. The two of them felt like they had become ordinary mortals. 

Long Chen maneuvered so that Meng Qi was sitting on his arms, while he stuck a leg out. Once they landed on solid ground, he could cushion their fall so that Meng Qi wasn’t injured.

However, they continued falling for a full incense stick’s worth of time without reaching the bottom. The two of them were both astonished. Just how deep was this volcano?

Finally, Long Chen felt his foot strike something. He was about to push Meng Qi up when he found that it was actually water.

What was beneath the immortal mist was actually a pool. They immediately sank into it, unleashing a huge wave. Long Chen did his best to raise Meng Qi up and soften the impact.

In truth, after going through the blood essence stone’s upgrade, Meng Qi’s physical body could not be compared to ordinary soul cultivators. This kind of impact was unable to injure her.

The two of them swam up. They looked around and couldn’t see the end of this lake. Above them was the immortal mist that blocked their sight to the outside world.

“This water…!” Meng Qi suddenly looked at the lake in shock.

Long Chen also felt it. This water made his pores open naturally and absorb the spiritual qi in the surroundings. It made him feel relaxed, and there was also a nourishing energy within this lake that cleansed his soul.

“It’s a whole lake of primordial life fluid! How is that possible?!” exclaimed Meng Qi.

“Let’s find out.” Long Chen swam downward. He felt like he had seen something deep within the water when they had fallen in.

The water was clear, allowing them to see up to three thousand meters away. At the bottom, he saw something white, but he didn’t know what it was.

Finally, after around another incense stick’s worth of time, Long Chen managed to see what that white object was.

It was actually a giant egg, and it was even larger than a mountain. It was covered in runes and emitted a frightening divine pressure.

“Meng Qi, take a look. Do you recognize this egg?” Long Chen sent a spiritual message.

Meng Qi slowly approached. She was about to touch it when Long Chen’s expression suddenly changed. He sensed a terrifying burst of energy, and he pulled Meng Qi behind him.

The giant egg’s runes shook ever so slightly. A wave of light struck Long Chen.

The entire lake shook, and huge waves crashed down. Long Chen coughed up a mouthful of blood. He was shocked to find that several bones in his chest had been broken.

Although he had helped Meng Qi block this attack, Meng Qi also suffered, feeling like her body was about to be crushed.

The two of them exchanged a look, seeing each other’s shock. Then they looked at the seemingly innocent egg. It actually knew how to attack.

Long Chen gestured at Meng Qi, telling her to get further back. He took out a dragon tooth and stabbed it at the egg.


The egg’s runes erupted with power. Long Chen felt like his body was about to explode, and a powerful wave sent him flying.

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