Chapter 1839 Expelling Poison and Healing Injuries (Teaser)

“The original true feather?”

Meng Qi looked at it in disbelief. When Long Chen had been taking this feather, the space around him had been unstable, making her unable to see what had been within. Furthermore, she had been focused on the blood pool. This time, she immediately let out a startled cry upon seeing this treasure.

“Long Chen, thank you!” Meng Qi excitedly hugged Long Chen. These nine true feathers were treasures made in heaven for her.

She had previously obtained nine hundred and ninety-nine true feathers from the second level of the nest, but these nine were qualitatively on a completely different level. She had already refined those feathers and could use them as flying swords, but these nine true feathers could be used to unleash powerful divine abilities. She would only be able to tell how strong they were once she refined them.

Just as Meng Qi anxiously tried to take the true feathers, the original true feather began to resist...

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