Chapter 1806 Once More Seeing Zi Yan

Her robes were snow-white, and her figure swayed gently. Like a fairy walking in the mortal world, she drew the gazes of everyone. She was a peerless beauty.

Her gemstone-like eyes swept over the crowd. When she saw Long Chen, a complicated emotion appeared in her tender eyes.

This woman was the number one genius of the junior generation of the Illusive Music Immortal Palace, Zi Yan. Her arrival caused every single man to involuntarily feel ashamed of their own inferiority. As for Ye Lingshan, although she was also a top beauty, she was eclipsed by Zi Yan.

Zi Yan looked at Long Chen, and Long Chen looked at Zi Yan. He sighed inside.

His relationship with her was complicated. There was both enmity and gratitude between the two of them. The entire continent knew what had transpired between them. The Illusive Music Immortal Palace had sent Shen Bijun to kill Long Chen, and the results were that the current palace master almost lost her position. She had to punish herself as an apology to the world for her actions.

Shen Bijun had died to Long Chen, and the palace master had also punished herself because of this. Although the Illusive Music Immortal Palace hadn’t reached the point of being like water and fire with Long Chen, they could already count as enemies.

Back when Zi Yan had tried to stop Long Chen from killing his enemies in the Grand Han Ancient Nation, she had lost. The Illusive Music Immortal Palace had then spread the word that she had held back due to her feelings.

That was because they didn’t want the world to think that Zi Yan wasn’t as strong as Long Chen but that she just hadn’t wanted to kill him.

This news had shaken countless experts and made countless men crazily jealous of Long Chen.

In that kind of scenario, Zi Yan had actually rathered die to Long Chen than kill him. Her feelings toward him were clear.

Countless men could die of jealousy from this. If Zi Yan expressed the slightest good opinion to any man, it was unknown just how many people would be willing to sacrifice their lives for her. However, Long Chen had actually refused Zi Yan, making countless people feel like Zi Yan’s feelings were unworthy of him.

Ye Lingshan had previously heard that Zi Yan was a fairy that would make any woman feel ashamed of themselves upon seeing her. Today, she learned what a peerless beauty was.

Zi Yan’s charm didn’t just stem from her looks. She possessed a certain air that was difficult to describe. There was immortal spiritual qi around her, and it was like she was a transcendent being. It was like just looking at her was a blasphemy.

Zi Yan’s arrival caused the heavenly geniuses that had been sitting to shoot to their feet. They felt like sitting before her was an insult.

Their eyes were filled with adoration and worship. This was Zi Yan’s specific charm. The Illusive Music Immortal Palace’s disciples all possessed an ability to get closer to the Heavenly Daos. Their natural air made it so others had difficulty forming any hostility or other bad feelings toward them.

This was also another reason why Shen Bijun’s zither music had been able to control the Southern Xuan Region’s geniuses so easily. It was because their hearts had already been subdued by her specific air.

Zi Yan was much more beautiful than Shen Bijun. As soon as she arrived, let alone the men, even the women greatly admired her.

“Brother Long, you’re as valiant as ever.” Zi Yan bowed slightly to Long Chen. Her voice was like immortal music.

However, it made him feel sour. Her voice clearly contained a certain distant feeling to him. Perhaps this was what Long Chen had wanted, but now that it really happened, that feeling of disappointment was something only Long Chen could understand.

“Many thanks.”

In the end, Long Chen could only reply with a standard courteous reply.

His relationship with Zi Yan was practically a melodramatic play. None of his skills could help him here.

“You should be careful. The power of her Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither had increased to a new level. It seems part of its seal has been broken,” warned Evilmoon.

In truth, there was no need for Evilmoon’s warning. Long Chen also sensed that Zi Yan was different from before. She possessed something on her that gave him a feeling of great danger.

“Brother Long, I’ve recently learned a new song that I want you to hear. Are you interested in hearing it?” After a moment’s hesitation, Zi Yan asked Long Chen a question.

Long Chen looked at her crystal clear eyes. It was several breaths later that he shook his head. “You shouldn’t waste your music on me. It would be like playing music for a bull. I’m a stubborn coarse man. Everyone’s Daos are different, and although it’s said that all Daos lead to the same place, the paths are all different. I respect your Dao, and I hope you can respect mine as well. Gods, Devils, Immortals, Ghosts, there are many different Daos, but who is right or wrong, who is higher or lower, there is no criterion to judge them. Man is not a fish and cannot know the fish’s life.”

Although Long Chen and Zi Yan hadn’t been together for a long time, they had disclosed their hearts in the Grand Xia. Long Chen understood Zi Yan’s heart, which was why he felt so powerless.

Both he and Zi Yan were very opinionated and strongly believed in their own views of the world. No one could rattle their beliefs. Zi Yan had always thought that Long Chen was a devil in need of saving. She did it out of the kindness of her heart, but Long Chen never thought of himself as a devil. It was the opposite. He felt he was kinder than the absolute majority of people.

Zi Yan had been influenced by the Illusive Music Immortal Palace from her youth. She had her own world view built around there. As for Long Chen, he had his own world view. He viewed the world from the bottom rungs, while Zi Yan was standing at the peak.

Their viewpoints were completely different, and the worlds they saw were also completely different. In Zi Yan’s eyes, this world was beautiful, but what Long Chen saw was always the bloody and cruel side. This resulted in two different world views, so it was fated that the two of them could not end up together.

Furthermore, he knew that Zi Yan had not given up and was planning on trying again with this song. She would do everything she could to get Long Chen to ‘mend his ways’.

Long Chen didn’t want to disappoint her again, so he decided not to listen to her song.

However, Zi Yan couldn’t help being disappointed after being refused by Long Chen. “I’m sad I won’t get to receive your pointers again, even regretful. However, that expression you brought up, man is not a fish and cannot know the fish’s life, I disagree with it. The fish is in the water only due to its current circumstances. It cannot grow wings and cannot go ashore. It is powerless to do anything, so it can only peacefully live its life. But the turtle can come ashore to live its life. The crocodile lives on both land and water. They were not satisfied with living in the water and braved the unknown. The Kun dominated the water, but it willed itself to fly through the sky, and so there is the story of the Kunpeng breaking through the heavens and its restrictions. Didn’t they do this to change their viewpoint and to see another side of the world? You are stubbornly clinging to your narrow view of the world. If you could open your heart, the path to immortality and divinity would be wide open for you.”

Zi Yan’s voice quivered ever so slightly. She was clearly too emotional to keep her voice calm. Everyone could tell that she still cared about Long Chen.

True Immortal Jiaoqi and the other disciples’ expressions changed. Their gazes were filled with jealousy as they stared daggers at Long Chen. They wished to crush him right here and now. Just how was his luck so good? Why didn’t fairy Zi Yan look at them like this?

Long Chen looked at Zi Yan. Her flawless face was slightly rosy, like a peach blossom in bloom.

He had no way to reply to this beauty’s emotions. He also couldn’t accept her principles.

When Zi Yan had roamed the world, she had always been carrying her status as heir to the Illusive Music Immortal Palace. Who would dare to be rude to her?

Everything she saw was what others showed her. Hence, she thought that what she saw was a beautiful world.

As for Long Chen? He had seen people’s twisted sides or perhaps reality.

This was a world where the strong were respected, where the weak were prey. Zi Yan was born an expert. Everything she saw was beautiful, but Long Chen’s world was filled with blood.

Zi Yan was using her own yardstick to judge the world and judge Long Chen’s world. That was fundamentally a mistake.

It was the same world, but their viewpoints were completely different, so the worlds they saw were different.

Long Chen had tried to communicate with Zi Yan several times, but he was always disappointed. Her worldview had deep roots and could not be shaken. As for himself, there was no way he could change his worldview for Zi Yan.

Perhaps if he didn’t have deep bloody enmities with others, perhaps if he didn’t have a group of lovers, a group of hot-blooded brothers, perhaps for someone who deeply loved him, he could try to change himself.

However, he couldn’t now, and he couldn’t in the future. So he was silent in the face of Zi Yan’s questioning.

“Long Chen, fairy Zi Yan is doing her best to enlighten you, a devil. Hopefully you can sincerely repent and turn over a new leaf, but seeing you expressionless in the face of her emotional plea, it seems you’re fully entrenched in the Devil Dao and cannot be saved,” sneered an expert from the ancient races, his voice full of jealousy and disdain.

Long Chen smiled faintly. To Zi Yan, he said, “Do you see? This is the difference between us. When you speak, others immediately agree. But before I even speak, others will target me. You are constantly standing beneath the sun, seeing the world full of light. I am standing in a dark shadowy corner. Although I can see the sunlight, I can’t feel its warmth. The only things that can make me feel warm in this world are my family, my lovers, and my brothers. I need them, and they also need me. We will live and die together. We don’t need other people’s pity, nor do we need other people to give us their sunlight.”

Perhaps others didn’t feel much from Long Chen’s words, but they formed a resonance with Ye Lingshan. She had always thought that others couldn’t understand her view of the world, but now she found that she and Long Chen were the same.

“Long Chen, you’re too extreme. You should try to open your inner heart and accept this world’s sunlight. It’s selfless. It can’t be that you will hate this world as you intentionally stand where the sunlight can’t reach you?”

Zi Yan looked at Long Chen with pity. She knew what Long Chen had experienced, and she knew that if he continued like this, he would sooner or later become a true devil king. She wanted to change that fate.

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