Chapter 1837 A Heaven-Shaking Saber

One hundred and eight corpses had appeared at once, a white light shooting out of their eyes and wrapping around Long Chen like a giant cocoon. 

It happened so quickly that no one could react. Once Long Chen was caught in the cocoon, divine runes appeared on the corpses’ hands, and they pressed against the cocoon.

The blood-colored divine runes spread, covering the cocoon. They formed a million chains that fully sealed the cocoon.

The cocoon had just appeared when it began to quiver. Clearly, Long Chen was fighting to break free inside.

However, once those blood-colored chains covered the cocoon, it instantly became still.

People were still shocked at the appearance of the corpses when the cocoon became still. There was no time for anyone to react.

The Righteous experts were dumbfounded, especially those that had sworn to protect Long Chen. They had thought that Long Chen would only be defeated when True Immortal Jiaoqi joined in on the fight. Their cultivation bases weren’t high, but they were confident that striking when True Immortal Jiaoqi joined in was the best time to save Long Chen.

However, True Immortal Jiaoqi hadn’t moved at all before Long Chen was simply sealed. There was no chance for them to interfere at all.

“Release Long Chen, or I’ll cut off your head.”


Long Chen had just been sealed when a golden halberd pierced toward Xie Luo. True Immortal Jiaoqi was finally joining in.

“You want Long Chen? Keep dreaming. Long Chen’s been sealed by my Corpse Spirit Seal Art. The corpse poison inside will quickly exhaust all his energy and make him a puppet. I will be his master, and his everything will belong to me,” sneered Xie Luo. 

While fighting, he had been secretly laying down a barrier within an area. This was one of his unique abilities, and he was confident that no one else would recognize what he was doing. When Long Chen entered that area, he would trigger the barrier.

The barrier was not an attacking or defending barrier, but a controlling barrier. It would make a person lose consciousness for just a moment. No matter how strong Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was, he would lose consciousness and have illusions invade his mind.

This would only affect Long Chen for a blink of an eye, but that was enough to determine victory or defeat in a battle between experts.

The instant Long Chen had lost consciousness, he had activated the Corpse Spirit Seal Art that he had been preparing. This trap had been ready for a while now, but every time he had drawn Long Chen over to that area, Long Chen had inadvertently avoided it. Now, he finally stepped into it and was sealed.

Now that Xie Luo’s seal was complete, he no longer had to worry about Long Chen. He was sure no one could break out of his sealing art. At the very least, no one had ever broken out before.

Xie Luo met True Immortal Jiaoqi’s halberd with his blood-red saber. A powerful qi wave surged out.

Powerful astral winds buffeted the spectators. It felt like knives were cutting their faces. The intensity of this one exchange was greater than Long Chen’s fight with Xie Luo.

“Could it be that Xie Luo wasn’t using his full power while fighting Long Chen? Only now is he using his real power?”

Startled cries rang out. Long Chen was sealed now, and Xue Luo’s fight with True Immortal Jiaoqi far surpassed Xie Luo’s fight with Long Chen in terms of power and aura.

“Hmph, Long Chen’s fame is all fake. The reason he could fight so long with Xie Luo is just because Xie Luo wanted to capture him alive. Otherwise, Long Chen wouldn’t even be able to receive ten moves,” sneered an ancient race expert.

“Let alone ten moves, he probably wouldn’t even be able to take three moves. Hmph, the Righteous path’s number one expert was created through bragging it seems. He was just duping his own people. The Righteous path has no top experts.”

Other experts added their own mocking voices as they looked at the Righteous path’s experts. If they weren’t intent on watching this battle between peak geniuses, they might have even surrounded those Righteous experts.

“Xie Luo, I’ll ask you one more time! Are you really not going to hand over Long Chen?!” demanded True Immortal Jiaoqi.

“What lands in my hands belongs to me. If you aren’t smart, I won’t mind adding you to my corpse collection as well!” sneered Xie Luo.

“Then you can die. Drake power!”

True Immortal Jiaoqi suddenly shouted, and the drake figure behind him grew explosively. The cry of a dragon could vaguely be heard. The golden light shining out of True Immortal Jiaoqi’s body condensed entirely into his qilin halberd.

“You’re the one who will die.” Xie Luo laughed sinisterly. The blood-red figure of Xie Luo’s manifestation suddenly extended its arms into Xie Luo. A sea of blood-colored runes poured into his body.

“Evil Spirit Possession!”

Xie Luo’s body transformed, and he no longer looked like a desiccated corpse. He transformed into a normal-looking person.

As their power grew explosively, the ground beneath their feet began to constantly crack. This incomparably sturdy nest was unable to bear their power.

“Heavens, what kind of power is this?!” This nest was so tough that for them, a full-strength attack wouldn’t even be able to damage it. Now it was covered in cracks.

“Now is the best time to save senior apprentice-brother Long Chen!”

One of the Righteous experts suddenly charged into the battlefield heading for the cocoon, taking advantage of when the two of them were fighting to save Long Chen.

Following him, over thirty experts shot over. The divine items in their hands began to shine brighter and brighter. They had made their preparations to detonate their divine items.

Their actions startled everyone. They hadn’t thought that the Righteous path’s disciples, which had always been cowardly like mice and never been united, would risk their lives to save Long Chen.

Xie Luo merely sneered disdainfully. This Corpse Spirit Sealing Art of his could not be broken through external power. Even he would need to undo the seal bit by bit.

Even if the corpses guarding the cocoon couldn’t stop them, they wouldn’t be able to break the seal. In his view, they were sending themselves to their deaths. He ignored them and continued fighting True Immortal Jiaoqi. His fight with him was reaching a climax, and he couldn’t be careless.


Those Righteous experts had just gotten close to the cocoon when a black saber-image tore out of the cocoon. It pierced into the sky, tearing through the barrier around the nest.


That huge saber-image possessed horrifying power. It slashed down like a celestial blade. 

“Split the Heavens 7!”

Following it was an explosive cry. The barrier around the nest exploded. The celestial blade slashed down at Xie Luo and True Immortal Jiaoqi mercilessly.

True Immortal Jiaoqi and Xie Luo were both shocked, especially Xie Luo. He had never thought that Long Chen would be able to break his seal.

The truth was that Long Chen had long since seen through Xie Luo’s intentions. He had intentionally let himself be sealed.

His Spiritual Strength had fully recovered, allowing him to use his trump cards at their full potential. He didn’t fear this kind of sealing art.

Just as the two of them reached a climax in their fight, Long Chen suddenly unleashed the forbidden seventh form of Split the Heavens.

Back then, the old man had repeatedly warned him not to use the seventh form until he reached the Life Star realm. Otherwise, he would become a cripple.

However, Long Chen was extremely confident in his meridians. He had decided to take this risk to see if he could eliminate the two of them.

The void exploded. Fragments of it transformed into dust. That terrifying barrier appeared weak in front of the seventh form of Split the Heavens.

Xie Luo and True Immortal Jiaoqi’s expressions changed. If they were struck by this saber, they would definitely die.

Right now, their power was locked against each other. Whoever pulled back first would be struck and injured before the saber even arrived.

“Pull back together!”

Xie Luo and True Immortal Jiaoqi exchanged a look, and the light from their weapons erupted. Both of them hacked up blood, their faces turning as pale as paper.

Just now, they had severed their own energy. Pulling it back would take too long.

Severing their own power like this was a kind of taboo. It was very harmful to the body, equivalent to attacking oneself.

However, even as they coughed up blood, they didn’t hesitate. Their divine items blazed with divine light as they attacked Long Chen’s saber-image. At the same time, they retreated.

In this scenario, they were unable to unleash even half their power. Who would foolishly stand there? They naturally chose to run.


Their attacks instantly shattered upon contact with the celestial saber. The two of them once more coughed up blood and tumbled into the distance.

The leftover power of the celestial saber crashed down where the two of them had been. The nest was cut through as easily as tofu. 

Originally, the place that Long Chen was at was near the edge of the nest. Now his attack had cut the nest cleanly in two. A huge ditch appeared, and it went so deep it was impossible to see the bottom.

Everyone was struck dumb. They stared in shock at Long Chen.

Long Chen looked like a god who had just walked out of the cocoon. His wild and domineering aura made their hearts turn cold.

Holding Evilmoon, he circulated thunderforce around his feet. He was about to shoot after the injured Xie Luo and True Immortal Jiaoqi when his expression changed.

Lei Long appeared, swallowing those disciples who had been trying to save Long Chen but were now struck dumb.

As for Long Chen himself, lightning wings appeared on his back. He shot away with Lei Long, vanishing from sight in an instant.

Just as everyone was still confused as to why Long Chen was running, the nest exploded. Black qi suddenly surged out of the bottomless ditch Long Chen had made.

“What is that?!”

This black qi contained terrifying death energy. Large hands appeared, reaching out for them.

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