Chapter 1809 The Western Wretch Appears

That Netherpassage expert of the ancient family alliance kindly stepped forward to strike up a conversation, only to receive a sudden slap in the face.

“Bastard!” The Netherpassage expert was enraged. He was just about to kill this man when he suddenly smelled the scent of rot. His face began to hurt and itch at the same time.

When the experts around him saw his face, they all let out startled cries. That Netherpassage expert’s face was starting to rapidly decay.

“This is death energy! That’s impossible!”

This man might be masked, but he didn’t look to be over thirty! How was it possible to advance to the Netherpassage realm at such a young age? How could he control such pure death energy?

The Netherpassage expert who had been slapped had chunks of his face slowly fall. He couldn’t even stop it. His skull was quickly exposed.

The corrosive energy was then starting to fade. However, before he could fully erase it, he would have to keep this frightening appearance.

“Just who are you?!” shouted the Netherpassage expert.

This kind of pure death energy was something that of all the people present, only Yan Nantian could possess. No one could have expected that such a young and terrifying Netherpassage expert had appeared in this world.

Yan Nantian looked at the masked man and sank into thoughtful silence. He silently smiled.

Now he knew why this masked man’s death energy was so strange.

“Who am I? Do you think you’re qualified to ask? If I wanted to, other than this senior from the Martial Heaven Alliance, all of you would be crushed!” sneered the masked man.

The death energy surrounding his body grew denser and stronger, shocking everyone. They hastily retreated. This death energy actually possessed a powerful corrosive power, forming its own death domain that even Netherpassage experts didn’t dare to get close to. This death domain possessed a corrosive aura that was very strange. They didn’t want to touch it.

“Little fellow, I don’t mind telling you that the death energy on your face isn’t as simple as you think. It has imprinted onto your skull. If you look carefully, you’ll find that your longevity is currently wasting away,” said the masked man indifferently.

That Netherpassage expert immediately sensed it carefully, and his expression completely changed. He was shocked to find that his longevity was truly shrinking. Although the process was very slow, it still terrified him.

The masked man continued, “This is just the start. This death poison has branded your skeleton. In three days, the poison will erupt like a volcano. At that time, you’ll be losing a year of your life with each breath you take until you’re dead. So, do you still think you’re qualified to call me brother?”

The Netherpassage expert from the ancient family alliance looked at the masked man uneasily. The other experts were also intimidated, afraid that the masked man would set his sights on them. That death energy was something Netherpassage experts in the Life realm couldn’t resist.

“Senior, I was rude to you. I hope you won’t find trouble for this junior.” The ancient family alliance’s Netherpassage expert lowered his head and begged.

The masked man smiled and nodded. “In all my years of roaming the continent, that was the first time someone dared to call himself my brother. The youngsters these days are all rude. Well, due to your youth, I won’t be too hard on you. I’ll give you a chance to make up for this. Open the life and death channel for me to the Yin Yang World, then I’ll accept your apology.”

“But… senior? That’s the Yin Yang World…”

“Do you think my realm is something a child like you can comprehend?! That Yin Yang World is just a fart in my eyes. I can come and go as I please! Are you opening the gate or not? If not, just wait for your longevity to dry up!” The masked man snorted and turned to walk into the Yin Yang World himself.

His words shocked everyone. The Yin Yang World was its own unique world. Only Soul Transformation disciples could enter, and Life Star experts and above would be annihilated by its laws. 

No matter how strong a person was, they were still nothing in front of a whole world’s power. But this masked man still dared to enter the Yin Yang World.

Yan Nantian smiled faintly. He didn’t say a word, but inside, he was thinking that the youngsters these days really knew how to play.

“Senior, please wait! Junior will immediately open the gate!”

That Netherpassage expert of the ancient family alliance clenched his teeth. Life and death energy surged out of him, and a channel opened in the air.

The channel had just formed when he began to sweat. He had already exhausted most of his energy opening the channel for his disciple. Hence, opening it again was incredibly taxing, but he had no choice if he wanted to live.

“Count yourself sensible.” The masked man jumped into the channel.

“Senior… can you… please go faster… I can’t hold on…” The Netherpassage expert’s aura was growing unsteady.

“Useless thing, you can’t even do something so insignificant?” scolded the masked man, but he quickened his steps.

He quickly reached the end of the channel and was right in front of the mist. One more step and he would enter the Yin Yang World.

Everyone was holding their breath. If the masked man could enter, then perhaps there was hope that they could also enter. They were starting to wonder if the laws of the Yin Yang World had changed without anyone noticing.

They saw that the masked man was standing right in front of the mist, but the mist was still completely steady. There were no intense fluctuations.

At this time, the masked man turned back to the ancient family alliance’s Netherpassage expert. “I keep my word. I’ll tell you the way to cure your face right now.”

“Many thanks, senior!” cried that Netherpassage expert.

“All you need to do is see my face and the poison will be cured. Look closely.”

The masked man slowly took off his mask, revealing a young and handsome face with a slight double chin.

His face still had a bit of baby fat to it, and normally, this kind of face was quite kind and nice. However, now it was covered with a wretched expression.

“Mo Nian!”

When the mask fell, that Netherpassage expert’s eyes opened wide. Blood almost poured out of his eyes, and he clenched his teeth furiously.

“Hahaha, not bad, after traveling far and wide and excavating countless tombs, I’ve finally gained some recognition. Little fellow, many thanks for your effort. I’ll leave first, but because you’re so obedient, I won’t rob your ancestral tomb.” Mo Nian laughed magnanimously.

“Fuck your mother, you robbed my family’s ancestral tomb a year ago!” roared the Netherpassage expert.

“Oh, is that so? I’ve excavated countless tombs, so I can’t remember them all. That’s fine, then I promise not to excavate your ancestral tomb a second time. Alright, goodbye!”

Mo Nian stepped into the mist, vanishing from sight.

Although that Netherpassage expert had immediately dispelled his channel upon realizing it was Mo Nian, the gate that was stuck onto the mist still stayed for a few seconds before vanishing.

Most hateful of all, this mist was condensed by the laws of the Yin Yang World, so he didn’t dare to attack it. If the Yin Yang World counterattacked, he would be annihilated.


The Netherpassage expert coughed up a mouthful of blood, almost fainting. 

At this moment, he realized that his face had recovered.

After thinking about it for a moment, he realized that Mo Nian’s death energy was not the death energy that Netherpassage experts controlled. He had been fooled.

This kind of energy came from ancient tombs. It was a corrosive death poison that had infected Mo Nian after staying in tombs for too long. After a long time, he had managed to learn how to control this kind of sinister power.

This kind of energy was fundamentally different from a Netherpassage expert’s death energy. One was a law, while the other was a kind of poisonous qi. If he had been calm, he would have noticed the clues.

However, this bastard Mo Nian’s acting had been too good, duping him and everyone else. Thinking of how he had actually called Mo Nian senior, bowed to him, and even opened the channel for him, he almost exploded in anger. Most hateful of all, Mo Nian had once dug up his ancestral tomb.

Of everyone present, only Yan Nantian had seen the clues and guessed Mo Nian’s identity. That dense death air was something only Mo Nian who had spent a great deal of time frequenting ancient tombs would possess.

Mo Nian and Long Chen had become good brothers in the Eastern Wasteland. Yan Nantian naturally wouldn't expose him.

Seeing Mo Nian slap his enemy in the face and then con him into respectfully opening a path for him without the slightest effort, Yan Nantian supposed that the name of the Western Wretch was not undeserved.

Once Mo Nian had muddled his way into the Yin Yang World, Yan Nantian turned and left. He trusted that when the Eastern Madman and the Western Wretch were reunited, the Yin Yang World would become truly lively.

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