Chapter 1829 Mysterious Giant Nest

“Long Chen, are you really going?” Qi Fengxue almost couldn’t believe it. Either one of True Immortal Jiaoqi and Xie Luo was capable of fighting him to the death. Encountering either one of them would be a miserable fight.

If it was a one against one, Long Chen might have some chance of running even if he was defeated. However, if the two of them joined hands, he would definitely die.

She wondered if it was due to an overinflated ego, or more accurately, whether he was simply ignorant of just how terrifying the two of them were.

Both Xie Luo and True Immortal Jiaoqi had terrifying foundations. They had received the best resources since their childhoods. Before the Xiantian realm, all their advancements had been perfect.

As for Long Chen, he had been in the Eastern Wasteland, cultivating in one of the branches of the Xuantian Dao Sect. Those resources were garbage in comparison to what the two of them had been given. Qi Fengxue didn’t know where Long Chen’s confidence came from.

“Yes. I have to go.” Long Chen nodded.

He suddenly thought of the Xuan Beast expert he had encountered outside the mist. There had been a small wound on him that had still been bleeding. Moreover, Long Chen had sensed a curse energy or some kind of poison within that blood. At that time, he had guessed that the wound was very likely caused by someone from the Corrupt path.

Now that he thought about it, he supposed that the only one capable of making a top expert of the Xuan Beasts flee like that from a small wound was probably Xie Luo.

However, since they were enemies, they would have to face each other sooner or later. Sooner was better than later.

“Fine, then I won’t try to change your mind. Here is a map. Although it’s not complete, it should be able to help you.” Qi Fengxue handed Long Chen a spiritual jade.

This was a rather more extravagant method of mapping. Spiritual Strength was used in this method, and it made the map clearer.

Although Long Chen could count himself among the nouveau riche, he had not gotten used to using such luxurious methods. He thickened his skin and handed over his own map. It could count as an exchange of maps.

“Now you can see the general outline of the beast lair. There are three regions, the outer region with the mist, the middle region with the rock forest, and the core which is the real lair. The place we are in is the edge of the middle region. If you go straight, you’ll enter the rock forest. I’ve exchanged this map with others before, as I didn’t know what was beyond the rock forest,” said Qi Fengxue.

In the search for Qi Xuan, Qi Fengxue had been searching around recklessly. She had encountered True Immortal Jiaoqi. True Immortal Jiaoqi had immediately launched a probing blow against her. After testing her power, he had left.

Qi Fengxue also knew that True Immortal Jiaoqi was just testing her, but she was ashamed to find that while he had figured out her power level, she had yet to find out just how powerful he was. The difference in power between them was too great.

“Many thanks. This will save me a great deal of trouble.” Long Chen cupped his hands toward her. “Can I ask what you intend to do now?”

Qi Fengxue bitterly smiled. “We’ll go searching in another region. Even if there are great treasures here, now that there are three monsters inside, I don’t think we have any chance of getting them.

There were now three monsters in this beast lair, True Immortal Jiaoqi, Xie Luo, and Long Chen. And those were just the ones that she knew of.

There was no way to find out exactly how many monsters were inside. This was practically a lair of death. Even before seeing any treasure, she could already see plenty of danger. If she still charged in, the danger wouldn’t be worth the potential gains.

So Qi Fengxue wisely chose to leave. It wasn’t even guaranteed that there was any treasure inside, but she knew that if Long Chen, True Immortal Jiaoqi, and Xie Luo were to meet, they would definitely have a heaven-shaking battle. The three of them would have achieved their goal of fighting whether or not there was a treasure, but as for herself, she would have only thrown herself into danger for nothing.

“Then I’ll say goodbye here. I wish you good luck,” said Long Chen. His time was precious.

Qi Fengxue looked at Long Chen with a complicated expression. She didn’t say anything else. She knew that Long Chen was determined to go find those two monsters. Perhaps the world of monsters wasn’t something ordinary people could understand.

Qi Xuan didn’t want to part with Long Chen, and she actually wanted to go with him. She was harshly scolded by Qi Fengxue before crying.

Long Chen felt it was funny and comforted Qi Xuan. Now wasn’t a good time, but if they had a chance in the future, he would bring her around so that she could abuse his prestige to frighten others.

Hearing that promise, Qi Xuan was delighted. She made a pinky swear with Long Chen.

Qi Fengxue looked at Long Chen with surprise. She hadn’t expected that this merciless and vicious man that dominated his generation would also have such a gentle side.

Because he knew that Qi Xuan was mentally only seven or eight years old, Long Chen treated her as a child. After pinky swearing, he took his leave. He rushed toward the core according to the path on the map.

Very quickly, he saw the rock forest Qi Fengxue had mentioned. It was truly a forest of rocks. The stones here stabbed into the sky like giant blades.

Long Chen chose not to fly over the stones. That would make him too obvious. Who knew whether someone had laid down a trap here?

He quickly advanced through the stones, but because there were so many of them, his speed dropped.

On his way through, he noticed quite a few experts hiding behind the rocks. When they sensed him passing, they became still, but they couldn’t escape his senses.

Those people were traveling through the rocks very cautiously. No one dared to stroll through as brazenly as Long Chen.

Long Chen felt quite a few divine senses sweep over him, but they quickly pulled back, most likely retreating when they recognized him.

As he continued onward, he saw more and more experts. They came from various sects and powers. He even sensed the aura of the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins.

It took him half a day of rushing to get past the rock forest. What replaced it was a giant nest.

Even with Long Chen’s previous experience, he jumped when he saw this nest. It was absolutely gigantic, easily soaring above the clouds.

Furthermore, what he was currently seeing was just the tip of the iceberg. Standing in front of this nest, he felt himself to be miniscule.

The nest was so big that he couldn’t tell what kind of nest it was, however, its entire body was snow-white, like fine jade. It still had light flowing within it.

“It’s actually made of bone. Furthermore, those bones belonged to extremely terrifying Magical Beasts.”

A chill ran through Long Chen. This giant nest was composed of endless bones. He had no idea what kind of pressure had been forced onto them to make them into bone walls. It looked as if the bones had been melted together so that they were seamless.

“This kind of pressure, they have to be the bones of Magical Beasts that reached at least the twelfth rank.”

Long Chen examined the nest with shock. Just how many Magical Beast bones would it take to build such a giant nest? Just what level was the master of this nest?

“I have to hurry on in. There are definitely treasures here. I can’t let others get them first.”

Long Chen’s figure vanished. He rushed toward the cave. The closer he got, the more shocked he became.

This giant nest possessed a terrifying pressure that caused the surrounding space to be in constant fluctuation. It was a no-fly zone.

Within this region, it might be possible to glide, but it would take up thousands of times the amount of energy it would normally.

As he got closer, he found that the nest was even more monstrous than he had thought. It took him two full hours to finally reach it.

There was a large cave hundreds of miles wide. Even twelfth rank Magical Beasts would be able to easily enter such a giant cave.

Once he entered the cave, he saw that it continued onward, wriggling through the nest. He didn’t know where it was leading him.

Long Chen took out a sword, following the cave as he rapidly advanced. A fork appeared in the path ahead. Here, people had left behind all kinds of marks. There were some colorful dyes present.

“It’s a maze?”

Long Chen was surprised. These were definitely marks left behind by experts to mark where they had come from.

“This is no good. I’ll need to take a risk.” Long Chen suddenly clenched his teeth. His Spiritual Strength fully erupted. His divine sense rapidly spread through the paths.

This was an extremely dangerous method. If he was noticed by others and they attacked his divine sense, they could easily injure his soul.

Long Chen’s divine sense quickly reached through the two channels, and he found a four-way fork. His Spiritual Strength continued to scatter throughout all the channels, and he quickly found more forks in the path.

Long Chen saw the endless paths in his mind that spread like a spiderweb. There were many paths, many of which crossed each other, and some even led back to the outside, making it a waste of his time. It was no wonder people were leaving marks on the forks.


Long Chen’s mind-sea suddenly shook. An expert had launched an attack on his divine sense, wanting to cut off his exploration.

Attaching Spiritual Strength to his divine sense was a kind of extended soul art. It was easy for others to sense it. When Long Chen’s divine sense went past that expert, that person had condensed his Spiritual Strength into a sword to attack him.

The results of this attack made that person’s expression completely change. His attack was actually unable to cut off Long Chen’s divine sense probing. Before he could unleash a second attack, Long Chen’s cold voice rang out around him.

“If you don’t want to die, get the hell out of my way.”

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