Chapter 1823 A Meeting of Fate

Long Chen had forcibly shattered the souls of the people he had slain while killing them.

That was in order to flip through their memories. He didn’t have the same refined control over his Spiritual Strength as Meng Qi did. If he tried to quickly look through them, the seals on their souls would activate, causing their souls to self-destruct. Although that wouldn’t harm Long Chen, their memories would be fully erased.

That was why Long Chen was forced to crush their souls into fragments. That would shatter the restrictions on their souls, allowing him to glance through the fragments.

Through those fragments, Long Chen obtained a wider map. He also saw the threads that Pill Valley was weaving. The sects that had left the Martial Heaven Alliance had already formed a secret alliance with Pill Valley, the ancient races, the ancient family alliance, the Xuan Beasts, and other first rate powers.

The very existence of this alliance was a shot at the Martial Heaven Alliance. The Corrupt path had already promised that if those sects didn’t attack them, they wouldn’t attack those sects.

Of course, that was just a word game. As long as the Corrupt path was strong enough, they could do whatever they wanted. They could make up a story that those sects had suddenly attacked them. Then they could openly crush them.

So this alliance was weaker than paper. Anyone with a brain could see the crux of the problem. Long Chen didn’t know what those people leaving the Martial Heaven Alliance were thinking.

When the Martial Heaven Alliance fell, their so-called allies would become hungry wolves. Could it be all those people were idiots and didn’t see that? Or were there more secrets that he didn’t know yet?

Long Chen couldn’t be bothered to continue trying to understand their thinking, or what kind of scheme they were up to. He followed his own advice, that schemes were nothing in front of absolute power.

Using intelligence to survive in this world was like dancing on the tip of a blade. One mistake, one miscalculation, and you would be done for.

Relying on power was the correct path. That was why this world was one where the strong were respected. As long as you were strong, you could control everything. You wouldn’t need schemes. The only precondition was that you were strong enough.

A good display of this principle would be the comparison between the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect and the Xuantian Dao Sect. When both of them had declined, the Xuantian Dao Sect had been whistling past the graveyard. They weren’t even able to maintain their own dignity. On the other hand, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect might have become poor, but they were unyielding. If anyone provoked them, they would fight to the last. They refused to talk reason or bother with schemes. If someone was an enemy, they would fight to the death.

So the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect had become a sect of madmen in the Martial Heaven Continent. However, these madmen were existences others didn’t dare to provoke. No matter how they declined, they still managed to live with dignity.

What was the point of cultivating? If it wasn’t to live with dignity, then what? So the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s principles were very much to Long Chen’s taste.

If the Xuantian Dao Sect did not have Li Tianxuan present, Long Chen really wouldn’t feel any sense of belonging to the Xuantian Dao Sect. The same was true of the Martial Heaven Alliance. He only respected and loved Qu Jianying alone. The others had nothing to do with him.

Only the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect had made him feel like a family as a whole. Drinking and eating with Bao Buping and Chang Hao, he felt like that was how a man should live.

So even knowing that people had betrayed the Martial Heaven Alliance, he only felt them to be foolish. He wasn’t angry.

If those traitors had come from the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect though, he would definitely hunt them down to the last. He wouldn’t let anyone betray him.

Matching these maps to his own, Long Chen obtained a great picture of the Yin Yang World. This was one of the benefits of more people having entered. The region they could cover was greater, and it would be easier to notice some ancient relics.

Although his attempt at capturing the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish had ended up being interrupted, he was actually very satisfied now.

He had just checked on the fish and found that they seemed infatuated with their new home. He had tossed a few spirit flowers and some fruit inside, thinking that they would placate them. However, they actually devoured them all.

Two of them even jumped to the side of the shore and ate some precious medicines there before returning to their pool.

The spiritual qi in the primal chaos space was extremely concentrated, and the life energy was so dense that it had almost condensed into the divine life elixir.

That was the kind of environment that the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish liked the best. They only liked places with abundant spiritual qi, and those environments had to be peaceful as well.

In the primal chaos space, they seemed to become very hungry. They were swimming rapidly through the pool in search of food.

What delighted him the most was that two of them were actually in a corner laying eggs.

In just a few hours, those eggs began to change, transforming into translucent little fish.

When Long Chen saw that, he almost shouted in joy. The Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish he had caught were multiplying.

There were over a thousand eggs in that one brood. In the primal chaos space, they had no natural predators, so these eggs would all mature.

Just to prevent any accidents, Long Chen moved the eggs into their own little pool. He didn’t want the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish to eat them. He didn’t know about their habits or if they ate their own eggs. If they were eaten, he wouldn’t even have a place to cry.

He tossed in a lot of precious medicines, fruit, and flowers. The fish gobbled them up until they couldn’t eat anymore. They lazily swam through the water.

Long Chen was given a nice surprise. He didn’t know if it was because the primal chaos space was a special world, but there were now three more pairs mating and laying eggs.

The flow of time seemed different in the primal chaos space. Everything grew faster here, even the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish.

Although he didn’t quite understand this aspect of the primal chaos space, he didn’t care to figure it out. In any case, it was an amazing thing.

Long Chen planted precious medicines all around the fish pool. In particular, he planted those that bloomed and bore fruit very quickly.

That way, when the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish grew hungry, they could swim over to the shore and eat as much as they wanted. As long as he gave them enough food, he was confident that he could breed even more of them.

“Hehe, the primal chaos space is a real treasure. Divine items? They’re garbage compared to it!”

Long Chen laughed inside. The primal chaos space was a miracle. It had helped him time and time again.

A few more hours passed. The first batch of eggs had matured into inch-long Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish that were swimming around happily.

Long Chen tossed in some powders of the food that he was feeding to the adult fish. Those small Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish quickly consumed them. They all liked things with great spirituality.

“Hahaha, I’m rich!” Long Chen went crazy with delight. These fish were growing exceptionally quickly. It seemed it wouldn’t take that long for them to fully mature.

“The Dragonblood Legion can soar once more. In the future, I won’t even need to fight. I’ll just point to who I want my brothers to kill!” Long Chen felt like flowers were blooming in his heart. He eagerly anticipated the day these small Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish became fish king as well.

Being nourished in the primal chaos space, their essence would be several times stronger than the ordinary Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish. Adding on the fact that he was feeding them precious ninth and tenth tier medicinal ingredients, each one of them was a treasure. Once they fully matured, he would never need to worry about money again.

After finishing the arrangements for the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish, Long Chen thought about it and flew in a certain direction. It was a region that no one had mapped out yet.

Having gone through what the others had experienced since entering the Yin Yang World, he hadn’t found anything that interested him. It was the unknown regions that possessed greater chances of holding treasures.

Those people’s cultivation bases hadn’t been particularly high, and their power was also not that great. The reason they had survived was precisely because they hadn’t run into any precious treasures worth fighting for, or because they hadn’t dared to take risks to obtain greater treasures.

As for those who had obtained treasures, if they weren’t particularly strong, they would probably hide themselves after obtaining those treasures. They would wait until they could use the treasure to increase their power to the point where they could protect it before going out in search of more.

As for the place he was going, it was a craggy mountain range. The dense vegetation of the Yin Yang World gradually faded here, replaced with thistles and thorns. It looked a bit desolate.

The further he went, the more desolate it appeared. In the end, even the thorny undergrowth faded, replaced with barren stones. These stones gradually became a red color.

Further onward, he saw a corpse of a human. The robes belonged to the Righteous path, and there was a clean incision on the back of the head. This person had been slain in one attack, with even their Yuan Spirit annihilated.

The corpse belonged to a young rank nine Celestial that still had a bewildered expression on his face. Even in his death, he hadn’t understood what was going on.

“There’s no Heavenly Dao aura or the leftover aura of a divine item. There are no signs of resistance. It seems the dangers you can’t see really are the fatal ones.” Long Chen shook his head as he looked at the surrounding rocks.

This person was most likely slain by his companion, by someone he trusted. As for why that person had killed him, who knew?

The most dangerous thing in the cultivation world was a person’s heart. This was an ancient teaching that had been true from time immemorial.

Although Long Chen had killed countless people, he always kept his conscience clean. He had never felt any guilt for his actions.

However, each time he saw someone being killed by someone they trusted, he would feel infuriated. Betrayal was something he couldn’t accept.

He continued onward. The land ahead was covered in mist, but this mist was actually dark yellow. It looked beautiful yet also extremely dangerous.

Long Chen had just reached the misty area when a figure slowly walked out of the mist, just so happening to be walking directly to Long Chen.

Seeing Long Chen, his expression completely changed. Before he could do anything, Long Chen’s sword was already slashing down mercilessly.

“A meeting of fate!”

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