Chapter 182 Everyone Advancing

This night was fated not to be an ordinary night. Explosions continuously rang out on the small mountain Long Chen was on, and powerful auras continued to surge out.

If they weren’t afraid to startle others, some of them would have shouted in joy. With the assistance of the Magical Beast essence blood, they had all smoothly advanced.

Furthermore, they found that once they had advanced, their physical strength had explosively grown at least ten times. Circulating their auras, they found there was not even the slightest bit of resistance, meaning they had reached the level of flawless advancement.

Once in the Tendon Transformation realm, once qi and blood superimposed, when your qi and physical power complimented each other, your strength would reach a hard to imagine level.

That was the terrifying aspect of the Tendon Transformation realm. There was also a saying in the cultivation world, ‘three levels a chasm’. The meaning was that in cultivation, whenever you ran into the third level, there would be a large heavenly chasm separating levels.

In terms of the minor realms, the third Heavenstage represented a large dividing line. From the initial to mid stages was a large gap that was difficult to leap across.

The sixth Heavenstage and ninth Heavenstage were multiples of three and also followed that reasoning. The difficulty at those levels jumped. But once you were past those levels, your combat strength would also increase greatly.

And so with multiples of three as the foundation, the early, mid and late stages were clear dividing marks that were difficult to cross.

And the Tendon Transformation realm would be the major realms’ first third. First Qi Condensation, then Blood Condensation, and then finally the third was Tendon Transformation.

So the families of these genius disciples viewed this realm as incredibly important. They even sent their talented junior generation to the Xuantian Monastery despite the danger of them dying, all for this flawless advancement.

They were all geniuses who possessed at least bronze Spirit Roots. Adding on a flawless advancement, their foundations were now as steady as Mt Tai. Their combat strength would also be absolutely shocking.

That was also why these geniuses were able to easily kill the secular world’s Tendon Transformation experts, but in front of their senior apprentice-brothers who were also Tendon Transformation experts, they were unable to even say a word.

The difference between the secular world and cultivation world’s Tendon Transformation experts was so great that they were simply not on the same level. Now, these geniuses had also broken through to Tendon Transformation. 

Although their auras had yet to stabilize since they had only just broken through, they were completely confident that even a hundred of the secular world’s Tendon Transformation experts would be unable to harm them in the slightest. That was the confidence that came from a flawless advancement.

“A spring breeze suddenly blew by; thousands of trees burst into blossom[1].” Watching the rising sun, Long Chen was emotionally moved into muttering this line.

A light laugh came from behind Long Chen. Tang Wan-er was smiling, appearing like a goddess with the backdrop of the red sunrise.

She laughed, “Why does such a beautiful verse end up sounding so sorrowful coming from your mouth? Are you still bitter?”

Long Chen rolled his eyes. “Do you even have to ask? Everyone is blooming while I’m not advancing at all.”

Tang Wan-er laughed even more when she saw how aggrieved he was. Gently patting his shoulder, she put on the likeness of a big sister and said, “Don’t worry, now that big sis has advanced to the Tendon Transformation realm, and with a perfect advancement, I guarantee I won’t let you suffer any losses.”

When she had advanced, the ancestral mark on her forehead had once more appeared, lighting up the entire cave and causing her aura to surge.

At that time Long Chen had been very amazed. Now with what she said, he immediately understood that that was perhaps a manifestation of a perfect advancement.

Seeing how pleased Tang Wan-er was, although he didn’t get jealous, he still didn’t exactly like this feeling. Did he really need to rely on a woman to protect him? Then would he even be Long Chen?

“What? You don’t believe I can protect you?” asked Tang Wan-er when she saw how sulky he was.

Long Chen shook his head. “I believe you can protect me, but I feel like a beautiful woman like you… has a temperament which changes like the fickle weather. I feel like if you really want to protect me, you should just give your heart to me, that way I’ll be relieved- aiya!”

Long Chen hadn’t even finished talking before Tang Wan-er gave him a kick in the butt.

“You immoral girl, is this how you show interest in my butt?” raged Long Chen. Now that she had advanced to the Tendon Transformation realm, her kicks were capable of greatly hurting him.

Tang Wan-er ground her teeth. “Interested? Of course, I’m interested. I’m interested in all of you! Did you forget how you bullied me in the beginning? But I remembered everything. Big sis can finally take some revenge today.”

With a wave of her hand, heaven and earth shook like a wild gale that could be seen with the visible eye enveloped Long Chen. That was Tang Wan-er’s wind energy.

This time there really was not even the slightest omen of her making her move. After advancing to Tendon Transformation, the wind energy in her body had become so powerful that she could move it at will without storing up any power.

Long Chen was completely shocked. Her wind energy had become many times stronger; he was completely unable to dodge.

“Aiiyaa!” Long Chen let out a sharp cry as he was picked up by the wild hurricane and spun around.

“Hehe, I really didn’t expect that you were this good of a dancer. You’re definitely most handsome like this,” Tang Wan-er laughed, clapping her hands excitedly.

Ever since meeting Long Chen, it seemed that she had always been the one at a disadvantage, being teased and taken advantage of by Long Chen. Now she finally had a chance to play with Long Chen.

“Heeyyy, stop!!!” cried Long Chen.

“Nope, can’t stop won’t stop. Having bullied me for so long, big sis is going to get some revenge.” How could Tang Wan-er release Long Chen so easily?

“Stop, I’m dizzy! I’m going to throw up!”

Tang Wan-er was startled, seeing that Long Chen’s face truly was green and it didn’t seem as if he was faking. She quickly released her wind energy and put on a pleased smile. “Fine, this time I’ll let you off. Let’s see if you dare again- ah!”

As soon as Long Chen was released, he dizzily stumbled around, crashing into Tang Wan-er head-on as she was lecturing him. The two of them tumbled to the ground.

This time, Long Chen was not doing it on purpose. He really was incredibly dizzy. Back when he was a child and would play spin the circle, he would only be able to spin ten times before getting nauseous.

As for just now, he had been spun by Tang Wan-er over a hundred times. It went without saying that even an ordinary person wouldn’t be able to bear it.

And it was even worse for Long Chen since he was so easily spun dizzy. If Tang Wan-er had continued, he really would have thrown up.

When she had released him, he had immediately felt the world spinning around him. Stars spun all around his head. Unable to stay standing, he had been looking for something to grab onto as support when he had fallen onto a goddess.

Tang Wan-er was scared witless for a moment after being hugged by Long Chen like this. Her heart pounded and her face was already completely red. For some reason, she also felt an unknown feeling creeping into her heart.

That kind of feeling was extremely strange to her. Smelling the male scent coming from his body, she forgot to struggle.

“What are you guys doing??” Qing Yu had just broken through to Tendon Transformation. Previously, it had been Tang Wan-er guarding her. But now that she had finished and   walked out, she immediately saw Long Chen hugging Tang Wan-er with both of them on the ground.

Tang Wan-er let out a startled cry and pushed Long Chen away, her face red as an apple and unable to say anything.

“Wan-er, you’re bullying Long Chen again!” Qing Yu sighed dejectedly.

“What?! It’s clearly Long Chen bullying me!” Tang Wan-er felt a bit wronged.

“The facts are right in front of you. Look at Long Chen; his eyes are blue, his skin is green, his lips are purple…”

Qing Yu’s voice continuously rang out in Long Chen’s ears. As he felt heaven and earth spinning around him, he still could hear that voice completely clearly. When exactly had he become so multi-colored?

Two hours later, Long Chen and Tang Wan-er walked out of their immortal cave with their heads down. The two of them had clearly been scolded by Qing Yu for that entire time.

Tang Wan-er apologetically said, “Sorry, I didn’t know you were weak to this.”

That also couldn’t be blamed on Tang Wan-er. Who would have imagined someone as powerful as Long Chen was afraid of being spun?

“Ah, I only have that one weak point, but it’s been noticed by you. You’ll need to keep that secret for me,” said Long Chen bitterly.

Tang Wan-er nodded and solemnly vowed, “I promise I’ll never tell anyone.”

Looking at the apologetic Tang Wan-er, Long Chen put on an aggrieved expression. “Just now I was spun so dizzy that I wasn’t able to carefully feel the sensation of hugging a beautiful woman. Then sister Wan-er, can you have some pity on junior brother and let me feel it once more?”

“Long Chen, are you asking for a spanking?” Tang Wan-er raised her small fist at him.

“Ugh, fine. I find you’re really becoming more and more petty.” Long Chen shook his head.

“Scoundrel, what does this have to do with being petty?!”

“Hey, oh beautiful woman, pay more attention to your words and expressions. You’re our Heaven Earth Faction’s old boss, the true representative of our faction. Remember not to embarrass us,” reminded Long Chen.

“Wasn’t this because you angered me?!” Tang Wan-er snorted. “And what do you mean old boss? It’s faction leader, thank you very much! Why does everything that comes out of your mouth end up sounding so vexatious?”

“Ah, I guess you can be called the head or perhaps boss. Right, boss, where are you bringing me?” asked Long Chen.

“We’re going to the Xuantian pavilion to get our personal rations as well as the faction rations. Didn’t you say you wanted to gather many ingredients? As long as you have enough points, you can obtain anything within the Xuantian pavilion. So this time, I’m going to give you my points to use as well. Raising your strength is the most important,” explained Tang Wan-er.

Looking at Tang Wan-er, he was truly moved inside. Tang Wan-er truly was a good leader. “Sister Wan-er, I-”

“Don’t pretend to be moved. Tch, I really despise you.” Tang Wan-er directly cut him off, turning her head and not facing him.

Long Chen was wooden for a moment. It seemed their pattern had changed now. Before he could even say anything, his intentions were completely seen through by her. That was quite the blow to his confidence.

On their way, the two of them ran into quite a few people. But the majority of those people were strangers. The only familiar faces that they saw were from Ye Zhiqiu’s faction. Those people greeted them politely before walking away.

[1] This comes from a Tang dynasty poem 白雪歌送武判官归京  by a poet Cen Can, who was good friends with the great poet Li Bai. As found on Wikipedia, a rough translation of the title is A Song of White Snow in Farewell to Field-clerk Wu Going Home.

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