Chapter 1805 The Bizarre Yin Yang World

The atmosphere was tense. Although these experts weren’t speaking, it was like there were countless sharp blades pointed at Long Chen. Their hostility was clear.

“Long Chen, are you really not the slightest bit scared?” whispered Ye Lingshan. If she were Long Chen, surrounded by this many powerful enemies who wanted her life, she wouldn’t be able to stay calm no matter what.

“I’m very afraid. Don’t you see I’m sitting motionlessly?” said Long Chen.

“What does being afraid have to do with that?” demanded Ye Lingshan.

“I’ve already pissed myself and my butt is now frozen to the stone. I can’t move. You should back up before it flows over to your side,” advised Long Chen.

“You… you’re disgusting.” Ye Lingshan was speechless, but this crude joke of Long Chen’s was an answer to her question. Long Chen didn’t care about these powerful enemies.

“Actually, you should have experienced many similar things that I have. I’m already used to it. The majority of my past few years have been either fighting or marching on the path to the next fight. I’ve already grown numb to it. What’s different between the two of us is that you’ve always been solitary. There are fewer things on your back, so your battles have probably been smaller in scope than mine,” said Long Chen.

Ye Lingshan nodded slightly. She had always been a solitary figure. She hadn’t joined any sects, and she hadn’t trusted anyone. Although she had encountered many dangers, she hadn’t had that many life and death battles. That was because if she encountered enemies that she couldn’t beat, the first thing she would do was run.

Long Chen was different. He couldn’t retreat when he encountered powerful enemies. Behind him was his family, his brothers, and his lovers. If he retreated, they would die.

Ye Lingshan suddenly understood why Long Chen was so strong, and why he possessed such an undefeatable will and belief in himself. It was because he had no path of retreat. All of this had been forced out of him.

She also suddenly thought of Qu Jianying. This master of hers cared about her immensely. It was her first time feeling such love.

If someone harmed Qu Jianying, Ye Lingshan would definitely put her life on the line to defend her. Thinking of that, Ye Lingshan suddenly felt like her own mental realm had increased. She looked at Long Chen.

Yan Nantian smiled faintly, seeming to have noticed the change in Ye Lingshan. This change would allow her to comprehend the meaning of life and death easier. In the future, when breaking through to the Netherpassage realm, her comprehension ability would definitely be exceptional.

As for Long Chen, he was a monster, a freak, a demon. Even Yan Nantian was unable to see through him. He was someone both smart and dumb. No one could predict what he would do.

Back in Clearwind City, everyone had thought that in that scenario, Long Chen would release Di Xin. However, despite those old fellows trying to hypnotize him, he had killed Di Xin. Not even all those Netherpassage experts had been able to save Di Xin, because… no one had really thought that Long Chen would kill Di Xin.

There were too many unknown factors surrounding Long Chen, so the Grand Elders had hesitated to give Long Chen the spot to obtain the paragon art inheritance.

Why did the Martial Heaven Alliance only have four commanders amongst the disciples? Why weren’t there more terrifying geniuses? It was because a great deal of the Martial Heaven Alliance’s karmic luck was focused on maintaining those two ancient heroic spirits. 

So there hadn’t been any supreme geniuses to appear in the alliance. The four commanders’ actual power hadn’t been a match for their status in the alliance.

If the Martial Heaven Alliance hadn’t focused so much karmic luck on maintaining those ancient heroic spirits, the four commanders’ accomplishments would have been far greater, and the first commander and second commander wouldn’t have died such miserable deaths. This was also one reason for Qu Jianying’s grief.

“Grand Elder, there’s one thing that I don’t understand. If the Yin Yang World is a great danger zone, why is everyone sending people inside?” asked Long Chen.

According to reason, people should be avoiding the danger zones as much as possible. Why were so many people treating it as a land of treasure?

“It’s because the Yin Yang World is its own world filled with Yin and Yang energy, as well as life and death energy. It has two sides, a life side and a death side. When the Yin Yang World’s life energy is at its strongest, people will somehow enter from the Yang side. There’s no problem with entering then. However, if people enter the Yin side, that is a land of absolute death and entering there would be suicide. The Yin Yang World’s exterior is covered in mist, it has its own laws, and there is also a Sovereign Blood Seal binding it. It is extremely unstable, and it drifts in and out. To put it in a simple way, while the mist is too dense, while the laws do not permit it, and while the Sovereign Blood seal has not loosened, entering alone would bring with it a ninety percent chance of death. Most importantly, once you’re in, you’d still have to wait for the Yin Yang World to fully open before you could leave. The Yin Yang World only fully opens once every few centuries or even millennia. Its opening is random, so that’s why it is normally considered a danger zone forbidden to life. It’s only a good chance now, because it has fully opened.”

Hearing this explanation, Long Chen finally understood why this danger zone would also be a land of opportunity.

“Long Chen, Lingshan, listen well. In the Yin Yang World, unless you have no other choice, do not break through to the Life Star realm,” warned Yan Nantian.

“My master also said the same thing, but she didn’t tell me why,” said Ye Lingshan.

“It’s because the Yin Yang World’s origins are strange. It has its own laws. Only Soul Transformation disciples are able to enter through its misty shroud, and Life Star experts would die if they tried to force their way in. Although the Yin Yang World looks similar to the Martial Heaven Continent, there were people who once broke through to the Life Star realm within, only to find that once they returned to the continent, their cultivation bases were unable to advance even the slightest bit. All the way to their deaths, their cultivation bases never advanced again,” said Yan Nantian solemnly.

“What?” Long Chen jumped in shock.

“Yes, it’s true. Many people who entered are at the peak of Soul Transformation, so when they encountered powerful enemies or other dangers, they might have no choice but to make a breakthrough in their cultivation base in order to stay alive. However, those people, without exception, all found that they could no longer increase their cultivation base upon returning to the Martial Heaven Continent. Furthermore, their combat power began to regress. The elders of that time theorized that it’s because the Yin Yang World has its own independent laws, and when you break through inside, the Heavenly Daos of the Yin Yang World leave a mark on you, so once you return to the Martial Heaven Continent, you no longer have the Martial Heaven Continent’s recognition and are rejected by its Heavenly Daos,” said Yan Nantian.

“So an analogy would be like your woman ran over to a man’s house and slept in his bed for a few days, and upon returning, you kicked her out?” asked Long Chen.

“Shameless rogue. Don’t be so crass!” cursed Ye Lingshan. Long Chen really didn’t have a filter on his mouth to say such a thing in front of her.

Yan Nantian nodded. “It’s a coarse analogy, but it is similar. In any case, just remember that if you break through to the Life Star realm within it, your cultivation path will be truly severed.”

Long Chen nodded, but he wasn’t worried. He was still a long way away from breaking through.

The Nine Star Hegemon Body Art’s final few Heavenstages required an enormous amount of energy to break through. Huo Long was refining pills all day, but based on Long Chen’s estimate, he was still far from having enough.

Actually, this benefited Long Chen. Originally, he had been worried about some people breaking through to the Life Star realm upon entering the Yin Yang World to take advantage of him still being stuck in the Soul Transformation realm. With this, his confidence grew. He even had an urge to go over and slap these people.

“Within the Yin Yang World, the Yang side is filled with demonic beasts. Some are even remnants from the immortal era. Those are terrifying existences, so be careful. Other than the demonic beasts, there might be some immortal caves with inheritances or priceless treasures inside from foreign worlds, but those are also filled with dangers. You might lose your life. The other thing to note is to not enter the Yin side. There are very powerful death spirit race experts in it. If you startle them, you will be doomed. However, the death spirit race is unable to enter the Yang side, so they aren’t too dangerous. I hope that the two of you will stick together and look after each other,” said Yan Nantian.

“No, we can’t. I should tell you that if Ye Lingshan was on her own, it would be dangerous. But if she were with me, it would be even more dangerous for her. I’m already prepared. When I go in, I won’t bother searching for treasures. I’ll just kill people and take their treasures. In any case, many people will just send themselves to me. If Ye Lingshan is on her own, she’ll be much safer,” said Long Chen hastily.

With his bad luck, he estimated that the two of them would end up finding nothing and most likely end up being hunted down.

Furthermore, he had many enemies, and if Ye Lingshan was with him, ignoring the danger, she wouldn’t even have time to go search for treasures. She would be fighting all day. It was better if it was just him.

“This is true. That’s fine. You can make your own preparations. If you are able to, it would be best if you are able to find some things that extend a person’s longevity,” said Yan Nantian.

Long Chen nodded, understanding what he was saying. The Grand Elders’ longevity was running out, and they wouldn’t be able to last much longer. If they were gone, the Martial Heaven Alliance would lose one of their greatest supports. 

If both of them could find some treasures, perhaps the four of them would be able to persevere for longer. If they could hold on until Long Chen managed to reach the peak, the Martial Heaven Alliance wouldn’t end up short on manpower.

As Yan Nantian was discussing things with Long Chen and Ye Lingshan, more and more Netherpassage experts began to arrive with their disciples.

When they saw Long Chen, they were all astonished. They hadn’t expected that the Xuan Beasts, ancient races, and the people from the Martial Heaven Alliance would be able to sit in silence together.

Of course, there were also a few experts who came from Righteous sects. They went over to greet Yan Nantian, but they had their disciples maintain a certain distance from Long Chen. Most likely, they were afraid of others noticing them being too close to Long Chen.

Suddenly, a woman walked over from the distance. She was like a fairy who had descended to the mortal world. She was graceful and elegant. When Long Chen saw her, a complicated expression appeared on his face.

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