Chapter 1838 Terrifying Black Hand


Startled cries rang out. The black hands had an absolutely horrifying aura. Everyone instantly fled.

These people were all experts amongst experts. They were extremely fast, but those hands were even faster. They began to grab experts.



Anyone grabbed by those hands exploded into bits. Their Yuan Spirits flew out of the remnants of their bodies and quickly withered into nothingness.

Sounds of despair rang out. The nest had suddenly transformed into hell on earth.

Long Chen hadn’t gotten far when one of those large hands chased after him. Long Chen immediately felt a chill. This hand contained an indescribable energy that inspired terror.

“You guys run. I’ll block this attack.”

Long Chen had Lei Long release those experts who had wanted to save him. That large black hand was slamming toward him.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen!”

“Don’t get emotional, just run!”

Long Chen waved his hand, sending them flying away. He found that the black hand was locked onto him. Others could leave, but he couldn’t.

He wasn’t sure, but it seemed that his attack had broken some kind of law in this place, causing the black hand to want to kill him.

Even though he had been the first to run, he had not managed to reach a safe zone. That black hand was pouncing toward him. If he tried to block it, these experts would be killed by the shockwave, so he had them leave first.

The black hand was even faster than he was. Taking a deep breath, Long Chen prepared to unleash the seventh form of Split the Heavens again. However, he had just activated his acupuncture points when he coughed up blood.


Long Chen’s expression suddenly changed. When he had used the seventh form of Split the Heavens before, he hadn’t felt much, but now that he tried again, he suddenly found that his meridians were extremely weak. If he hadn’t sensed this early enough and pulled back, his meridians would have all shattered.

He hadn’t listened to the old man’s advice and had used the seventh form of Split the Heavens before reaching the Life Star realm.

Considering how powerful the seventh form was, he was lucky that his meridians had only been shaken. If it was anyone else, their meridians would have been destroyed.

“Damn, it’s that corpse poison! I was actually poisoned!” Long Chen sensed his condition and was shocked to find that he had underestimated Xie Luo’s Corpse Spirit Sealing Art. A portion of the corpse poison had bypassed his thunderforce to invade his body without him being aware of it.

Long Chen couldn’t help being regretful over how he had tried to play a trick to kill the two of them. He had been too greedy. Instead of gaining any advantage, he had almost destroyed his meridians, had been poisoned, and was now being hunted down by this hand.

With his meridians damaged, Long Chen couldn’t use his spiritual yuan. His Yuan Spirit came out.

“Double Dragon Destruction!”

There were no other techniques he could use. He could only summon Lei Long and Huo Long.

The two of them possessed their own stores of energy. However, without the support of his spiritual yuan, their power sharply dropped. 


Lei Long and Huo Long were blown apart upon contact with the hand. The hand merely shook slightly, but it didn’t stop.

Fortunately, that was enough for Long Chen to escape its lock. He shot away, covered in sweat. That hand had made him smell the scent of death. That was the air of death, of darkness, of corrosion, of severing all life. That was something he had experienced once before. It was very similar to the air of the Netherworld.

Long Chen rapidly fled. He was gratified to see that hand begin to retreat after missing. It didn’t attack again. It seemed it had a set attack range, and Long Chen had already escaped it.

As for the Righteous disciples, they cheered when they saw Long Chen escape alive. They had never imagined a peak expert like Long Chen would use himself to block a fatal attack for them.

“You guys should run. This place is too sinister. Brothers, thank you for your loyalty. I wish you well. Let us meet again.”

Long Chen waved to those people as he fled.

He had no choice but to leave. The corpse poison was invading his body and weakening him. Otherwise, there was no way he wouldn’t have noticed the problem with his meridians.

This had all been too dangerous. His meridians had almost been shattered. If that happened, he would be crippled.

Even if he had the primal chaos space, recovering from that would be almost impossible. That wasn’t a problem with his physical body that could be instantly healed. If his meridians shattered, he estimated he would need at least the majority of the year to recover, during which time he couldn’t fight.

In the Yin Yang World, let alone a condition in which he couldn’t use his spiritual yuan, any condition that was not his peak condition was dangerous. 

So Long Chen really felt regretful. He had wanted to play smart and eliminate the two of them right then and there, but he had almost caused himself to die. That kind of foolishness wasn’t something he wanted to repeat a second time. This kind of game wasn’t fun at all.

This time, he had experienced the terror of the seventh form of Split the Heavens. He had just used a rudimentary form of it, the simplest form with the least danger, but had still harmed his meridians.

The old man had told him that when using the seventh form of Split the Heavens, connecting all the acupuncture points was just the first step. The next step was to reconnect the final acupuncture point with the Dantian and once more send the energy through the sixty-three acupuncture points. The energy added up but put even greater stress on the meridians.

If he could do this seven times, then he would be able to unleash the full power of the seventh form of Split the Heavens.

The first time he used the seventh form of Split the Heavens, his meridians had started to crack, but due to the corpse poison, he hadn’t noticed. When he tried using it a second time, he had realized something was wrong and scattered his spiritual yuan, but that had still almost caused his meridians to explode.

Looking at the distant nest, he saw the black hands slowly sink back underground. They were claws from hell that had slain people before returning to their home.

“I wonder if True Immortal Jiaoqi and Xie Luo got away. Hopefully, they didn’t have a good ending.” Long Chen prayed for the two of them as he left. However, he knew that the two of them still had their own trump cards. They had definitely not used them during that battle. They had wanted to pay the lowest price and expose the fewest trump cards to achieve their goals. After all, there had been three of them there, and even if one of them was killed, the remaining two could spread information about the other’s trump cards.

It was precisely because he had seen this point that Long Chen had hoped to eliminate the two of them before they had unleashed their full power.

If his attack had struck them at full power, it truly might have been able to kill the two of them, but regretfully breaking through the barrier around the nest had slowed it down and given them enough time to defend. 

If he hadn’t been poisoned and his meridians hadn’t been harmed, right now would be the best time to hunt the two of them down. Regretfully, it seemed the heavens were against him.

Long Chen flew away, consuming two medicinal pills used for expelling poison. These had been personally refined by him.

Xie Luo’s corpse poison was extremely powerful. It would take time to expel it. More importantly, he also had to heal his meridians during this time.

His meridians were only cracked right now, so healing them didn’t take too long. Six hours later, Long Chen was able to just barely circulate his spiritual yuan, but he couldn’t fight.

Although this battle had been very dangerous, Long Chen still felt that it was worth it when he thought of the gains.

Just the original true feather was enough to make countless heavenly geniuses go mad. Once Meng Qi refined it, she would be able to activate the Blue Eye Peacock’s divine abilities. That power wasn’t something he could imagine.

The most unexpected thing this time around was the existence of Righteous experts that had risked their lives to try and save him. Furthermore, there had been over thirty of them. That moved him.

Perhaps the Righteous path wasn’t as bad as he thought. There were still many hot-blooded, righteous people within it. Not everyone was so foolish, and not everyone was such a manipulator. This was his first time feeling that there were still many good disciples in the Righteous path.

As Long Chen flew, he spread his divine sense, avoiding any experts. After all, now wasn’t a good time for him to fight.

“Long Chen!”

After a day, Long Chen arrived at a ravine. Meng Qi had been waiting for him here, and she immediately threw herself toward him, hugging him. She had been very worried.

“Where is Cloud?” asked Long Chen after kissing her on the forehead.

It had been a long time since she had been so intimate with Long Chen, causing Meng Qi to blush slightly. “Cloud has begun refining the marrow cleansing essence. She’s in seclusion in my spiritual space.”

“Good. Once Cloud’s done, she can refine the Blue Eye Peacock’s essence blood. She’ll have completely transformed.” Long Chen nodded with a smile. The Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow and the Blue Eye Peacock had originated from the same race. That essence blood was extremely helpful to her.

“Meng Qi, let me give you a gift.” Long Chen smiled and waved a hand. Nine beautiful feathers appeared in the air. Meng Qi covered her mouth, staring at them with disbelief.

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