Chapter 184 Fierce Fight with Law Enforcers


Everyone was dumbfounded as that law enforcer was sent flying.

Hundreds of people had already gathered here since the law enforcers had shown up, two of them core disciples.

Originally, they had actually admired Long Chen for daring to send someone flying here. But then they saw him crazily attack a law enforcer as well.

Law enforcers represented the monastery. No disciples were able to resist them. If they did, their endings could only be miserable.

Although those two had only just joined the sect, they at least already knew that they absolutely could not attack law enforcers, otherwise, it wouldn’t even be a question of punishment.

That kind of action was a grave and open provocation against the monastery. He would be expelled! Was he crazy?

Tang Wan-er was also given a fright. She looked at Long Chen with horror. “Scoundrel, do you not care about your life?”

Long Chen whispered, “Don’t be afraid. We’re in the right. Make as much of a ruckus as you can now. Otherwise, we’ll end up suffering a loss.”

At this time, the seven law enforcers finally recovered from their shock. He dared to attack law enforcers? He must be tired of living.

Senior apprentice-brother Wu was first shocked, then absolutely delighted. He roared, “He dares violently resist the law, disrespecting the monastery’s prestige. Capture him with your full strength! If he dares resist, you can kill him!”

The chain in senior apprentice-brother Wu’s hands seemed to come to life, piercing towards Long Chen.

That black chain brought with it a wild whistling sound. That powerful pressure caused people to be unable to breathe.

This was their senior apprentice-brothers’ strength. Although they were only at the bottom level of their generation, they hadn’t wasted their past three years.

Their cultivation bases were all above the mid Tendon Transformation realm. Their combat strengths were incredibly powerful, and their foundations were extremely solid. A random attack could easily break a person’s bones.

Long Chen shouted and his aura exploded out. He knew this senior apprentice-brother Wu was planning on deliberately humiliating him.

However, he had no choice but to admit that he was extremely powerful. If he was the slightest bit careless, he would be directly destroyed by that power. He slammed his hands together.

That large chain was caught between his hands, but the powerful energy transmitted through it caused Long Chen’s blood to shake.

“How powerful! That was just an ordinary attack, but I almost can’t hold it off!” Long Chen let out a shocked cry inside. This was the difference between cultivation bases. His current self would definitely suffer in order to resist senior apprentice-brother Wu.

“Brat, go die!” Long Chen had only just stopped his chain when another chain shot over at Long Chen’s stomach.

“Moonwind Slash!” A wind blade flew out following a cry, striking that chain. That person who had attacked was horrified and shaken back.

That person currently had a large handprint on his face. He was the one who had been slapped just now by Long Chen.

His cultivation base was high, and that slap didn’t cause him any injury. However, the humiliation was completely unacceptable.

“Since you also dare resist the law enforcers, you will also be taken in!” Seeing Tang Wan-er also dared to help Long Chen, senior apprentice-brother Wu let out a cold cry. The chain in his hands shook as he attempted to bring his chain back to him.

But he was shocked to realize that he was unable to break his chain free from Long Chen’s grasp.

That caused his expression to become incredibly ugly. Long Chen was just a newcomer and was only in the Blood Condensation realm. He had been planning on using his weakest attacks in order to subdue Long Chen, humiliating him even more.

Only then could he display his might as a senior disciple. At the same time, he would be able to intimidate all the newcomers, allowing him to handle them more easily in the future.

But his first attack was blocked by Long Chen. That was already slightly unacceptable to him. Now he used his full strength and found he was still unable to pull his chain back. That humiliated him into an intense fury.

“Die!” Senior apprentice-brother Wu roared. The powerful aura belonging to someone at the mid Tendon Transformation realm exploded out of him. A powerful wave of energy flooded over Long Chen.

Long Chen felt as if his entire body was being crushed by a huge mountain. He was forced back several meters, unable to maintain his hold over the chain.

“Receive one blow!” Senior apprentice-brother Wu’s chain suddenly smashed down on Long Chen.

As he attacked Long Chen, that other law enforcer who had been slapped by Long Chen also brandished his chain against Tang Wan-er.

But he was horrified to see that by simply clapping her hands together, Tang Wan-er’s entire body became covered with dancing wind blades. He was caught off guard and repeatedly forced back.

“How powerful! She can overpower a law enforcer?”

“That’s definitely a core disciple’s power!”

“But for her to attack a law enforcer like this, she definitely won’t have a good end!”

Forcing back that law enforcer with a single attack, Tang Wan-er worriedly turned to go help Long Chen. But another law enforcer coldly shouted and attacked her with another chain.

“Stay behind!” 

Tang Wan-er was infuriated. Although Long Chen was powerful, he was still in the Blood condensation realm. He might be unparalleled in the Blood Condensation realm, but in front of a true Tendon Transformation senior apprentice-brother, he definitely wouldn’t be able to fight on an even level.

By attacking her now, this law enforcer obviously did not want her to go help Long Chen. An icy intent appeared in her eyes.

Suddenly, a huge wind blade dozens of meters long appeared in her hands. She viciously slashed it down on that person, the terrifying power exploding out, even engulfing those law enforcers behind him.

When that wind blade appeared, space trembled. Within the wind blade flashed some large lines that were continuously trembling as if they were alive.

Those lines were her ancestral mark, her inherited rune. Now that she had revived her ancestral mark, her wind blades’ rune had become even stronger, giving her wind blades even more attacking strength.

Those law enforcers were all shocked. One of them even let out a curse, “Fuck.”

Seeing that huge blade crashing down upon them, none of them dared attack any further. They all brought up their chains to protect their bodies, focusing completely on defense.

When that wind blade fell, those law enforcers were all forced back into the distance. But that wind blade still didn’t stop and slammed into a huge stone wall. A huge crack appeared in the stone wall where the wind blade struck it.

Those people were completely pale and stunned. They didn’t know whether it would be best for them to continue foolishly standing there or to go up to arrest them.


Another huge explosion rang out, and huge cracks appeared on the ground. A terrifying qi wave spread out, web-like cracks appearing in the ground as it advanced.

Everyone looked in shock to see that a three hundred meter ring of light had appeared over Long Chen’s back. He was still standing in his punching posture.

And facing him was senior apprentice-brother Wu. He was completely shocked, as Long Chen’s punch had completely received his full-strength attack.

“No way! How is he so powerful, able to use a punch to resist a mid Tendon Transformation senior disciple?!”

“And he’s still only in the late Blood Condensation realm! Wait, I remember now! Wasn’t there some amazing monster who appeared in the central area? It’s definitely him, Long Chen!” Someone finally recognized Long Chen.

“What is that ring of light? Is it a Battle Skill or some cultivation technique? How can it be so powerful, allowing him to explode with such might?”

Everyone looked at Long Chen with shock, including those two core disciples.

The entire crowd was deathly silent. Looking at Long Chen and Tang Wan-er, a great feeling of reverence filled them. That was what a powerful expert who didn’t fear heaven or earth was like.

“Using violence to resist the law, damaging public property; even if I kill you, no one will be able to say anything,” snorted senior apprentice-brother Wu coldly. His chain slowly rose into the air. He was clearly about to use an even greater strength to subdue Long Chen.

“Idiot, that last attack was created by you and me. You really know how to push away blame,” snorted Long Chen.

“You still dare quibble? This time, I’ll let you know how to be an obedient person!”

Senior apprentice-brother Wu no longer reserved anything. His chain quivered violently, charging at Long Chen with berserk energy.

Have I not made enough of a ruckus? Why isn’t anyone coming out to stop this?! Looks like you really are forcing me to bring down the house! raged Long Chen.

Although Long Chen had managed to receive his previous attack, pain radiated from his fist from how powerful that attack had been. Even his arm was shaken and his organs had also been slightly injured.

He finally learned just how great the distance was between him and the Tendon Transformation realm. A random attack from a Tendon Transformation expert was able to injure him. He was definitely not a match for him.

Seeing an even stronger attack coming now, Long Chen was infuriated. That bastard wasn’t trying to capture him, but to either heavily injure or kill him!

Long Chen’s fury erupted. It seemed wherever there were people there would be conflict. Wanting to keep the peace was just a dream.

Trouble would always find you. If you tried to compromise, there would be even more people coming to rise over you and you’d never be able to change your fate.

Long Chen took a deep breath. His FengFu Star suddenly became silent. Strange energy began to circulate within his body. It was time for him to summon out his FengFu Battle Armor.


Just as he was about to summon it, a dignified roar rang out, shaking everyone’s eardrums.

People turned to see that a gray-robed senior had appeared in front of the Xuantian pavilion at someone unknown time. He was currently angrily looking at them.

“Are you guys trying to rebel? To cause trouble in front of the Xuantian pavilion, what kind of place do you think this is?!” roared that Elder angrily.

Long Chen immediately recognized him as one of the sixteen Elders who had been activating the stone pillars’ energy back during the final trial.

Long Chen was about to say something when senior apprentice-brother Wu rushed to say, “Reporting to Elder Sun, this person looked down on the monastery’s rules, injuring another in a fighting-prohibited region. Disciple went to arrest him but he violently resisted. Everything is all his fault Elder.”

That Elder Sun icily glanced at Long Chen and snorted, “Can someone so violent and impertinent become a genius? If such a person doesn’t suffer a bit, it’s impossible for them to mature. Cane him eighty times and imprison him for a month.”

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