Chapter 1810 Entering the Yin Yang World

The mist before him gradually faded. Long Chen found that he and Ye Lingshan had entered a new world.

They were standing in the sky, overlooking an unfamiliar land. He saw an unending mountain range, a huge towering forest, and vines as thick as dragons. This world was thrumming with vitality. In fact, it was even greater than the Spirit World.

The mountain range continued beyond the horizon. In the end, he saw the peaks of mountains piercing into the clouds.

The sun hung high in the sky. It didn’t look any different from the Martial Heaven Continent. When he looked back, he saw that the mist had long since vanished. He had no idea where exactly he was.

The first thing Long Chen did was activate his divine ring. The dense life energy in the air was summoned by the divine ring. It poured into the primal chaos space, and the withered World Trees were quickly nourished.

“Long Chen, don’t make such a ruckus as soon as you enter!” Ye Lingshan jumped.

This place was a danger zone, a place forbidden to life. There were countless dangers, and the slightest carelessness would cause you to lose your life. However, Long Chen acted indifferent to all this as soon as he entered.

“It’s fine. I’ll just wait for those fellows to get in here. We can kill each other happily,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen had never possessed a good temper. Seeing them want to kill him had provoked his killing intent.

“Don’t foolishly wait. The mist seems to be rapidly revolving around this whole world. If you enter at different times, you’ll appear in different places. Even if two people enter at the same time, they are unlikely to end up together. The reason we weren’t separated was because the Grand Elder used his supreme power to block the power of the laws here,” said Ye Lingshan.

So there was such a thing? Long Chen was disappointed. He had been prepared to have a large slaughterfest here.

“Long Chen, the Grand Elder told us to go search for precious medicines that can extend a person’s life. Do you want to come with me?” asked Ye Lingshan.

“Do you have a map?” 

“No. There is no map of the Yin Yang World. Each time it appears, its terrain changes, so maps are useless. We’ll need to investigate it ourselves and then exchange information with others to get a more complete picture. However, even that will be useless the next time the Yin Yang World opens.”

“Then how are you going to find those medicines?”

“I don't know either. The Grand Elders need them though. Although they didn’t say it was a must, it’s still very important. As long as I can obtain some kind of life-extending medicine, I don’t mind missing out on other opportunities. I heard you’re an alchemist? Shouldn’t you have some way of locating precious medicines?” asked Ye Lingshan.

“The Grand Elders know that finding such a rare treasure would be up to the karmic luck of the Martial Heaven Alliance. Their existence supports the entire Martial Heaven Alliance, so if the alliance’s karmic luck has not yet come to an end, the life-extending medicine will appear on its own. If not, do you think a few medicines would be able to change the future? In the end, we’ll be relying entirely on luck. You know, let me put it to you this way. If you go roaming around to test your luck, based on your karmic luck as the future heir of the Martial Heaven Alliance, you will definitely have a chance of finding the medicine. But if you stay with me, hehe, let alone finding it, I don’t even know how many dangers you would encounter on your way. So I won’t implicate you. You should go on your own before you’re brought down by my bad luck. I’ll look for it as well. I have some experience when it comes to snatching treasures from others.”

Long Chen was telling her to go on her own. If she found it then good, if she didn’t then he would see if he could snatch it from others. In any case, they were all his enemies. He didn’t even need to come up with a reason to take their treasures.

“Alright then. Be careful. You have a lot of enemies,” warned Ye Lingshan.

Just at the entrance, practically everyone was Long Chen’s enemy. It was unknown just how many other enemies had entered from different openings to the Yin Yang World.

“Don’t worry, I’ve long since gotten used to it. I’m more worried about you. You’re strong, but you aren’t ruthless enough. You should remember that if anyone targets you, no matter what their reasoning, you have to have the determination to kill them. Your life is no longer just your own. It belongs to the alliance head and the Martial Heaven Alliance. Compared to before… you are no longer the same.”

Ye Lingshan was truly powerful. She even had a paragon art now. Even if she encountered powerful enemies, she should have the power to protect herself. Long Chen was just worried that she wouldn’t be decisive enough.

Before, Ye Lingshan hadn’t had the confidence to act like that. She had to have misgivings about who she was fighting. However, she didn’t need to worry about that now. She had to be tough.

Ye Lingshan nodded. Picking a random direction, she suppressed her aura and rushed off.

She definitely didn’t want to be like Long Chen and practically broadcast her location. She hid herself to avoid drawing attention.

With his divine ring active, Long Chen was basically telling the entire Yin Yang World that he was waiting here.

Once Ye Lingshan left, Long Chen didn’t immediately set off. Instead, he sat in the air, keeping his divine ring active to absorb the dense life energy in the surroundings.

The will corresponding to the divine ring forced even the Yin Yang World to give him its energy just like it forced the Martial Heaven Continent.

The World Trees were starting to revive from their withered state. In three days, there was a thrumming forest in the primal chaos space. They had been fully restored.

Long Chen took a deep breath. With his primal chaos space restored, he wouldn’t need to worry about being injured. If he had possessed such an ability in the outside world, perhaps he would have already beaten those fellows.

However, wasting three days like this was painful. The very reason they had all entered ahead of time was to get a headstart. At this time, there were fewer people and many treasures. It was the best time.

Fortunately, Long Chen still felt good. In any case, his luck wasn’t good enough to find treasures. Raising his power was what truly mattered.

After three days, Long Chen had grasped the essentials of the Yin Yang World. The Heavenly Daos here were not that different from the Martial Heaven Continent.

He could still unleash the same magical arts here. Their power wasn’t lower or greater.

The only curious thing was that the sun in the sky always hung in the same spot. It was daytime here all the time. He had to rely on his own sense of time to calculate how many days had passed.

“Although my luck’s not good, I should still look around. What if I do run into something?”

Long Chen looked around and decided to go in the opposite direction from Ye Lingshan. However, he suddenly had a strange urge. Looking in a certain direction, he decided to go that way.

“You’ve also sensed it?” asked Evilmoon.

“Sensed what? I just feel like there’s something that belongs to me. It’s very strange.”

“I feel the same. Go and take a look. Suppress your aura. There’s a nest of Heaven Devouring Ants to your right. That kind of ancient species is extremely tough. Their defensive prowess is so great that even twelfth rank Magical Beasts would be in danger if they encountered them,” warned Evilmoon.

“They’re so powerful?” Long Chen was surprised. Even twelfth rank Magical Beasts could be killed by a nest of ants?

Just as he was startled, an angry roar came from the distance. The sky darkened.

Long Chen immediately found a tall tree to conceal himself. Through the leaves, he saw a terrifying scene.

There was a wall of giant black ants with a pair of wings, shining with a metallic luster. Their wings flapped rapidly, releasing an ear-piercing sound.

The ants also had a pair of black pincers on their mouths. Sticky liquid was dripping off of them.

A drop of that black liquid fell near Long Chen. Long Chen hastily dodged, and a large hole appeared in the tree. It then began to rapidly wither.

“This poison’s really fierce…”

Millions of those ants flew into the sky. Long Chen saw a giant Magical Beast being dragged through the air by the ants, going in the direction that he and Evilmoon had sensed. It seemed that they were hunting.

That Magical Beast was at the twelfth rank. Surprisingly, it was actually a Sword Spine Armor Dragon, the Magical Beast he had used to run rampant in the ancient races’ territory. This Sword Spine Armor Dragon’s aura was on the same level as that one, however, it was now unable to move. Its mouth opened a few times, but no sound came from it.

Just as Long Chen was staring in shock at these Heaven Devouring Ants, a piece of ‘tree bark’ behind him moved.

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