Chapter 1813 Fighting the Metal Devouring Evil Dragon

This large space was filled with skeletons. Long Chen looked and saw at least over thirty corpses, all belonging to twelfth rank Magical Beasts.

Just seeing a single skeleton of a twelfth rank Magical Beast was already shocking enough, but seeing so many gathered together was another matter entirely.

Long Chen suppressed his wildly beating heart, doing his best to stay calm. He crept forward and saw that this was a giant underground space. There were skeletons everywhere. In front of them was a giant stone pillar. There was a giant dragon skeleton coiled around it.

This dragon skeleton looked like it had been made of gold. Divine light was still shining from it, illuminating this underground world.

This golden skeleton was definitely a true member of the dragon race, not a drake. It had two horns on its head to distinguish it.

“This should be the metal devouring evil dragon. It actually reached the Death realm. It seems it forcibly broke through, and its longevity ran out, causing it to die here,” said Evilmoon.

The human race’s Netherpassage realm had corresponding levels amongst twelfth rank Magical Beasts. There were four steps, stabilizing one’s power upon entering the Netherpassage realm, the Life realm, the Death realm, and the Samsara realm. The first step was essentially not even a realm. It didn’t require comprehension, just some time.

It was the latter three realms that were very difficult to cultivate. Each of them was a threshold that could result in death.

Originally, Evilmoon had thought that this metal devouring evil dragon had only reached the Life realm, but unexpectedly, it had entered the Death realm.

However, it had exhausted its life energy while in the Death realm, not possessing the ability to transform death into life. It had died, but its skeleton was perfectly preserved.

“Evilmoon, I don’t think it’s so simple. Based on my years of experience with bad luck, I smell something fishy,” said Long Chen cautiously.

“It really is strange. Its skeleton is still perfect, and its divine runes are still shining. That means its crystal core is still intact. Furthermore, look below its neck. Its reverse scale is still present and thrumming with dragon blood. That’s what drew us over,” said Evilmoon.

Long Chen looked at where Evilmoon was pointing and noticed a golden scale floating in front of the skeleton’s chest. Because its entire body was golden, that scale was covered up by the golden light. He hadn’t noticed it at first.

“Most importantly, these skeletons are too bizarre. So many Magical Beasts died here. I feel like this is a-”

Suddenly, the cave rumbled, and Long Chen felt something moving behind him. Looking back, he jumped.

At some unknown time, the path behind him had vanished. He was stuck here.

When Long Chen turned back, he saw that there was now a path behind the metal devouring evil dragon. That path was precisely the one he had entered from. He had no idea what had happened, but he had been moved into a death trap without realizing it. If he wanted to get out, he would need to get past the metal devouring evil dragon and the mountain of skeletons.

Just at this moment, the giant dragon skeleton on the stone pillar began to move. Its dragon head slowly turned toward Long Chen, and its mouth let out a booming voice. “I really didn’t expect to smell such a familiar scent. Hahaha, amazing. If I can devour you, I should have enough life energy to rise from the dead and step into the Samsara realm.”

The metal devouring evil dragon’s voice rang through the air. It was speaking the human language.

Long Chen came to a sudden comprehension. “So you were playing dead, using your essence blood to draw these Magical Beasts over and then killing them for their life energy.”

“Wrong. Hmph, the metal devouring evil dragon race disdains feigning death. I simply failed while attempting to break through to Samsara. My life energy was lacking, and even when I sacrificed my physical body, I was still unable to transform death into life. But then a few idiots began bumbling over here, attracted to my essence blood. Did they think they could take it? Even after failing my breakthrough, killing them was easy. But after absorbing their essence blood, I found that the life energy within them could allow me to attempt to break through again if I accumulated enough of it. Human race brat, you’re very good in particular. You actually have true dragon essence blood on you, and it’s so pure. Just who are you?” The metal devouring evil dragon’s large eye cavities began to twinkle with a cold light.

“Who am I? If you want to know who I am, stand firm! I am the seventeen thousand five hundred and eighty-ninth generation heir to the divine dragon race! My name is Long Chen, ancestor to all dragons-”


The metal devouring evil dragon’s eye suddenly unleashed a ray of divine light. This underground world shook intensely, and Long Chen’s mind-sea quivered as an unmatched power invaded it. It was a golden sword that was trying to destroy his mind-sea.

However, it had just appeared when the Divine Gate Star activated. A ray of light shattered the golden sword.

“Fuck, can you at least let me finish speaking?!” shouted Long Chen.

“To dare insult my dragon race, you have some guts.” The metal devouring evil dragon clearly wouldn’t fall for Long Chen’s lies. It opened its mouth, and a wave of golden light spread.

Long Chen’s soul immediately felt like it was about to break. It was like millions of needles were stabbing into his head.

A sea of Spiritual Strength was crashing down on his mind-sea. However, with his Divine Gate Star, that terrifying Spiritual Strength was unable to land a critical blow.

“No wonder those Magical Beasts were killed without being able to struggle. Your spiritual attacks are really vicious,” said Long Chen.

“It’s not just a spiritual attack. The dragon might made them unable to resist at all. However, it is useless against you. That’s enough. Stop probing and kill it.” Evilmoon didn’t even wait for Long Chen. Its black marks lit up, and an evil air filled this space. It was sucking Long Chen’s spiritual yuan away.

“Split the Heavens 6!”

Long Chen launched his strongest attack. Evilmoon rumbled, and it was like a bolt of black lightning crashing down on the waist of the metal devouring evil dragon’s skeleton.

Its skeleton was cleanly cut in two. The metal devouring evil dragon roared furiously, “This is the aura of the dark evil dragon! You… you, a member of the grand dark evil dragons, have actually been refined into a weapon by humans!”

Evilmoon didn’t reply. Its two dragon marks lit up, and killing intent soared as it attacked again.


This time, its slash landed on the metal devouring evil dragon’s head. It was a heaven-shaking collision that caused Long Chen’s hands to split open and bleed. Evilmoon itself went flying out of his grip.

“Dark evil dragon, don’t you claim to be the emperor of the evil dragons? What happened to your dignity? What happened to your integrity? You’re an insult to the evil dragon race!”

The metal devouring evil dragon was infuriated. Although it only had half its body now, its sharp claws extended. Its claws looked like four golden hooks slamming toward Long Chen.

Lightning flashed. Long Chen used the Celestial Lightning Body Blink to dodge this attack.

As a result, its sharp claw landed against the wall, and this incredibly tough wall was cut through like it was tofu.

Its sharp claws began to fly through the air as quick as lightning, Long Chen repeatedly dodged. Each time, those claws nearly struck him. It was incredibly dangerous as he weaved through the air.

Just as it was crazily attacking Long Chen, Evilmoon suddenly slashed onto its neck, landing right on a joint. Its head came crashing down.

Even once its head fell to the ground, its skeleton, which had now been split into three portions, suddenly began to move. All three segments reconnected.

“Long Chen, splash some of your essence blood onto its bones. Don’t let it merge!” shouted Evilmoon as it attacked again, sending the head flying.

Long Chen didn’t tarry. He flashed toward its neck and spat out a mouthful of blood. It landed on the bone.

Long Chen was surprised to find that when his essence blood landed on its bones, its original golden color rapidly transformed into a white color.

His essence blood contained true dragon essence blood. That was an essence blood that suppressed all other dragons, including their dragon bloodlines.

The metal devouring evil dragon still had a bit of its essence blood in its skeleton, but when it encountered true dragon essence blood, it was instantly suppressed. It wasn’t even able to unleash its divine abilities.

Long Chen repeatedly flashed through the air, spitting out blood on the segments of the metal devouring evil dragon’s skeleton. It was no longer able to reconnect its body.

“Bastards, you can all die!”

The metal devouring evil dragon’s body seemed to have been sealed, leaving behind only its head. At this moment, it opened its mouth, and seventy-two sharp golden teeth stabbed toward Evilmoon like seventy-two swords.


Evilmoon was sent flying by one of the teeth. The metal devouring evil dragon’s teeth were its toughest weapon. Evilmoon was actually unable to block them.

With Evilmoon sent flying, another one of those teeth pierced toward Long Chen. It was fast, and there was nowhere for him to run.

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