Chapter 1825 The Strange Woman

That person immediately took out three divine items. There were one spear and two swords. They were all quasi divine items.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, I’ve taken out everything I own. Can you please let me off?” That person immediately felt more relaxed upon seeing that Long Chen merely wanted to rob him. He felt that as long as he handed his treasures over, Long Chen wouldn’t kill him.

“Don’t try to trick me. I’ve killed many people. I’ll give you to the count of three, and if you don’t hand over everything, I guarantee that you won’t see tomorrow’s sun.” Long Chen smiled disdainfully.

Long Chen’s divine sense was completely locked onto this person. He could sense even the most imperceptible fluctuations. As nothing could escape his senses, lying to him was an impossibility.

That person’s expression changed. Under Long Chen’s icy gaze, he finally submitted, tossing out another seven divine items.

This person was truly a marvel. Ordinary spatial rings were unable to store divine items. The only exception was a spatial ring that had reached the same level as a divine item. Otherwise, they would need to be stored in a spiritual space.

In either case, he had to have forced the divine item to submit or sealed it, or he would simply be courting death. The self-detonation of a divine item would annihilate him.

As expected, these divine items all had sealing runes on them. This person was quite skilled in this regard, or there was no way he could have sealed this many divine items with his power.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, I swear these are all the divine items I have. I beg you to stay your hand and let me off.”

This person was pale, looking as miserable as if his parents had just died. He knew that Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was many times stronger than his own. Hiding anything from Long Chen was suicide.

If he was tougher, he could refuse to hand over anything. He could have crushed his spatial ring, throwing the divine items into the chaotic flow of space so that no one could obtain them.

However, in front of Long Chen, it was impossible for him to be tough. He still wanted to live, so he had no choice but to hand over his treasures.

“You had quite a few.” Long Chen smiled icily. Each of these divine items represented the life of an expert, or perhaps more accurately, the life of a Righteous expert.

This person’s power wasn’t worth crap in Long Chen’s eyes. His guess was that all the people he had killed had been people who had trusted him, his friends. There was no other way he could have killed so many experts in possession of divine items.

“Long Chen, you’re a peerless expert. I’ve already handed over my treasures. Killing me won’t get you anything more. Will you still kill me?” probed the man brazenly. A glint of resentment flashed in his eyes.

These divine items were all his treasures. For them, he had used his own connections, viciously attacking the people closest to him, but now, all those treasures had ended up in Long Chen’s hands. He was extremely unwilling, but he had no choice.

Long Chen suddenly slapped that person, sending him staggering back. “Scram.”

After slapping him away, Long Chen didn’t look at him anymore. He grabbed the divine items and put them in the primal chaos space.

The man glared at Long Chen resentfully, but he didn’t dare to express it. He rushed away, vanishing within the mist.

“You bastard Long Chen, just wait! I won’t let you off for this! I’ll- AH!”

That person was in the midst of cursing Long Chen when he suddenly grabbed his head and tumbled to the ground, rolling around crazily.

“You bastard… you did something to my mind!” 

When Long Chen had slapped him, he had sent a strand of Spiritual Strength into this man’s mind-sea.

When his resentment and rage flared, it would cause his soul to rage as well. After that, the single strand of Spiritual Strength would transform into a sharp blade, and countless illusions began to appear in his head.

He saw the friends he had betrayed and killed. They were covered in blood. Then he saw the very blade he had used to kill them in their hands. With it, they began to hack him over and over again.


A terrified scream rang out. In real life, he was rolling around crazily, but in his mind, he was unable to move. He could only allow these people to cut him to pieces.

Although Long Chen wasn’t a soul cultivator, he had learned some simple soul arts from Meng Qi, and his Spiritual Strength was extremely powerful. When that person’s resentment erupted, he would fall into his most terrifying nightmares. The more he was afraid of something, the more he would see it.

These illusions used his Yuan Spirit as fuel. They would continue until his Yuan Spirit ran out of energy and was incinerated. Only then would his pain stop.

However, a person’s Yuan Spirit had quite a bit of energy, and it could be incinerated for a long time. In other words, this person would slowly die amidst endless pain and suffering. Perhaps this was his retribution for betraying others.

Long Chen put away all the divine items. He supposed he had made quite a decent profit. As for that person’s fate, it was within his expectations.

“Thank you.”

The woman gratefully bowed toward Long Chen.

Although her looks were ordinary, every single one of her movements contained an indescribable charm to them that made Long Chen feel like she looked very familiar.

“There’s no need to thank me. I was just being a robber. I’m even more evil than that person. But don’t worry, I’m much superior and tactful. Speaking of which… that sword is a calamity in your hands. How about you give it to me for safekeeping? Again, there’s no need for you to thank me.” Long Chen waved his hand, looking at the sword in her hand.

The woman actually chuckled at Long Chen. 

“Miss, I’m in the midst of robbing people, so please be more serious. Respect my profession.” Long Chen hardened his expression.

“The great founder of the Dragonblood Legion, an unrivaled heavenly genius, the unmatched Long Chen would actually rob a weak woman? I don’t dare to believe it.” The woman smiled at Long Chen without the slightest fear.

Long Chen swore inside. So he had been recognized. He immediately said, “I haven’t been doing too well in the world lately. It’s been tough. Sometimes I’m forced to be a robber to get some money to survive. Uh, girl, why do you look a bit familiar to me? Do I know you?”

“I know you, but you don’t know me. I’m just a nameless little figure, a nobody. My talent is only ordinary, while you are a dragon amongst men. How could you know me?” The woman sighed with sorrow.

“Hey, little girl, why do I feel like you sound world-weary? Did you enter the Yin Yang World to seek your own death? Cough, I put that badly, but you know what I mean.” Long Chen had seen all kinds of people, but he felt that this woman was different from all of them.

“Seeking my own death? Perhaps. In the Yin Yang World, I’ve seen many ugly things. I don’t quite know what to do.” A complicated expression appeared in her eyes. She seemed at a loss.

“Tch, another girl living in dreams.” Long Chen shook his head. “You’re the same as that foolish Zi Yan. Either you are always protected by others when looking at the world, or you learn about the world only through other people’s mouths. Standing in the sunlight, you look at how amazing the world looks, yet you never see just how dark the places where the sunlight doesn’t reach are. Tch, I’m not going to get in another argument with one of you.”

Just as Long Chen turned to leave, he hesitated. He took out a small arrow tube and handed it to her.

“This tube is an item used for sneak attacking that Guo Ran made for me. I’ll probably never use it, so based on the destiny that brought us together, you can have it. I also benefited a bit thanks to you. There’s a mechanism inside it that can be activated three times. Each time, it will shoot out three hundred poisoned needles that will paralyze someone. If you use it at close range without any warning, someone like that fellow just now would definitely be struck. You would then have a chance to kill him. Even if you can’t, you would have won a chance to run away. Girl, remember that life is beautiful, but it is definitely not perfect. When you despair, think of the things that make you happy, and you’ll feel that no matter where you go, there will still be sunlight in your heart. Alright, that’s all I have to say. I’m still busy, so goodbye.”

Long Chen waved his hand and vanished, leaving the woman holding the tube. She looked in the direction Long Chen had gone. Without being aware of it, tears streamed down her face.

“Did he recognize me?”

“No one can recognize you. Furthermore, that evil weapon of Long Chen’s is currently in slumber, so there’s even less chance of him recognizing you.” A voice rang out in the woman’s mind.

“If he didn’t recognize me, then he just gave an ugly, talentless girl that he didn’t even know a life-saving treasure, as well as saving her and comforting her. He really is still the same. He has not changed. He’s always been a good person.”

“What makes a person good or bad depends on your viewpoint, just as Long Chen said. There were many things you couldn’t see before this. Now that you’ve changed your viewpoint, don’t you think you have seen a more truthful view?”

The girl nodded. “It really is a different view. It’s completely different from what my master and the Elders taught me. Senior, I’m lost.”

“What is there to be lost about? Again, there is no absolute right or wrong in this world. What matters is where you stand. The things your master taught you are correct to her. As for what Long Chen said, he’s also correct. As for that fellow that snatches treasures from others to live, he is also correct. Using any means necessary is a method of survival. Naturally, you are lost now, but if you want to see the world clearly, you’ll need to view it from multiple angles. That’s the only way you can find a more complete view.”

“Senior, I want to return to my old status. Please.”


The mysterious voice merely gave an icy reply with no room for negotiation.

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