Chapter 1820 Long Chen’s Anger

Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength sank into the water along with the medicinal pills. He felt his Spiritual Strength rapidly running out.

This lake was extremely strange. Fortunately, Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was strong enough to last for a while.

As the medicinal pills sank to the bottom, through his soul, Long Chen noticed that the bottom of the lake was a land of rocky caves like a bee’s nest, yet it was also like coral.

These stones had strange marks on them, not looking natural. There was an endless flow of spiritual qi coming out of the rocks.

“Is this lake something someone specifically set up to raise the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish?”

Long Chen had a sudden thought. The formations and rules of this lake were strangely and coincidentally set up for these fish. If that was the case, who was the master? There were oddities everywhere in the Yin Yang World.

Long Chen sent one of the pills into one of the caves. Through it, he could even see some of the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish hiding in the depths of the cave.

These Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish were hiding in their own secluded caves, but as he went deeper into the cave system, he saw that the caves grew larger, as did the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish living within them.

The fish eyed his pill. They swam around it, but they didn’t eat it. He knew that these fish were sensing danger because his Spiritual Strength was attached to it.

They were truly sensitive. His strand of Spiritual Strength was extremely well hidden, but they could still sense it.

“Fish brothers, please hurry. Otherwise, more idiots will be coming to disturb us. We don’t have much time.” Long Chen prayed inside.

However, the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish refused to bait. All of Long Chen’s urging had no use.

Finally, one of the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish that was about a foot long swallowed one of the pills in one bite.

After devouring it, it quickly returned to hide in its cave. With the first one taking a bite, the others quickly gobbled up the rest.

They also warily returned to their caves after swallowing the pills. Long Chen’s pills continued to spread, and more of the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish devoured them.

These were all pills containing precious medicinal ingredients of great spirituality. They were naturally great bait.

Finally, one of the fish kings that was three meters long lowered its guard enough to swallow these pills.

Seeing this, Long Chen was delighted. The fish king didn’t feel anything strange after devouring the pills, but as the pills gradually dissolved inside the fish’s bodies, they began to feel sleepy, almost as if they were intoxicated. They began slowly swimming to the surface.

These fish had their minds muddled after consuming his pills. The trace of Spiritual Strength he had left on the medicinal pills was now controlling their souls, making them swim up.

One of the fish kings flopped out of the water, landing in his little boat. It lay there motionlessly.

“I’ll have to think of something.”

Long Chen had a sudden thought. The fish king vanished, reappeared in his spiritual space. Its soul had been controlled by him, and it was like his housepet.

Just at this moment, the Heaven Flipping Seal released a wave of light that enveloped the fish king in his spiritual space. The fish king vanished along with the Heaven Flipping Seal.

The Heaven Flipping Seal entered the primal chaos space. When it did, Long Chen almost cheered.

The Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish really had been brought into the primal chaos space, and it was still alive. It didn't seem affected at all. It was still well and alive.

“Yes, this is great!” Long Chen was ecstatic. The primal chaos space let him grow vegetation, but living Magical Beasts couldn’t enter.

This time, he was just experimenting, but it had really succeeded. He immediately created a ten-mile empty pool in the primal chaos space.

A large wooden barrel began drawing the lake’s water into the primal chaos space.

Before, Hua Ziguang had said that the lake water was special. It could be gathered slowly, but if he went too quickly, it would touch upon the laws of this place.

After dozens of barrels of water, there was a small pool of water. He released the fish king inside it and loosened his control.

At first, it panicked, swimming around chaotically. It even jumped onto land and flopped several times before returning to the pool. Once there, it quickly calmed down. It seemed it didn’t dislike the environment of the primal chaos space. After all, the spiritual qi inside was very dense.

The Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish calmed down, delighting Long Chen. He had no time to take out any more water because the rest of the pills he had thrown out had been eaten.

His Spiritual Strength circulated, and thousands of Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish began swimming toward his boat because he was controlling their souls.

One after another, the fish king appeared out of the water. Long Chen drew them into his spiritual space, while the Heaven Flipping Seal brought them into the primal chaos space.

More and more of them were surrounding Long Chen. They were jumping into his boat. The first ones he gathered were the fish king, the small pool in the primal chaos space grew quickly.

The fish kings flopped chaotically, some flying far away. Fortunately, the spiritual qi in the air of the primal chaos space was so dense that even on land, they had enough spiritual qi to absorb and wouldn’t die.

Suddenly, Long Chen’s expression changed. He sensed the power of a divine item erupting. Someone had come, and Hua Ziguang was most likely attacking.

“Bastard!” Long Chen cursed inside. These Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish were special beasts, and controlling them with his Spiritual Strength was a delicate task. Too much Spiritual Strength and they would die. Moreover, the dead ones would have their essence quickly fade away.

Controlling them had been like using a giant plier to do embroidery. He was surrounded by Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish, but if he tried to gather them all at once, all he would obtain was a pile of dead fish.

“Long Chen, die!”

Suddenly, a sharp aura locked onto Long Chen. That winged ancient race expert had returned. He was like a bolt of lightning, his sharp claw aiming for the back of Long Chen’s head.

“You really are courting death!” Long Chen was infuriated.

He smashed a fist at him, but unexpectedly, this person was just feinting. His wings flapped, and he flew past Long Chen, grabbing the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish. He managed to catch over ten of them.

However, he had just done that when Long Chen pointed a finger. A bolt of lightning shot out, causing the winged expert’s expression to completely change. He sensed the terrifying power of divine lightning. His wings flapped again, and he suddenly fled into the opposite direction, narrowly avoiding Long Chen’s attack.

Just as he was forced to run, a spiritual arrow shot at Long Chen.

What infuriated Long Chen the most was that this new attacker was from the Righteous path.

Right now, Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was focused on the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish. Now that he was disturbed, either all the fish would die or he would be forced to let them run.

Furthermore, once they were scared away, these fish would never return. They were such wary beasts that they wouldn’t fall for the same trick twice.

This person was forcing Long Chen to abandon the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish. At the same time, he sensed several powerful auras rushing over here. Clearly, they had been summoned by this birdman of the ancient races. He had definitely spread word of the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish so that Long Chen couldn’t get them.

“Since you want to die, I’ll help you out!” Long Chen’s gaze was icy-cold. His Spiritual Strength relaxed, releasing the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish. They immediately vanished from sight.


A lightning blade appeared in Long Chen’s hand, slashing apart the spiritual attack. His figure vanished as he rushed toward that Righteous expert. His lightning blade slashed down mercilessly.

That Righteous expert sneered, and a blood-colored saber appeared in his hand. Divine light shone from it, and he slashed at Long Chen, borrowing Long Chen’s power to fly back.

He had no intention of fighting Long Chen head-on, and he was confident in being able to get away.

“Ignorant and fearless.”


Long Chen’s lightning blade suddenly exploded as it met the blood-colored saber. Thousands of bolts of lightning spread in every direction.

The Righteous expert had used the force behind Long Chen’s blow to run away. He was still sneering.

Just at this moment, a lightning hand pierced through his back and out his chest. That hand was now covered in sticky blood, but that blood was quickly vaporized by the thunderforce.

The Righteous expert stared in shock at his chest. Suddenly, he exploded as the lightning arm shook. A berserk energy turned him into bloody mist.

“Ancient race idiot, if I don’t kill you today, I won’t be called Long Chen!” Long Chen’s eyes were gloomy as he stared at a distant shocked birdman.

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