Chapter 1804 Three Realms of Netherpassage, Life, Death, and Samsara

Yan Nantian’s words were very light. They didn’t contain any anger, but no one dared to question his determination.

“Yan Nantian, you’re too arrogant. So what if you’ve gained control of death energy? Your longevity has almost run out, and there’s no chance you can restore balance to your life and death energy. If you act so arrogantly, are you not worried your longevity will come to an end and the Martial Heaven Alliance will be destroyed?” shouted one of the ancient races’ Netherpassage experts.

The Netherpassage realm had three realms inside: the Life realm, the Death realm, and the Samsara realm.

When Netherpassage experts first broke through to the Netherpassage realm, they would be able to control life and death energy. Their life energy and their death energy would be balanced. This was the realm that ordinary Netherpassage experts were at and was the first step.

Once their realm was stabilized, they could proceed with the second step, the Life realm. They would use their life energy to suppress their death energy. The original proportion of life energy to death energy was fifty-fifty, but to reach the peak of the Life realm, they had to make the proportion ninety-ten. 

Netherpassage experts that had reached the peak of the Life realm had practically endless life force. Severed limbs could be regrown with barely any effort.

However, once their life energy had reached a peak, the next step was the Death realm. 

The Death realm’s principles were the same as the Life realm. The only difference was that it was the death energy that suppressed the life energy. The peak was to have ninety percent death energy and ten percent life energy.

The Life realm wasn’t dangerous, but the Death realm was very terrifying. The stronger a person’s death energy grew, the more it exhausted their life energy.

Some people would only be able to reach seventy percent death energy before reaching their limit. If they pushed it, their death energy would exhaust all their longevity and they would die.

Many Netherpassage experts were stuck at seventy percent death energy and unable to continue cultivating. If they continued, it would be no different from suicide.

However, Yan Nantian’s attack just now had clearly shown that his death energy had reached the peak of the Death realm. In other words, he was at the peak of the third step. One more step and he would reach the Samsara realm.

These were the three realms in the Netherpassage realm, but the majority of Netherpassage experts were unable to even step into them. They were still stuck on the first step, stabilizing their life and death energy. They couldn’t even step into the initial Life realm without wasting countless years.

However, Yan Nantian had already reached the peak of the third step. That was enough to shock countless people.

Unfortunately, they also saw that Yan Nantian’s longevity had almost come to an end due to this. It had reached the point that he was no longer able to balance his life energy and death energy. There was no way for him to enter the Samsara realm.

That was why they dared to speak up against Yan Nantian. So what if he was so powerful? His longevity was about to run out. If he were to fight, it would quicken that process.

It wouldn’t be long before he would be dead. At that time, what would his precious disciples and descendants do? Wouldn’t they be slaughtered by them?

“My descendants are happy. I don’t need to bother with them. All I, Yan Nantian, wish to do is live out my final days while repaying both gratitude and enmity. In any case, I already have one foot in the grave, so I don’t need to have any misgivings. If you want to play, I will accompany you. Before people die, they always have to find some things to do, or their lives would have been wasted, don’t you think so?” said Yan Nantian lightly.

His meaning was obvious. They shouldn’t go too far because all he had left was this one life, and he didn’t have any misgivings. He would kill them if they made him. If they forced him, he would even kill his way to their nest. In any case, he wouldn’t be alive for much longer, so what was there for him to fear?

Those experts became gloomy. The most fearsome existences were always those who were unafraid of losing their lives. Yan Nantian was such an existence.

“Did you hear that clearly? If any disciples in the same generation want to send themselves to their deaths, then they can come to me. If there are any Netherpassage experts though, please go find our Grand Elder. Make sure you queue well and don’t go the wrong way!” Long Chen immediately started to get arrogant and shout at the Netherpassage experts.

Those experts turned green with rage, but there was no way for them to reply. Cursing back to Long Chen was a loss of status for them.

“Long Chen, you can be arrogant for now, but once we’re in the Yin Yang World, I will take your life,” sneered True Immortal Jiaoqi.

“Hmph, hopefully brother Jiaoqi won’t kill him immediately. Someone like him should be tortured and have his soul incinerated so that he can never reincarnate.”

“Just wait, Long Chen. You should prepare to fall into brother Jiaoqi’s hands so that you can have a quick death. If you fall into my hands, I’ll definitely make you regret living in this world!” sneered an ancient race expert.

This person was also very powerful. It was unknown what divine ability he cultivated, but his aura was shocking. There was faint star light in his eyes.

The Netherpassage experts were intimidated by Yan Nantian and no longer dared to speak, but their disciples were now pointing their spears at Long Chen.

Long Chen couldn’t be bothered to reply. He once more raised a finger on both his hands in a silent counterattack.

Those experts were infuriated. They had an urge to charge at him right now.

“Grand Elder, what does this action of Long Chen’s mean?” whispered Ye Lingshan. Although she had roamed the world for many years, she really had never seen this action before.

“Ah… actually, I don’t know either. It should mean he’s cursing others. You should just ask Long Chen,” said Yan Nantian awkwardly.

Of course he knew what it meant, but could he really explain such a thing?

“Junior apprentice-sister, don’t listen to Grand Elder’s nonsense. This has nothing to do with cursing others. The thumb represents number one, the forefinger represents number two, and the third finger represents number three. My meaning is that I’m number one, and they’re not even qualified to be number two. They can only be third-rates…” Long Chen once more began spouting nonsense with a straight face.

That seemed somewhat reasonable, but Ye Lingshan felt like Long Chen was still hiding something based on those people’s furious expressions.

It was unknown whether those disciples’ fury had reached a peak so they couldn’t be bothered to look at Long Chen any longer or if it was because their elders told them not to, but eventually those disciples turned away. They closed their eyes and sat in meditation. 

Seeing those people had stopped talking, Long Chen also didn’t waste any more saliva on them. He split his attention to communicate with Lei Long. He began to study the lightning paragon art.

This paragon art required his essence, qi, and soul to cooperate fully with Lei Long’s thunderforce. There couldn’t be the slightest deviation from the correct process. Any deviation and the least of his worries would be failing to unleash the paragon art. In the worst case, he would be heavily injured or even die.

Back when Xiang Yunfei had unleashed his paragon art, the reason he had dared to unleash it was because it was left behind by his ancestors and was being activated with the help of the Heavenly Bone Spears. He had borrowed the power of his ancestors to unleash it.

For Long Chen, he had to rely on himself. His cooperation with Lei Long had to be perfect. Since he could tell that the Yin Yang World was going to be dangerous, he had to increase his power as much as possible.

“Long Chen, you have to be careful of that True Immortal Jiaoqi. His talent is exceptional, and he is in possession of two bloodlines. Most shocking of all, when his two bloodlines mixed, they actually managed to support each other and make each other stronger. His divine abilities are more powerful than others. It would be best if you avoided this person. You have enemies everywhere, so if you are injured in a battle against him, it could be fatal,” said Yan Nantian spiritually to Long Chen, as well as Ye Lingshan.

“Long Chen, the Grand Elder is correct. That True Immortal Jiaoqi is truly terrifying. Just looking at him makes my hair rise. He’s definitely a monster, even more dangerous than Xiang Yunfei,” advised Ye Lingshan.

Ye Lingshan was also an expert and had sharp senses toward danger. After all, she had fought and come out on top in the lowest level of the cultivation world in the Central Xuan Region.

Back then, although Xiang Yunfei had given her a great sense of danger, at that time, she had yet to take Qu Jianying as her master. She hadn’t received her pointers yet, nor had she had a divine sword and a paragon art in her arsenal. 

She was now much stronger than back then, but when she looked at True Immortal Jiaoqi, she felt a chill in her bones. Her sense of danger that had been honed for many years was telling her that he was incredibly dangerous, far surpassing Xiang Yunfei.

Back then, Long Chen had used up everything in order to defeat Xiang Yunfei. His chances of beating True Immortal Jiaoqi were low.

Even if Long Chen could end up in a draw with him, it was meaningless. Long Chen had enemies everywhere, and if injured, he would be hunted and chased down.

“Don’t worry, I will do my best. Grand Elder, if I kill this fellow, will you be able to handle it?” probed Long Chen.

Ye Lingshan was shocked. Long Chen actually dared to say such a thing. That was too arrogant.

Even Yan Nantian was a bit surprised. Seeing how calm Long Chen was, he suddenly understood. He smiled. “If you have the ability, then kill as many as you want. No matter what happens, us four old fellows will handle it.”

“No matter how many I kill, it will be fine?” Long Chen asked again to confirm. Ye Lingshan covered her mouth in shock. She felt like Long Chen had gone crazy.

“Yes. As long as you have justification, we will all support you.” Yan Nantian nodded.

“Alright, then I’m at ease. This time I’ll properly play them. I’ll teach them that they can’t provoke me.”

Long Chen smiled. There was excitement in his eyes. He would have to properly cause some trouble this time, or it wouldn’t have been worth it for the four Grand Elders to come out of seclusion.

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