Chapter 183 Blow Them Away With a Single Palm

Looking at the Xuantian pavilion, Long Chen was a bit puzzled. “Isn’t the Xuantian pavilion supposed to have nine floors? Why is it only one single level?”

“Fool, the nine floors are underground. If you don’t know anything, then don’t say anything. Don’t you see other people looking down on you?” whispered Tang Wan-er.

And when he looked up, Long Chen did see quite a few people looking at him spitefully. Their eyes were filled with contempt and provocation.

Long Chen sighed. If he had said something stupid then fine, but why were there so many contemptuous gazes?

“Ugh, I’ve always thought the Xuantian Monastery was supposed to be a holy land for martial artists to cultivate. But then how did trash at the seventh Heavenstage of Blood Condensation make it in? It really is disappointing.” A distant person suddenly spoke icily.

Currently, Long Chen’s cultivation base was known by basically everyone, so he no longer bothered to purposely conceal his aura.

As for everyone present, they were all in the Tendon Transformation realm. So a seventh Heavenstage Blood Condensation rookie was extremely eye-catching.

Tang Wan-er’s expression changed, and she was about to retort when she was pulled back by Long Chen. “Don’t look at a piece of trash like that. It’ll ruin your image.”

Long Chen was too lazy to bother with that kind of person. Such a person had only come out to find some purpose for his life. Such a person wasn’t strong enough to stand out, and so hoped to use this kind of method to prove their own existence.

And so the more you bothered with them, the more pleased they would be. But what kind of person was Long Chen? After overcoming death so many times, he had long since become indifferent to such a thing. There was no need for him to waste his precious time on an idiot.

Since Long Chen also wasn’t angry at all, Tang Wan-er also only smiled slightly. She also realized that her own self-restraint was far too lacking in comparison to Long Chen. No wonder Long Chen always said she was still just a child.

“Let’s go.” Tang Wan-er smiled, forgetting about that unpleasantness. She also wanted to be like Long Chen, a person who was like a rippleless old well.

Long Chen nodded and walked with her to the Xuantian pavilion. But before they took even two steps, they were blocked by a person.

That was the person who had just ridiculed Long Chen. Crossing his arms, he stood there with ridicule for Long Chen. However, there was also jealousy when he looked at Tang Wan-er. He icily told Long Chen, “I refuse to make way for a piece of trash.”

There were also quite a few others who were coming out of or going into the Xuantian pavilion. They had thought that there might be a good show to watch when they had heard him mock Long Chen, but the result was that Long Chen had simply brushed it off, causing them to feel a bit vexed with him.

Now that that person once more came to provoke him, everyone paused to watch. If he were to simply take this as well, that really would be a loss of face, and would only cause more people to bully him.

“Funny, I was thinking the opposite.”

Long Chen only smiled slightly and pulled Tang Wan-er around the fellow. Tang Wan-er was first a bit startled, but she then covered her mouth as she laughed.

The other people were also first startled, but then they soon realized Long Chen’s meaning. They looked oddly at that fellow.

Seeing Long Chen actually didn’t take his bait, that fellow was a bit puzzled. But as he saw everyone looking at him oddly, he finally realized what he had said.

You’re the trash!”

That person was infuriated and actually sent out a punch at Long Chen. From the powerful wind surrounding his fist, it was obvious that this person had just advanced to the Tendon Transformation realm. 

A hand struck out like lightning. The instant that person had been about to unleash his fist, he was viciously slapped in the face.

People let out startled cries as they dodged to the side. That person was blown back like a cannonball.

He flew for almost a hundred meters before crashing into a stone wall. That stone which appeared extremely normal was actually extremely sturdy and hard. The stone wall wasn’t damaged at all, but that person directly fainted

“Your attacks are always perfectly angled and natural without the slightest signs. It’s a kind of flawless beauty. How do you manage to do that?” asked Tang Wan-er excitedly.

She had long since taken note of this move of Long Chen’s. It was also just like how he had slapped Lu Chuan from the Healing Hall. His attacks were extremely clean and open, and yet others were unable to dodge it.

In Tang Wan-er’s eyes, that was already a divine technique, second only to that divine ring he had once summoned. However, the killing ability inside it was not the slightest bit inferior.

“This is one of the divine techniques handed down from my ancestors. But if you want to learn, it’s also not difficult. As long as an idiot takes action against you, just directly blow them away with a single palm. If you diligently work at it all day, you’ll naturally train it to the point of perfection and reach the peak,” explained Long Chen solemnly.

“Then can you teach it to me?” asked Tang Wan-er expectantly.

“I can’t. That would damage your image. Just let me handle such people. I’ll be in charge of handling idiots, and you’ll be in charge of being as beautiful as a flower,” said Long Chen.

Tang Wan-er laughed beautifully. Her laugh was like a flower in bloom, a beauty so great that others were unable to control their own hearts.

“What brazen person dares to be impudent in front of the Xuantian pavilion- eh, it’s you?”

A cold shout rang out and a group of white-robed men walked out. The person at the front was the one who had shouted and he recognized Long Chen.

When Long Chen and Tang Wan-er saw that person, they immediately realized that the situation had turned sour. That person was the senior apprentice-brother Wu who had had a dispute with Long Chen.

Back in the trial region, while Tang Wan-er and Lei Qianshang had been fighting over the Nine-leaf Orchid, Long Chen had ended up killing Zhao Wu, almost being expelled from the monastery.

It had been this senior apprentice-brother Wu who had found Long Chen extremely dislikable, so naturally Long Chen also didn’t treat him kindly, causing him to have a stomach full of fire.

As a member of the law enforcers, he was someone who normally patrolled the monastery. Although the monastery encouraged competition, they wouldn’t allow things like fighting within or near buildings.

After all, fists and legs had no eyes, and if they were to destroy a building by accident, that would be troublesome. So there were some areas within the monastery where fighting was forbidden.

If you did end up breaking something within the monastery, you would have to use your own points or perhaps accomplish the monastery’s missions to make up for it.

But naturally everything within the monastery was extremely precious. If you ended up destroying certain treasures, you could spend your entire life working for the monastery without being able to fully compensate them.

And that was why there were law enforcers patrolling, intimidating these disciples from fighting and resolving some disputes.

Now that he saw Long Chen, senior apprentice-brother Wu’s eyes lit up and he pointed at him, “Brat, last time I said not to fall into my hands. Hehe, you really didn’t disappoint me.”

Tang Wan-er tried to think of some way out of this, but she couldn’t. She knew this senior apprentice-brother Wu was going to abuse his authority for his personal revenge.

“What does your disappointment have to do with me?” said Long Chen lightly.

“Haha, you’ve fought within a fighting-prohibited region. As one of the monastery’s law enforcers, I use my authority to take you into custody. Are you still not yielding?” sneered senior apprentice-brother Wu icily.

A long chain appeared in his hands. That was the specific weapon of law enforcers, used to lock people up.

Anyone who violated the monastery’s rules would be bound and brought away like a dog in a loop around the monastery before then being sent to the Law Enforcement Hall. They would then be punished according to the severity of the offense.

For this kind of offense, the punishment wasn’t that severe. After all, it was just a scuffle and nothing big had happened. The punishment couldn’t be too great or people would be too afraid to even compete.

But although the punishment wasn’t too severe, being led around in chains was an extremely great humiliation. These people were all geniuses; which one of them wasn’t prideful? That kind of humiliation was even worse than their actual punishment.

Last time, senior apprentice-brother Wu had only just been released from prison for two days which had given him a belly full of fire that he needed to release. He was also someone who easily burst into anger, so that day he had been especially irritated by Long Chen.

Now that he saw Long Chen again, he immediately thought of that day and moved to lock Long Chen in chains.


Long Chen grabbed the chains, icily glaring at the senior apprentice-brother Wu. At the same time, Tang Wan-er also came up, ready to take action at any moment.

Although she knew that opposing a law enforcer was a taboo, she would not let Long Chen be humiliated like this. As for the consequences, she didn’t even think about them at this time.

“Oh? You actually dare resist? Then don’t blame me for not being polite.”

Seeing Long Chen grabbed the chains, senior apprentice-brother Wu was delighted inside. Since Long Chen dared to resist, then he could even heavily injure Long Chen without being punished. He was just about to attack when Long Chen stopped him.

“Wait.” Long Chen icily glared at him. “If you want to use your position to take your revenge against me, you should also explain exactly what rule I broke.”

Senior apprentice-brother Wu sneered, “Hmph, anyone who fights within the fighting-prohibited regions of the monastery will all be punished with three days imprisonment. Do you not know that?”

“Then let me ask you, how are the fighting-prohibited regions determined?”

“There are a total of seven fighting-prohibited regions. Other than the fighting-prohibited area itself, it also includes the three hundred meters around the fighting-prohibited buildings. What, do you need me to explain it even clearer?” sneered senior apprentice-brother Wu. Obviously, he was very proficient in his own work.

“Then take a good look. Is the spot I’m standing within the fighting-prohibited region?” asked Long Chen.

Senior apprentice-brother Wu’s expression changed slightly as he realized Long Chen was standing on the very edge of the fighting-prohibited region, and he couldn’t tell whether he really was in or not.

“Tch, what you say doesn’t mean anything. We’ll just measure it.” Senior apprentice-brother Wu glanced at one of his people.

That person took out a measuring tape and walked up to the door of the Xuantian pavilion and began to start measuring. That tape measure was precisely three hundred meters long.

That person slowly unfurled the measuring tape as he walked over to Long Chen. Looking at that person’s actions, Long Chen shook his head. This was completely intolerable!

Reaching the end of the measurement, that measuring tape reached the middle of Long Chen’s foot.

Tang Wan-er’s expression changed. Long Chen was already in the fighting-prohibited region. If he had been just half a step back he would have been fine!

Long Chen lightly said to that person, “Not bad.”

That person icily looked back at him with disdain. “Newcomers shouldn’t be too arrogant. The monastery isn’t your home, so it’d be best for you to be a bit more obedient.”

“Junior disciple accepts senior apprentice-brother’s teaching. Junior disciple also wishes to show senior apprentice-brother something,” Long Chen spread his arms wide. But everyone saw there was nothing in them.

“What is it?” That person’s face sank, thinking Long Chen was playing with him.

“Although you can’t see it, you can feel it.”


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