Chapter 1819 Birdman of the Ancient Races

Hua Ziguang couldn’t help being shocked. When Long Chen patted him on the back, he didn’t have any ability to resist. His spiritual yuan was completely suppressed. For a person to completely suppress another person’s spiritual yuan, they would need at least several times the amount of spiritual yuan the other person possessed.

Although Hua Ziguang was also a disciple belonging to one of the top powers within the Martial Heaven Alliance, he couldn’t fully trust Long Chen.

However, this one move showed him that if Long Chen wanted to kill him, he wouldn’t have any ability to resist.

Now he knew just how terrifying the devil king of the Eastern Wasteland was.

Long Chen pulled on the fish net. It quickly reached the surface with seven Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish inside.

Hua Ziguang was delighted. He had spent an exorbitant amount of effort just to get one, but Long Chen had gotten seven so quickly.

Of the seven Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish, three were large, and four were small. The large ones were around a foot long, while the smaller ones were only three inches long. It went without saying that Hua Ziguang’s craftsmanship was amazing. Even these small fish hadn’t been able to escape his net.

Upon being dragged out of the water, the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish seemed to lose their agility and nimbleness. They were still sluggish, with the medicinal effects having not yet faded.

Hua Ziguang took out a wooden barrel and carefully released them within, adding some of the lake water. This way, they wouldn’t die too quickly. They should be able to survive at least a month.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, you can keep them.” Hua Ziguang respectfully handed them to Long Chen. They had been caught by him. He was worried that Long Chen would be irritated if he took them.

“You can keep them.” Long Chen waved his hand. He had already examined these fish. The larger the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish, the more essence they had. The smaller ones were no good.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, let’s continue releasing the net and catch some more. When others come, they’ll disturb us, and it’ll be almost impossible to catch more,” pressed Hua Ziguang upon seeing Long Chen looking around instead of releasing the net again.

“This is the border. The fish are too small. Let’s go test some deep areas.” Long Chen began flying over to the center of the lake.

The lake was so large that they couldn’t see the end of it. Long Chen and Hua Ziguang flew for two hours without seeing the other side. Long Chen finally felt that this was enough and released the net.

He suddenly found that the string they had to drag the net back was too short. Fortunately, Hua Ziguang was smart and had stored more of the tree bark. He rapidly made more rope, and the net quickly reached the bottom.

It only took a few breaths’ time before a mass of Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish appeared at the bottom.

Hua Ziguang hastily formed hand seals, completely suppressing his own aura without Long Chen needing to remind him. He spiritually said, “Heavens, senior apprentice-brother Long Chen… there are so many of them, and they’re so big!”

Even his spiritual voice was quivering with excitement. These Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish were giant. At the very least, there were thousands of them, and the larger ones were three feet long.

Long Chen was also delighted. However, he quickly found that things weren’t working. The large fish entered the net and left sullenly because the net was too small to allow them to reach the bait. Only a few of them ate the bait and were trapped.

He quickly pulled up the net, startling any remaining fish away. Only a dozen of them were caught inside, having eaten the bait.

However, all of them were over a foot long. The larger ones were two feet long with astonishing Blood Qi.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, we’ve struck gold! Ten fish on this level are enough to fully awaken a person’s bloodline power!” exclaimed Hua Ziguang.

The giant Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish probably took several centuries to grow so long. If they sent the net down again, they would obtain enough for the two of them to use.

At this time, a portion of the net had been broken by the larger fish. Hua Ziguang was about to repair it when he was stopped by Long Chen.

“You can keep these fish. As for the net, I’m not using it anymore.”

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, you…”

“These fish should be enough for you, so there’s no need for you to risk any more danger. I’m preparing to use a different method to fish, and it might be risky, so you can leave.”

Long Chen had found that this method was insufficient to catch the largest fish. He also didn’t have time to create a larger, sturdier net. He wanted to take a risk before more people came.

Furthermore, he not only needed large fish, but he needed an incredible amount of them, or there wouldn’t be enough for the Dragonblood warriors.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, how can you say that? If it weren’t for you, I probably wouldn’t have gotten even one. I know how to repay kindness. If you think I’ll leave just because of some danger, aren’t you looking down on me?” said Hua Ziguang. Having received Long Chen’s favor and gaining such a treasure, how could he leave him now?

“No, you misunderstand. That’s alright, you can stay. Help guard me. If anyone gets close, have them scram so that they don’t disturb the fish. If they don’t listen to your warning, kill them. Can you do that?” asked Long Chen.

“Don’t worry, as long as I’m alive, I won’t let anyone disturb you.” Hua Ziguang patted his chest.

He had to pay back his debt of the twenty-plus fish that Long Chen had given him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t feel at peace. Even if he knew that he might die in battle soon, he was duty-bound not to turn back.

“Alright, then stay in the air and keep an eye on the surroundings.”

Long Chen’s mind sank into the primal chaos space. He cut off several branches from a World Tree, forming a canoe.

He then applied a lot of medicinal powders and crushed spiritual pills onto the bottom of the boat. He wanted to bait the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish to him.

Once he was done with this, he inscribed runes onto the bottom of the canoe with the powders. These runes could fully unleash the odor of the medicinal powders and also keep their essence within the runes.

Once this was done, Long Chen released the canoe onto the lake. He crushed a large mass of medicinal pills and released them slowly into the water.

Very quickly, a shocking scene appeared. Countless Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish began slowly swimming out of the bottom of the lake and toward Long Chen.

This time, Long Chen had used over seven hundred kinds of fragrant powders as well as various spiritual fruits and flowers. These all posed a fatal attraction to the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish.

“Heavens, is that a… fish king?”

Up in the sky, Hua Ziguang saw it clearly. Long Chen’s position was covered in blood-colored figures, but now a giant fish three meters long had appeared.

One, two, three… There were over ten of those giant fish now. Long Chen was delighted. Those fish kings were the real treasure that he wanted.

Just as he was about to pull them in, a figure suddenly flew through the air. He had a pair of wings on his back and an eagle’s nose. He was clearly from the ancient races.

“Friend, please leave. Otherwise, don’t blame me for what happens.”

That ancient race expert had just appeared and hadn’t even gotten close before Hua Ziguang appeared in front of him.

He ignored Hua Ziguang, looking at where Long Chen was.

“There are actually Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish, hahaha!” The ancient race expert laughed loudly, his aura erupting. Killing intent filled the air.

Hua Ziguang was startled and infuriated. He slashed his sword at this expert, but he simply sneered.

“Long Chen, you want to get the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish? Keep dreaming!” The ancient race expert refused to fight with Hua Ziguang. After unleashing his killing intent, he soared into the sky, vanishing like a phantom.

Once his killing intent was released, those Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish that Long Chen had lured over were instantly startled away. They fled, vanishing without a trace. The speed at which they fled defied imagination.


Upon seeing that many Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish be frightened away by that ancient race expert, Hua Ziguang’s expression was ugly.

“Sorry, I’m too useless. I should have directly killed him instead of warning him,” apologized Hua Ziguang. He was ashamed.

“Even if you had attacked without a warning, it would have been the same. Your killing intent would have frightened off the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish. They’re too wary.” Long Chen shook his head. He wasn’t that angry. Things rarely went smoothly for him in the first place. He was used to it.

“Then what should we do now? That bastard’s too fast. He might come back in a bit,” said Hua Ziguang worriedly.

“He really is troublesome. His ability at running is quite amazing, but his actual power isn’t very great. For someone like him to appear, it means there’s a problem. Maybe the gate to the Yin Yang World has already fully opened, and other experts are pouring in. How’s this? You go in the direction that he fled to guard. I feel like he most likely went to inform other experts from the ancient races. I will try to lure the fish over one more time, while also using a soul art to try to hypnotize them. This time, there can’t be any failure. If you see anyone from the ancient races, you know what to do.” Long Chen took a deep breath.

Forming hand seals, his Spiritual Strength spread rapidly. He tossed entire medicinal pills into the lake.

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