Chapter 1811 Thick Earth Essence Fruit

The piece of tree bark slowly rose, and six spindly legs appeared below it. It was a strange fist-sized mantis.

It was right behind Long Chen. One of its sharp legs silently pierced toward him.

It had just moved when it was sent flying by a flick of Long Chen’s finger. It smashed into the tree and exploded.

When it exploded, Long Chen’s expression suddenly changed. He found that when it exploded, a disgusting stench rapidly filled the air. The Heaven Devouring Ants flying through the sky suddenly split their formation, with a portion of them flying over to Long Chen. The mantis’s stench had attracted them.

“Fuck, isn’t this too unlucky?!” cried Long Chen. He turned and fled.

The Heaven Devouring Ants were attracted to the commotion, and a portion of them immediately began to chase him.

They were extremely fast. They smashed through the trees in between them and Long Chen.

From a distance, it was like an angry dragon was winding its way toward Long Chen, blowing apart all obstacles in its path.

“Aren’t they too fast?!” Long Chen cursed. Their wings seemed to be tearing through the void. Their speed was hard to believe.

When he turned back and saw the sticky fluid dripping out of their pincers, he felt a chill. If bitten, that poison was not something an ordinary person could endure.

Even the Sword Spine Armor Dragon with its terrifying defenses was unable to resist that poison.

Suddenly, green dragon scales covered Long Chen’s body. He had summoned the Green Dragon Battle Armor.

“It’s useless. The Heaven Devouring Ants have low intelligence and cannot sense the might of your dragon blood. You can’t scare them away,” said Evilmoon.

The might of dragon blood was able to suppress all other beasts. That was due to the innate reverence those beasts felt. However, it was only useful against beasts with brains.

These Heaven Devouring Ants were not intelligent enough. They continued to charge after him.

“Then what am I supposed to do? Kill them?” raged Long Chen.

“That’s no good either. If you kill them, they’ll send out a message that will draw over hundreds and thousands of times the ants. You should just run. These things are very irritating. Other Magical Beasts are also irritated by them, so even the other beasts in the surroundings aren’t bothering with you when you charge into their territory. Seeing the Heaven Devouring Ants chasing you, as long as you don’t charge into their nests, they’ll avoid you,” said Evilmoon.

Was it really possible to possess such heaven-defying bad luck? He had just started roaming around when he was hunted down by an army of Heaven Devouring Ants.

Since Evilmoon said that other Magical Beasts also tried to avoid these Heaven Devouring Ants, Long Chen chose to jump out of the forest and fly through the air.

As Evilmoon had said, despite sensing several powerful auras as he passed through their territory, those powerful existences only let out low growls of warning and didn’t attack Long Chen.

There were hundreds of thousands of Heaven Devouring Ants chasing him. Long Chen’s eyes suddenly brightened. If everyone was afraid of these Heaven Devouring Ants, weren’t they also a protective talisman?

When he thought of that, he charged into the territory of one of those powerful Magical Beasts, ignoring its roar.

“What are you doing?!” shouted Evilmoon.

Long Chen didn’t reply. He charged straight toward that powerful aura. He quickly saw a mountain with a tiger standing at the peak.

The tiger’s fur was standing on end. It was ready to attack at any moment. It was a twelfth rank Magical Beast and roared at Long Chen threateningly.

“What are you shouting for? Come and bite me!”

Long Chen charged straight at it. The tiger found that its roars were unable to frighten Long Chen away, so it actually turned tail and fled from its home.

“Hey, brother tiger, don’t run! I still have something to discuss with you!” shouted Long Chen, but the tiger ignored him. Its huge body instantly vanished.

“Coward! Don’t you feel ashamed of your title as king of the forest?! What happened to your dignity? Your integrity?! You… oh, nice, treasures!”

Long Chen suddenly noticed a certain tree on the mountain. The mountain was bare except for this one tree. It was extremely conspicuous.

The tree had brownish-yellow fruit growing on it. Each of them was the size of a plate, and they shone faintly.

Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength reached out. He was shocked to find that although this tree was three thousand meters tall, its roots were spread throughout the giant mountain. There was an endless amount of earth energy being absorbed by it.

“It’s the Thick Earth Essence Fruit! The earth essence makes it a divine fruit for earth cultivators!” Long Chen laughed delightedly. He rushed toward it, but after a moment’s hesitation, he didn’t take it. Instead, he used his Spiritual Strength to grab half the matured fruit.

This tree was being guarded by that tiger. It took ten thousand years to bloom, ten thousand years to bear fruit, and ten thousand years for that fruit to mature.

The tiger had been guarding it bitterly for so long. If he took the entire tree, he’d feel bad.

More importantly, this tree was too big and would take him some time to transplant. When the Heaven Devouring Ants arrived, they wouldn’t care how precious this tree was. They would definitely destroy it in their desire to kill him, and that would be a waste of a natural treasure.

Long Chen gathered half the fruit and cut off one of its branches, tossing it into the primal chaos space.

The branch quickly began to grow roots and thrive in the primal chaos space. Seeing there was no problem, Long Chen changed directions, bringing the army of Heaven Devouring Ants away.

He finally experienced how refreshing it was to exploit someone else’s power for his own gain. He scared off three powerful twelfth rank Magical Beasts in a row, but regretfully, other than the Thick Earth Essence Fruit, he didn’t gain anything else.

He knew that the territory of twelfth rank Magical Beasts could not be ordinary. They had to have precious medicines or divine fruit somewhere, or they wouldn’t make that place their territory. 

Regretfully, the army of Heaven Devouring Ants didn’t give him enough time to look around.

As he ran, he experienced just how terrifying this Yin Yang World was. There were terrifying Magical Beasts everywhere. Twelfth rank Magical Beasts were on the level of Netherpassage experts. Without a divine item, ordinary Netherpassage experts weren’t even a match for these Magical Beasts.

In particular, he sensed an even more terrifying existence as he ran, but he decided not to go mess around there. That terrifying existence gave him an extremely dangerous feeling.

That sensation of danger was even greater than what came from the army of Heaven Devouring Ants behind him. If that Magical Beast wasn’t afraid of the Heaven Devouring Ants, he would be caught between the two of them. That was definitely too dangerous.

As he ran, Long Chen didn’t use the Celestial Lightning Body Blink. He wanted to see if he could profit a bit more from the Heaven Devouring Ants.

He turned, going in the direction that he had picked out originally. A long train of ants followed him as he flew through the air. They were like attendants sending off him, the emperor.

“That feeling is growing more distinct. It seems it’s nearby,” said Evilmoon.

Long Chen nodded. He also sensed an aura that was both familiar yet foreign. It was very strange.

“Hey, why did they leave?” Long Chen suddenly saw that the Heaven Devouring Ants following him had dropped in number. A few of them had flown off, and another portion was starting to slow down.

There were now only ten thousand of them left. Long Chen suddenly turned and attacked them.

“What the?! Brat, you’re crazy! Have you started to feel emotional toward them after being chased for so long?!” shouted Evilmoon, unable to comprehend just what Long Chen was thinking.

When Long Chen turned against them, those Heaven Devouring Ants were provoked, and the ones that had been slowing down once more shot after him.

However, many of them had already left. There were only twenty to thirty thousand of them left. That was still terrifying enough. Their black bodies filled the sky.


Long Chen extended a hand. A giant cauldron appeared and devoured those ants.

This cauldron was the Blazing Dragon Cauldron that had been with him all this time. Although it was just an Ancestral item, having been constantly nourishing it with his soul, it had reached its absolute peak. It was only the slightest bit weaker than a divine item.

The Blazing Dragon Cauldron slammed shut, and the Heaven Devouring Ants began to crazily attack from within. 

Even the Blazing Dragon Cauldron was rumbling, seeming on the verge of breaking apart. Any ordinary Ancestral item would have exploded.

Long Chen slammed a hand on the Blazing Dragon Cauldron, and golden flames surged out, enveloping the cauldron. At the same time, golden threads intersected within, forming a net that bound the Heaven Devouring Ants.

As Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength erupted, those threads grew tighter and tighter until the Heaven Devouring Ants were no longer able to attack the Blazing Dragon Cauldron.

Although Long Chen had acted quickly, there were still countless cracks on the Blazing Dragon Cauldron now.

“Damn, they really are terrifying.” Long Chen was amazed. The power of their pincers was immense. It was no wonder even twelfth rank Magical Beasts would be run off by them.

“Why waste so much effort to trap them? Are you planning on making supplements?” mocked Evilmoon.

“Hehe, these are housepets for Meng Qi. Well, you don’t need to ask. You wouldn’t understand.” Long Chen laughed and continued in his original direction.

He quickly arrived at a giant cave. There was a hair-raising aura coming from within the cave that made cold sweat run down his back.

“What is this place?”

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