Chapter 181 Deciphering the Medicinal Formula

Tang Wan-er resisted laughing and turned to look at Long Chen stiffly. “What are you following me for?”

“Hehe, obviously to see some of that legendary top grade Ten Thousand Beast Essence Blood,” Long Chen shamelessly winked and laughed, attempting to charm her.

She had been trying to put on an angry air, but in front of Long Chen, that was always incredibly difficult.

Putting away her angry face, she explained, “This is something only core disciples can obtain. My Ten Thousand Beast Essence Blood is many times greater than the portions you guys get.

“I’ll give you half now. But you must promise me to always follow by my side and to help boost morale for me. Also, you can’t make any more of your jokes.”

“Half? Then wouldn’t you not have enough?” asked Long Chen.

“If I use it sparingly it should be enough.” Tang Wan-er was also unsure.

“Where’s my portion?” Long Chen asked where his original jar was.

Tang Wan-er handed him a jar. “This should have been yours. But the essence blood inside is very ordinary.

“Your physical body is much stronger than others, so you need the Ten Thousand Beast Essence Blood more than me. It’s rumored that the jar I have contains the essence blood of Magical Beasts that have lived for over ten thousand years.”

Long Chen opened the jar and broke open the seal over the opening. A dense smell of blood surged out, bringing with it a powerful medicinal scent as well.

“Yuli Powder, Southsky Star, New Twin Grass, Earth Dragon Root…?”

Long Chen was lost in thought, immediately distinguishing several types of medicinal ingredients from that scent.

Tang Wan-er looked at him strangely. “You can smell them out?”

Long Chen nodded. He dipped his finger into the blood and then tasted it.

“Bitter Cube, White Peony, Water Lily Seed…” Long Chen distinguished eighteen different medicinal ingredients, in the end contemptuously saying, “This is ordinary Magical Beast essence blood that has been mixed with herbs that compliment the blood essence in order to form a medicinal liquid that can aid people to condense their blood to the peak.”

Tang Wan-er looked at him woodenly. “You can really tell the formula? This Ten Thousand Beast Essence Blood is a secret formula of the Xuantian Sect. No one else has ever figured it out or obtained it. Of us registrants who came to the Xuantian Monastery, there’s a very large portion that came here specifically for this Magical Beast essence blood.”

Tang Wan-er could not be blamed for not believing him. No one would possibly believe this. This Ten Thousand Beast Essence Blood was something even the Xuantian Monastery itself didn’t know how to make. It was a resource sent from above.

There were once countless people who had tried researching this secret formula, but they had all failed in the end. So now the Xuantian Monastery had attracted who knew how many people, all for this medicinal liquid.

“Let me try out your Ten Thousand Beast Essence Blood.” Long Chen grabbed Tang Wan-er’s jug. Opening it, powerful Blood Qi immediately filled the room. He saw that she had much more than him too.

“Tch, what crap! There’s no way this essence blood was from ten-thousand-year-old Magical Beasts. This is clearly just third rank Magical Beast essence blood. But the medicinal ingredients inside are not the same,” cursed Long Chen.

With his Pill Sovereign soul, he was able to distinguish essentially every natural treasure. And he could even figure out the specific portions of the medicinal ingredients within this Ten Thousand Beast Essence Blood just from smelling and tasting it.

The Magical Beast essence blood in this jar was the exact same as the one in Long Chen’s jar. However, the medicinal ingredients inside had been increased.

“Wan-er, help me record what I say.”

Although Tang Wan-er didn’t know what Long Chen was planning, she still nodded and took out a brush and paper.

Long Chen dripped a drop of this so-called Ten Thousand Beast Essence Blood onto his tongue and then closed his eyes. “Soul Returning Incense, Spirit Protection Horn, Earth Scaber, Elegant Silk Flower…”

Tang Wan-er quickly focused on writing, afraid to misspell something. Long Chen finished in just one breath. Tang Wan-er had written down forty-eight different medicinal ingredients.

Long Chen went to rinse his mouth and then once more closed his eyes, dripping another drop of Ten Thousand Beast Essence Blood onto his tongue, continuing to name the medicinal ingredients.

He repeated that a total of three times before stopping. Tang Wan-er picked up her piece of paper. He had repeated the exact same forty-eight medicinal ingredients all three times. Only the order in which he had said them had been different.

“Long Chen, is this for real?” Tang Wan-er couldn’t believe her own eyes. If other people knew Long Chen could decipher the Xuantian Sect’s secret formula, that would definitely attract killers and assassins.

“There shouldn’t be anything wrong. As long as you can gather third rank Magical Beast essence blood, I can make this so-called Ten Thousand Beast Essence Blood.” Long Chen really was speechless inside when he mentioned the ‘ten thousand’ part.

It was complete deception that this was essence blood from Magical Beasts older than ten thousand years. Third rank Magical Beasts were only able to live for around two thousand years.

A Magical Beast that was ten thousand years old had to have at least reached the fourth rank. Weren’t they purposely defrauding others? Even for those huge sects, it would cost a great deal for them to use the fourth rank Magical Beast essence blood in experiments to find this formula.

It was no wonder that no one had managed to figure out their secret formula after all these years. That was because they had been played. The Xuantian Monastery truly was skillful. This deception had perfectly played its part

“Wan-er, you can absorb all this Magical Beast essence blood. Although it’s only third rank Magical Beast essence blood, after it has been mixed with these forty-eight medicinal ingredients, the blood will be completely activated. As long as you absorb it, all the impurities within your blood will be completely expelled and a perfect advancement will be no problem.”

“But you…”

“Don’t worry about me. I can easily make it myself. Furthermore, even if I absorb it, I can’t advance to the Tendon Transformation realm. That would be a waste,” advised Long Chen. He was very grateful to Tang Wan-er. She really was a kind-hearted girl.

She nodded and raised her hand, her Spiritual Strength spreading out. It went without saying that Tang Wan-er’s Spiritual Strength was extremely great.

The Magical Beast essence blood within the jar slowly floated out in front of Tang Wan-er.

She gently closed her eyes. Placing her hand around the ball of essence blood, she began to absorb the energy from within it.

Long Chen stealthily left the immortal cave. Seeing Qing Yu was outside, he knew that she was there to guard Tang Wan-er.

After greeting her, Long Chen found a secluded place. Placing his hand inside his jug, his Spiritual Strength began to circulate, and a whirlpool appeared over his palm, beginning to absorb the Magical Beast essence blood.

In just a couple of breaths, all the essence blood was completely absorbed by him.

Compared to Tang Wan-er’s gentle method, Long Chen was like a ravenous wolf, swallowing it all in a single mouthful.

As the Magical Beast essence blood settled into his body, Long Chen’s blood immediately began to surge and crazily circulate.

If other people knew Long Chen had used such a method to absorb the essence blood, they would be frightened to death. 

That was Magical Beast essence blood, not human blood! It would clash heavily with human blood. Hastily absorbing it would cause a huge explosion within the blood vessels. In the less severe cases, it would cause the blood vessels to burst. In serious cases, it could cause the entire body to explode.

That was why Tang Wan-er was absorbing it carefully. She needed to extract the wild nature within the essence blood, only absorbing the life energy within. Only that pure life energy was able to once more purify her blood to a perfect level.

As for Long Chen, he understood his body the best. He was too lazy to use such a strenuous method and had instead directly absorbed it all into his body. He used his body’s blood energy to suppress that beast blood.

That caused a huge battle inside his body as his blood was being fiercely attacked by the new beast blood.

Long Chen’s blood had reached a terrifying level. That beast blood within the jar only had a chance to surge a couple of times before it was completely swallowed.

Then with a wave of his hand, he shot out a blood dart. That was the expelled impurities. As for the useful life energy, it had all been absorbed.

Rumbling came from his body, sounding as if a large river was surging. That was the sound of his blood constantly circulating. It was so loud that it could be heard outside his body.

To raise the blood energy to this level was absolutely shocking. He didn’t know how other people cultivated, but Long Chen had gone through records of normal cultivators and there had never been any recording of such a thing.

And so Long Chen didn’t want to cultivate with anyone else. The main thing was that his cultivation path was already completely different from others and would attract attention.


Suddenly, an explosion rang out from within his body, and qi waves surged out, destroying a couple of small trees in his surroundings.

Long Chen sighed gently. He had finally broken through. His physical strength had once more increased, but his qi and blood had decreased. He would need more time to form more qi and blood.

Calculating the time, Long Chen realized that each time he advanced a level, it would require double the time of the previous level. This time he had used over a month of time.

He was now at the seventh Heavenstage. According to that speed, the eighth Heavenstage would require two months, the ninth Heavenstage four months, and then advancing to the Tendon Transformation realm would require eight months.

According to that calculation, wouldn’t he need a year and a half to reach the Tendon Transformation realm? That would really be an extravagant waste of time.

Perhaps if he fought ordinary disciples, then he could summon his divine ring to fight across levels. But if he encountered those on the level of core disciples, wouldn’t he be oppressed into being a dog?

Furthermore, a year and a half was a conservative estimate. It was more than possible that it could take longer. Then, he really would be holding back Tang Wan-er.

That was unacceptable. He had to find a way to train faster. He needed to quickly manufacture that ‘Ten Thousand’ Beast Essence Blood.

When Long Chen returned to the immortal cave, he saw that Tang Wan-er was still carefully absorbing that essence blood. But he also saw that her face was red and her aura was already unstable, a sign she was about to advance.

Qing Yu and Long Chen stood guard outside the immortal cave. Although they knew this place was extremely safe, they were still afraid of someone startling Tang Wan-er at this time. If they really allowed such a slip-up in their carelessness, they would be unable to accept the consequences.

Boom! Suddenly, a light sound rang out from behind. A powerful aura surged out. Both Long Chen and Qing Yu celebrated, turning to look at Tang Wan-er.

Tang Wan-er was still just seated there in the lotus position. Gentle winds blew across her body, and a gem-like glow came from her delighted eyes.

Sensing the powerful aura from her body and that powerful pressure, Long Chen sighed inside:

“Perhaps it will be me who is bullied by her from now on!”

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