Chapter 1824 Robbing the Robber

It truly was a meeting of fate because that person was from the Xuan Beasts and had been one of the people beside True Immortal Jiaoqi who had targeted Long Chen outside the Yin Yang World, saying that he would kill Long Chen as soon as he saw him. Fate had drawn them together here.

The Xuan Beast had just noticed Long Chen when Long Chen’s sword came slashing over to him. He hastily raised a battle-ax to block.

The Xuan Beast was blown back, while Long Chen’s body also shook slightly. His sword was too light, and it might be alright against most Empyreans, but this Xuan Beast expert was an elite who had been sent into the Yin Yang World ahead of the ordinary experts. Long Chen was also forced back in this exchange.

This person’s power was not inferior to Xiang Yunfei’s. Without a weapon suited to him, Long Chen actually had no advantage over him.

The Xuan Beast expert’s expression changed. After being blown back, he actually ran away.

That dumbfounded Long Chen. This person was so powerful. Even if he wasn’t as strong as Xiang Yunfei, he was still on that level. That one exchange was enough for experts on their level to sense this. If Long Chen wanted to defeat him, that would definitely come at a price, and to kill him would be very difficult.

Unexpectedly, such a powerful expert directly fled. He was extremely fast, and Long Chen was still stunned when he vanished from sight.

“Ah, he was already injured.” Examining his surroundings more closely, Long Chen saw a drop of blood on the ground left behind by that Xuan Beast.

Long Chen walked over and touched the blood. Beautiful light shone from it. It was filled with the Xuan Beast’s essence.

“There’s a corrosive aura within it, as well as the power of a curse. I didn’t see any big injuries, so he was most likely stabbed, either being struck by poison or a curse. So he was trying to find a place to heal. I just wonder who injured him. Was it another person or some native beast? This mist must be filled with dangers.” Long Chen looked at the mist in front of him gravely.

That Xuan Beast expert was very powerful, and Long Chen hadn’t seen any injury on him. Whatever wound there was, it had to be very small. For such a small injury to make a Xuan Beast expert flee for his life in search of a place to heal, it definitely had to be very fatal.

“Should I chase that fellow?” Long Chen liked that idea, but he decided against it. His chances of killing him were too low. If his prey just ran off in the end, it would be a waste of time.

He continued forward, walking into the mist. Here, he found that this mist was condensed by a special law. It was not true mist, but something that seemed like the result of a formation.

“The mist contains an energy that blocks spiritual probing and tries to distract the soul. It would create hallucinations if someone’s will wasn’t strong enough.” Long Chen immediately noticed the oddities of the mist, but it couldn’t affect him.

Continuing onward, Long Chen saw a figure standing in the mist, its whole body shuddering.

He was just an ordinary rank nine Celestial of the Righteous path. His eyes were closed, and he was covered in sweat.

Long Chen patted a hand on his shoulder, causing him to let out a startled cry. It was like he had been startled awake out of a nightmare.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen!” That person looked at Long Chen with a hint of panic in his eyes.

“Your will isn’t strong enough. You should leave. You will only die here.” Long Chen only gave a simple warning before continuing onward.

“Many thanks, senior apprentice-brother Long Chen. I…” The expert stood there with a complicated expression.

“I don’t care if you left the Martial Heaven Alliance. Wearing the robes of the Righteous path should be enough to state your position. I know there are things out of your control, I only saved you because we’re from the same side.” Long Chen indifferently waved his hand, quickly vanishing from that person’s sight.

Long Chen had already realized that this person belonged to a sect that had left the Martial Heaven Alliance. Although he was wearing the Righteous path’s robes, there was a specific mark on his sleeves. That mark wasn’t very conspicuous, but Long Chen had noticed it. Despite that, Long Chen had still saved him.

In truth, some disciples were innocent. The ones who made the decisions were the higher-ups, and these disciples were powerless to change their decisions.

As long as they hadn’t raised their blades against him, Long Chen didn’t want to kill them. It wasn’t because he was such a nice person, but just that he had his own bottom line.

The mist grew thicker as he advanced. The mental invasion also grew stronger, and other people would be seeing illusions everywhere. However, Long Chen’s will was strong, and he wasn’t affected at all. He didn’t even need to summon a mental defense.

Finally, the mist began to fade, and he saw a land of unending mountains. They were still barren, but now they consisted entirely of dark red stone.

“Hahaha, little girl, hand over your treasures and I’ll spare your life!”

Long Chen had just walked out of the mist when he heard some shouting. “Oh? Someone’s robbing others? Good, let’s see if I can rob the robber.”

Long Chen quickly advanced. He also hid his spiritual fluctuations and aura. Once he was past a small mountain, he saw that there were two people, both from the Righteous path. One was a man with fiery-red light in his eyes, and he was blocking the path of a young woman.

The man was an Empyrean with a powerful aura. He had yet to release his manifestation, but his aura was completely locked onto the woman in front of him.

As for the woman, she was just a rank nine Celestial. Her aura was not very strong. She looked very weak, and she was like a lamb for the slaughter in front of this Empyrean.

Long Chen looked strangely at this woman. He felt her figure to be somewhat familiar, but he didn’t recall a rank nine Celestial amongst the women he knew.

“We’re both from the Righteous path and should be united. You haven’t even seen the treasure, but you got greedy and want to kill me. Is this your Dao of cultivation?” The woman shook her head.

Her voice was a bit coarse. It was dry and tart. Her voice also seemed to contain great disappointment, as well as a sorrow that was difficult to describe.

Long Chen got curious and switched locations to get a better view. Looking at her face, he found that her looks were very ordinary. She had quite a few freckles as well. It could be said that she was a bit ugly.

However, her eyes were still very bright, but they were filled with a complicated expression of disappointment.

“Are you an idiot? What kind of nonsense are you spouting? What Dao? The cultivation path is one where the strong step over other people’s corpses to advance. As long as there is profit, who cares? Don’t waste any more of my time. I’ll give you to the count of three. If you don’t hand it over, I’ll kill you. One…”

The woman seemed to have given up on fighting. She sighed, “You, Zhang Yunxiang, are a generation’s genius, the heir to the Rain Slashing Mountain House. Normally, you act very heroically. Your reputation is excellent. But who would have thought that there was such a sinister and merciless face behind that heroism? Just a quasi divine item is enough for you to tear your fake mask off and want to kill me, a weak woman?”

The woman was holding an ancient sword with divine runes flowing around it. This man had targeted her precisely for that sword. Seeing that she was just a rank nine Celestial, he naturally grew greedy.

Long Chen’s mouth couldn’t help but curse. Was this woman really an idiot? Did she not know not to reveal her wealth for nothing?

She, a little rank nine Celestial, actually dared to openly hold a divine item. How was that any different from a child carrying a piece of gold and walking into a den of beggars?

“Stop wasting time. Although I rarely kill women, I don’t have time to waste on you. Just die.” That man’s manifestation suddenly burst into existence.

A rank nine Celestial’s Heavenly Dao energy would be completely stripped away by an Empyrean’s manifestation. This woman had no chance to fight back. That person’s palm slammed toward her, and she simply closed her eyes, seeming to be waiting for her death.

A burst of wind blew back the woman’s hair. However, the fatal blow she had been waiting for never came.

That was because a hand had caught that man’s wrist. Another person had appeared in front of her.

When she saw that person, her entire body shook. She covered her mouth, filled with disbelief.

“Long… Chen…”

The man that had been about to kill her suddenly saw someone else arrive and catch his attack easily. When he saw that person, he was filled with terror.

“I suppose that you killed your companion before even entering the mist, correct? If you have a human’s appearance, you should act like a human.” Long Chen’s domineering spiritual yuan surged into that man through his wrist, sealing his Dantian.

Just from this person’s attack, Long Chen knew that he was the one who had killed the corpse that had died from a sudden sneak attack. Long Chen easily recognized his aura.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, I… I….”

He was terrified, wanting to argue. But in front of Long Chen’s cold gaze, he found that he couldn’t lie. At some point, his soul was completely sealed by Long Chen.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, I know my wrongs! Please, forgive me! I am willing to be your slave, to-”

“Hand over all your treasures,” said Long Chen indifferently.

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