Chapter 1832 King of the Corrupt Path

This Xie Luo gave Long Chen a feeling of great danger. That feeling was even greater than what he felt from True Immortal Jiaoqi.

“No wonder Qi Fengxue said that Xie Luo’s power should be even greater than Leng Yueyan’s. He’s definitely powerful.”

Xie Luo was surrounded by an evil air like a fiend from hell. The curse power he had just released gave Meng Qi goosebumps.

“I encountered this person before. He unleashed an evil technique, killing a large mass of experts. Back then, only myself and an expert from the Xuan Beasts managed to escape. I had my Spiritual Strength and Cloud’s speed, allowing me to escape. But that Xuan Beast expert was struck by Xie Luo’s bone needle. He then used his brute power to charge back into the misty region,” said Meng Qi.

The evil spiritual art that Xie Luo had used back then had paralyzed people’s souls. Although Meng Qi didn’t fear any soul art, Xie Luo’s soul energy contained a terrifying curse energy that she couldn’t touch. Hence, she had been forced to run. She hadn’t expected him to have directly charged into the second level.

“He’s very crafty. He probably noticed True Immortal Jiaoqi on the first level, so he gave up on the first level to get the second level’s treasure. Now what?” asked Meng Qi.

Their smartest decision would be to retreat now. Just True Immortal Jiaoqi was so powerful. If this terrifying overlord of the Corrupt path was added into the mix, Meng Qi and Long Chen would be pincered between them.

“Naturally we have to fight over the treasures. Who cares who they are? Even if they were Yama Kings, they wouldn’t be able to snatch away my treasures.” Long Chen started pulling Meng Qi forward, but he suddenly stopped. “This is no good. We won’t get there in time.”

Long Chen had stopped because he found that with Xie Luo’s head start, if they continued down this channel, Xie Luo would definitely get the treasure first.

“Both of you get back. Cloud, protect Meng Qi.”

Long Chen suddenly unleashed his divine ring, and his Spiritual Strength burst forth. One of the dragon teeth appeared in his hands, and this time, it actually let out a majestic dragon roar. It unleashed a giant pillar of light that stabbed into the wall.

This time, Long Chen was unleashing the full power of the dragon tooth. The sturdy wall was pierced through, revealing another channel.


Suddenly, another dragon roar came from the dragon tooth. It actually slashed toward Long Chen.

“I just knew you would rebel.” Long Chen sneered and circulated his Spiritual Strength. The slave seal on it lit up, suppressing it.

However, now that the dragon tooth’s power had been fully activated, the will within it had also been woken. It was fighting intensely against the slave seal, and the suppression was taking effect very slowly.

“Let me help.” Meng Qi formed hand seals, and her Spiritual Strength merged with Long Chen’s. She was the true soul cultivator, and with her skill, the two of them instantly sealed the dragon tooth.

Long Chen put away the dragon tooth. Inside, he was quite stunned. No wonder Evilmoon had said that the metal devouring evil dragons’ teeth were their most precious treasures. 

This one attack proved that Evilmoon was correct. The dragon teeth were incredibly powerful. 

In order to maintain their full divine nature, Long Chen had no choice but to slowly grind away the will within the teeth. He couldn’t use the primal chaos space to completely suppress it. If he did, then a portion of its divine nature would be erased as well. They would be dead objects. Their power would sharply drop.

Although right now he couldn’t use their full power, they could still unleash their maximum power if he was careful.

“Long Chen, you open a path. I’ll help you to fully refine this dragon tooth.” Meng Qi suddenly wrapped her arms around Long Chen. Her Spiritual Strength flowed into his mind-sea.

Their Spiritual Strengths merged together. She was sacrificing a large amount of her Spiritual Strength to help Long Chen quickly refine the dragon tooth.

She had personally seen how powerful this dragon tooth was. If she could help Long Chen fully refine it, Long Chen would be in command of an absolutely amazing divine item.

Originally, Long Chen had wanted her not to sacrifice so much Spiritual Strength. Although she was a soul cultivator, this was still a huge amount of energy to her. But when he thought about it, there would be an immense battle soon. For him to obtain a good weapon for it was too important.

Cloud brought them flying forward. After half an incense stick’s worth of time, Meng Qi sighed and released Long Chen. Her face was slightly pale and covered in sweat. She was exhausted, but she smiled.

In just that short time, she had used up a full seventy percent of her Spiritual Strength, while Long Chen had also used up forty percent of his.

Any more Spiritual Strength and Meng Qi’s power would have been gravely affected, so she had been forced to draw on some of Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength.

With her precise control, the dragon tooth’s will had been fully erased. Now there was no chance of it rebelling when he used it. It would listen to Long Chen’s orders.

However, while it had reached the point that it was subservient, to reach the point where it would fully cooperate with Long Chen to unleash the greatest possible power would take much longer. He would need to slowly nourish its item-spirit. Only then could he unleash the dragon tooth’s full potential.

At this time, Cloud arrived in a large palace. This palace made Meng Qi let out a startled cry.

At the center of this palace was a giant stone mountain. There were beautiful feathers ‘growing’ out of the stone mountain.

Each feather was thirty meters long with a gorgeous blue color. There was a spirituality within the blue light that made the feathers look dream-like.

Although Long Chen didn’t recognize what these feathers were, he knew that each of them was an absolute treasure. These feathers were emitting the terrifying aura of twelfth rank Magical Beasts. Hence, their owner had definitely reached the twelfth rank.

“These are Blue Eye True Feathers. Yes, they must be the true feathers of the ancient beast, the Blue Eye Peacock!” exclaimed Meng Qi.

“Who cares about blue eyes? Hurry and take them! I’ll stall him. Once you gather them, we have to hurry onward. There’s definitely more treasure.” 

After saying that, Long Chen summoned lightning wings and charged toward an opposing channel. As soon as he entered it, he raised his hand. A golden flame sphere was born.


Before it was fully grown, he prematurely launched it, making it explode through the channel. The golden flames ignited the entire channel.

From within the golden flames, a blood-colored hand appeared, brushing aside the flames and revealing a withered figure.

This person was very tall but as skinny as a withered corpse. His hand looked like withered bamboo, but it was the bright scarlet color of blood. He was surrounded by a terrifying Blood Qi.

He was Xie Luo. His eyes were very deep-set and almost dried up. However, there was an icy light within them.

He had just brushed aside Long Chen’s flame rampart when an even more dazzling light appeared. A dragon tooth roared toward him.

Seeing that dragon tooth, Xie Luo didn’t dodge. His withered hand raised, and just as the dragon tooth was about to pierce his hand, a black rune appeared on it. That rune twisted and wriggled as if it was alive.

At the same time, an illusory blood figure appeared behind Xie Luo. It superimposed with him, and it also sent a palm forward, mimicking his movements.


Xie Luo was blown back a dozen meters, but the dragon tooth was also sent flying. Long Chen had to catch it.

When he caught it, his expression changed. The dragon tooth had actually been infected by black qi that was rapidly spreading.

“He’s even able to curse an item-spirit…” Long Chen jumped in shock. Xie Luo had actually transmitted curse energy into the dragon tooth in that one instant of contact. And that wasn’t all. The curse energy was now spreading to him.

Long Chen raised a hand. Lightning flashed, forcing out black curse runes from the dragon tooth. They began to melt like snow in boiling water. The curse energy was quickly cleansed.

Thunderforce circulated behind Long Chen, forming giant waves. A lightning sea filled this channel.

Long Chen once more went to block Xie Luo with the dragon tooth, wielding it like a sword.

“Long Chen!” Xie Luo narrowed his eyes slowly. His mouth moved. Most likely, it was supposed to be a smile, but his skin was taut against his bones. He couldn’t smile. That appearance was hair-raising.

“Good, your corpse will be an excellent addition to my collection. Become my corpse king.”

Xie Luo’s voice was as painful to listen to as iron scraping against itself. The illusory figure behind him suddenly waved a hand, its aura growing wildly. Millions of bone lances shot toward Long Chen.

Those bone lances were small, only a foot long. Rather than calling them bone lances, they should be called large bone needles. Each one of them was completely covered in countless black runes.

Those bone needles rained down on Long Chen. There was no way for him to dodge so many of them.

“Watch out, Long Chen! Those bone needles are a combination of a physical attack and a spiritual attack. Just blocking one is useless.” Meng Qi’s voice transmitted into his mind.

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