Chapter 1817 Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish

Even with Long Chen’s guts, he jumped. There was a circular mountain area in the distance, and there were powerful Magical Beasts around it for tens of thousands of miles.

They had gathered neatly around the mountain. They had their eyes closed, seeming to be absorbing something.

Amongst them were various breeds, but they were all twelfth rank Magical Beasts. Even without using his Spiritual Strength, Long Chen was able to sense their terrifying auras. The ones closest to the ring were the most terrifying.

“If these Magical Beasts were to invade the Martial Heaven Continent, it would be the apocalypse.” Long Chen gulped.

He had an urge to fly over and see what was going on in that circular mountain, but he suppressed that crazy urge.

He couldn’t even count how many terrifying Magical Beasts were surrounding it. The closest ones weren’t as orderly as the ones where he was. Instead, they were randomly laying about.

“What is going on?”

Long Chen was befuddled. There were so many twelfth rank Magical Beasts here, motionless.

He slowly slid down the wolf. This place was too strange. Even he didn’t dare to go any further and decided to make a detour.

Once Long Chen was off, the wolf stood up. Perhaps it had been kneeling for too long, hence, it stretched, its huge mouth opening as wide as possible. However, it didn’t make any sound at all. It seemed that all the Magical Beasts here had agreed not to make any unnecessary sound.

“That’s…!” When it stood, Long Chen suddenly noticed a hole in the ground beneath it. Bursts of immortal spiritual qi were coming from it.

Before he could get a closer look, the wolf knelt again, blocking it. It looked at Long Chen for a moment before closing its eyes and meditating again.

“Are they using the energy here to cultivate?” Long Chen felt like he had seen the truth. It was no wonder they were so neatly spread out. They were absorbing that mysterious energy.

As for the powerful Magical Beasts surrounding the circular mountain, they had probably taken the best spots.

Long Chen hesitated. He pushed apart the wolf’s fur and tried to get underneath it, wanting to investigate this hole. Perhaps there was some treasure within.

However, he had just moved when the wolf pushed Long Chen aside. It glared at Long Chen, baring its fangs at him.

“I just want to take a look! I won’t disturb your cultivation,” said Long Chen.

Unfortunately, the wolf continued to bare its fangs at him menacingly.

“Fuck, with just this intelligence, you are only capable of being a Magical Beast. That Spirit Awakening Pill isn’t able to pierce your wooden head.” Long Chen was speechless. This wolf didn’t understand him at all. Or perhaps even if it did, it wouldn’t trust him. He could only leave.

Long Chen went in another direction, slowly making a detour around this area of Magical Beasts. The further he went, the less common they became. That actually made him even more careful.

Now that he was further away, these Magical Beasts wouldn’t have any misgivings about attacking him if he entered their territory.

As he was traveling, Long Chen suddenly looked to the left. He sensed the aura of a human expert.

“Who’s there?”

Long Chen had just gotten closer when Sword Qi slashed toward him. He easily dodged.

“I’m not here to attack you. I came to exchange maps,” said Long Chen indifferently. “Hm, you’re injured?”

“So it was senior apprentice-brother Long Chen.” The person Long Chen had sensed was a wary man. He sighed when he saw Long Chen. His face turned pale as his attempt at acting tough to cover up his injuries vanished. His aura became chaotic.

“What happened?” asked Long Chen. He handed over a medicinal pill.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, this… is too precious. If you just guard me for four hours, I can fully recover.” That disciple was stunned when he looked at that medicinal pill. It was a top tenth tier medicinal pill.

Although he was also a disciple of the Martial Heaven Alliance, the Martial Heaven Alliance was immense, and it wasn’t as if he had had any past relations with Long Chen. He was too embarrassed to accept.

“I don’t have that much time to guard you. Just take it. After exchanging maps, we can hurry up with searching. Based on how much time has passed, the Yin Yang World should be fully open soon. A huge wave of people will be entering, so our chances of finding treasures will drop,” said Long Chen, directly tossing the pill to him.

The disciple gratefully accepted the pill and swallowed it. Rumbling sounds came from his body. His manifestation appeared behind him, and his injuries rapidly healed.

The disciple immediately took out his map, while Long Chen took out his. The two of them examined them and quickly confirmed where they met up.

“Don’t go here. This place is filled with terrifying Magical Beasts. When you exchange maps in the future, if they’re on our side, warn them of this. If they’re enemies, say that there are Magical Beasts gathered here and it’s very bizarre. The situation is unclear, but there might be treasures,” said Long Chen.

The disciple nodded. After hesitating, he said, “Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, I have something to say that I don’t know if I should mention…”

“If you have something to say, then just say it. We’re all busy.”

“Well… I actually removed one spot from this map. That place… there are treasures.”

“Of course you wouldn’t share where the treasures are with others. I wouldn’t share it either,” said Long Chen indifferently.

From this person’s injuries, Long Chen had guessed that he had been attacked by others due to treasures. Treasures that someone else found were their matter, so Long Chen wasn’t angry.

“Speaking of it really shames me. I’ll make a long story short: I saw a giant lake in that direction. There were Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish from the ancient legends inside that lake…”

“Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish? The ones that legends say can revive a person’s bloodline and make their Spirit Blood surge? The Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish capable of reviving the power of one’s ancestors?”

“Yes, them.”

Now Long Chen couldn’t remain as calm as before. Those fish were treasures from ancient times. They were like catfish, but their entire bodies were as red as blood.

In the Martial Heaven Continent, they had long since gone extinct. In fact, their entire existence was a legend. People suspected whether or not they had ever existed.

Even in the ancient era, the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish was an extremely rare existence. They were lifeforms with their own spirituality. Although they didn’t possess any attacking power, they were very smart. The legends said that they only lived in environments with the purest spiritual qi. If the spiritual qi was too sparse, they would die.

Just based on their living environment, there was no way they could survive in a world like the Martial Heaven Continent. Even with spirit gathering formations, it wasn’t enough. The Martial Heaven Continent’s spiritual qi was no longer pure enough.

That was why Long Chen was so shocked to hear this disciple mention them. The Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish could greatly help him and the Dragonblood Legion.

The fish were able to excavate the greatest and most ancient power of a person’s bloodline. That was practically a heaven-defying ability.

“I noticed the lake first, and I spent five full days luring one of the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish. But as soon as it came out of the water, a bastard from the ancient races sneak attacked me. If I didn’t have armor protecting me, I’d have probably died. However, not only was I heavily injured, but he even snatched away the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish,” said the disciple hatefully.

Now Long Chen had understood. This disciple had definitely been extremely excited at that time, while his sneak attacker was someone of great patience, having attacked at the very moment this disciple had succeeded. For him to have survived that sneak attack was already impressive.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, I wonder…” The disciple didn’t know how to actually ask the question he wanted to.

Long Chen laughed. “Let’s go. I won’t let you leave with nothing for such valuable information. Of course, the prerequisite is that we can obtain some of those Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish.”

“I’m confident. To tell the truth, the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish are extremely important to me. My ancestral bloodline has completely declined. If I could use the Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish to revive it, I would be able to bring honor to my ancestors. It’s my greatest wish in life. My father is already so old, but he still used his life and death energy to send me through. I hope you won’t laugh at me for being stingy,” said the disciple awkwardly. The two of them began flying through the air.

Long Chen naturally wouldn’t bother him over this. The Scarlet Blood Spirit Fish was incredibly precious, and he also wouldn’t share information about them with others for free.

“What’s your name?”

“Sorry, I am Hua Ziguang from the Violet Light Sword Sect.”

“The Western Xuan Region’s Violet Light Sword Sect is quite famous. Based on your name, your sect must have great hopes for you.[1]” Long Chen nodded. He had heard of this sect, as there were very few sword cultivator sects with any fame other than the Heavenly Sword Gate.

Long Chen was about to ask about the situation in the Western Xuan Region, or more precisely, what had that fellow Mo Nian been up to, but suddenly, the mountain range in front of them ended. A lake appeared with immortal mist curled around it. The spiritual qi here was so dense that just taking a breath would refresh a person’s entire body.

“Bastard, so you’re still here!”

Hua Ziguang suddenly let out a furious roar. His sword came out of its sheath, and a violet sword-light erupted, attacking a person at the lakeside.

[1] His name Zi Guang means Violet Light.

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