Chapter 1802 Danger Zone - Yin Yang World (Teaser)

“Good fortune?”

Long Chen was surprised. There were more benefits beyond just the paragon art inheritance?

“Yes, good fortune. Just yesterday, a manifestation of immortal mist appeared in the northern part of the Central Xuan Region, where the Yin Yang World is. That’s a sign that the Yin Yang World is about to open,” said Yan Nantian.

“What’s the Yin Yang World? I feel like I’ve heard of it,” asked Long Chen.

Yan Nantian explained, “It is one of the seven great danger zones. However, back in the ancient era, there were only four danger zones: Devil Spirit Mountain, the Yin Yang World, the Ancient Battlefield, and the Corrupt God Cemetery. As for the Heaven Devouring Forest, the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring, and the Resentful Death City, people later added them to the danger zones because they felt that they were very terrifying. The Heaven Devouring Forest is gone now, and Resentful Death City isn’t a place outsiders can enter. As for the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring, it is dangerous, but as long as you don’t provoke the truly...

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