Chapter 1814 Golden Dragon Teeth

“Little Heaven!”

Long Chen shouted, and the Heaven Flipping Seal appeared before him. It transformed into a giant divine seal that slammed forward.


The entire underground world shuddered. The Heaven Flipping Seal was sent flying by the seventy-two golden dragon teeth, smashing into Long Chen’s body.

Long Chen coughed up blood. He felt like his entire body was about to collapse.

These dragon teeth were all incredibly tough. Each one was as heavy as a star. If it hadn’t been for the Heaven Flipping Seal, he’d have definitely died.

Long Chen fled. He definitely couldn’t allow himself to be struck by this attack again.

Just at this moment, Evilmoon stabbed down from the air, inserting itself into the metal devouring evil dragon’s head and nailing it into the ground.

“Long Chen, get over here! Use a dragon blood seal!” shouted Evilmoon.

Long Chen immediately appeared beside Evilmoon, and a blood-colored rune appeared on his forehead. This was the seal used to control Magical Beasts. He didn’t quite know what Evilmoon was planning.

Evilmoon absorbed the blood-colored rune and sent it into the metal devouring evil dragon’s head.

“Bastard, my metal devouring evil dragon race never submits to others!”

“Idiot, who wants you to submit?”

Black qi suddenly burst out of Evilmoon. The golden head was quickly infected by that black qi. Cracks covered it.

Finally, the metal devouring evil dragon’s skull shattered, and a giant crystal core appeared. Long Chen’s blood-colored seal was on top of it.

“I’ll absorb its soul essence, and that will conveniently help you subdue these dragon teeth. Those are true treasures. Focus! Using the crystal core as a foundation, try to control the dragon teeth,” said Evilmoon.

Black qi continued to flow out of Evilmoon. It enveloped the golden crystal core, causing it to start turning black as well.

The roaring of the metal devouring evil dragon could still be heard coming from the crystal core, but it was unable to stop the invasion of the black qi. Its roaring gradually grew quieter.

Just at this moment, the seventy-two golden dragon teeth in the air shuddered. A small blood-colored rune appeared on each of them.

There was no need for Evilmoon to remind him. Long Chen formed hand seals, and his Spiritual Strength was fully activated. It poured into the crystal core, and the blood-colored runes on the seventy-two golden dragon teeth grew brighter and larger. In the end, every dragon tooth was completely covered in the blood-colored runes.

After fully covering the dragon teeth, the blood-colored runes shrank until they left behind a small mark at the bottom of each tooth.

“Success!” Long Chen laughed. He waved his hand, and the seventy-two dragon teeth began to revolve around his body like seventy-two sharp swords. “Hahaha, finally!” These dragon teeth were just like Xiang Yunfei’s bone spears. However, the dragon teeth were far stronger.

“These dragon teeth will be your weapons, so count yourself lucky. If you hadn’t possessed dragon blood, there would have been no way for you to subdue them. But then, calling you lucky is a bit much. Your luck really is garbage. I ended up underestimating the metal devouring evil dragon. If I hadn’t been hiding my aura from the start, a sudden sneak attack from it would have resulted in us being buried here,” said Evilmoon with some apprehension.

It had been too dangerous. If Evilmoon hadn’t severed the metal devouring evil dragon’s body at the start, causing it to lose a large portion of its combat power, they might have died.

If it hadn’t been cut apart, the complete metal devouring evil dragon’s power would have definitely been even greater. It wasn’t claimed to be unrivaled in close combat for nothing.

“Don’t blame everything on my luck. Wasn’t it all because of your own mistake of judgment? Hehe, however, I won’t blame you. As long as the results are good, it’s fine,” laughed Long Chen.

He gripped one of the dragon teeth, and it shrank and grew according to his will. It was as cold as ice, a bone-chilling cold. Most importantly, its weight was absolutely shocking. They were even heavier than Evilmoon. Holding them with one hand was a bit too much.

“No wonder even the Heaven Flipping Seal with its immense defensive power was unable to block them,” muttered Long Chen.

The Heaven Flipping Seal was a defensive divine item, and since its item-spirit was free to grow and unleash its power, it wasn’t limited by Long Chen’s cultivation base. It could be said to be his strongest defensive tool. However, even it almost failed today. Long Chen had almost been killed.

“The metal devouring evil dragon’s strongest point is its ability to gnaw on precious ores and grow stronger from their essence. That’s why their teeth are natural treasures, and they stay with them for a lifetime. Since this metal devouring evil dragon has reached the Death realm, its teeth are definitely much stronger than most half-step divine items. However, without the crystal core, using them will require a great deal of Yuan Spirit energy. Fortunately, your Yuan Spirit is extremely powerful and capable of using them. You should take some time to nourish them with your soul and erase their vigilance toward you. They still have some remnants of their old master’s will, but wiping that out shouldn’t be difficult with your abilities,” said Evilmoon.

Long Chen nodded. He lovingly touched these golden dragon teeth for a while longer before putting them into his spiritual space.

Once there, he used his Spiritual Strength to erase the lingering will of the metal devouring evil dragon. After he was finished with that, he would nourish it, making the teeth feel better toward him.

Other than the dragon teeth, he was also excited to have obtained an evil dragon’s reverse scale. There was a large amount of evil dragon essence blood within it, and it contained all the energy it had been accumulating to attempt its breakthrough to the Samsara realm. Now it had benefited Long Chen. The essence blood inside this reverse scale was enough for all the Dragonblood warriors to use it. Hehe, once they refined the evil dragon essence blood, they would be true Dragonblood warriors.

“You’ve taken the dragon teeth and reverse scale already, but don’t forget the skeletons around. Of course, the metal devouring evil dragon has sucked away the power of their flesh and crystal cores, so you’ll only be able to use them as fertilizer. Before you start tidying up the battlefield, first absorb the metal devouring evil dragon’s skeleton into your primal chaos space. I want to absorb its dragon marrow. Hehe, just wait, Long Chen. I’m going into seclusion, and after I’m done absorbing the dragon marrow, I’ll show you my true power!” laughed Evilmoon excitedly.

This time, Long Chen and Evilmoon had both benefited. Long Chen had gained the seventy-two golden dragon teeth, which would become his strongest weapon, while Evilmoon had obtained the metal devouring evil dragon’s skeleton. Its goal was its dragon marrow.

Long Chen put the metal devouring evil dragon’s skeleton into the primal chaos space. He found a secluded place for Evilmoon to calmly absorb it.

Once Evilmoon absorbed its dragon essence, this corpse would be useless. Originally, Long Chen had also wanted the dragon claws, but Evilmoon had told him that it wasn’t possible.

The dragon claws were different from the dragon teeth. The claws didn’t possess their own runes, so they weren’t very useful. Most importantly, if he took away the dragon claws, the dragon marrow would no longer be complete.

Only then did Long Chen learn that the dragon marrow was not just located in its spinal column, but throughout all of its bones. 

As for its teeth, rather than calling them bones, they were more like solid metal. They were the main tools the metal devouring evil dragon used to eat its food. They might be priceless treasures to Long Chen, but they were useless to Evilmoon. So the two were taking what they each needed.

After handling the metal devouring evil dragon, Long Chen ran over to the mountain of skeletons. Just as Evilmoon said, they were essentially useless. All their energy had been sucked dry. They could only be used as fertilizer.

Long Chen tossed them into the primal chaos space’s black soil. Endless life energy filled the primal chaos space.

That Thick Earth Essence Fruit Tree didn’t even need Long Chen to urge it on. It grew crazily. It was already several times larger than the original tree he had gotten it from, and it was covered with golden fruit that had already fully matured. The essence inside these fruits was also much greater than the original fruit that he had gathered.

As for the World Trees, they had already grown to their peak. They were no longer absorbing life energy. The dense life energy in the primal chaos space was condensing into mist.

Seeing this, Long Chen was delighted. Based on his previous experience, when this mist reached its peak density, it would condense into divine life elixir. That was something that could instantly heal a person. It was a life-saving treasure.

Although Celestials and Empyreans were capable of borrowing Heavenly Dao energy to heal, it wasn’t as fast as the divine life elixir, and it also used up more energy. After recovering a few times, they might have used up so much spiritual yuan that their combat power would drop.

Seeing this scene in the primal chaos space, Long Chen thought that he would only need a few twelfth rank Magical Beast corpses to start condensing the divine life elixir.

After cleaning up the battlefield, Long Chen looked through every corner of this space. He wanted to see if there were any other precious natural treasures in the metal devouring evil dragon’s lair. However, he didn’t find anything.

Only then did Long Chen return along his original path. He quickly saw the light of the outside world. When he exited the cave, he took a deep breath of fresh air.

Although he hadn’t spent that much time in the metal devouring evil dragon’s cave, the attack of its dragon teeth had almost taken his life. After brushing past death, he was refreshed by the sunlight. Just thinking about how close it had been made him apprehensive. The Yin Yang World was truly dangerous.

Just as Long Chen was stretching his waist, a golden cauldron appeared in the air, and divine light flowed out of it, enveloping Long Chen.

“Long Chen, hand over the treasures you got, and I can give you a quick death.”

A figure appeared on top of the cauldron, looking arrogantly down at Long Chen.

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