Chapter 1815 The Power of the Dragon Teeth

Long Chen had just walked out of the cave when a giant cauldron locked him down with its divine light.

There was a man forming hand seals on top of the cauldron, and Heavenly Dao energy was flowing around him. He was an extremely powerful Empyrean.

He looked coldly at Long Chen. As long as he wished it, his cauldron would launch a fatal blow. It could be said that Long Chen had been careless to land in his trap.

If Long Chen made any strange movements, it would draw a full-strength attack from him. This person was extremely skilled in lying in wait and launching sneak attacks.

“Since you know me, I can’t quite understand why you would target me. Other than that, your robes belong to those of the Righteous path. Why are you making yourself my enemy?” asked Long Chen indifferently.

In this world, the ones who could con Long Chen were Heavenly Fate Island. Everyone else was just playing around futilely. The reason Long Chen had walked out so brazenly was precisely to see what this fellow was thinking.

He was clearly from the Righteous path, and since it was the Martial Heaven Alliance that commanded them, even if they weren’t friends, they shouldn’t be enemies.

The man sneered, feeling that victory was already in his grasp. He confidently said, “Long Chen, you’re too arrogant. Do you think just your name would be able to scare off others? I’ll tell you. If it weren’t for Qu Jianying’s backing, you’d have long since been killed by others. Do you think you’d be able to act so unrestrained otherwise? I admit that in a one against one, I might not be your match, but you’re so arrogant as to not even examine your surroundings with Heavenly Dao energy- oh wait, you’re not even an Empyrean.” 

He hadn’t fought Long Chen before, but he had seen recordings of his fights and he suddenly recalled that Long Chen wasn’t an Empyrean. This guy had been drawn over by a certain aura within this cave, but as soon as he arrived, he sensed terrifying fluctuations from within.

Those fluctuations had quickly calmed down, and he wisely deduced that there had to have been a large battle inside that had just wrapped up. So he had hidden himself to see if there was an opportunity to launch a trap.

He had been pleasantly surprised to see Long Chen brazenly swagger out of the cave. That was a huge opportunity for him.

“Even if you aren’t an Empyrean, you could have at least kept an eye on your surroundings spiritually. If you had, perhaps I wouldn’t have attacked. However, you were too arrogant. Do you really think the Martial Heaven Alliance belongs to you? What stupidity. Hand over the treasures and I’ll let you die a quick death,” sneered the man.

His Heavenly Dao energy was growing stronger. Despite his absolute advantage and having Long Chen right in his trap, he was still on guard. Other than the lock of his divine item, he was also drawing over more Heavenly Dao energy to make sure that Long Chen had no chance to escape.

Long Chen shook his head. “None of that is important. The important thing is that you are a disciple of the Righteous path, but you are still attacking me. Are you not afraid of this matter being spread? The alliance head would destroy your sect.”

That was the point that Long Chen did not understand. No matter how blinded by greed a person was, they wouldn’t take such a huge risk.

“Hahaha, do you think the Martial Heaven Alliance is still the old Martial Heaven Alliance? It has long since stopped being united. Qu Jianying is being a tyrant, ignoring the opposition of the sects to protect you. She has long since made herself enemies amongst the alliance. Our sects don’t even need you to kick us out of the alliance; we’ve already announced that we’re leaving. Other than that, in the Yin Yang World, who would know that I killed you? Even if they did, so what? Killing others for their treasures is normal in the Yin Yang World. I can entirely say that you were the one after my treasures and wanted to kill me for them, so I had no choice but to strike back and accidentally killed you. Hmph, at that time, I might even be called a hero to the common people. Quite a few sects would probably come to thank me.”

Long Chen nodded. “Yes, and most importantly, you’ll be able to make a name for yourself. That’s a pretty good idea worthy of taking this risk.”

“You’re wrong. This isn’t risky at all. You’re already locked down by my Earth Suppressing Soul Cauldron. You are my prey caught in my trap, and there’s no chance for you to reverse the tides. Every bit of your energy is under my watch. As soon as you move, my Earth Suppressing Soul Cauldron will annihilate you. You are already a dead man, so I’d advise you to hand over your treasures quickly. If you do, I won’t humiliate your corpse,” said the man.

His Heavenly Dao energy had reached a peak. He was very crafty. He thought that Long Chen was stalling him, but he was also stalling to strengthen his Heavenly Dao energy. His Earth Suppressing Soul Cauldron was rumbling with power. It had truly sealed all of Long Chen’s paths.

Long Chen seemed to not see this man constantly strengthening his divine item. He said, “Well, I suppose I don’t need to ask any more questions. This is a waste of time.”

“Smart. That’s right, there’s no need to waste any more time. No one will come save you here. Hand over your treasures, first of all, that black saber of yours!”

Long Chen’s Evilmoon was extremely famous within the Martial Heaven Continent. Countless experts were greedy for it. No one had ever managed to figure out its origin, but they knew it was an extremely terrifying divine item.

“Sorry, it’s still busy. How about I give you this?”

A small tooth suddenly appeared in Long Chen’s hand. Its entire body was golden, and runes were flickering on it along with a strong evil air.

That man was delighted to see such a treasure, but his expression immediately changed.


He noticed that this golden dragon tooth’s runes were rapidly growing brighter. A terrifying and fierce aura was rising, a sign that it was about to attack. Hence, he smashed his Earth Suppressing Soul Cauldron at Long Chen.

It was definitely an amazing divine item. Even amongst half-step divine items, it had to be amongst the top. It was no wonder he dared to attack Long Chen.

“Sorry, I’m not tired of life yet.”

Long Chen indifferently smiled. His Yuan Spirit appeared out of his head.

Sitting in midair, his Yuan Spirit formed hand seals. The golden dragon tooth explosively grew, piercing toward the Earth Suppressing Soul Cauldron.


Divine light exploded in the sky, mixed with a scream from that man.

Bang! A giant cauldron smashed into the ground. Its runes had gone completely dim, and there was a hole in its bottom.

That terrifying divine item had actually been pierced by the golden dragon tooth, and its item-spirit had been slain in an instant. It was completely crippled.

As for the golden dragon tooth, after piercing the cauldron, its golden light grew brighter, and it actually broke through the void, trying to flee.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Long Chen shouted, and his Yuan Spirit formed new hand seals. A blood-colored rune lit up on the dragon tooth. After twitching a few times in the sky, it returned into his spiritual space.

Long Chen hadn’t expected the dragon tooth to devour the cauldron’s item-spirit to strengthen itself. After getting a bit stronger, it had instinctively tried to escape his control. But it was suppressed now.

The golden dragon teeth actually had such instincts. It seemed that Long Chen would need to fully erase their wills before he could use them easily. Otherwise, they might try to attack him at any time. Such a weapon was meaningless to possess.

On the other hand, its power was shockingly great. Evilmoon had said that the teeth of the metal devouring evil dragons were the most valuable things on their bodies. Their value far surpassed all their essence blood. So even their reverse scale was ranked second behind their teeth.

The sharpness of the dragon teeth was monstrous. It was no wonder Evilmoon had said that the dark evil dragon race, which was ranked number one amongst the evil dragons, still didn’t dare to let metal devouring evil dragons get close to them. If they were bitten, they would definitely be doomed.

Long Chen put away the dragon tooth and looked at the man. He was currently screaming and clutching his head. Clearly, the destruction of his divine item’s spirit had implicated his own soul. It was no different than having his soul torn apart.

“I think we can properly talk now,” said Long Chen.

Suddenly, a yellow talisman appeared in that man’s hand. He crushed it, and spatial energy surged around him.

This was an extremely ancient transportation talisman that activated almost instantaneously. Regretfully, Long Chen was even faster. A lightning blade slashed through the air, cutting off the man’s head.

His body was transported away, but his head was now in Long Chen’s hand.

“Looks like you don’t want to talk. Alright, I’ll find out for myself!” Long Chen sent a lightning needle into his head.

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