Chapter 1822 Leaving After Killing

Long Chen fled at top speed. The entire lake was enraged, and huge waves were pouncing on him.

Just now, Long Chen had absorbed a huge amount of its water, and the pool he had created in the primal chaos space was now full. That had provoked the lake.

Before this, he had been hoping to absorb some Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish with the water, but he found that the primal chaos space was really unable to absorb living creatures directly. Then he had come up with the method of using the Heaven Flipping Seal to bring in the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish one by one.

By the time he had figured out this method, the birdman had come to cause trouble, almost ruining things. 

Right now, there were only twenty-seven Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish inside the primal chaos space. As they were all fish kings, the little pool of water he had gotten with the barrels of water had naturally not been enough.

In any case, since there was no longer any chance of him gaining more Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish, he directly absorbed the lake’s water to give the fish kings a better living environment.

As a result, the fish were more comfortable, but Long Chen was now attacked from all sides.

Long Chen repeatedly slashed a lightning blade, blowing apart the waves of water and creating a path for himself.

He found that there was a strange energy within these waves of water. When his lightning blade touched them, he felt his spiritual yuan rapidly flow away.

Long Chen decided to release the lightning blade, allowing Lei Long to control it. That way his spiritual yuan wouldn’t be sucked away so quickly. 

After that, he enveloped himself in thunderforce that separated him from the lake water. This water was too strange. Even when a single drop of it touched him, it sucked away his spiritual yuan, his Spiritual Strength, and his Yuan Spirit energy.

Lei Long had its own energy. As a result, it could slash open a path, bringing Long Chen away.

Mountains began to appear in the distance when they finally reached the end of the lake. Suddenly, Long Chen clapped himself in the head for his foolishness. Why hadn’t he absorbed the water at the shore and then run? The lake wouldn’t have been able to attack him.

Just as they flew onto the shore, the lake stopped rumbling. It seemed to roar one final time before its attack stopped. Its attack range was limited to just the lake.

“Good, now no one can obtain the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish.” Long Chen smiled coldly. Golden ripples had appeared over the lake. It seemed taking the water had touched upon some restriction, making the lake enter a furious state. If people flew over it, they might be fine, but if anyone dared to try to do anything to the lake, they would definitely be attacked and killed.

The Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish had been scared away, while the water had been infected with blood. Before the lake was cleansed, they definitely wouldn’t come out again.

With them hiding in the caves at the bottom of the lake, no one could even entice them to come out, let alone capture one. There really was no hope of getting any more of them now.

Long Chen quickly rushed over two mountains and saw violet light flying in the distance. Hua Ziguang was surrounded by seven Empyreans.

It went without saying that Hua Ziguang was not weak. He was worthy of being sent in ahead of the crowd. Even against seven opponents, he wasn’t instantly defeated. However, he was definitely at a disadvantage and caught by them.

“Hua Ziguang, who would have thought that you would be so foolish as to willingly be used by Long Chen? Don’t you think you’re stupid for sacrificing yourself for him? That many people went to kill him, and didn’t you hear those explosions just now?” sneered an expert wearing robes of the Righteous path. He was joined by two experts of the ancient races, three from the ancient family alliance, and one from the Xuan Beasts.

Hua Ziguang clenched his teeth. His attacks were much sharper than the seven of them. “You’re the idiot. Do you think the ancient races, the ancient family alliance, and the Xuan Beasts will become your support in the future? Once your use has come to an end, they’ll abandon you. To betray your own side for some fake benefits, you’re the real idiot. Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen is the pride of the Righteous path and the human race. He has killed so many experts from the Corrupt path, but you aren’t grateful at all.”

“How stubborn. It seems only death can cure your stupidity!” cursed the Righteous expert.

“Yes, truly stubborn. Death really is the only cure for you.”

An indifferent voice rang out. It was very calm in everyone’s ears, but it caused all eight people’s expressions to change.

Hua Ziguang was delighted, while the other seven were terrified.

This voice was familiar to all of them. Although the seven of them had never personally seen the master of this voice, they had seen him in photographic jades.

A hand slammed onto that Righteous expert’s back, and he directly exploded from the force.

His sword tried to fly away, but it was caught by Long Chen.

“If you don’t want to die, you better obediently listen to me.” Long Chen directed these words to the sword in his hand. It was a divine item, and if it dared to resist, he would destroy it.

He smoothly slashed the sword through the air. A cold light flashed as one of the ancient race experts was cut in two.

“Look closely. A sword user must have a sword user’s pride and arrogance. With one sword, you can shake the universe, laugh at gods, and force the world to make way for you.”

Long Chen slashed his sword again, and it seemed to break the laws of heaven and earth. Time stood still. It was like this sword did not exist in this world.

Sword-light flashed, moving in an inconceivable arc. This arc exceeded the scope of the Sword Dao yet also seemed to be part of it. 

Long Chen slashed his sword six times, each time killing someone. Whether they blocked or fled, or even tried to launch a suicidal blow, they were helpless in front of Long Chen’s incomprehensible sword arts. Their ultimate fates were only death.

Hua Ziguang was struck dumb. He had put his whole life into the Sword Dao, but he had never witnessed such terrifying and refined sword arts.

In the blink of an eye, those seven experts that had suppressed him were slain.

Furthermore, each of them had died so easily. Long Chen seemed elegant when attacking, as if he was dancing, as if it were just a show. But each move was a fatal blow.

All the divine items stayed in the air, not daring to move or run.

That was what Long Chen had ordered. He had locked onto these divine items with his divine sense. Although they were just quasi divine items, he knew that the Dragonblood Legion needed some good weapons. All the Dragonblood warriors were using Ancestral items.

Even if he couldn’t let them all use divine items, at least the squad leaders should have a divine item. Otherwise, they would be at a disadvantage in future fights.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen… no, master Long Chen! I beg of you, please accept me as your apprentice!”

Long Chen put away the divine items, and only then did Hua Ziguang recover from his shock. He actually knelt to Long Chen. He had been completely won over by Long Chen’s sword arts.

Long Chen pulled Hua Ziguang up, shaking his head. “I’m just a dabbler. My sword arts were learned from my brother. You have great talent and power, but not the confidence and pride a sword cultivator should possess. A person needs to be humble, but sword cultivators are an exception. For a sword cultivator to feel humble is indecisive. You will see countless forks in the road ahead of you and hesitate for a lifetime. If you can’t even see your own path clearly, you won’t be able to become a true expert.”

Hua Ziguang looked at Long Chen. He felt like he had suddenly understood something, and he bowed. “Many thanks for your pointers, senior apprentice-brother Long Chen. If I have any future accomplishments, it will be thanks to your favor.”

Hua Ziguang’s own comprehension abilities were very great. With just a slight indication from Long Chen, he had found the greatest weakness in himself. That was because he sensed a confidence that only experts could possess. That confidence was something that would not be shaken, one that would be steady in the face of countless trials.

Long Chen’s reminder changed Hua Ziguang’s life and would change the Violet Light Sword Sect forever. But that was in the future.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, how did things go? Did you get the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish?”

“Fuck, a bunch of idiots chased them away.”

“You didn’t get them?” Hua Ziguang was startled. Clenching his teeth, he took out his own Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish.

Long Chen hastily shook his hand. “I did get some already, it’s just that my household is too big, and the fish that I got aren’t enough. As for what you have, it’s not worth anything either.”

“Then what do we do? Can we go back?”

“No need. The Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish are unobtainable by anyone now.” Long Chen shook his head.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, is there anything you need my help with? I can go form an alliance with other Righteous experts…”

“No. I’m not afraid of anyone. If anyone wants to die, just send them over to me. If you have any good friends who have left the Martial Heaven Alliance or want to go against me, you can try to advise them. If they stay like that, they will sooner or later die to a scheme or die to my hands. Good brother, take care. If we can, let’s meet again.”

Long Chen turned and left. More and more people were entering the Yin Yang World. That was a bad thing but also a good thing.

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