Chapter 1808 Mysterious Man (Teaser)

Long Chen’s fist smashed into that ancient race expert’s nose. The immense force caused his head to cave in.

A pair of lightning wings flashed on Long Chen’s back. It was these lightning wings that had blown apart the ancient race expert’s runic wings.

When he saw those lightning wings, Yan Nantian’s expression changed. So Long Chen had gained control of this rudimentary form of a paragon art so quickly.

These lightning wings were the paragon art, the Sundering Lightning Heavenly Wings. It was just that right now, Long Chen was relying entirely on Lei Long to unleash this technique. He was still unable to cooperate with Lei Long to unleash the move, so its power was very limited. It was still in a rudimentary form.

Despite that, it was enough to instantly destroy this ancient race expert’s divine ability. However, because it had only appeared for an instant, it hadn’t unleashed the fluctuations of a paragon art, so others weren’t able to realize what it was.

Only Yan Nantian had...

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