Chapter 1835 Plucking a Bird’s Feathers

Xie Luo was doing his best to gather the corpse of the Blue Eye Peacock. However, he didn’t have a primal chaos bead. Only Life Star experts could condense their own astral space.

As for spatial rings, there was no way ordinary ones could contain this corpse with its ferocious will. Although the Blue Eye Peacock had long since died, it still had a remnant will that made it difficult to force it into anything.

Xie Luo was trying to pull it into his spiritual space, but it was difficult. He had already used a secret technique of the Corrupt path to seal the Blue Eye Peacock’s crystal core, but he was still unable to move it quickly.

Seeing Long Chen was coming to cause trouble, Xie Luo was enraged. “Long Chen, you dare?!”

“Haha, there’s nothing I don’t dare to do in this world.” Long Chen laughed. Instead of attacking Xie Luo, he jumped onto the Blue Eye Peacock’s back and pulled on one of its giant feathers.

Long Chen directly plucked off the giant feather. That feather looked almost identical to the feather he had obtained before. It was bright and multicolored and still retained a powerful aura.

This feather was also a true feather. Most Blue Eye Peacocks only had a single true feather, but this one’s cultivation base had already reached the peak of the twelfth rank, and it had borne nine true feathers.

It was just that of those nine true feathers, only one was the original true feather. That was the true feather that had accompanied it from the day it had been born.

Inside were its inherited divine abilities, making it also called the inheritance true feather. The other eight true feathers were born later, and those feathers were what this Blue Eye Peacock had been planning on relying on to advance to the thirteenth rank.

According to reason, having already reached the Samsara realm, this Blue Eye Peacock should have reached the realm of being almost undying. Even if it failed its breakthrough, it could undergo nirvanic rebirth. It wouldn’t die here, especially not with its essence blood and original true feather separated from it. That was very strange.

Long Chen didn’t have time to consider those things though. He also didn’t know what these nine true feathers represented, but his intuition told him that these eight feathers on the corpse were definite treasures.

“Bastard!” Xie Luo roared. This corpse’s feathers were very important. A portion of the Blue Eye Peacock’s power resided within its true feathers. Their divine marks were the foundation for its divine abilities.

“Don’t be so emotional. It’s just plucking a few feathers.”

Long Chen was as quick as lightning, plucking the remaining seven true feathers in an instant. His efficiency sparked disbelief as he gathered the full set.

It was unknown if it was because there was the original true feather in his primal chaos space, but those true feathers didn’t resist when he plucked them. Just like that, they were gathered into his primal chaos space.

Once the eight true feathers were plucked, the Blue Eye Peacock dimmed. Its feathers lost their original splendor. It no longer looked as divine as before, and its aura weakened by over fifty percent.


An ancient halberd came piercing toward Long Chen’s back. True Immortal Jiaoqi had arrived.

To handle this attack, Long Chen’s golden dragon tooth smashed into True Immortal Jiaoqi’s halberd. A terrifying explosion erupted.

Long Chen’s hand split open, and blood poured out. Even having already summoned the Green Dragon Battle Armor, he was still injured and sent flying.

With Long Chen and True Immortal Jiaoqi exchanging a fierce blow, the Blue Eye Peacock’s corpse was blown into the air.

That delighted Xie Luo. Before this, it had been impossible for him to budge the corpse at all. In the air, it could be easily pulled into his spiritual space. However, he was also infuriated because he knew the reason that it was blown into the air was because Long Chen had plucked its eight true feathers.

In other words, having lost its eight true feathers, this corpse’s power had sharply fallen.

Xie Luo formed a hand seal, causing the Blue Eye Peacock to fly to him. Then, a blood-colored gate appeared behind him. That was his spiritual space.

“Don’t be in a rush. Let me help.”

Long Chen couldn’t snatch the corpse any longer, having been blown back by True Immortal Jiaoqi. So he kindly shot a ball of black flames at it.


The black flames exploded on the Blue Eye Peacock, unleashing a wave that enveloped it.

The berserk energy caused the entire nest to shake. Long Chen was actually using the Black Illusion Dragon Flame.

The eruption of the flame sphere brought with it a wave of powerful Spiritual Strength that caused Xie Luo’s spiritual space to almost collapse.

The shocking thing was that the Blue Eye Peacock was actually ignited by the black flames. Its feathers were burned to ash.

That shocked even Long Chen. Originally, he had just been planning on irritating Xie Luo with this. It had merely been a probing blow.

Who would have thought that the legendary Blue Eye Peacock would be unable to resist the Black Illusion Dragon Flame? Its feathers were all incinerated.

What they were unaware of was that the runes on those feathers were all linked to the nine true feathers. With the nine true feathers gone, the remaining feathers had lost their defensive power.

As for the Black Illusion Dragon Flame, its power was definitely terrifying considering it was ranked second on the Earth Flame Rankings.

“Long Chen, I will skin you alive!” Flames almost spurted out of Xie Luo’s eyes. The Blue Eye Peacock had lost all of its feathers now. Many of its divine abilities had just been lost, and its value had dropped.

“Wow, the Corrupt path’s people are so ungrateful. I kindly plucked your chicken for you, so you can cook it easier, but instead of thanking me, you threaten me! The Corrupt path is truly contemptible.” Long Chen shook his head.

At this time, True Immortal Jiaoqi was blocking his retreat path. His entire body was shining like gold. He trapped Long Chen between himself and Xie Luo.

He knew that Xie Luo was even angrier than he was. Although he was also enemies with Xie Luo, in comparison, Long Chen was his true target.

If the two of them joined hands, there would definitely be no chance of Long Chen escaping. Capturing Long Chen related to obtaining the Blue Eye Peacock essence blood.

The Blue Eye Peacock looked like a roasted chicken, and Xie Luo looked like he was about to go crazy. The reason he so adamantly wanted this corpse was because he had a method to control it and activate the Blue Eye Peacock’s divine abilities. Although they wouldn’t be as powerful as when it was alive, he was confident in restoring seventy percent of its power.

To have a peak twelfth rank Magical Beast fighting for him, who would dare to resist?

That beautiful dream had been ruined. Even if he did refine the corpse into a puppet now, he wouldn’t be able to fly through the air on it like a divine steed. If he did, he didn’t know how many people would laugh at him.

Xie Luo put the Blue Eye Peacock’s corpse into his spiritual space. Without the feathers, taking it was much easier.

Blood runes began to revolve in Xie Luo’s eyes. A blood-colored figure condensed behind him. The sound of mournful wails shook the room.

That blood-colored figure was sinister and terrifying. Looking carefully, it looked like a conglomeration of millions of lifeforms screaming and struggling in pain. When it appeared, the world also turned blood-colored.

Xie Luo was truly furious. In all his years, no one had dared to treat him like this. His killing intent soared.

“I need Long Chen’s life. If we cooperate, we have to catch him alive, so I can search him for the essence blood. The rest of his belongings will be yours!” shouted True Immortal Jiaoqi. To prevent the off-chance of failure, he chose to join hands with Xie Luo.

“Scram! Who do you think you are to cooperate with me? I’ll kill Long Chen and refine him into a puppet so he’ll be my eternal slave.”

At the same time as Xie Luo shouted, the millions of devilish ghouls behind him also roared furiously. 


Xie Luo’s blood-red saber suddenly pointed toward the sky. As a result, his saber-image struck the barrier around the nest and caused it to quiver intensely. It then hacked down at Long Chen.

Long Chen took a deep breath. His expression was serious. He put away the dragon tooth and took out Evilmoon.

Evilmoon was in slumber and unable to help him. However, it was the weapon he was most used to using. Without a hilt, the dragon teeth weren’t capable of unleashing his power.

Even if Evilmoon was unable to help him, just its hardness and weight were enough.

“Five Star Battle Armor!”

The power of his 108,000 stars erupted. Facing both Xie Luo and True Immortal Jiaoqi, Long Chen couldn’t hold back.

A black saber-image crashed into the blood-red saber-image. The entire nest quivered. Black and red energy appeared at the top of the nest.

The experts within the nest were shaken. Although they didn’t know what was going on, they felt terrifying auras rising.

“There are peak experts fighting! Hurry! Let’s see just who is so terrifying!”

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