Chapter 1821 Viciously Killing

Long Chen was truly angry. This ancient race idiot had scared away all the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish. With their intelligence and wariness, they wouldn’t fall for it a second time.

He had already previously ruined this for Long Chen, and now he had brought over so many experts. Long Chen’s chances of obtaining more Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish were essentially zero now.

The Righteous expert had already been slain, his blood scattering to the lake. The Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish were extremely sensitive to this, and they fled to the caves at the bottom of the lake, refusing to come out.

Now that things had reached this point, Long Chen no longer had any misgivings. Killing intent surged in his eyes. This birdman had ruined his plans.

The ancient race expert spread his wings, and light erupted in the sky. It was unknown what divine ability he used, but his wings grew explosively, tearing through the void.

However, they had just spread when a lightning hand grabbed one of them.

The ancient race expert let out a miserable cry as his wing was torn right off by Long Chen.

Still holding his bloody wing, Long Chen coldly said, “Did you think your speed was unmatched? I want to see how you fly once I tear off both of your wings.”

Long Chen tossed the wing into the air and smashed it apart with his fist. Lightning flashed, and he vanished.

The ancient race expert endured the pain of having his wing torn off. His wings were where he activated his divine abilities from. Tearing one off was like tearing a piece of his soul away.

He summoned his manifestation, and a new wing grew. But his expression changed as Long Chen vanished.

His remaining wing lit up, but before he could move, Long Chen’s hand reached out, grabbing it and tearing it off.

The ancient race expert cried out painfully once again. If Long Chen tore off his arms or legs, he wouldn’t shout. But these wings were deeply connected to his soul. It felt like his soul was being torn apart.

However, just as he was screaming, that scream was cut off like a knife had severed it.

Long Chen’s hand was clutching his throat, holding him like a chicken.

Just at this moment, a mass of over twenty experts charging over came to a sudden stop. Amongst them were people from the Righteous path, the ancient family alliance, the ancient races, and the Xuan Beasts.

When Long Chen had slain the first Righteous expert, they had been a bit shocked. However, the ancient race experts had rallied them, saying that they could kill Long Chen instantly if they joined forces.

After all, he was the enemy of all of them. If over twenty Empyreans attacked at the same time, they would definitely be able to heavily injure Long Chen. It would then make him vulnerable to other experts. Once he was forced away, they would also have a chance to obtain the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish.

Although this was risky, the enticement of the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish was great enough for them to risk it.

Based on their plan, that birdman of the ancient races should have lasted at least a few exchanges. After all, his Heavenly Eagle Wings were a very powerful divine ability, granting him great speed. They could also be used for offense and defense.

Unfortunately, this shockingly fast fellow was too weak in front of Long Chen. He wasn’t able to resist in the slightest, getting caught in the blink of an eye.

After catching him, Long Chen tossed him over to the other experts rushing over. The birdman was like a meteorite, moving ten times faster than his own speed.

Those experts let out startled cries. They tried to dodge, but Long Chen had thrown the birdman with so much force that he appeared in front of them as soon as he left Long Chen’s grasp.

Three of them were struck. Although they had summoned their Heavenly Dao defenses, they were sent flying.

The birdman’s physical body exploded, and a Yuan Spirit flew out. He tried to run, as he found that the speed he was so proud of was a joke in front of Long Chen’s Celestial Lightning Body Blink.

Just before this, he had already despaired, thinking that he was definitely dead. But unexpectedly, Long Chen had tossed him away. His physical body might be destroyed, but his Yuan Spirit had survived.

It was unfortunate that as soon as his hope was reignited, it transformed into absolute despair again. A lightning arrow appeared in his vision.

“No!” A cry of despair rang out as he understood just how foolish it had been to provoke Long Chen with his speed.

BOOM! That expert’s Yuan Spirit was slain mercilessly.


The other experts’ expressions completely changed. They were finally witnessing Long Chen’s power. Hence, they no longer dared to even think of driving Long Chen away to obtain the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish.

In truth, they had been tricked by the birdman. They didn’t know that once the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish were startled, they wouldn’t appear again.

Furthermore, with people being slain and their blood flowing into the lake, those Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish would stop searching for food. There wouldn’t be the slightest chance of obtaining them again.

If they had known that, they might have been calmer before acting. Regretfully, there weren’t that many ifs in this world.

Long Chen smiled coldly, and his figure vanished. Like a streak of lightning, he shot after those experts. Wielding a bone sword, he slashed it at one of the panicking experts. That expert didn’t even have a chance to activate his divine item before being slain along with his Yuan Spirit.

This bone sword was one of the golden dragon teeth. He didn’t dare to let them leave his hand anymore, or they would try to escape his control.

The dragon teeth were incredibly sharp. His own hand had to be covered in green dragon scales just so that he could hold it.

The dragon tooth was three feet long. It was a similar shape to a sword, and he used it very smoothly. If it had a hilt, it would be even more comfortable.

Long Chen shot off for his next target. The golden dragon tooth smashed apart a quasi divine sword that his opponent tried to block with.

When that sword was destroyed, Long Chen clearly felt the dragon tooth absorb the sword’s item-spirit. The dragon tooth actually had a kind of instinct to strengthen itself.

“Think you can run? Keep dreaming.”

Long Chen suddenly summoned a ball of golden flames. He threw it into the lake below.


The ball of flames exploded on top of the lake. The golden flames spread in every direction.

The entire surface of the lake began to boil. Following that, ripples appeared in the water. They looked like scales.

They had just appeared when water arrows shot out like concentrated rain, enveloping the region Long Chen was in.

The water arrows flew from below, and the experts running for their lives were caught off-guard. The water arrows pierced their bodies, eliciting sharp cries.

The water arrows enveloped them like a storm. Each arrow possessed its own law. Some of those experts had their physical bodies explode on contact, leaving Yuan Spirits floating in the air.

However, their Yuan Spirits began to smoke when the water arrows touched them. Their energy rapidly faded. Some of them tried to flee, but before they could get far, they were turned to nothing.

Long Chen was also struck by a tide of water arrows. However, he was prepared since he had heard Hua Ziguang say that the lake possessed a law that would attack back if someone attacked the lake. He was standing on the Heaven Flipping Seal, which spread to cover him. The water arrows struck it, sending it and Long Chen higher into the sky.

What shocked Long Chen was that the Heaven Flipping Seal rapidly exhausted a huge amount of its energy to block the water arrows. Long Chen almost coughed up blood from the impact of the water arrows.

Fortunately, the lake returned to calm in a few seconds. The experts that had enveloped Long Chen had all been slain.

In the distance, some more experts had been rushing over. However, upon seeing that terrifying sight, their faces were pale. They immediately turned around and fled.

“It really was terrifying. The Heaven Flipping Seal almost couldn’t bear it.”

Long Chen himself was shocked. Hua Ziguang had said that the lake’s counterattack had been powerful enough to almost heavily injure him.

Long Chen had thought that the lake’s attack could help him stall or trap these experts. Unexpectedly, the lake had directly slain them all.

“It seems the lake counterattacks based on the force attacking it. Fuck, it’s a good thing I didn’t go all-out, or I might have died.” Long Chen muttered to himself, feeling like he had almost conned himself to death.

Long Chen rushed into the distance. He took out some large buckets and began absorbing as much water as he could. He wanted to gather as much as possible before these people’s blood infected the water.

However, this rate of absorption was too slow. Clenching his teeth, Long Chen suddenly formed a hand seal, and a terrifying suction force appeared. A giant whirlpool appeared in the lake as it sank a whole level.


The lake immediately exploded, unleashing a terrifying wave that wrapped around Long Chen.

“I’m done, I swear! Bye!”

Lightning wings appeared on Long Chen’s back, and he vanished.

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