Chapter 1803 Yan Nantian’s Sword

True Immortal Jiaoqi had suddenly attacked without paying the slightest attention to Yan Nantian who was standing beside Long Chen. His fist contained a strange energy. It was like the world was being torn apart by it.

True Immortal Jiaoqi was ten meters tall. He was a giant, and Long Chen had no opportunity to counterattack because… his arms and legs just weren’t long enough.


Long Chen also let out a punch, and ripples exploded in the air. The two of them were both forced dozens of meters back.

Long Chen was startled. This True Immortal Jiaoqi’s power was very strange. It didn’t seem to be purely physical strength, but it also wasn’t supported by some magical art. He couldn’t exactly describe what kind of power this was. However, he clearly felt that this was just a probing blow. True Immortal Jiaoqi had not used his full power.

“No wonder you were able to kill Xiang Yunfei. Good, once we enter the Yin Yang World, I’ll make sure you end up in different worlds for the rest of eternity.” True Immortal Jiaoqi’s emotionless vertical eyes looked at Long Chen like a viper staring at its prey. 

Yan Nantian just stood there without saying anything. As for Ye Lingshan, she was uneasy. This True Immortal Jiaoqi’s name was too resounding. He was known for being terrifyingly powerful.

Long Chen swung his slightly numb hand and shook his head. His enmity with the Xuan Beasts had originated from the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow.

Last time, they had tormented Cloud not because she was part of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow but because of Meng Qi’s Myriad Spirit Diagram.

The Myriad Spirit Diagram was something he had obtained in the Four Nations Ancient Remnant. It was a priceless treasure left behind by an ascender. 

There was a complete inheritance of ten thousand beasts within it. In this declined era, many of those inheritances had been lost.

The Xuan Beasts in particular had lost a great deal of their inherited divine abilities due to their bloodlines growing too sparse. But those inheritances could be found within the Myriad Spirit Diagram. Cloud was the best example, her growth was entirely thanks to the Myriad Spirit Diagram. So it was a must-have treasure for the Xuan Beasts.

Back when Cloud’s mother had entrusted Cloud to Long Chen and Meng Qi, she had warned them that they would be implicated, but the two of them still accepted Cloud.

As Cloud had grown stronger, she had helped the Dragonblood Legion turn around fights multiple times. She was an important force in the Dragonblood Legion and was part of their family.

Whether it was because they had tormented Cloud or because they wanted Meng Qi’s Myriad Spirit Diagram, Long Chen was fated to be mortal enemies with the Xuan Beasts.

As for this True Immortal Jiaoqi in particular, he had left behind a message on the Devil Slaughter Rankings, claiming that Long Chen had cheated and was despicable. He had said that he would cut off Long Chen’s head as soon as he saw him. That was a naked provocation.

Although Long Chen had brushed it off back then, he still remembered it. So as soon as he learned that this giant was True Immortal Jiaoqi, he knew things wouldn’t be boring.

“Many people said similar things, but in the end… they all died.” Long Chen shook his head. He felt like he had passed the age of needing to say vicious words to raise his own loftiness.

“You’re even more ignorant than I thought. If you fall into brother Jiaoqi’s hands, you will beg for death.” Another expert from the Xuan Beasts sneered at Long Chen. He had two golden horns on his head, and his eyes were like a bull’s. On top of that, he had a flat nose and extremely large arms. There seemed to be wriggling snakes beneath his skin. His Blood Qi was astounding.

Long Chen looked over this person. He nodded. “Not bad, not bad. You’re fit and your body can be described as perfect. Yes, the quality of your meat is definitely suitable for my brother.”

“You’re courting death!” roared that expert.

“Alright, don’t make such a fuss. In front of the senior generation, just saying some vicious words is meaningless. Don’t worry, once we enter the Yin Yang World, you can come find me at any time. Depending on my mood, I might even go find you. We can happily kill each other. Just how much more satisfying would that be than just glaring and talking here?” said Long Chen.

Everyone here was his mortal enemy, so he couldn’t be bothered to waste the effort talking to them. With the senior experts present, the most they could do was launch probing blows at each other. It was impossible to kill anyone.

Long Chen wasn’t interested in testing their power. When he fought, he had one goal, and that was to eliminate his opponent. Who was bored enough to play this game with them?

“Alright, then let’s just wait. Hopefully, you don’t run right into brother Jiaoqi right at the start, or you’ll die too quickly for us to enjoy your appearance right before death. We’ll make sure to release how you look before death to everyone. The first place of the Devil Slaughter Rankings is actually just a piece of-”


Before the horned expert could finish speaking, Long Chen seemed to teleport, appearing right in front of him and slapped him in the face.

A loud explosive sound mixed with the sound of bones breaking rang out. That expert’s cheekbones were broken and his head caved in.

“I already said not to make such a fuss. Do you not understand human words?” Long Chen borrowed the force from slapping this expert to return. He had been like a phantom, and by the time others reacted, things were already over.

Ye Lingshan had jumped in shock upon seeing Long Chen charge into the midst of their enemies and had just been preparing to help when Long Chen returned.

The horned expert slammed into a distant mountain and bore a hole straight through it. It could be seen how much power Long Chen had used in his slap.

“Little brat, you must want to die!” The horned expert’s elder, who also had a pair of golden horns on his head, suddenly rose. Golden light exploded out of his horns, shooting toward Long Chen like a golden sword.

When that golden sword appeared, Long Chen felt the world solidify around him and he couldn’t move. He could only watch as that death sword approached him.

However, there wasn’t the slightest panic in his eyes. He didn’t even try to block or dodge it. He just calmly looked at that elder and slowly raised his two middle fingers.



Just as that golden sword was about to reach Long Chen, Ye Lingshan’s sword came out of its sheath. It not only shattered the golden sword, but a sharp Sword Qi also slashed off one of that elder’s horns, causing him to scream.

The sword-light appeared for just an instant before it was over. Yan Nantian slowly resheathed Ye Lingshan’s sword, his expression calm. He didn’t say a thing. It was as if he had done an insignificant thing.

However, his attack had stunned everyone. All the Netherpassage experts stared at him with disbelief.

“You… you’re actually…”

They suddenly thought of something very terrifying.

Yan Nantian indifferently said, “The great era has descended. You’re not the only ones rising. Others are as well, so it would be best if you reserve yourselves a bit.”

Just at this moment, a giant horn landed on the ground. That was the horn that Yan Nantian had severed. It only landed now.

“Hahaha, many thanks, Grand Elder. What great luck! A bull horn this big can be manufactured to many combs, and not just combs, but even bracelets, rings, clappers… Yes, this can definitely be turned into some good profit.”

Long Chen had appeared in front of the horn at some point. He was caressing it as he spouted nonsense.

This was a Netherpassage expert’s horn, and not just that, this was a horn in which that expert’s divine abilities were concentrated. It possessed its own powerful runes and was on the same level as an ordinary divine item.

Long Chen didn’t quite care about a quasi divine item in comparison, but this thing was definitely useful.

Without a word, Long Chen put the horn away, taking advantage of when people were still stunned by Yan Nantian’s attack. He then quickly returned to Yan Nantian’s side.

“Bastard, return my horn!” That elder roared. His divine abilities were concentrated in his horns, so losing a horn was half crippling him. He would be unable to use many divine abilities.

This horn was connected to his soul, so it should have been impossible for others to take it just like that. He had no idea how Long Chen had done it, but he actually lost his connection to his horn when Long Chen put it away. It was like it had vanished from this world.

“Don’t you think your words are a joke? Why would we return our battle spoils? When the Xuan Beasts kill others, do you return their lives back to their families?” asked Long Chen disdainfully.

At this moment, True Immortal Jiaoqi’s elder opened his mouth. “Yan Nantian, don’t you think you’re going too far? The Xuan Beasts’ divine abilities cannot be allowed to spread to the outside world.”

That golden horn had divine runes on it. If others controlled it, they would be able to unleash its divine abilities. It would become a divine item.

Although it would just be a quasi divine item that the large powers wouldn’t care too much about, the main thing was that it was a humiliation for the Xuan Beasts. 

“Just cutting off one of your horns is going too far? Are you idiots? Just now, that horned bull tried to kill me, but you didn’t say that was going too far. All I did was slap a calf, and this old bull, a grand Netherpassage expert, attacked me, a Soul Transformation disciple. Why didn’t you say that this was far too? I really wonder sometimes if the only thing in your heads is crap. Do you even think before speaking?” sneered Long Chen. The Xuan Beasts really had a beast’s head.

That elder’s expression sank, and he was about to speak when Yan Nantian opened his mouth first.

“Long Chen is correct. If you don’t like it, then attack. Some things can’t be resolved with words. It just so happens that my Martial Heaven Alliance is looking for an opportunity to show our power. Eliminating a few Netherpassage experts should be quite effective.”

When Yan Nantian said this, those Netherpassage experts’ expressions changed.

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