Chapter 1839 Expelling Poison and Healing Injuries

“The original true feather?”

Meng Qi looked at it in disbelief. When Long Chen had been taking this feather, the space around him had been unstable, making her unable to see what had been within. Furthermore, she had been focused on the blood pool. This time, she immediately let out a startled cry upon seeing this treasure.

“Long Chen, thank you!” Meng Qi excitedly hugged Long Chen. These nine true feathers were treasures made in heaven for her.

She had previously obtained nine hundred and ninety-nine true feathers from the second level of the nest, but these nine were qualitatively on a completely different level. She had already refined those feathers and could use them as flying swords, but these nine true feathers could be used to unleash powerful divine abilities. She would only be able to tell how strong they were once she refined them.

Just as Meng Qi anxiously tried to take the true feathers, the original true feather began to resist again. Its aura began to rise.

Long Chen snorted and was about to unleash the pressure of the primal chaos bead to suppress it when he was stopped by Meng Qi.

“This original true feather contains the Blue Eye Peacock’s will. It can’t be subdued with brute power. Even if you do suppress it temporarily, it won’t stay suppressed for a lifetime. It would rather self destruct if you force it. Leave it to me. I’ll have it slowly get used to me,” said Meng Qi confidently.

Long Chen nodded. Meng Qi was much more skilled in this regard and never acted crazily like he did. If she said that she could do this, there would be no problem.

Long Chen summoned Huo Long to protect them. Lei Long had already used up too much energy and needed to rest.

While Meng Qi tried to communicate with the original true feather, Long Chen began to expel the poison and heal his meridians. This wasn’t his first time dealing with poison, but it was his first time encountering a poison that could enter his body through his thunderforce without him being aware of it.

“I suppose it’s to be expected of the legendary evil spirit body. Although I don’t understand it too well, it definitely looks badass.”

Expelling this corpse poison was proving to be very difficult. It had actually invaded his Spirit Blood, spiritual yuan, and even his soul. He needed to erase it bit by bit.

Long Chen was quite surprised. Fortunately, he had noticed this poison soon enough, or it might have paralyzed him. Xie Luo was even more dangerous than True Immortal Jiaoqi, as this kind of silent danger was much worse than True Immortal Jiaoqi’s fierce attacks.

Three days later, Long Chen had finished expelling the corpse poison and repairing his meridians. However, he no longer dared to test using the seventh form of Split the Heavens. It really wasn’t something he was capable of controlling yet.

Unless he had no other choice, he definitely wouldn’t try using it again. After using it, his meridians would be unable to endure any more impact for a while. He would be powerless to keep fighting.

He looked at Meng Qi and saw that she had long since woken up. She was looking at him while leaning her head in her hands. When he opened his eyes, she blushed like a maiden.

“Meng Qi, what evil did you commit in your last life?” sighed Long Chen.

“What are you talking about?”

“For a fairy like you to suffer by an ordinary man like me, you must have committed quite a few sins in your last life. Or this would have to be the luck of several of my lifetimes to end up with you,” said Long Chen. He brushed Meng Qi’s cheek lightly.

Meng Qi smiled faintly. She rebuked, “Is this how you tricked the others?”

“I-” Long Chen raised three fingers.

“Fool, I’m teasing you. What are you swearing for?” Meng Qi pulled Long Chen’s hand down and tapped him on the forehead.

“Hehe, it’s because I’ve already said everything I have to say to you. You’re the one who understands me the best,” said Long Chen.

These were the words of an expert, especially the word best. It was practically divine.

Naturally, women liked to be unique and unrivaled. This best made all the women beside him feel special and irreplaceable.

Meng Qi cuddled next to Long Chen. Her fragrance filled his nose. Long Chen tightly held her, feeling peaceful and content.

“Meng Qi, I feel like as long as you’re with me, even hell would be a wonderland.”

“Liar. I won’t fall for it.” Although Meng Qi said that, she held him tighter.

Suddenly, Meng Qi pushed Long Chen away in a panic. She turned around, her face redder than ever. Even her ears were red.

“What is it?”

“You… you… you’ve reacted…”

Long Chen immediately felt embarrassed. He took a few deep breaths, forcing down the swelling that had occurred without his knowledge.

“Meng Qi, have you finished refining the Blue Eye True Feathers?” asked Long Chen to change the subject.

Meng Qi smiled happily. Suddenly, nine hundred and ninety-nine true feathers appeared in the air, each one of them emitting a sharp air.

“How powerful!” Long Chen was amazed. Each of these feathers gave him a great deal of pressure.

“These true feathers came from nine hundred and ninety-nine different Blue Eye Peacocks. The power of their cultivation bases is condensed within them. Although they’re already dead, I can use my Spiritual Strength to activate their own innate attacks. The power of that innate attack is equivalent to thirty percent of their power when they were still alive. Although it’s just thirty percent, when all nine hundred and ninety-nine of them are added together, although I haven’t tested it, that power will definitely be amazing.” Meng Qi excitedly held Long Chen’s hand. She truly adored these beautiful true feathers.

Long Chen was stunned by this. If she could unleash thirty percent of the power of a living Blue Eye Peacock, then when nine hundred and ninety-nine of them were combined, it would definitely be a stunning sight.

“Then what about the original true feather and the eight other true feathers? Have you refined those yet?” asked Long Chen. Those were even more priceless.

“Not yet, I can only slowly pacify them and win their trust. Otherwise, there’ll be no way for me to control them. It shouldn’t be a problem though. Once Cloud finishes refining the Blue Eye Peacock essence blood, she can help me, and things will become much easier,” said Meng Qi.

The nine hundred and ninety-nine true feathers vanished. Although they had been refined by her, to use them at will would require her to nourish them with her Spiritual Strength.

“Is Cloud fine still?” asked Long Chen.

“There’s no problem. As a Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow, she has a definite bloodline connection to the Blue Eye Peacock, so the essence blood doesn’t reject her. Once she manages to refine that essence blood, not only will her own bloodline mutate, strengthening her innate divine abilities, but she might even gain the divine abilities of the Blue Eye Peacock. Regretfully, there is no image of the Blue Eye Peacock on the Myriad Spirit Diagram, or Cloud would be able to control even more divine abilities,” said Meng Qi regretfully.

“Careful not to get too greedy,” teased Long Chen. “The Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow’s inheritance is already powerful enough. It’s not at all inferior to the Blue Eye Peacock. As long as Cloud can master the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race’s divine abilities, that would be enough for her to look down on the rest of the world. After all, the words Heaven Swallowing expression represent a kind of taboo.”

“You are correct.” Meng Qi nodded. “It’s just too bad that you didn’t get anything from the nest. All the benefits went to me and Cloud.”

Long Chen had worked in the nest entirely for her and Cloud, even injuring himself without obtaining anything.

“Who said I didn’t benefit? At the very least, I’ve gotten a good estimate of Xie Luo and True Immortal Jiaoqi’s true power,” said Long Chen.

Bringing up Xie Luo and True Immortal Jiaoqi made Meng Qi’s expression darken. “The two of them are real monsters. Experts on that level don’t have any weaknesses.”

Meng Qi’s Spiritual Strength was essentially useless against the two of them, making her feel profoundly powerless.

After entering seclusion a while ago, she had reached the point of having her manifestation begin to awaken. Her Yuan Spirit had grown stronger, and her Spiritual Strength had multiplied. At the same time, Cloud’s own power had grown explosively. That had made her extremely confident, but this confidence was given a grave blow as soon as she entered the Yin Yang World.

“Long Chen, are they stronger than you?”

“I can’t say. Neither of them exposed their true power or trump cards. However, I did the same, so we can’t say who’s stronger or weaker. But you don’t need to worry, I definitely wouldn’t fear fighting either one of them. I’ll probably just be at a disadvantage in a two against one.”

The two of them were truly powerful, and none of them had wished to expose their trump cards. Those were the tools they would need to kill their opponents. The two of them were definitely the most powerful opponents Long Chen had seen so far.

“You don’t need to worry about them. Now you have the true feathers, and Cloud’s power will definitely soar once she finishes refining the essence blood. You’ll then definitely be able to fight people like them. Even if you can’t beat them, you should be able to escape,” comforted Long Chen.

“Speaking of which, what about everyone else? How are they doing?” asked Long Chen.

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