Chapter 1813 Fighting the Metal Devouring Evil Dragon (Teaser)

This large space was filled with skeletons. Long Chen looked and saw at least over thirty corpses, all belonging to twelfth rank Magical Beasts.

Just seeing a single skeleton of a twelfth rank Magical Beast was already shocking enough, but seeing so many gathered together was another matter entirely.

Long Chen suppressed his wildly beating heart, doing his best to stay calm. He crept forward and saw that this was a giant underground space. There were skeletons everywhere. In front of them was a giant stone pillar. There was a giant dragon skeleton coiled around it.

This dragon skeleton looked like it had been made of gold. Divine light was still shining from it, illuminating this underground world.

This golden skeleton was definitely a true member of the dragon race, not a drake. It had two horns on its head to distinguish it.

“This should be the metal devouring evil dragon. It actually reached the Death realm. It seems it forcibly...

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