Chapter 1829 Mysterious Giant Nest (Teaser)

“Long Chen, are you really going?” Qi Fengxue almost couldn’t believe it. Either one of True Immortal Jiaoqi and Xie Luo was capable of fighting him to the death. Encountering either one of them would be a miserable fight.

If it was a one against one, Long Chen might have some chance of running even if he was defeated. However, if the two of them joined hands, he would definitely die.

She wondered if it was due to an overinflated ego, or more accurately, whether he was simply ignorant of just how terrifying the two of them were.

Both Xie Luo and True Immortal Jiaoqi had terrifying foundations. They had received the best resources since their childhoods. Before the Xiantian realm, all their advancements had been perfect.

As for Long Chen, he had been in the Eastern Wasteland, cultivating in one of the branches of the Xuantian Dao Sect. Those resources were garbage in comparison to what the two of them had been given. Qi Fengxue didn’t know where Long Chen’s confidence came from.

“Yes. I have...

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