Chapter 1819 Birdman of the Ancient Races (Teaser)

Hua Ziguang couldn’t help being shocked. When Long Chen patted him on the back, he didn’t have any ability to resist. His spiritual yuan was completely suppressed. For a person to completely suppress another person’s spiritual yuan, they would need at least several times the amount of spiritual yuan the other person possessed.

Although Hua Ziguang was also a disciple belonging to one of the top powers within the Martial Heaven Alliance, he couldn’t fully trust Long Chen.

However, this one move showed him that if Long Chen wanted to kill him, he wouldn’t have any ability to resist.

Now he knew just how terrifying the devil king of the Eastern Wasteland was.

Long Chen pulled on the fish net. It quickly reached the surface with seven Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish inside.

Hua Ziguang was delighted. He had spent an exorbitant amount of effort just to get one, but Long Chen had gotten seven so quickly.

Of the seven Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish, three were large, and...

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