Chapter 1836 Each Harboring Sinister Intentions

Black and red light collided against each other. When Long Chen’s Evilmoon met Xie Luo’s blood-colored saber, the entire world suddenly dimmed.

When Long Chen received Xie Luo’s attack, he found that Xie Luo was also physically powerful, only a bit weaker than True Immortal Jiaoqi. Just as he was about to circulate his energy to force Xie Luo back, his heart shook. Lightning flashed.


A lightning barrier enveloped Long Chen, blocking a wave of bone needles. Xie Luo had also launched his bone needle attack silently, and Long Chen had almost fallen for it. Long Chen unleashed a burst of power, forcing back Xie Luo.

Xie Luo hadn’t expected Long Chen’s reaction speed to be so fast. He had launched an attack with his saber and his bone needles at almost the same time, but the light from his saber covered the bone needles.

As for his furious expression from before, half of it was real, but half of it was fake. He had also wanted to capture Long Chen alive, not just for the true feathers but also to force Meng Qi to hand over the essence blood.

Unfortunately, Long Chen’s reaction speed was too fast. He had clearly had his attention focused on his saber but had still managed to force back the bone needles with a quick defense.

Long Chen had just forced back Xie Luo when a golden halberd stabbed toward Long Chen.

“Let’s see just which one of us is stronger.” Long Chen met the halberd with another slash of his saber.


When Long Chen collided with True Immortal Jiaoqi’s halberd, he felt like he had been struck by a star. He almost coughed up blood.

Long Chen was startled. When True Immortal Jiaoqi was using his full power, he was actually so powerful. Long Chen was blown back.

On the other hand, True Immortal Jiaoqi was only forced back a dozen steps. With each step, cracks appeared in the nest. Even this tough nest was unable to bear their power.

True Immortal Jiaoqi stamped his foot on the ground, causing part of the nest to actually shatter. Only then did he manage to stabilize himself.

When he looked back up, he saw that Xie Luo had already shot after Long Chen.

Long Chen repeatedly blocked Xie Luo’s attacks seventeen times, while lightning spurted out of his body, blocking the bone needles.

The bone needles possessed both poison and curse energy. Once struck, it would gravely affect Long Chen’s combat power. Then the battle would essentially be over.

“Good, I didn’t think your body was so powerful. Your corpse is just as valuable as the Blue Eye Peacock’s.” Xie Luo smiled sinisterly as he attacked with his saber.

Xie Luo possessed a rare evil spirit body, which gave him an unmatched skill in controlling corpses. He was very interested in all powerful corpses. He could refine them into corpse puppets to be his subordinates.

Xie Luo found that Long Chen’s value as a corpse was extremely great. His physical body wouldn’t lose to True Immortal Jiaoqi who was from the Xuan Beasts. If he was refined into a puppet, he would be a fearless undying existence with amazing killing power.

“You’re thinking too far,” said Long Chen indifferently as he continued blocking with Evilmoon. His divine sense was also locked onto True Immortal Jiaoqi.

After that first exchange, True Immortal Jiaoqi hadn’t attacked again. He was calmly watching.

That attack just now had been to test Long Chen’s power. It could be said that they were relatively evenly matched in power, so neither one of them could suppress the other.

True Immortal Jiaoqi was still angry with Xie Luo for not cooperating. Hence, he had given up that thought. He was now waiting for his opportunity to launch a fatal attack while Long Chen and Xie Luo fought. If he had a good opportunity, he wouldn’t mind killing Xie Luo as well.

Although the Corrupt path and the Xuan Beasts didn’t interfere with each other’s businesses, there was an eternal competition between heavenly geniuses. Any threats had to be eliminated as soon as possible.

Seeing True Immortal Jiaoqi just standing there and watching coldly, Long Chen naturally knew what he was thinking.

This was helping him greatly. He was fighting intensely against Xie Luo, while his divine ring was forcibly absorbing heaven and earth’s energy to replenish his Spiritual Strength.

Due to refining the dragon tooth and gathering the original true feather, Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength had been exhausted to the point of affecting his combat power.

Now he was quietly recovering while fighting. With the divine ring, the spiritual yuan he was using up was being replenished as quickly as he used it.

Their fight was an intense one. Shocking explosions, saber-images, and qi waves erupted over and over again.

As their fight progressed, a few figures gradually appeared at the top of the nest. These were experts that had been exploring the nest. They hadn’t found anything of value, but they had been drawn over by the terrifying auras coming from the top.

“True Immortal Jiaoqi, Xie Luo, and Long Chen? Three monsters actually came across each other here!” exclaimed an Empyrean from the ancient family alliance.

More and more experts appeared. When they saw the three of them, they all gasped.

These experts were all on guard against each other as well. The ancient races stood to one side, the Corrupt path stood to another, while the Righteous path hid in a corner.

They were in no mood to start a fight. They were all watching Long Chen and Xie Luo fight.

“That Xie Luo is claimed to be the Corrupt path’s number one genius, the descendant of the Corrupt path’s leader, Xie Wentian. As for that monster of the Xuan Beasts, he’s the one who got fourth on the Devil Slaughter Rankings, True Immortal Jiaoqi. Long Chen’s definitely dead,” sneered an ancient race expert.

The fact that Long Chen had slain Xiang Yunfei had infuriated the ancient races. They had publicly announced that they were splitting ties with the Martial Heaven Alliance and would no longer communicate with them. Although they hadn’t started a war, their attitude was clear.

Seeing Xie Luo fighting Long Chen with True Immortal Jiaoqi watching like a tiger lying in wait, those enemies of Long Chen were delighted.

As for the Righteous path’s experts, they had gathered. There were over a hundred of them, with only a small portion being Empyreans. The majority were rank nine Celestials.

“What do we do? Should we send a distress signal? Otherwise, senior apprentice-brother will be in danger.” An Empyrean sent a message to these experts.

“How would you send it? And to who?”

That Empyrean was struck speechless. Who would he send this distress signal to? Who would come to help Long Chen? Who actually had the power to help him? That was Xie Luo and True Immortal Jiaoqi. In front of them, even other Empyreans were cannon fodder.

“Fuck, whatever. If Long Chen does end up in danger, I’ll put my life on the line to help him escape. Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen is the only hope of the Righteous path rising. If he falls, the Righteous path will be doomed,” said a rank nine Celestial suddenly.

The rank nine Celestial’s words moved all the people here. His cultivation base might be low, his combat power might be weak, but this heroism was moving.

In the great era, all the various powers were soaring. The Corrupt path, the ancient races, the ancient family alliance, the Xuan Beasts, they were all giving birth to countless heavenly geniuses.

Although the Righteous path was also home to the birth of many heavenly geniuses, in comparison to the others, their power was clearly lacking.

In the Righteous path, Long Chen was the only one who could suppress all other heavenly geniuses, look down on all others in his generation, and be undefeated in the same realm no matter what monstrous geniuses he faced.

In the eyes of many of the Righteous path’s disciples, Long Chen was an undefeatable legend.

Although countless people were denouncing him in the world, it didn’t affect Long Chen’s particular charisma. Even as countless other heavenly geniuses were raised and monsters appeared, no one could shake him from his position as the number one figure of the Righteous path.

Even some people who had never seen Long Chen before also made their determination to help him escape even if they had to die.

“Brother, this courage of yours is admirable. If senior apprentice-brother Long Chen is in danger, you can count me in. Another person is another chance of escaping,” said an Empyrean.

“Count me in too.”

“Me too.”

Over thirty experts made an agreement. As long as Long Chen was in mortal danger, they would work together.

Even if they had to detonate their divine items, even if they had to detonate their own bodies, they would win Long Chen a chance to escape. He was the only hope of the Righteous path. They were willing to use their lives to protect this hope.

The other Righteous experts were silent. However, a few looked at them disdainfully.

Those were disciples of the sects that had betrayed the Martial Heaven Alliance. But even having left the Martial Heaven Alliance, they were still part of the Righteous path, so they were standing with everyone else.

If only one or two people were speaking up for Long Chen, they would definitely pour cold water on them to dispel their passion.

However, there were too many of them now, so they didn’t dare to provoke them. If they did, they might be killed. So they only sneered inside.

As Long Chen fought Xie Luo, Xie Luo seemed to be repeatedly retreating, whether intentionally or not. It just so happened that Long Chen was being drawn further and further away from True Immortal Jiaoqi. Long Chen smiled coldly.

It was just that he didn’t bother exposing Xie Luo. He continued fighting within a small area, not forcing his way through. He was focused on recovering his Spiritual Strength.

“This is a battle of monsters? It doesn’t seem as crazy as I imagined it. What’s going on?” muttered some people inside.

Although the battle looked intense, with each move being extremely sharp, such a battle didn’t seem to fit with Long Chen and Xie Luo’s level.

True Immortal Jiaoqi was still watching coldly. He gripped his qilin halberd. He looked like a bird of prey focused on his prey.


Suddenly, Xie Luo’s blood-red saber unleashed a burst of light. Its power surged, forcing Long Chen back.

“It’s now!” Xie Luo laughed. His Yuan Spirit appeared out of his head, forming hand seals. Blood Qi surged into the sky.

The void exploded, and one figure after another appeared. They were corpses wearing ancient robes, surrounding Long Chen, an evil glint in their eyes. Their terrifying auras made people shiver.


Xie Luo shouted. Light erupted out of the corpses’ eyes, weaving into a giant ball that trapped Long Chen.

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