Chapter 1834 Peacock Essence Blood

It was a giant peacock dozens of miles tall, completely covered in bright feathers. A beautiful light still came from it, yet that mighty and sacred aura also contained a ferocious nature.

“It’s a corpse.” Long Chen recognized it as the corpse of a twelfth rank Magical Beast. Its corpse was still fully intact. It had a pair of blue eyes that still seemed to contain life in them.

“Meng Qi, bring Cloud to that blood pool!”

Long Chen suddenly noticed a giant blood pool ahead with immense Blood Qi within it. Its fluctuations were practically identical to the pressure of the Blue Eye Peacock. From that, it could be assumed that the blood pool was created from the Blue Eye Peacock’s essence blood.

Long Chen had no time to think why the corpse and essence blood were located at separate sides of the platform. It didn’t make sense why they were so far apart.

However, even if it didn’t make sense, there was no time to consider it. Meng Qi and Cloud flew off to the blood pool, while Long Chen went to the Blue Eye Peacock.

Just as he moved, he noticed intense spatial fluctuations in the distance. That place formed a perfect triangle with the Blue Eye Peacock’s corpse and the blood pool.

Long Chen could vaguely see a single feather within that twisted space.

“Is that this Blue Eye Peacock’s true feather?” Long Chen suddenly changed plans. He charged toward that twisted space.



Just at this moment, two figures charged out of the ground. Both of them immediately noticed the giant Blue Eye Peacock’s corpse.

“This corpse is mine!” Xie Luo’s eyes immediately lit up, and he charged over.

True Immortal Jiaoqi sneered and was about to fight over it with him when he glanced toward the distance. When he saw the blood pool, his pupils shrank.

“Get away from the essence blood and I’ll spare your lives!” True Immortal Jiaoqi immediately switched targets. He saw that this blood pool contained concentrated essence blood. 

The Blue Eye Peacock was a beast from ancient times, and it was known for being cruel-natured and slaughtering countless lifeforms. In that time, it was capable of swallowing a whole city’s lifeforms in one gulp.

The Blue Eye Peacock existed only in legend in the Martial Heaven Continent, so seeing it personally was shocking. The purity of an ancient Blue Eye Peacock’s blood essence had to be amazing. To a Xuan Beast, a single drop of that blood was a priceless treasure.

Seeing the whole pool, True Immortal Jiaoqi was ecstatic. However, he was infuriated to see that Cloud had a head start.

He charged over, having no interest in what direction Long Chen was going. That essence blood was a must-have for him.

Cloud summoned her giant true body. Opening her mouth, she swallowed the pool of essence blood in one gulp, not leaving even a single drop behind.

If other Magical Beasts or Xuan Beasts tried to devour the essence blood like this, they would instantly explode.

However, Cloud possessed the Heaven Swallowing divine ability. This essence blood wasn’t instantly digested or refined. Instead, it was stored in a separate space.

Furthermore, there was a certain bloodline connection between the Blue Eye Peacock and the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow. Legend was that they were both descendants of the ancient phoenix. So Cloud was not attacked by the essence blood.

Seeing this, True Immortal Jiaoqi let out a furious roar. For him, wanting to gather that essence blood would definitely cause it to fight back. If it had fought back against Cloud like that, he was confident in being able to obtain the majority of it.

However, now all of it had been taken by Cloud in an instant. True Immortal Jiaoqi became anxious. His drake illusory figure appeared behind him. He had to kill Cloud to get that essence blood back.

If he had the assistance of the essence blood of this ancient beast, he could fully stimulate his bloodline, multiplying the power of his divine abilities. Then he would be able to dominate the land.

“Run!” Long Chen sent Meng Qi a message.

As soon as he had come up here, he had noticed that there was a mysterious barrier protecting the exterior of this giant nest.

To enter here, you had to walk up the levels of the nest one by one. If you tried to fly up directly, you would be blocked by the barrier. Furthermore, flying to this height was impossible. You would be cut down by the spatial winds at this height.

“But what about you?” asked Meng Qi worriedly.

“Don’t bother with me. You go first. I have my own way to leave. We can meet where we agreed afterward,” responded Long Chen. He had already reached the twisted space. He was standing in front of a long divine feather.

Meng Qi looked from Long Chen to the furious True Immortal Jiaoqi. Clenching her teeth, she had Cloud run.

Cloud spread her wings. A golden light shot from her mouth.


The exterior had looked calm, but when Cloud’s attack flew out, it struck something and shattered into a million pieces.

A giant barrier appeared in the sky, covering the entire nest.

“Fools, this nest is protected by a formation! You won’t be able to escape! If you’re smart, you’ll immediately hand over the Blue Eye Peacock’s essence blood!” roared True Immortal Jiaoqi.

In just a few more seconds, he would be able to reach Cloud. He couldn’t be the slightest bit careless at this moment. Other than him, there was also Long Chen and Xie Luo present.

Xie Luo was currently trying to gather the corpse, but the Blue Eye Peacock’s corpse was shining brightly, and Xie Luo was having trouble approaching it. He was unleashing his full power just to gather it.

If Xie Luo obtained the corpse while Long Chen obtained the feather, then their next move would be to come here. Long Chen would protect Meng Qi, while Xie Luo would also fight against him over the essence blood. So True Immortal Jiaoqi had to get the essence blood right this instant.

Cloud didn’t panic at all upon seeing her attack shatter. Instead, she sent a message to Long Chen. “Big brother Long Chen, be careful.”


Suddenly, all of Cloud’s feathers blazed with light. She opened her mouth, shooting out a black circle. When that circle appeared, the world dimmed.

“Damnit, it’s the Heaven Swallowing Voidbreaker!” True Immortal Jiaoqi cursed. He suddenly raised the qilin halberd. Attacking at this distance would definitely cause the attack power to drop and make it easier to dodge, but he had no choice.

A giant halberd-image appeared in the sky, slashing down at Cloud.

However, True Immortal Jiaoqi was still just slightly too slow. The black circle that Cloud had spat out struck the barrier, causing a black ripple to spread. It formed a giant fluctuating gate.

Cloud and Meng Qi charged through that fluctuating gate. It was like they had entered water, and they vanished just like that.

Once they vanished, the barrier returned to normal. True Immortal Jiaoqi’s attack struck the barrier, but his attack didn’t cause the slightest ripple.

“Damnit!” True Immortal Jiaoqi roared. He clenched his teeth furiously.

This barrier was too powerful to break. However, the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race had a very monstrous innate divine ability that could construct a spatial channel.

The spatial channel couldn’t lead very far, at most a few hundred miles, but it could cause a spacetime displacement, allowing Cloud to slip past normal restrictions. No ordinary barriers were able to hold her.

This was also another reason why the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrows were able to continue surviving in the outside world despite being surrounded several times.

This kind of divine ability was something only those at the eleventh rank were capable of using, and yet Cloud had used it at the tenth rank.

Suddenly, rumbling sounds rang out. In the distance, Long Chen had a twisting spatial portal open behind him. The giant feather was currently entering the spatial portal.

“Bastard, once I capture you, they’ll be forced to hand over the essence blood!”

True Immortal Jiaoqi suddenly charged at Long Chen. Long Chen was busy gathering the feather, but it possessed its own terrifying will. Long Chen had also used up too much of his Spiritual Strength, resulting in him feeling even greater pressure.

Fortunately, his will was strong enough. The divine ring rumbled. No matter how ferocious the master of the feather had been while they had been alive, this feather still had to submit in front of Long Chen’s will.

Even though the feather itself knew it had no choice, it was still fighting back.

“Fuck, so you refuse to give me face?!” Long Chen roared. He gave up pulling it into his spiritual space. Instead, a large black hole appeared behind his back.

When that black hole appeared, the feather immediately stopped resisting. It quivered in terror, allowing Long Chen to put it away instantly.

Once it was pulled into the primal chaos space, it didn’t dare to move. It didn’t even dare to release its aura.

Originally, Long Chen hadn’t wanted to pull the feather into the primal chaos space. That was because even he couldn’t control the primal chaos space.

For example, when he had subdued the dragon teeth, he hadn’t pulled them into the primal chaos space. While he was the master of the primal chaos space, he couldn’t control it. Anything that dared to go against his will would be annihilated by the primal chaos bead.

The primal chaos bead had its own will, and it wasn’t something that Long Chen could control. If the feather had continued resisting, the primal chaos bead would have destroyed it, wasting this treasure.

If he hadn’t been pressed for time by True Immortal Jiaoqi, Long Chen wouldn’t have taken this risk. However, things had worked out. As soon as the primal chaos bead revealed its power, the feather immediately turned still.

“Brother Xie Luo, I’m done, but you’re not. Let me come help you.”

Long Chen laughed. Ignoring the furious True Immortal Jiaoqi, he charged at Xie Luo, or more accurately, the Blue Eye Peacock’s corpse.

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