Chapter 1840 Returning to the Mysterious Mountain Range

Only now did Long Chen have time to ask about the Dragonblood Legion. Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, and the others had finally come out of seclusion, with their manifestations reaching an initial awakening level.

With that, their control over Heavenly Dao energy had reached a whole new level. With the help of the blood essence stones and blood soul stones, their physical bodies and souls had also grown much stronger.

Not long after they came out of their seclusion, they rushed over to the Yin Yang World. Before Long Chen had entered, Qu Jianying had sent the Xuantian Dao Sect a message that all Dragonblood warriors were to charge into the Yin Yang World.

By the time they arrived, the gate to the Yin Yang World had been fully opened, and it did not require Netherpassage experts to exhaust their life and death energy to send them in.

However, even before they entered the Yin Yang World, the Dragonblood Legion had ended up having a fight with a group of experts from the ancient family alliance.

When Long Chen had slain Xiang Yunfei, the ancient family alliance had broken ties with the Martial Heaven Alliance. Although they had yet to express any hostility, it was very heavily implied.

At that time, the ancient family alliance had had a group of dozens of Empyreans, as well as experts from the ancient races that had come. They had blocked the path of the Dragonblood Legion, telling them to scram, even yelling obscenities at Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and the others.

The furious Tang Wan-er had been the first to attack. She had directly slain one of the Empyreans of the ancient family alliance.

As a result, a huge battle erupted. Hundreds of powerful experts had tried to kill the Dragonblood Legion.

Under Xia Chen’s orders, the Dragonblood Legion had instantly surrounded those people. In just a few seconds, they had been slain.

From start to finish, it had just been a few breaths’ time. Those experts that had provoked the Dragonblood Legion were all slaughtered.

The other experts that had been present at that time were all pale with horror. That was because the ones that had slain those powerful experts were the ordinary warriors of the Dragonblood Legion.

Chu Yao, Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, Gu Yang, Yue Zifeng, and the others hadn’t attacked. Just the ordinary Dragonblood warriors were able to kill those attackers, including the dozens of Empyreans.

Those powerful Empyreans appeared to be weaklings in front of the Dragonblood warriors. They couldn’t even resist.

Through Xia Chen’s arrival and training, the Dragonblood Legion had truly become extremely terrifying.

These experts had wanted to take advantage of the Dragonblood Legion since they didn’t have many Empyreans and Long Chen wasn’t present, destroying the name of the unrivaled legion.

However, unexpectedly, these people had ended up being a training opportunity for the Dragonblood Legion and were annihilated.

Other than Guo Ran and Xia Chen, everyone was shocked by their power, including the Dragonblood warriors themselves. They hadn’t expected their new formation to be so powerful. Guo Ran and Xia Chen had cheered excitedly, especially Guo Ran.

Countless people had witnessed that brief fight, and others who had thought about fighting them immediately retreated with dismay.

Upon entering the Yin Yang World, Guo Ran decided not to have everyone split up so that they wouldn’t encounter any of the peak experts present.

As long as the Dragonblood Legion didn’t spread out, they wouldn’t need to fear any experts. Such a terrifying legion was enough to sweep through the Yin Yang World.

However, of their top experts, several had left. Yue Zifeng had left on his own. No one had ever managed to figure out his true power. The Dragonblood warriors all thought that Yue Zifeng was the strongest existence in the Dragonblood Legion after Long Chen.

Once Yue Zifeng left, Meng Qi had also chosen to depart. She had Cloud, and she herself was a powerful soul cultivator. Adding on Cloud’s power and speed, she would be able to escape alive no matter who her enemy was.

It was just that having entered the nest, there had been nowhere for her to go. The twisting paths meant that Cloud couldn’t take advantage of her speed.

Since Meng Qi had wanted to go, Chu Yao also chose to leave. Liu Ruyan had said that she sensed something in the Yin Yang World calling out to her, so she wanted to search for it.

Thus, the Dragonblood Legion was currently being led by Tang Wan-er, Xia Chen, Guo Ran, Gu Yang, Li Qi, and Song Mingyuan. Although it was a bit inconvenient for over ten thousand people to be traveling together, it was safe. With so many people, they definitely wouldn’t overlook anything while searching through the Yin Yang World.

As for whether they could find any treasures, that was entirely up to luck. Even if they couldn’t find any treasures, considering Guo Ran’s nature, conveniently plundering others was definitely possible.

Long Chen truly understood Guo Ran far too well. If he couldn’t find any treasures, he would definitely send a small group of the Dragonblood warriors out to cause some trouble and parade themselves around, baiting their enemies to attack them. Then the entire legion would come crashing down on them, and if they didn’t hand over their treasures, Guo Ran would teach them why flowers were red.

Long Chen nodded once Meng Qi had finished speaking. Yue Zifeng and Chu Yao should be fine on their own. If Meng Qi hadn’t been unlucky and encountered True Immortal Jiaoqi, she also would have been fine.

As long as they didn’t encounter experts on the level of True Immortal Jiaoqi and Xie Luo, they would definitely be safe. Encountering experts on that level wasn’t so easy.

Opportunity existed within danger. Without taking risks, there was no way of gaining anything. Taking risks was in itself a kind of cultivation.

“Long Chen, do you feel like that nest was very strange?” asked Meng Qi suddenly. “While soothing the Blue Eye Peacock’s original true feather, I used a secret art from the Myriad Spirit Diagram that can quickly soothe souls. However, the will of the Blue Eye Peacock’s will contains endless grievance and resentment. It seems it died in an extremely miserable way, causing its will to be very fierce. It took me a long time to calm it down. Through its will, I could almost see how it was cruelly slain, its essence blood extracted, and its true feathers plucked.”

Meng Qi’s own voice contained a bitter tone. Although she hadn’t managed to see the complete scene, she had managed to glimpse some memories of the Blue Eye Peacock right before its death.

The original true feather in Meng Qi’s spiritual space buzzed as if resonating with Meng Qi’s words and emotions.

Meng Qi once more used her Spiritual Strength to comfort it. This original true feather might not contain its own intelligence, but it contained a portion of the Blue Eye Peacock’s will from right before its death.

“It truly was very strange. When I broke the nest, black hands came out of the ground and killed the experts present. According to you, that Blue Eye Peacock in the nest was slain by others, and its essence blood, corpse, and original true feather were deliberately separated…” Long Chen suddenly slapped his leg and exclaimed, “Wait, it seems there were some faint fluctuations at the top of those three spots. Most likely, it was the formation supporting those three things. The hands didn’t come out because I broke the nest, but because I broke the barrier.”

Long Chen nodded with comprehension. He had felt that the nest was very strange, but he hadn’t managed to figure it out. But through Meng Qi’s reminder, he was sure that this place was artificially made.

“It’s too bad Xia Chen isn’t here. With his understanding of formations, he might be able to see some clues,” said Meng Qi.

“This formation was most likely absorbing heaven and earth’s energy to support the corpse, essence blood, and true original feather. That appearance… it was like… raising pigs…”

Meng Qi and Long Chen’s expressions suddenly changed. If their guess was correct, then this Yin Yang World was not a masterless world. They were stealing treasures that others were nourishing and raising. If the master of those treasures were to learn of their actions, what would occur?

“Is the Yin Yang World really the land of some major figures?” Meng Qi’s voice quivered slightly. If that really was true, how terrifying did the master of the Yin Yang World have to be?

“Let’s not bother with that so much. Perhaps the master already died a long time ago. Even if they haven’t, we should still take these things. It’s always the most daring people who have the most gains. I’ve even dared to take the things of a Yama King, so who cares? Come, I’ll bring you to a good place,” said Long Chen with a smile.

“Where? Are we not going to regroup with the Dragonblood Legion?” asked Meng Qi.

“They have Guo Ran leading them, so they’ll be fine. Furthermore, they also have a formation grandmaster like Xia Chen present. I’m not worried about them.” Long Chen began to fly away with Meng Qi. With Cloud refining the essence blood, they could only fly themselves. “I found a mysterious place previously. Let’s go see if we can get anything from there.”

They quickly arrived at an unending mountain range. When Meng Qi saw those terrifying twelfth rank Magical Beasts spread throughout this territory, she shivered.

“What are you thinking of doing?!”

“Just picking out a couple steeds for you.”

“Don’t joke around! With my Spiritual Strength, there’s no way I can suppress a twelfth rank Magical Beast! It’s definitely impossible before breaking through to the Life Star realm!”

“We’ll just try. I happen to be the king of these beasts. When they see me, they don’t even dare to make a sound. Even if I kick them, they won’t say anything.” Long Chen patted his chest confidently.

Meng Qi definitely didn’t believe such nonsense, but as Long Chen led her deeper, she saw more and more twelfth rank Magical Beasts standing even closer to each other. She felt like she was going crazy.

If they were to startle these Magical Beasts, not even ten thousand lives would be enough to escape from here alive.

The most unbelievable thing was that Long Chen actually brought her to a giant snow wolf. He actually brought her right in front of its face.

“What are you doing?!” Meng Qi was pale with fright. 

Long Chen jumped onto the wolf’s back, and Meng Qi felt like her heart had stopped beating.

“It’s fine. This is my old friend.”

This was the wolf that Long Chen had encountered before. Seeing Long Chen return with another person, it glanced at him for a moment before closing its eyes again.

Long Chen brought the stunned Meng Qi up the wolf’s head. He patted its head.

“Brother, can you stand for me? We’re not high enough to see the amazing scenery.”

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