Chapter 1830 Marrow Cleansing Pool

Long Chen used his Spiritual Strength to express his will, causing that person’s expression to completely change. Long Chen’s icy face appeared in his mind. He was unable to sever Long Chen’s spiritual probing.

He was someone from the ancient family alliance. After learning that this divine sense belonged to Long Chen, he no longer dared to continue attacking him.

Although things were tense between the ancient family alliance and the Martial Heaven Alliance, things hadn’t fully fractured yet. They weren’t at war.

As for this person, he was now afraid. If Long Chen charged over to him, he would definitely die.

The expert stood to the side, allowing Long Chen’s divine sense to continue onward. As his divine sense spread further, it encountered more and more experts. Most of them attacked. Long Chen didn’t bother hiding his spiritual fluctuations, and after attacking, they all knew who the master of this divine sense was.

A few of the Righteous experts stopped upon learning it was Long Chen’s divine sense. However, some were crazily attacking when they knew it was him.

“Hmph, so what if you’re Long Chen? You must be dreaming if you think you can cheat like this.”

Many experts attacked, not letting Long Chen’s divine sense get past them. His divine sense was now split into thousands of strands, so there was no way for him to resist the full-strength attack of other experts. Once the strands were severed, he couldn’t see any further into that path.

Long Chen ignored those people and continued spreading his divine sense. He found that tens of thousands of experts had entered this giant nest.

There were people from the ancient races, the Corrupt path, the ancient family alliance, the Xuan Beasts, and all sorts of other powers. Long Chen even sensed a few powerful flame cultivators who had to come from Pill Valley.

Some avoided his divine sense, but others crazily attacked it instead. Some who were skilled in the aspects of the soul even launched spiritual attacks on him, following his divine sense to strike his mind-sea.

However, as soon as they tried that, Long Chen would sever that strand of divine sense, not letting them locate him.

It wasn’t that he was afraid of them, but that he didn’t have the time to bother with them. Furthermore, with his Spiritual Strength spread so widely, he had lost the ability to fight with them spiritually.

Fortunately, just his name was enough to frighten off quite a few experts from the ancient family alliance, and they let his divine sense pass. 

As for the Righteous experts, over ninety percent let him be. Only a few irritating fellows attacked to sever his divine sense.

Despite so many people blocking his divine sense, he still managed to get a general grasp of this nest. It was truly a giant complicated maze. The people inside were like ants crawling within it.

There were countless paths, and it was completely chaotic. As his divine sense continued spreading, it covered a larger and larger area.

Finally, his divine sense reached an area hundreds of miles above him. There, he saw an empty space. But before he could get a clear view of this space, his heart skipped a beat.

That was because he saw a giant multi-colored bird currently fighting intensely.


Long Chen couldn’t help letting out a shout. It was the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow.


Cloud’s giant wings came crashing down with amazing power, but she was sent flying, smashing into the wall. Feathers were falling off of her body.

Long Chen’s heart shook. Cloud had advanced to the tenth rank, and her innate divine abilities had started to awaken, making her incredibly powerful. When she summoned her true body like this, her power was such that even Gu Yang and the others would only be able to force her back.

Who was capable of making her unable to receive a single blow? Long Chen had barely managed to glance at who was in the air when a spiritual arrow pierced through his divine sense.

“Did you think some weak soul arts could stop me? If I didn’t want you alive, you wouldn’t have been able to last three exchanges.” Long Chen heard an icy voice resound through the air. An illusory figure entered his sight, fighting a giant drake. However, when the drake opened its mouth, it emitted a piercing ray of light that blasted apart the illusory image. 

Long Chen saw Meng Qi slowly descend from the sky. She stood on top Cloud’s head, her expression grave.

Long Chen’s expression changed as he withdrew his divine sense. Then, lightning wings appeared on his wings and he pushed his speed to his peak. The reason for his abrupt change in expression was because Meng Qi’s opponent was the True Immortal Jiaoqi of the Xuan Beasts.

Meng Qi looked at the supreme heavenly genius of the Xuan Beasts gravely. In just three exchanges, she and Cloud had been defeated.

She felt powerless. This True Immortal Jiaoqi had an ancestral spirit protecting him. Her spiritual attacks were completely ineffective.

As for just Cloud on her own, she was unable to defeat True Immortal Jiaoqi. True Immortal Jiaoqi had created a domain around them through brute force. There was no way for them to run.

“Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow, traitor of the Xuan Beasts, we let you escape last time, but this time, I’ll make you live a life worse than death so that the world can see how traitors are punished,” said True Immortal Jiaoqi. He clasped his hands behind his back, feeling completely confident.

“You evil people, you were the ones who coveted our race’s treasures! How dare you call us traitors?!” raged Cloud.

Divine light flowed around Cloud. She had entered her strongest state and was almost berserk. Her hatred for the Xuan Beasts was more intense than anyone.

When the Xuan Beasts had captured her last time, they hadn’t dared to initiate a soulsearch. The Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race had placed restrictions on everything related to their ancestral land. That was something that had allowed them to survive while being hunted by the Xuan Beasts. The memories relating to their ancestral land were completely sealed.

If someone forcibly conducted a soulsearch on them, it would cause their soul to crumble. So Cloud’s secrets could only be obtained through torture. Those days of pain and despair were a time that she would never be able to forget in this lifetime.

Now seeing someone from the Xuan Beasts, she didn’t care how strong he was. She was fearless. Her hatred drove her to be almost crazy. The pain she had gone through was something that only she knew.

“Cloud, don’t be impulsive. Long Chen’s coming. We just need to stall.” Meng Qi sent Cloud a spiritual message. Just now, she had sensed Long Chen’s spiritual fluctuations. Although they hadn’t spoken, she knew that Long Chen was aware of what was happening.

For his spiritual fluctuations to suddenly vanish, it meant that he was already rushing over. The reason he hadn’t said anything was because he was worried about True Immortal Jiaoqi sensing it. Meng Qi knew Long Chen well.

“True Immortal Jiaoqi, do you really think you can kill us?” Meng Qi stood grandly atop Cloud’s head. Her robes were snow-white. She was a peerless beauty.

“No. I won’t kill you, at least not yet. If I kill you, I’ll do it in front of Long Chen. I’ll make him see his beloved woman have her head cut off right in front of him. I’m sure his expression at that time will be very marvelous.” True Immortal Jiaoqi smiled. His vertical eyes were icy, making him seem like a cold-blooded viper.

“If that’s the case, then all the Xuan Beasts will be annihilated by Long Chen.” Meng Qi smiled lightly. Despite it being a cold smile, it still made her seem like a flower blooming.

“I don’t have time to waste. Xie Luo has also entered the nest. Once I kill you, I’ll be taking the treasures here and then continuing onward. I can already sense that the true treasure is above.” True Immortal Jiaoqi’s manifestation slowly appeared. The image of a drake appeared, its aura growing stronger and stronger.

Meng Qi suddenly found difficult to breathe as she was a soul cultivator with a weak physical body. If it weren’t for Cloud helping her, she would have long since been unable to resist. She might have even been crushed by this pressure.

“Hmph, you don’t even know what kind of nest this is, nor do you know what that ancient pool behind you is. I guarantee that if you were to touch the water in that pool, this marrow cleansing pool would immediately crumble. You wouldn’t obtain anything,” said Meng Qi confidently.

The pool that she spoke of was at the core of this large space. There were eight entrances to this area. In other words, of the thousands of channels here, only eight led here. The pool itself was almost dried up. Only at the center was there a three-meter-deep and thirty-meter-long pool of water.

There was some kind of almost gelatin-like fluid within the water, and it contained the aura of primal chaos. It was definitely a treasure.

Meng Qi and True Immortal Jiaoqi had noticed this place at the same time. This had naturally resulted in a bitter fight between the two of them.

Regretfully, with her spiritual attacks having zero effect, Meng Qi was at an absolute disadvantage. She was forced into desperate straits by True Immortal Jiaoqi.

When Meng Qi said that this was a marrow cleansing pool, True Immortal Jiaoqi’s pupils narrowed slightly. Meng Qi was a Beast Tamer and knew even more than him when it came to Magical Beasts and Xuan Beasts.

“Hmph, don’t think you can trick me!” True Immortal Jiaoqi suddenly sneered. He extended a hand, and his palm became covered by drake scales. A giant palm-image filled this space, smashing toward Meng Qi.

This was a powerful divine item, and in front of it, even Cloud seemed miniscule. The power behind this one palm caused the entire nest to shake.


Cloud opened its mouth. A black thread of light shot out like a divine sword, but it shattered upon contact with that palm.

“You might be from the Heaven Swallowing race, but your bloodline is impure. You’re unable to unleash the full power of your divine abilities! Accept your fates!”

True Immortal Jiaoqi smiled coldly. The Heaven Swallowing race’s divine abilities were frightening, but Cloud’s bloodline was too impure to unleash their full potential. The difference between his bloodline power and hers was like the difference between heaven and earth.

Just as the giant palm was about to capture Meng Qi and Cloud, a streak of lightning appeared in front of them. A giant golden dragon tooth stabbed into the giant palm.

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