Chapter 1820 Long Chen’s Anger (Teaser)

Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength sank into the water along with the medicinal pills. He felt his Spiritual Strength rapidly running out.

This lake was extremely strange. Fortunately, Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was strong enough to last for a while.

As the medicinal pills sank to the bottom, through his soul, Long Chen noticed that the bottom of the lake was a land of rocky caves like a bee’s nest, yet it was also like coral.

These stones had strange marks on them, not looking natural. There was an endless flow of spiritual qi coming out of the rocks.

“Is this lake something someone specifically set up to raise the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish?”

Long Chen had a sudden thought. The formations and rules of this lake were strangely and coincidentally set up for these fish. If that was the case, who was the master? There were oddities everywhere in the Yin Yang World.

Long Chen sent one of the pills...

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