Chapter 1816 Endless Magical Beasts

“So that’s what’s going on. No wonder he didn’t care about the Martial Heaven Alliance.

Long Chen had slain this person’s Yuan Spirit and gone through his memories. Although some memories were sealed, he still managed to gain some useful information from the fragments of his soul. That person’s sect had already cast its lot with Pill Valley.

As for Pill Valley, they had guaranteed that after their sect left the Martial Heaven Alliance, as long as they didn’t attack the Corrupt path, the Corrupt path wouldn’t dare to touch a hair on their heads.

That was the same as what Long Chen had predicted. Without that promise, they wouldn’t dare to leave the Martial Heaven Alliance.

The Corrupt path was most likely watching from the sidelines. At least, based on the current state of the continent, the fracturing of the Martial Heaven Alliance was extremely beneficial to them.

What the Corrupt path feared was a united Righteous path. Whether the Righteous path was fully united by Qu Jianying or Pill Valley, they would pose a fatal threat to them.

However, now the Righteous path was split between Pill Valley and Qu Jianying. Neither of them was able to fully unite the Righteous path, so the Corrupt path was happy to just keep watching them shoot themselves in their collective feet.

Through that person’s memories, Long Chen had learned that it wasn’t just Pill Valley. Even the ancient races, the ancient family alliance, the Xuan Beasts, and the other top forces of the continent had expressed that they would support any sects leaving the Martial Heaven Alliance, making them feel even safer.

“What a pack of fools. The Righteous path is being split up, and in the end, it will be devoured bit by bit. Is a verbal guarantee worth anything? Are they going to spend their lives listening to them for survival?” sneered Long Chen.

Perhaps there was more behind it, but no matter how many benefits had been given to those sects, it didn’t change the fact that a fractured Righteous path was much weaker. Once the Righteous path was fractured, the Righteous sects would lose more power and authority gradually. Like this, the entire world’s power structure would change.

“Pill Valley seems to have grown restless. It seems the Huayun Sect conducts its business better.”

Even now, the Huayun Sect had only revealed the tip of the iceberg. They showed great farsightedness. While the state of the board was still chaotic, it was possible to obtain great profit, but it was also possible to lose everything.

The arrival of the great era hadn’t caused the Huayun Sect to make any large movements. They were still waiting for their chance. They were acting in a much more stable manner than Pill Valley.

Long Chen looked at the crippled cauldron on the ground. After a moment’s hesitation, he decided to just leave it there. It was already fully broken. 

After all, his current status was no longer the same. If he brought it back to Guo Ran, through Guo Ran’s tempering and dissolution process, he would be able to come out with some good materials, but it would be at most a hundredth of the materials that had gone into the cauldron. It wasn’t worth it to waste so much effort for that. 

He took out a beast hide as well as a brush. He began to draw his own map. This map belonged to the expert he had just slain, and it recorded the places he had gone. Long Chen added the places he had gone to it.

Within the Yin Yang World, slowly probing the entire environment was the only option. It was also the simplest option.

When two people encountered each other, they could share their maps. There would definitely be some areas that corresponded.

Normally, as long as the two sides weren’t mortal enemies, everyone would always choose to exchange maps. This was beneficial to everyone.

Looking at the map, Long Chen cursed. This fellow had only encountered two twelfth rank Magical Beasts on his path. As for himself, he had encountered them over and over again. If it hadn’t been for the ‘protection’ of the Heaven Devouring Ants, he would have been trapped by Magical Beasts. He felt like he had fallen into a Magical Beast hive.

Hopefully, Ye Lingshan wasn’t so unlucky. Long Chen prayed for her, but considering the luck of an Empyrean, he felt that she should be fine.

Without the Heaven Devouring Ants, he had to be more careful. Evilmoon was focused on devouring the dragon marrow and couldn’t help him for now. As for the dragon teeth, their will had not been erased, so they weren’t too useful yet. The Heaven Flipping Seal had just used up the majority of its energy. Right now, he had lost many of his trump cards and needed to be more careful.

As he carefully advanced, he kept his aura fully suppressed. He encountered quite a few terrifying auras, but this was Long Chen’s first time obediently detouring around them all.

What made Long Chen speechless was that the area he was going through was filled with twelfth rank Magical Beasts. Sometimes there was only a thousand miles between two of the Magical Beasts.

This was extremely rare. A twelfth rank Magical Beast’s attack could cover tens of thousands of miles, so such a short distance was clearly threatening. However, they were all living peacefully. That was a bizarre scenario.

“Something must be up with this region.” Long Chen came to a quick conclusion. If these were all Magical Beasts of the same race, perhaps it would be possible, but they were all of different breeds.

Although he didn’t dare to get too close to them, just based on his spiritual perception, he could sense a subtle balance between these Magical Beasts. It was a strange feeling.

“It’s too bad Meng Qi isn’t here, or she’d be able to find some clues. I’ll have to record this place. Meng Qi and the others should be entering soon. Once they’re in, we’ll come together.” Long Chen made a mental note of this.

The further he went, the more concentrated these Magical Beasts became. He felt like he had truly entered a hive of Magical Beasts.

Clenching his teeth, Long Chen carefully crept toward a phoenix lying on a large mountain. One of its giant eyes suddenly opened, and it glanced at Long Chen before actually ignoring him.

“Is that one sleeping? These Magical Beasts are definitely not normal. It seems they’ve come to an agreement not to disturb each other.”

Long Chen brazenly repeated this experiment on a white wolf. When he got close, it still continued lying on the ground.

Looking at this wolf, a trace of sorrow appeared in his heart. He thought of Little Snow. Little Snow’s crystal core was currently being nourished in the Myriad Spirit Diagram.

According to Meng Qi, the Myriad Spirit Diagram was a marvel that was constantly strengthening Little Snow’s crystal core. It was like a seed being constantly strengthened by the Myriad Spirit Diagram’s miraculous energy.

If Long Chen could subdue a twelfth rank Magical Beast, it would even be possible to merge Little Snow’s crystal core with it and take over its body.

Long Chen was a bit moved upon seeing this wolf, but he decided against it. This place was surrounded by twelfth rank Magical Beasts, and wanting to fight it one against one was impossible.

Furthermore, the intelligence of Magical Beasts wasn’t high. If Little Snow was affected and its intelligence dropped, that would be terrible.

A Magical Beast wasn’t his target. Magical Beasts weren’t very talented. They were mostly limited by their breeds. If a Magical Beast’s limit was the ninth rank, then it would never be able to break through to the tenth rank.

Little Snow had previously broken through its limits repeatedly, resulting in a mutation. But even a mutation had its limits. In the end, it was unable to break through any further and took a curse for Long Chen, dying.

So Long Chen didn’t want this to happen again. He wanted a powerful Xuan Beast for Little Snow to take over, something on the level of True Immortal Jiaoqi and preferably a wolf type Xuan Beast.

Long Chen got even closer to the wolf. It glared at Long Chen, baring its fangs threateningly, but it didn’t make a sound.

“I have no evil intentions. I just want to take a look. I won’t say or do anything.” Long Chen waved his hand to it, indicating that he wasn’t threatening it. He had just come to see what was going on.

Although the intelligence of Magical Beasts was very low, with the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, Long Chen was able to clearly convey his own will to others. This wolf should be able to sense what he was trying to say.

As he had thought, the wolf’s guard lowered slightly. It looked at Long Chen who was like a mosquito to it. It seemed it truly felt like there was no threat.

Only then did Long Chen climb up a tall tree. A chill ran through his back. He saw giant Magical Beasts covering this land.

Some of them were so huge that they blocked his sight, so he couldn’t get a look at the core. He ran over to the wolf.

“Hey, can you help me out?”

Long Chen offered a medicinal pill. It was a Spirit Awakening Pill, a tenth tier giant pill filled with spirituality.

It was one of the top grade pills he had stolen from Pill Valley. The Spirit Awakening Pill was used for increasing the intelligence of Magical Beast housepets. It would make it easier for them to fight alongside their master. Although it wouldn’t make them as intelligent as a human, it still had some effect.

Considering that it was a tenth tier pill, it wasn’t that effective for a twelfth rank Magical Beast, but its spiritual fluctuations made the wolf’s eyes brighten. Long Chen tossed it into its mouth.

The wolf hesitated, but its intuition told it that this was something good. It swallowed the pill.

Without another word, Long Chen climbed up the wolf’s head.

Standing on its giant head, he had an even greater view. When he looked into the distance, he almost staggered off the wolf’s head.

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