Chapter 1812 Metal Devouring Evil Dragon Cave

The cave was dozens of miles wide. It was pitch-black inside, and an evil air came from within. There were also some bloodline fluctuations that made Long Chen’s heart pound.

“This should be a Metal Devouring Evil Dragon cave. It seems we came to the right place. There might be something we want inside,” said Evilmoon excitedly.

“Metal devouring evil dragon? What is that? Does it belong to your evil dragon race?” asked Long Chen. This cave looked too frightening to enter.

“The dragon race is so large that you can’t even imagine it. Just the evil dragon race has countless branches. You saw a purgatory evil dragon in Purgatory, which also belongs to the evil dragon race. However, amongst the evil dragon race, it is my dark evil dragon branch that possesses the greatest combat power. However, our strongest divine abilities are not dependent on our physical bodies. When it comes to the toughest physical bodies, the metal devouring evil dragon would be number one. Other than devouring flesh, they’re a strange variety that also devours large amounts of metal ore. That makes their bodies extremely tough, and in particular, their teeth and claws can easily tear through our bodies, so we never allow metal devouring evil dragons to approach us,” said Evilmoon.

“Really, they’re that amazing? Then didn’t we come here for nothing? You’re still sealed, and I’m only at the Soul Transformation realm. Wouldn’t entering be suicide?” Long Chen was speechless. This was just more bad luck. If he startled a metal devouring evil dragon inside, he wouldn’t get out no matter how many lives he had.

“Don’t worry, the metal devouring evil dragon is already dead. It still retains its essence blood, which is what you sense. If you can obtain its corpse, it will be very beneficial. Although this metal devouring evil dragon’s cultivation base should be around the mid twelfth rank, so in terms of human ranks, your Netherpassage realm’s Life realm, it was extremely powerful when it was alive. Yan Nantian might not be its match. Let’s enter carefully. If we’re lucky and I can obtain some dragon marrow, I’ll be able to loosen the Sovereign seal slightly. Then I’ll be able to use at least ten times the power I can now,” said Evilmoon. Toward the end, its voice quivered slightly in anticipation.

Long Chen could only thicken his skin and advance. Evilmoon was resting on his shoulder, ready for any sudden change.

Once they were in, a chilly evil air made goosebumps appear all over Long Chen.

“Yes, one portion is its dragon might, while another is just innate fear. The evil dragon pressure indicates how pure its bloodline is. This kind of bloodline power can be raised by slaughtering more,” said Evilmoon.

“Then why don’t I naturally release this kind of aura? I only release something when I’m filled with killing intent. It’s completely different from you,” said Long Chen.

Evilmoon was truly terrifying. Each time he used it to fight, its innate evil air would cause others to tremble in fear. Even top experts would expose weaknesses more easily under that pressure. In a life and death battle, Evilmoon’s pressure would make an opponent’s mind chaotic. It would lead to errors in judgment and delays in reaction speed.

“Your kind of scenario is very rare. According to reason, after killing so many experts, you should have accumulated a great deal of their resentment. Normally, when people are infected by that much resentment, their minds and hearts will become twisted. That makes them cold and merciless, and yet you remain the same silly person as always,” Evilmoon sighed.

“Can I take that as praise?” asked Long Chen as he carefully advanced one step at a time.

“You can take it as that. It’s very curious. My dark evil dragon race has a method to absorb this resentment into our scales to create a powerful pressure, strengthening our dragon might, as well as stopping the resentment from affecting our minds and souls. However, you don’t have that resentment around you. It’s like you haven’t been affected at all… Wait, no!” Evilmoon suddenly let out a startled cry.

“What is it?!” Long Chen jumped, immediately stopping and looking around.

“Oh, sorry, it’s nothing. I just thought of something ominous. You can continue.” Evilmoon apologized for the disruption.

However, just then, it had thought of the Long Chen that had appeared in Purgatory for just a moment. That Long Chen had been wild, arrogant, domineering, merciless, and bloodthirsty. Weren’t those precisely signs of someone being infected by that immense resentment?

When he wanted to warn Long Chen about this, the instant that thought appeared in Evilmoon’s mind, a terrifying sensation of danger enveloped it. It seemed that this was a taboo that could not be spoken.

“Are you testing my guts? You almost scared the crap out of me,” raged Long Chen indignantly.

They were currently within the metal devouring evil dragon’s cave. Any sudden action could frighten someone to death.

Just as they were speaking, Long Chen saw a giant skeleton ahead. It looked like an earthen dragon. Its flesh had already vanished, and its bones sparkled like jade. There were still runes on the bones emitting powerful pressure.

“Damn, the skeleton of a twelfth rank Magical Beast.”

Long Chen carefully climbed up the skeleton. He arrived on its skull and recognized the identity of this skeleton. It was a rodent-type Magical Beast. Most likely, it had been a giant rat, but as for what it was specifically, there was no way for him to know.

“Its crystal core has already withered. It’s impossible to turn its skull into a crystal bone, so it’s useless.” Long Chen jumped off. The crystal core was already dim. He couldn’t help shaking his head.

He tossed the skeleton into the primal chaos space. What surprised him was that this skeleton, which was as hard as divine items, was slowly devoured by the black soil, giving him immense life energy.

Faint mist filled the primal chaos space. The Thick Earth Essence Fruit Tree rapidly grew.

“Hehe, at least I got a bit of benefits.”

Long Chen smiled. This broken skeleton of a twelfth rank Magical Beast had brought him a nice surprise. If there were more skeletons here, it would give him endless life energy.

“Evilmoon, do you know how this rat died? I can’t tell,” asked Long Chen.

“It has no injuries on its body and there are no signs of struggle. Its death is really strange. Let’s be careful. My guess is that there might have been many Magical Beasts that placed their sights on the metal devouring evil dragon’s corpse, and this rat might have been killed by them. Most rodent Magical Beasts have very weak Spiritual Strength. It wouldn’t be strange for it to have been killed spiritually,” said Evilmoon.

Long Chen nodded and continued onward. However, after just a while, he saw a pitch-black head blocking the cave. It was the head of a centipede. It was lying there with its eyes glaring at him.

“It’s already dead!”

Long Chen had already taken a couple of steps back when he found that while the centipede was still emitting an alarming aura, its spiritual fluctuations had vanished. It was also a corpse.

He carefully jumped onto its head. This giant centipede’s body was hollow. It was just a husk.

Originally, he had still possessed some hope, but when he opened its head, he felt disappointed. Its poison sack had been taken, while its crystal core was ruined as well. It was like something had sucked it dry.

Although it was said that a twelfth rank Magical Beasts’ body was comparable to a divine item, that would only be true while their divine runes were intact. With their crystal core withered, those divine runes would fade away. This corpse was also worthless.

Although its teeth and outer shell might possess some value, Long Chen didn’t care too much about that. It was possible to refine it into some weapons or armor, but their power would be lower than that of divine items. Hence, he tossed it into the primal chaos space’s black soil.

Long Chen continued forward. Everything in front of him was pitch black, and he couldn’t see the end. He was starting to get a bad feeling.

These two Magical Beasts had died in a bizarre way. It made him feel like this cave was too dangerous.

However, since he had already come here, he was unwilling to leave without getting to the bottom of the cave.

He didn’t dare to spread his Spiritual Strength to investigate what was going on here. He didn’t want to disturb whatever was inside.

Having completely suppressed his aura and his Spiritual Strength, he carefully advanced.

The cave was extremely deep. Miles later, he found another corpse and this time of a python. Its flesh had also vanished, leaving behind only its skeleton. There was still nothing valuable on its body.

Putting away its corpse, Long Chen continued onward. This time, he didn’t encounter a Magical Beast’s corpse. If this cave hadn’t been just one straight path, he would have thought that he had taken a wrong turn somewhere.

He spent the better part of the day creeping forward carefully. Finally, he saw a faint glimmer of light in the distance. His guard rose as he slowly walked over.

After a few more turns, he arrived at a large and spacious area. When he poked his head in to look around, a chill went through his body.

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