Chapter 1833 Top of the Nest


Long Chen repeatedly swung the dragon tooth, blasting the bone needles into bone powder.

However, that bone powder wasn’t really bone powder. Instead, those broken pieces transformed into smaller needles.

Meng Qi was busy gathering the Blue Eye True Feathers, the strongest feathers of the Blue Eye Peacock, a twelfth rank Magical Beast. Those true feathers were where its life’s cultivation base and divine abilities were gathered. As for that rock they were inserted in, it had caused them to enter a slumbering state. Meng Qi was using up a huge amount of Spiritual Strength to gather them without waking them up.

If she hadn’t helped Long Chen refine the dragon tooth before, she would have it much easier. But now she wasn’t capable of moving that quickly.

There were a total of nine hundred and ninety-nine true feathers. Just as she gathered the last true feather, she saw the endless bone needles.

She couldn’t help letting out a cry. Back when she had previously encountered Xie Luo, there had only been thousands of bone needles, and each one of them had been terrifying. She had been forced to use her Spiritual Strength to slow them down and flee relying on Cloud’s speed.

Even one of the strongest Xuan Beast experts to enter here had been injured after using a divine ability to attack the bone needles. With his powerful physical body, he had barely managed to flee.

The most terrifying aspect of Xie Luo’s bone needles was that they were a combination of a physical and spiritual attack. When one of the bone needles exploded, it unleashed another spiritual and physical attack. There was no way to dodge.

The curse energy on the bone needles would cause a person to instantly become absent-minded. In a fight against experts, that one instant was the difference between life and death.

Meng Qi had some regrets now about coming here. She hadn’t managed to fully describe just how powerful Xie Luo was to Long Chen. Now they were in trouble.

Suddenly, the roar of a dragon shook this room. A wild lightning dragon coiled around Long Chen, protecting Long Chen from the endless bone needles.

Those bone needles exploded upon contact with Lei Long’s body. Both their spiritual and physical aspects were blown apart.

It was only the larger foot-long bone needles that Long Chen hadn’t previously destroyed that didn’t immediately explode. Instead, when they stabbed into Lei Long’s body, they started to crack.

Xie Luo’s expression changed. He had never encountered such a powerful thunderforce. His unstoppable bone needles had met their bane.

Long Chen’s thunderforce was no longer ordinary lightning. It contained a trace of divine power. The curse energy on the bone needles might not be afraid of ordinary lightning, but in front of divine lightning, there was no way for it to resist.

Xie Luo snorted coldly. A blood-colored curved saber appeared in his hand, and a sinister aura erupted out of it as though millions of ghouls were wailing. This was a terrifying evil weapon. Its murderous aura was not inferior to Evilmoon.

The blood-red saber fell, unleashing a blood moon that slashed toward Lei Long.

Lei Long instantly exploded. Even it was unable to block that blood-red saber.

However, as it exploded, it unleashed countless sparks. When those sparks faded, Long Chen had already vanished.

“Bastard. He actually ran.” Xie Luo’s expression was grim. He had no idea when Long Chen had escaped. Long Chen had used the lightning dragon to draw Xie Luo’s attention while he himself left.

Considering the divine nature of Long Chen’s thunderforce, it was impossible to probe beyond it spiritually. So after Long Chen had been wrapped around by the lightning dragon, Xie Luo had lost his ability to sense Long Chen’s existence.

He had taken out such a powerful trump card, but Long Chen had fled an unknown time ago. He was infuriated.

“Fuck, this bastard’s definitely going to the third floor!”

Xie Luo’s expression suddenly changed. He thought of the crux of the problem. An expert on Long Chen’s level wouldn’t choose to flee.

Fleeing was equivalent to accepting that he had been defeated. Perhaps it might be nothing to others, but for peerless experts, a single defeat could be a fatal blow to their Dao-hearts.

Of course, if he had other reasons, as long as those reasons were strong enough, running wouldn’t affect him at all, let alone cause a heart-devil.


Suddenly, the ground collapsed, and a large figure charged out. It was True Immortal Jiaoqi who had previously been thrown off by Long Chen. Because his Spiritual Strength wasn’t powerful, even if no one blocked his divine sense, he was unable to cover the entire nest instantly.

All he could do was probe the channels as he flew. There he had noticed the palace on the second level, and he had seen Meng Qi gathering the Blue Eye True Feathers.

In order to fight over them, he had charged his way through the walls. His body was covered in qilin scales now, and he had summoned a halberd. It was something created from a qilin horn. The tough walls were broken through one by one. However, he was still one step too late. Long Chen and Meng Qi had already run off.

“Trash.” True Immortal Jiaoqi glanced at Xie Luo disdainfully. He suddenly charged to the roof, stabbing the qilin halberd above him.


The roof was pierced through, revealing a channel. The area above the palace on the second floor was also filled with channels. True Immortal Jiaoqi no longer had the patience to search for the right path. He was using up a great deal of energy to charge through with berserk force.

A glint of killing intent appeared in Xie Luo’s eyes, but he controlled his anger. His lips curled in disdain. He saw that True Immortal Jiaoqi was just charging up with brute power. He wasn’t choosing the correct channels.


Xie Luo’s blood-red blade also slashed up at the roof. He charged into a channel.

Long Chen was pulling Meng Qi as he flew onward. Meng Qi had already sent Cloud back into her spiritual space. These channels were growing narrower as they went, and Cloud was unable to show off her speed in these channels. Because of it, Long Chen was faster.

“Damn, they’re both getting serious.” Long Chen could hear the explosive sounds coming from below. When his divine sense reached out, he saw the two of them breaking through the walls with brute force. Their efficiency was quite shocking.

“Long Chen, maybe we should leave? We’ve got the marrow cleansing essence which can help Cloud reforge her skeleton and greatly upgrade her potential. As for the Blue Eye True Feathers, they’re an even more priceless treasure. Each one of the feathers was the strongest true feather of a twelfth rank Blue Eye Peacock. Once I refine them, I’ll be strong enough to protect myself against even the strongest opponents. We don’t need to take any more risks,” said Meng Qi.

Due to gathering the Blue Eye True Feathers and refining the dragon tooth, Meng Qi had used up a great deal of her Spiritual Strength. She was almost exhausted.

Right now, Long Chen was slowly transmitting some of his own Spiritual Strength to her. That would affect his own combat power.

Two of their strongest enemies were right below, chasing them. If Long Chen continued to compete with them over the next treasure, things would be even more dangerous.

“Don’t worry, let’s first see what the treasure is. If it’s suitable, we have to take it. If it’s not, we’ll destroy it.” Long Chen smiled sinisterly. If he couldn’t obtain the treasure, no one else could, especially not those two.

“But we…” Meng Qi felt a bit guilty. Her strongest aspect, her Spiritual Strength, was completely suppressed by the two of them, so she couldn’t help. 

“It’s fine, I can handle them. If I want to get through, no one in this world will be able to stop me. Trust me.”

Long Chen tightened his arm around Meng Qi’s waist, helping her to be at ease. He had his own trump cards, and he wasn’t afraid.

Seeing his smile, Meng Qi felt comforted. Long Chen had changed over the years, but that smile hadn’t changed.

“Stay behind me and summon Cloud. It’s about time. We can’t let them catch up.” Long Chen suddenly summoned the dragon tooth again. It smashed into the wall.

This time, Long Chen was also going all-out. The dragon tooth forcibly made its own channel through the nest.

He had no choice because he could see that idiot True Immortal Jiaoqi charging straight through the walls. Although that idiot was facing constant obstructions, his speed was actually quite quick.

As for Xie Luo, he avoided the thicker walls, saving him a great deal of energy. Although Long Chen had moved first, True Immortal Jiaoqi was actually reaching the target more quickly.

With his divine sense, Long Chen managed to sense a giant platform up above. However, that platform had some kind of terrifying pressure that was blocking his divine sense from seeing anything more. He had no idea what was up there. When he tried to force it, his soul twinged and a grave feeling of danger appeared. He hastily retracted his divine sense then.

Long Chen was sure that there was a priceless treasure on the platform above. He poured his Spiritual Strength into the dragon tooth, fully activating its runes.

Fortunately, the dragon tooth was incredibly sharp. Piercing through these walls wasn’t too difficult for it.

It was all thanks to Meng Qi helping him fully refine it, or there was no way he could activate it like this.

Finally, he broke through the final barrier. The passageway brightened. It was like there was a sun illuminating this space.

He found that the third level was actually the top of the nest. He didn’t even know how high up they were. Illuminated by the constant sunlight of the Yin Yang World was a massive figure.

“A Blue Eye Peacock!”

Seeing that massive figure, Meng Qi let out a startled cry.

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