Chapter 1831 Your Head’s Not Very Good

Golden light erupted as the dragon tooth stabbed into the huge palm. It instantly pierced through and continued toward True Immortal Jiaoqi.

The sudden change made his expression change. The dragon tooth was as sharp as a sword, and an evil aura came from it that made his hair stand on end.


Golden light illuminated this space. It was as if everything had been turned golden. 

Golden scales had appeared on top of True Immortal Jiaoqi’s fist. It was unknown what divine ability he had used, however, some of those golden scales had cracked, and a bit of blood leaked out. He was slightly injured.

True Immortal Jiaoqi shook his hand. He stared at a black-robed figure that slowly revealed itself as the golden light faded. He was carrying a very strange golden bone sword.

“Long Chen?” True Immortal Jiaoqi smiled cruelly. “I didn’t expect you to send yourself straight to me. Good, very good.”

Long Chen coldly stared at True Immortal Jiaoqi, but in truth, he was filled with shock. True Immortal Jiaoqi was truly powerful. Those golden scales emitted immense pressure, and their aura was very similar to Long Chen’s dragon scales when he activated the Green Dragon Battle Armor. Moreover, the golden scales were even stronger since True Immortal Jiaoqi was able to receive the dragon tooth barehanded.

That meant True Immortal Jiaoqi didn’t just possess great defense but also shocking power. It was no wonder Qi Fengxue had repeatedly advised Long Chen not to come here.

“I also feel like it’s very good. We can save time and fight to the death here.”

Long Chen’s divine ring appeared, and dragon scales covered his body as he directly summoned the Green Dragon Battle Armor.

The dragon tooth unleashed a wave of golden light as he slashed it at True Immortal Jiaoqi.

“When it comes to power, you aren’t even close to my match.”

True Immortal Jiaoqi sneered as golden scales covered his entire body. His ten-meter body looked like it was made of gold. After that, he directly smashed his fist at the dragon tooth.


His giant fist was like a huge mountain. A massive qi wave erupted, knocking Long Chen back.

It took him five steps to stabilize himself after being knocked back. However, True Immortal Jiaoqi was still standing in his original location. He wasn’t affected in the slightest.

“Power is the forte of the Xuan Beasts. You humans are ants in front of us. Do you know how laughable you are in front of me?” sneered True Immortal Jiaoqi. He suddenly shot forward. All the scales on his body lit up as the power of his Blood Qi erupted. He unleashed a raging punch, one even more terrifying than his last punch.

Long Chen slashed the dragon tooth three times, unleashing three waves of golden light.

“Insignificant. Long Chen, you aren’t fit to be my opponent.”

True Immortal Jiaoqi ignored Long Chen’s attacks. His fist continued onward.

Three explosive sounds rang out. Long Chen’s attacks all exploded when they struck True Immortal Jiaoqi’s fist. Golden light drowned this space.

“How disappointing. Long Chen, if this is all you have, you’ve really let me down.”

True Immortal Jiaoqi suddenly switched to his other fist. Although his punch had broken Long Chen’s attacks, those attacks had exhausted thirty percent of its power. That wasn’t enough to pose a fatal danger to Long Chen.

He thought that since Long Chen didn’t dare to directly receive his punch, he was trying to weaken it first before receiving it. 

Did Long Chen not realize that he had another fist? Weakening his attack like this might be skillful, but it was a joke. He had heard that Long Chen was brave, but now he felt him to be a rabbit.

“True Immortal Jiaoqi, you shouldn’t always only look at the surface, otherwise, you’ll suffer sooner or later. Your power is alright, but your head’s not very good.”

Countless rays of light suddenly shot out of the dragon tooth, slashing at True Immortal Jiaoqi. At the same time, Long Chen retreated, refusing to face him head-on.

“You’re trying to provoke me? How childish.” True Immortal Jiaoqi was unstoppable with just his two fists. All of Long Chen’s attacks were smashed apart.

Just as he was smashing apart the golden rays, he suddenly realized something was off. Everything around him was drowned out by golden light. He couldn’t see past it.

“Damnit!” True Immortal Jiaoqi suddenly had a thought. He turned back, and as expected, he saw Meng Qi within the marrow cleansing pool. By that time, the strange fluid within it had already vanished.

True Immortal Jiaoqi let out a furious howl. He realized that Long Chen’s attacks had just been to draw his attention away so that Meng Qi could take the treasure. He had actually fallen for it.

He had just shifted his attention to attack Meng Qi when the space behind him shook. A sensation of mortal danger rose in his heart, and he hastily looked back.

He saw Long Chen holding a cyan brick and smashing it toward him. It quickly transformed to become gigantic.

“What?!” True Immortal Jiaoqi didn’t have time to react after having his attention focused on Meng Qi. All he could do was raise his arms above his head to block it. 

As a result, the Heaven Flipping Seal smashed into him directly. True Immortal Jiaoqi shot off like a shooting star, smashing into the ground.

The ground was made of the bones of terrifying Magical Beasts, so it was incredibly tough. As a result, True Immortal Jiaoqi didn’t even leave a mark on the ground before he bounced and flew even further, tumbling through the air.

This impact caused the injury that Long Chen had given him to worsen. His fury immediately soared. He had actually been schemed against by Long Chen, and he had fallen for it. Moreover, Meng Qi had taken the treasure in this space.

He now thought back to what Long Chen had just said: True Immortal Jiaoqi, you shouldn’t always look only at the surface, otherwise, you’ll suffer sooner or later. Your power is alright, but your head’s not very good.

He almost went crazy with rage. He crawled to his feet with a furious roar, looking all around. After that, he coughed up a mouthful of blood when he noticed that Long Chen, Meng Qi, and Cloud had already vanished. This room was empty.

“You bastard Long Chen, pray you don’t fall into my hands!”

True Immortal Jiaoqi’s furious roar shook the room. All of a sudden, his Spiritual Strength surged out through the eight passageways leading to this world.

He quickly managed to locate Long Chen and Meng Qi standing on Cloud’s back. They were rapidly flying away.

The instant his divine sense found them, Meng Qi flung out an arm. A spiritual arrow shot out.


The spiritual arrow exploded through the channel. Countless soul runes appeared and charged into True Immortal Jiaoqi’s mind-sea.

“Fuck!” True Immortal Jiaoqi clutched his head. He had no idea what magical art Meng Qi had used, but those soul runes had managed to follow his Spiritual Strength back to his mind-sea.

The Xuan Beasts did not specialize in Spiritual Strength, so his Spiritual Strength was weak. If it weren’t for the protection of his ancestral soul, which had helped him block Meng Qi’s spiritual attacks, Meng Qi and Cloud together would have managed to crush him.

However, in his fury, he had sent his own Spiritual Strength out, allowing Meng Qi to strike back at him. 

True Immortal Jiaoqi smashed the ground in his anger. Killing intent surged in his eyes. The Spiritual Strength he had sent out had been separated from him. It was equivalent to having his soul torn apart.

However, there had been no way around this. If he had allowed Meng Qi’s attack to fully invade his mind-sea, he would have been powerless to do anything. His ancestral soul would only be able to slowly suppress her power, which would just waste his time. He was forced to sever the Spiritual Strength he had sent out.

He shot into motion, chasing after them.

Long Chen and Meng Qi stood on Cloud’s back. Cloud had shrunk to just thirty meters, allowing her to nimbly fly through this cave system.

Unfortunately, there were too many twists and turns. Cloud was unable to use her full speed like that.

Long Chen had his hands pressed against the back of Meng Qi’s head. He was giving his Spiritual Strength to her.

Meng Qi’s own divine sense was rapidly spreading throughout the cave system. Her spiritual arts were practically divine. She was ten times faster than him at this, and her precise control allowed her to brush her divine sense past some experts without them even noticing.

With the support of Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength, Meng Qi quickly scanned the nest. She immediately found another large room like the one that they had been in. It was directly above that room.

The two of them weren’t that far apart physically, but the winding channels meant that it would take a while to reach it.

“It’s him!”

She had just noticed the second room when she also noticed a figure wrapped in a sinister and bloody air.

When her divine sense reached him, that person suddenly raised his head, revealing a face like a desiccated corpse. He opened his mouth, and a blood arrow shot out at Meng Qi’s Spiritual Strength.


Meng Qi reacted quickly. Her Spiritual Strength quickly retreated, curling away from that person’s attack.

That blood arrow ended up striking the bone wall. A web of blood strands appeared on the wall and rapidly spread in every direction.

“What terrifying curse energy!” exclaimed Meng Qi.

“It seems he’s the Corrupt path’s supreme expert, Xie Luo,” said Long Chen somewhat gravely. This man was definitely an extremely terrifying existence.

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