Chapter 1818 The Fishing Plan

Hua Ziguang let out a furious roar, and his sword let out a streak of light at the red-haired man on the lakeside.

“Even after being defeated, you dare to send yourself to your death. Today, I’ll-”

That red-haired man sneered upon seeing that violet sword-light. However, within that endless sword-light, he suddenly saw a black-robed man looking at him indifferently. His pupils shrank.

“Long Chen!”


Hua Ziguang’s sword fell. The red-haired man had hastily dodged, while his own whip appeared, unleashing waves that prevented Hua Ziguang from approaching him.

“Sorry, we’re busy.”

The red-haired man rapidly retreated as he summoned his power. His Heavenly Dao energy was soaring, but a cold voice suddenly rang out from behind him, making his hair stand on end.

At some unknown point, Long Chen had appeared behind him. He had no time to even wonder how Long Chen had gotten past his whip. Hence, he swung his whip at Long Chen.

His whip had just moved when a scale-covered hand caught it. He suddenly felt a jolt of numbness. Terrifying thunderforce was actually coming out of Long Chen’s hand.

The power the red-haired man had been about to use to activate his divine item was interrupted. He pulled as hard as he could, but he found that he couldn’t budge his whip.

Just at this moment, violet sword-light pierced through his head.

The red-haired man’s aura vanished. Hua Ziguang’s attack had even killed his Yuan Spirit.

“Nice attack.” Long Chen smiled. He had been very close to the red-haired man, but Hua Ziguang’s attack had stopped just three inches from Long Chen’s head. However, Long Chen didn’t even blink.

The red-haired man’s corpse fell from the sky, and Hua Ziguang shook his head. “Without you, I would have less than thirty percent chance of defeating him. As for killing him, there would probably be no hope at all. I can’t accept your praise.”

“Alright, no need for pleasantries. Look around to see if that Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish of yours is still alive or whether it has been turned to crap.”

Hua Ziguang hastily flipped through the red-haired man’s spatial ring. He found quite a few treasures but no Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish.

Hua Ziguang suddenly stabbed through the red-haired man’s heart, and there was a scarlet sheen to the flowing fresh blood. He cursed, “This bastard ate the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish already. How hateful.”

This fellow had actually eaten it directly. It had to be known that a spiritual treasure like the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish had to be consumed along with many other special medicines in order to fully stimulate its spiritual nature. Eating it directly meant that over fifty percent of its energy would be wasted. Thinking of that, Hua Ziguang had an urge to tear this corpse into a million pieces.

“This bastard definitely learned how I had lured the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish, so he didn’t want to leave,” said Hua Ziguang. He looked at some leftover bait of his that was on the ground.

Long Chen glanced at it and saw over ten kinds of precious fruits and flowers crushed and pasted together. Hua Ziguang was quite smart to use this method. The Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish only liked to eat other things with great spirituality. Moreover, Hua Ziguang had also used a very tiny bamboo hook, as a metal hook was definitely unable to attract the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish.

As for the red-haired man, someone from the ancient races definitely wouldn’t understand something like this. He probably didn’t even recognize the ingredients in the bait. Long Chen also saw a sharp hook that the red-haired man had just made, most likely to imitate Hua Ziguang.

“There’s a formation around this lake, correct?” Long Chen looked at the vast lake.

“Yes. It’s protected by a strange formation, and if you enter the water, your spiritual yuan will be sucked away very quickly. Even your Spiritual Strength and Yuan Spirit energy will rapidly run out. You’ll die within an incense stick’s worth of time. Furthermore, you can’t attack the lake. I tested it and almost got killed by a rain of water arrows,” said Hua Ziguang apprehensively.

Long Chen couldn’t help being lost in thought. Now he was feeling that the Yin Yang World was truly bizarre. How could a masterless world have such a formation protecting a lake?

He looked at the lake. Then he thought of the circular mountain surrounded by Magical Beasts. Everything was so bizarre.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, let’s fish together. With us working together, our chances should improve. Right now, we don’t have to worry about others competing against us, so we should have pretty good odds.” Hua Ziguang had already made several hooks, all made of bamboo. Even his string was made of the finest fibers at the bottom of tree bark. Long Chen hadn’t expected Hua Ziguang to be such a craftsman.

“This kind of fishing method has a very low chance of success. Furthermore, more and more people will be coming as time passes. With so many people from various powers coming, these Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish will definitely flee when they sense their killing intent.” Long Chen shook his head.

According to Yan Nantian, the Netherpassage experts had sacrificed so much of their life and death energy to send only the best of the best inside the Yin Yang World, just to get them ten to fifteen days of golden treasure-hunting time.

During this time, the number of people within the Yin Yang World was very low. Hence, their chances of having to fight over treasures were also low. This was the best time to gain some benefits.

Once a huge mass of experts entered, there would be opposition. Sometimes an enemy might just destroy a treasure that they couldn’t obtain just so you also couldn’t obtain it.

Cooking a good stew wasn’t easy, but ruining it was simple. All you had to do was toss a ball of dung inside.

This was the ninth day since they had entered the Yin Yang World. Time was going too quickly. It had taken Long Chen several days to get around the nest of Magical Beasts. His time had been wasted.

If people started entering tomorrow, then there was no chance to succeed with Hua Ziguang’s method. Any expert from the ancient races, Corrupt path, or the Xuan Beasts could just toss a stone in the water, shout, or release the slightest killing intent, and it would scare away the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish.

“Then what do we do? If we don’t do anything, we won’t have any chance at all,” said Hua Ziguang anxiously.

“Here, use the tree bark to make a net. We’ll net the fish,” said Long Chen.

“What? The Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish are very slippery. That kind of net won’t catch them. They’ll run,” said Hua Ziguang.

“It’s fine. The main thing is the bait. I’m an alchemist, and I can make a bait that they can't resist. Once they eat it, they’ll fall asleep. Once there’s enough of them, we’ll pull up the net,” said Long Chen.

“Alright, then I’ll listen to you.” Hua Ziguang still followed Long Chen’s instructions even though he doubted them. He flew to the forest and began stripping a tree bark. Based on Long Chen’s design, he was weaving a net.

Long Chen was very familiar with this kind of net. When he was young, he was constantly bullied. Without any companions, he always stealthily ran over to the outskirts. Having often seen fishermen fishing, he knew a great deal about this kind of fish trap.

Once the fish entered the trap, the design made it difficult for them to leave. The inside was like a maze with only one exit.

Hua Ziguang was creating the trap, while Long Chen was picking out special spiritual ingredients from the primal chaos space. It included seeds, flowers, and fruit.

The Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish possessed great spirituality and only liked other things with great spirituality. This was something Long Chen understood even better than Hua Ziguang.

He picked out the best ingredients. Mashing them together, he made a flower ring.

“Hm, it looks like a floral wreath? Well, that’s fine.” Long Chen wasn’t very satisfied with his own craftsmanship, but he decided that it was good enough.

With the flower ring complete, Long Chen also began refining some powders. He sprinkled them on the flower ring, and it began absorbing the powders.

Long Chen was done quickly, but Hua Ziguang was still busy working, so Long Chen joined him. They quickly finished the fish trap.

After finding a place near the shore with deep water, they slowly dropped the fish trap. There was a single long string the thickness of an egg attached to it. It was very sturdy.

The water was clearly clear, and with their vision, they were able to see the bottom of the lake. They quickly saw two-foot-long figures flit out of a crack at the bottom and swim over to Long Chen’s flower ring.

“They’ve appeared!” exclaimed Hua Ziguang.

However, his excitement seemed to have startled the two Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish, and they vanished back into the cracks at the bottom.

“Your emotional fluctuations will be sensed by them. Calm down.” Long Chen patted Hua Ziguang on the shoulder.

“Sorry, I know.”

Long Chen waved his hand, indicating that it was fine.

About an incense stick’s worth of time later, those two Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish swam back up. However, this time, they were very wary. They swam back and forth, moving as quick as lightning.

After swimming around the trap several times, they finally slowly swam inside.

They quickly reached the end. They swam around the flower ring a few times before carefully touching the fruit and petals Long Chen had added.

When the first one finished eating a small petal, its movements became sluggish. The other one was also starting to react to the medication Long Chen had added.

Just as Hua Ziguang’s heartbeat was quickening from excitement, Long Chen lightly pressed a hand against his back. His powerful Spiritual Yuan sealed all the fluctuations coming from Hua Ziguang’s body. “Don’t get emotional. You’ll scare them off.”

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