Chapter 1836 Each Harboring Sinister Intentions (Teaser)

Black and red light collided against each other. When Long Chen’s Evilmoon met Xie Luo’s blood-colored saber, the entire world suddenly dimmed.

When Long Chen received Xie Luo’s attack, he found that Xie Luo was also physically powerful, only a bit weaker than True Immortal Jiaoqi. Just as he was about to circulate his energy to force Xie Luo back, his heart shook. Lightning flashed.


A lightning barrier enveloped Long Chen, blocking a wave of bone needles. Xie Luo had also launched his bone needle attack silently, and Long Chen had almost fallen for it. Long Chen unleashed a burst of power, forcing back Xie Luo.

Xie Luo hadn’t expected Long Chen’s reaction speed to be so fast. He had launched an attack with his saber and his bone needles at almost the same time, but the light from his saber covered the bone needles.

As for his furious expression from before, half of it was real, but half of it was fake. He had also wanted to capture Long Chen alive, not just for the true feathers but also to force Meng Qi to hand over the essence blood.


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