Chapter 1828 Xie Luo

A calamity could befall him? Long Chen was startled. Was it so exaggerated? He paused.

At this time, a group of young men and women had rushed over, wearing the same robes as Qi Xuan and Qi Fengxue. They were clearly from the same sect.

“First, let me apologize for that misunderstanding just now. If you aren’t in a rush, I have some information that I’m sure will be useful to you,” said Qi Fengxue.

“Then, I’ll have to thank you.” Long Chen truly wanted to hear what was up ahead.

The two of them found a flat region to speak. The others put up a tent and left to patrol the area.

There were a total of thirteen of them. Nine of them were rank nine Celestials, while four were Empyreans. All of them were at least above average. At the very least, they were much stronger than Qi Xuan.

Once they were seated, Qi Fengxue introduced herself. Only then did Long Chen learn that they came from Clearwind City’s Heaven Reaching Ancient Castle.

That was a familial power with an ancient inheritance, and there were Netherpassage experts amongst them. They technically belonged to the Righteous path, but they had not joined the Martial Heaven Alliance. They were their own independent power.

In the Martial Heaven Continent, many powerful forces were tough enough that they didn’t fear the Corrupt path. They stood on their own outside the Martial Heaven Alliance.

Although they also fought against the Corrupt path, they didn’t have to listen to the Martial Heaven Alliance’s directions, nor did they have to face their restrictions. They merely had a simple cooperation with the Martial Heaven Alliance.

The Heaven Reaching Ancient Castle was something that Qingqing had mentioned while they had been strolling through Clearwind City, but Long Chen hadn’t paid too much attention to it then.

In their previous exchange and through this information, Long Chen knew that Qi Fengxue was a very powerful existence.

While she had been introducing herself, Qi Fengxue also stealthily used her divine sense to communicate with Long Chen. She said that Qi Xuan was her little sister, but because her mother had injured her soul during her cultivation while she had been carrying Qi Xuan, it had resulted in Qi Xuan permanently being like a child inside. Although she looked like an adult, she had the heart of a mischievous child.

Originally, they had entered together, but Qi Xuan had run off secretly when they had entered the mist, wanting to play hide and seek. As a result, the mist cut off their secret communication method.

That had panicked Qi Fengxue. Everyone had been looking in every direction. By the time Qi Xuan walked out of the mist, she had already been very far away.

Once she had confirmed her location, Qi Fengxue had rushed over, and as a result had seen Long Chen dragging her along.

This girl really was mischievous, intentionally causing her to fight against him. Once she had explained all of this, Qi Fengxue added that she hoped Long Chen wouldn’t hold it against them.

That made Long Chen understand why Qi Xuan was a bit odd and seemed like a child.

“Miss Fengxue, just before, you said that if I went any further, I might face a calamity. What were you talking about? Is the area ahead very dangerous?” Long Chen brought the conversation back to the topic he was interested in.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, this place is the den of a frightening beast. Perhaps the beast’s inheritance exists within. The mist in particular has drawn countless experts over. The reason I said it was dangerous was because I previously encountered True Immortal Jiaoqi of the Xuan Beasts and even exchanged blows with him,” said Qi Fengxue gravely.

Long Chen was a bit surprised. “What were the results?” 

“It actually can’t even count as exchanging blows. In just one exchange, I was defeated. That’s why I advise you to do your best to avoid True Immortal Jiaoqi. He is very frightening. If he hadn’t had some misgivings about my background and held back, my defeat would have been even more miserable. He was actually holding back a great deal.”

“He is really that powerful?”

Qi Fengxue nodded. “When I fought him, he only used his drake power and not his qilin power. That was enough to defeat me. You might not know this, but True Immortal Jiaoqi becomes a monster when he combines both his drake and qilin powers. No one can stop him in that state. If you trust me, I would advise you to search for treasures somewhere else to avoid that monster.”

Qi Fengxue was telling the truth. She even told him about her shameful defeat. This was in consideration of Long Chen.

“Having exchanged blows with both you and True Immortal Jiaoqi, forgive me for speaking bluntly, but your chances of defeating him are very low,” said Qi Fengxue.

“It seems he really is powerful.” Long Chen nodded. Someone as powerful as Qi Fengxue wouldn’t say such a thing if she wasn’t sure of it.

“That’s why, senior apprentice-brother Long Chen-”

“That’s why I have to go in.”


Long Chen smiled. “I know you mean well, but I have my own Dao. I can’t retreat. Even if that True Immortal Jiaoqi had three heads and six arms, I wouldn’t be afraid of him. In any case, our battle will come sooner or later. The more I try to avoid it, the more I blunt my own sharpness.”

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, are you really so confident?” asked Qi Fengxue.

“It’s not confidence, nor is it arrogance. You can call it my intuition. When you feel people as famous as you, people who might even be stronger than you, fall to your blade one by one, you will gain this kind of intuition as well. This intuition can only be grasped by those who have it. If you understand, then you understand, and if you don’t, you’ll never understand.” Long Chen smiled. No matter how strong his opponent, he wouldn’t be defeated. This was the confidence the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art gave him. If he didn’t even have this confidence to win no matter what, he wouldn’t be fit to cultivate the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art.

“I knew that senior apprentice-brother Long Chen was unrivaled! He can definitely defeat True Immortal Jiaoqi!” exclaimed Qi Xuan confidently.

Qi Fengxue acted like she didn’t hear Qi Xuan’s words. This girl was always living in her own fantasy world. Ever since she had witnessed Long Chen’s battle outside Clearwind City, she had viewed him as a god.

“If just True Immortal Jiaoqi is unable to make you retreat, what if Xie Luo is added on top of that?” sighed Qi Fengxue.

“Xie Luo?”

Qi Xuan immediately quivered upon hearing this name, a fearful expression creeping across her face.

“Xie Luo, that fellow from the Corrupt path with the evil spirit body, the one who has never lost to anyone in the same realm?” Long Chen suddenly thought of a certain person.

Qu Jianying had once warned Long Chen about this Xie Luo. He was the descendant of the Corrupt path’s leader, Xie Wentian.

Xie Wentian was the one leading the whole Corrupt path. He was practically a living fossil. It had been thousands of years since he had last shown his face. He was an extremely terrifying and mysterious existence.

As for his descendent, Xie Luo, it was said that he had been tossed into an evil cave in his childhood. He had obtained the evil spirit body at the age of eight and gained an unbreakable body. He had killed countless people, and his name terrified the Righteous path.

“That’s right. He has also entered. Although I didn’t see him, I saw the corpses of several experts. They only had a single small injury, but all their Blood Qi had been sucked away, turning them into desiccated corpses. They were also all powerful Empyreans. The Corrupt character appeared on their foreheads as well, which is the specific mark that Xie Luo leaves on the people he kills. It must be him,” said Qi Fengxue gravely.

True Immortal Jiaoqi might have some misgivings about her status, but if she encountered Xie Luo, he definitely wouldn’t care. He would definitely attack. Perhaps she might survive, but all the others with her would definitely die, including Qi Xuan.

So Qi Fengxue had decided to bring her people away from here. With those two monsters present, she didn’t feel any sense of safety. It was too dangerous, so she was also advising Long Chen to leave. If they left together, perhaps she might feel better in terms of honor.

“How is Xie Luo compared to Leng Yueyan?” asked Long Chen.

He wasn’t afraid of anyone in the Corrupt path. He just didn’t want to run into Leng Yueyan. One reason was because she was so terrifying, and the other was that each time he encountered her, her power would have gone through heaven-toppling transformations.

Last time, in the Spirit World, they had only fought briefly. However, Leng Yueyan had been like a phantom when attacking. If he had been the slightest bit careless, he would have died to her sword.

Other than that, Sovereign Yun Shang had said that he had left two treasures for Long Chen. One was Dragonbone Evilmoon, while one was Evilmoon’s dragon soul essence.

Both of those were supposed to have been left with Long Chen, but Leng Yueyan had suddenly appeared and taken the dragon soul essence. That was out of even Sovereign Yun Shang’s expectations. The arrival of Leng Yueyan might very well have changed the future of the entire world.

As for what use the dragon soul essence had, Long Chen was disappointed to find that Evilmoon couldn’t answer. At that time, Evilmoon had cursed Sovereign Yun Shang ferociously because Yun Shang had sealed a portion of its memories.

In other words, Long Chen had no idea what kind of change Leng Yueyan had caused by taking the dragon soul essence. No one knew what would happen.

Although Leng Yueyan had said that she would no longer hunt him down, that referred only to the game between the two of them. It didn’t include the fighting between the Righteous and Corrupt paths.

So when the two paths fought, if he met Leng Yueyan on the battlefield, it would definitely be a battle to the death.

If Long Chen fought Xie Luo, he wanted to know how Xie Luo was compared to Leng Yueyan so that he could prepare himself for the future.

“The two of them are both the greatest geniuses of the Corrupt path. They’ve never exchanged blows because Leng Yueyan has been in seclusion for a very long time. She only appeared briefly for the Devil Abyss battle. As for Xie Luo, he didn’t attend, so there’s no way to judge who is stronger between them. However, if you ask me, Xie Luo should be stronger. Leng Yueyan is a genius who grew up from nothing, while Xie Luo was raised directly by the leader of the Corrupt path. At the very least, there is an immense difference between their cultivation conditions,” deduced Qi Fengxue.

Her deduction was backed by facts and reason. The cultivation world was truly like that. Talent was just one requirement for cultivation. Sometimes a powerful backer was even more important than talent.

“It seems the Devil Slaughter Rankings really can’t be taken too seriously. Many top experts didn’t attend.”

Long Chen nodded. The ancient races, the Corrupt path, the Xuan Beasts, the Bloodkill Hall, they all had only sent one expert to fight for the top ten. It was unknown just how many people with great power they were hiding.

“Alright, then thank you for this information. It seems the Yin Yang World will be very lively this time. I’m going to go see if those two fellows really have three heads and six arms.”

Long Chen stood with a faint smile. It seemed he had some true opponents this time. He felt his blood start to heat up.

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