Chapter 1827 Qi Fengxue

Long Chen saw many experts as he traveled. The majority of them had formed groups because they weren’t very powerful. Most of them were rank nine Celestials. As for the occasional Empyrean he saw, they were just ordinary Empyreans whose manifestations had yet to begin awakening.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen!”

A surprised and happy shout rang out from the distance. A good-looking woman rushed over to him.

Long Chen looked at her and didn’t recognize her. However, she was wearing the robes of the Righteous path, so he supposed that they were on the same side.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, can I travel with you?” begged the woman.

“How are you alone?” Long Chen frowned.

This woman was just a normal rank nine Celestial. For her to enter the Yin Yang World like this was essentially suicide.

“I got lost. My senior apprentice-sister is past this region, but for me to get through it…”

This woman had been hiding this entire time, not daring to move. She only took the risk of coming out when she saw Long Chen. There had been experts in groups that had passed by her before, but she had been waiting for a group from the Righteous path.

“Let’s go.” Long Chen nodded. As long as she didn’t have any malice toward him, he didn’t mind accompanying her for a while.

“Yes! Thank you, senior apprentice-brother Long Chen!” The woman actually excitedly hugged Long Chen.

“Cough, let’s get going.”

Long Chen looked at this woman oddly. She seemed a bit… excessive. But looking at her face, he didn’t see any malice. She seemed completely innocent. However, this enthusiasm made him feel a bit awkward. Her chest was flat, and she pushed so hard against him that creaking sounds rang out.

“Hehe, with senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, there’s nothing to fear!” The woman laughed and patted her chest.

Long Chen looked at her flat chest and gulped inside. Was it due to this habit that she had flattened mountains into plains?

She looked to be in her twenties, but she hopped and shouted like a child, making Long Chen speechless.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, I’m Qi Xuan, and you can call me Xuanxuan. You might not know of me, but I bet you know my big sister!” Qi Xuan smiled proudly when she mentioned her big sister.

“Who is your big sister?” asked Long Chen.

“My big sister is Qi Fengxue! Hehe, do you know her?”

“Uh, what does she do?” Long Chen had never heard of this name. Was she famous?

“Ah? Really, you’ve never heard of the famous Clearwind Sisters?” Qi Xuan was disappointed.

“Sorry, I’ve always been in the Eastern Xuan Region. I don’t know much about the Central Xuan Region.”

“Then what about Ye Lingshan?”

“Of course, I know her.”

“Ye Lingshan and my big sister Qi Fengxue were given the name of the Clearwind Sisters!”

“Oh, I understand.” Long Chen acted like he had come to a realization, but in reality, he simply had no idea who her big sister was.

“Hehe, isn’t my big sister amazing? It’s too bad that she didn’t get to see you when you were in Clearwind City. Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, you were really amazing on that day. You even dared to strike Netherpassage experts.” Qi Xuan looked at Long Chen worshipfully. Her completely innocent face made it impossible for someone to question her sincerity.

Long Chen was speechless. It really was a miracle that someone like her had managed to survive for so long in the Yin Yang World. However, although she seemed a bit foolish, he liked her character.

“What are you looking at? Get out of our way before I kill you!”

The two of them were just walking when Qi Xuan shouted at a group of ancient race experts who were staring at them with shock.

Her shout immediately caused their expressions to change, and they fled for their lives.

Seeing that a single shout could scare so many experts to the point of fleeing like rats, Qi Xuan laughed delightedly.

“This is nice. It’s even better than when I was with my big sister.” Qi Xuan clapped her hands. She felt quite accomplished at borrowing Long Chen’s prestige to frighten those people.

Long Chen was speechless, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. He felt that for someone like Qi Xuan who didn’t have power yet still liked to court death, she had to have relied entirely on luck to live so long.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, was I too naughty? Are you mad?” probed Qi Xuan.

“No, you can mess around as you please. Otherwise, life would be boring,” said Long Chen magnanimously. Just how much trouble could she cause?

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, you’re even better to me than my big sister! She always scolds me when I borrow a bit of her prestige, saying that I need to grow up. You really treat me great.”

Qi Xuan’s face reddened slightly. She looked at Long Chen gently, and that gaze made him jump. It couldn’t be that she was about to offer her heart to him so quickly?

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, I really like you. How about… you become my big sister’s husband?” asked Qi Xuan bashfully.

Long Chen almost coughed up blood. This twist caught him off-guard.

“My big sister is as beautiful as Ye Lingshan, and her cultivation base is even stronger. If you become dual cultivation Dao-companions with her, you’ll definitely benefit. Most importantly, no one would dare to provoke me ever again!” Qi Xuan clapped happily.

Long Chen was still speechless. He even suspected that Qi Xuan’s mental age was only seven or eight years old. Her way of thinking was very simple. Ignoring this, Long Chen continued rushing forward.

Qi Xuan didn’t let it go even once Long Chen didn’t reply. She continued to bring up how amazing her big sister was. Long Chen’s face twitched. He was starting to regret agreeing to bring her along.

“Qi Xuan, I’m very busy. Let’s hurry along.” Long Chen had no other method. He grabbed Qi Xuan’s hand, and thunderforce circulated around his feet. He shot off like a bolt of lightning.

His speed was so great that the wind force was like numerous blades cutting Qi Xuan’s face. She had no energy to speak now. Long Chen’s world was finally quiet.

Long Chen was in the midst of rushing forward when a ray of sword-light pierced into the sky. It flashed with cold light as it slashed at Long Chen.


Long Chen snorted and punched the sword-light. It exploded, but he was forced back.

Long Chen was startled. This person’s sword looked simple, but when it had met his fist, a burst of power had erupted. If he wasn’t so powerful, he would have been injured.

Just at this moment, sword-images appeared in every direction around him. The only thing left in the world was sword-light. He couldn’t even see the sword user. 

“They’re fast!” Long Chen extended a hand, summoning his own sword. He pulled Qi Xuan closer so that she wouldn’t be injured.

Long Chen’s sword unleashed waves of golden light that surged against the sword-light. Explosive sounds rang out.

Long Chen was shocked to find that each of these sword-images contained the explosive power that the first one had possessed. Each was like an erupting volcano. A portion of Long Chen’s energy was absorbed and forced back against him. This was an extremely high-level sword art.


Long Chen’s divine ring appeared behind him, and he slashed his sword again. This time, his slash contained a will to annihilate the world. The sword-images were blown apart. His slash continued to strike the land, leaving behind a ditch so deep that it was impossible to see the bottom.

With the sword-images broken, Long Chen finally managed to see who the attacker was. He saw an icy-faced woman. She was very beautiful, with long hair that fell to her waist. However, her face seemed like it was covered in frost.

She was holding a three-foot sword and looked at Long Chen with a bit of shock, but that shock vanished in an instant. Her manifestation erupted into existence, and millions of sword-images appeared in it. She was an Empyrean whose manifestation had begun to awaken, and an extremely powerful one at that.

“Long Chen, release my sister, or I’ll kill you even if I have to sacrifice this life of mine.” The icy-faced woman pointed her sword at Long Chen, a divine mark appearing on her forehead. Her sword began to rumble.


Long Chen was dumbfounded. He turned to look at Qi Xuan only to see that she had put on a terrified expression. He was immediately enraged.

“Hehe, senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, don’t be mad! It was just a joke so that you could see how amazing my big sister is! So, don’t you think she’s suited for you?” Qi Xuan laughed once she saw that Long Chen had noticed her behavior. She left and flew over to the icy-faced woman.

This woman was Qi Xuan’s big sister, Qi Fengxue, a genius on the same level of fame as Ye Lingshan. She used to be stronger than Ye Lingshan by a level because Ye Lingshan was an independent cultivator who did not possess the same foundation.

However, Ye Lingshan had now been taken under Qu Jianying’s wing, having the support of the entire Martial Heaven Alliance.

Qi Xuan was very mischievous, so Qi Fengxue had a special way to get in touch with her and find where she was.

Originally, Qi Xuan had just been hiding in her original location, and Qi Fengxue would have gone to find her. However, upon encountering Long Chen, she had changed plans.

With Long Chen pulling her forward, she had found that they were on a direct path to Qi Fengxue. Qi Xuan had then sent a distress signal, startling Qi Fengxue. The latter had immediately launched an attack, only to find that it was all a misunderstanding.

Qi Fengxue tapped Qi Xuan on the nose hard. She angrily said, “When are you going to stop causing so much trouble?! I was scared to death by you!”

Qu Xuan had been about to cry, but that last sentence made her stop. This icy and fierce big sister always cared about her the most.

“I was wrong. Don’t be angry.” Qi Xuan hugged Qi Fengxue like a child that had made a mistake.

“Well, since the misunderstanding has been resolved, I’ll take my leave.” Long Chen turned to leave.

“Wait. There’s danger up ahead. If you go, a calamity could befall you,” said Qi Fengxue.

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