Chapter 1808 Mysterious Man

Long Chen’s fist smashed into that ancient race expert’s nose. The immense force caused his head to cave in.

A pair of lightning wings flashed on Long Chen’s back. It was these lightning wings that had blown apart the ancient race expert’s runic wings.

When he saw those lightning wings, Yan Nantian’s expression changed. So Long Chen had gained control of this rudimentary form of a paragon art so quickly.

These lightning wings were the paragon art, the Sundering Lightning Heavenly Wings. It was just that right now, Long Chen was relying entirely on Lei Long to unleash this technique. He was still unable to cooperate with Lei Long to unleash the move, so its power was very limited. It was still in a rudimentary form.

Despite that, it was enough to instantly destroy this ancient race expert’s divine ability. However, because it had only appeared for an instant, it hadn’t unleashed the fluctuations of a paragon art, so others weren’t able to realize what it was.

Only Yan Nantian had noticed the power of this move, and he was stunned by its power. If Long Chen grasped the complete form of this paragon art, he might be able to dominate these geniuses.

“Long Chen, you are courting death!”

Seeing Long Chen heavily injure his disciple and then grab him by the neck, the Netherpassage elder that had come with this ancient race disciple immediately shot to his feet.

However, he had just moved when a sharp ray of Sword Qi slashed over. That Netherpassage expert coughed up blood and hastily retreated.

“I previously said that anyone in the same realm can challenge Long Chen. But if Netherpassage experts want to attack, don’t blame me for not being courteous. Have you forgotten already?”

Yan Nantian looked at these experts coldly, appearing cold yet domineering. There was frosty killing intent in his eyes.

Ye Lingshan looked in shock at Yan Nantian. This time, he hadn’t used her sword. He had merely waved two fingers but had still been able to use them as a sword and injure a Netherpassage expert.

Yan Nantian’s attack once more shook everyone. They were experiencing the terrifying power of someone at the peak of the Death realm. None of them could stop him.

“Long Chen… what… do you want?” gasped that ancient race disciple in his hand.

His body suddenly exploded. Not even his Yuan Spirit was spared. Long Chen’s hand was bloody, and his gaze was cold. “It’s not what I want, but what do you want? I was too lazy to deal with you just now, but you still forced me like this. Since that’s the case, let’s not bother with anything fancy. There’s no need to enter the Yin Yang World. Anyone who wants to kill me can come challenge me right now! Let us fight to the death right here and see who is left standing in the end!”

Long Chen was feeling vexed due to his complicated relationship with Zi Yan. Hence, when someone actually added oil to the fire, his temper naturally couldn’t endure it.

“Since you want to die, alright!” True Immortal Jiaoqi was the first to step forward. His copper eyes stared at Long Chen. Popping sounds began to ring out of his skeleton.


Just at this moment, explosive rumbling came from the air. The mist over the distant mountains had become thin, and a surge of life energy surged out of the Yin Yang World.

“We can enter!”

A Netherpassage expert formed hand seals, summoning life and death energy that formed a channel through the mist. He then tossed his disciple inside.

“Count yourself lucky. But just wait, I will definitely cut off your head in the Yin Yang World,” said True Immortal Jiaoqi before entering the life and death channel created by his Xuan Beast elder.

There were actually over ten more days until the Yin Yang World was fully open. At this time, the mist had yet to scatter, so it should be impossible to enter.

However, Netherpassage experts were capable of creating a channel with their life and death energy so that Soul Transformation experts could enter.

This way, these disciples would have a ten day head start into the Yin Yang World. That would give them an advantage over the other disciples.

However, creating a channel capable of getting through this mist exhausted a great deal of life and death energy. Ordinary Netherpassage experts were only able to send a single person in. Stronger ones would be able to just barely send two in. Any more would be too much.

“Long Chen, just wait. You will definitely die a miserable death in the Yin Yang World!”

A few more of the heavenly geniuses added in their shouts before charging into the Yin Yang World.

Ye Lingshan pulled Long Chen into their channel. Although they moved second, they were even faster than the others.

Originally, True Immortal Jiaoqi was the fastest, but Long Chen and Ye Lingshan quickly overtook him. That wasn’t because they were rushing, but because Yan Nantian’s life and death energy was superior to the others, allowing the two of them to be the first to enter the Yin Yang World.

The two of them charged through the mist, vanishing from sight.

Just a moment later, True Immortal Jiaoqi also entered the Yin Yang World. The others quickly followed, vanishing one by one.

Only once the majority of people had entered did Zi Yan put away her curtain of light. Although her face was now calm, her eyes were slightly red. She had clearly been crying.

“Little girl, come over here.” Yan Nantian beckoned to Zi Yan.

“Zi Yan greets senior.” Zi Yan respectfully walked over and bowed.

“I can send you in. If you enter yourself, it will take quite a bit of your spiritual yuan. That’s a dangerous condition to be in while in the Yin Yang World,” said Yan Nantian.

Enter herself? The experts in the surroundings were startled. Zi Yan was able to enter the Yin Yang World on her own?

“Many thanks for your kindness, but I can protect myself.” Zi Yan expressed her gratitude, but she declined.

Yan Nantian did not get angry at being refused. He amicably said, “There is no absolute right or wrong in this world. You put in so much bitter effort for Long Chen because you think you are saving him, but in reality, you’ve only made more enemies for him. You’ve made others grow jealous, and from jealousy is born hate. You’ve given them another reason to kill him.”

“Senior, I-”

“Don’t explain yourself for now. I know you had kind intentions, and Long Chen knows this as well. Everyone knows that you did this out of the kindness of your heart. However, if kindness is used in the wrong place, it becomes a bad thing. This is also what I mean when I say that there is no absolute right or wrong. Whether something is right or wrong, true or false, depends on a person’s viewpoint. If you want to accurately judge this world, you need to use multiple yardsticks to measure it. If you can switch to a different status and experience another person’s life, you’ll experience things from a different viewpoint. Perhaps… you will have unexpected gains.”

Zi Yan looked at Yan Nantian with gratitude. She once more respectfully bowed. “Many thanks for your pointers.”

“Wahahaha, who do I see here? Why it’s fairy Zi Yan. I’m honored.”

Suddenly, a voice rang out. A tall man wearing a cloak and a mask on his face walked over. He looked at Zi Yan enthusiastically.

“Sir, you are…?” Zi Yan looked at this man curiously. Divine runes were flowing around his mask that made it impossible for others to see his true face. Just seeing his eyes, she didn’t find him familiar at all.

“Fairy Zi Yan, have you forgotten me so quickly? I’m- cough, this isn’t a good place to speak. But you do know me! We met in the Eastern Wasteland, and I’ve even heard your music before!” urged that man.

“Sorry, I really don’t remember you.” Zi Yan shook her head apologetically.

“What the… Is the only one you remember from the Eastern Wasteland Long Chen? That’s very hurtful.” That man lowered his head sadly.

“Sorry, I still have things to do, so I’ll take my leave first.” Zi Yan looked at him for a long time before confirming she really didn’t know him.

Zi Yan lightly pressed a hand against the air. It was like a zither was present in the air, and the world was split open, forming a narrow channel for her.

In front of everyone’s dumbfounded gazes, Zi Yan gracefully walked into that narrow channel and vanished from sight.

When she vanished, the split-open world returned to normal as if nothing had happened. However, that sight deeply shook people’s minds.

“My word, fairy Zi Yan has gained the approval of the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither! She can communicate with the world spiritually, using the very heavens as her strings,” exclaimed a Netherpassage expert. Was she really a Soul Transformation disciple? This kind of power was enough to annihilate Netherpassage experts.

Many people felt thankful that Long Chen had been so stupid as to refuse Zi Yan’s kindness. If he ended up with Zi Yan, no one would be able to do anything to him.

The Illusive Music Immortal Palace’s disciples’ strongest point wasn’t their combat power, but their ability to commune with the Heavenly Daos. Whoever could dual cultivate with her would never have a bottleneck in their lifetime!

When Zi Yan had said that if Long Chen would agree to change his ways, the path to immortality or divinity would be wide and open for him, it had clearly expressed her determination and her heart. However, Long Chen had declined this lure that would drive others crazy.

“That bastard Long Chen, how am I supposed to live this down? Beautiful women only recognize you and not me. How am I any inferior to you?” cursed the man once Zi Yan left.

Everyone looked at this person curiously. His voice was very young. However, wearing a cloak and mask out in the open was a bit out of place.

“Brother, do you have any enmity with Long Chen?” probed an expert from the ancient family alliance.

The mysterious man looked at that Netherpassage expert and suddenly slapped him across the face, cursing, “Who the fuck are you calling brother?!”

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