Chapter 1801 A Stroke of Good Fortune

In one day, Long Chen had slain Di Xin and Xiang Yunfei. That had shaken the continent.

During the past three days, Qu Jianying had taken a trip through the various large sects and demanded them to declare their positions.

Unfortunately, the results were the exact opposite of what she had expected. Some sects were saying that the Martial Heaven Alliance was too chaotic now, and so they were intending to leave.

The Righteous sects in the Eastern and Southern Xuan Region, in particular, were displaying great dissatisfaction with the Martial Heaven Alliance. They said that it was a dictatorship, and the alliance was a weapon controlled by Qu Jianying and Long Chen.

Long Chen was barbaric and bloodthirsty, while Qu Jianying actually pampered him and allowed him to do as he wished. He drew enemies from all around, and if this continued, sooner or later the Martial Heaven Alliance would be torn apart.

When Qu Jianying heard them say such things, she had an urge to kill people. Just what bastard had started these rumors?

Most hateful of all, many sects used the banner of opposing Long Chen to threaten her. If she refused to expel Long Chen and the Xuantian Dao Sect from the Martial Heaven Alliance, they would leave instead.

Under the lead of the east and the south, the remaining regions also had tens of thousands of sects band together to criticize her.

As they spoke up, countless other sects began to sway in the wind. They didn’t say that they supported her, and they didn’t say that they were against her either.

“It’s clear that Pill Valley is up to their tricks again. No one else has such power to rally supporters. Only Pill Valley has the ability to promise those sects that leaving the alliance won’t cause them to immediately become targets of the Corrupt path. Pill Valley started laying down the foundation for their plans years ago. Their claws stretched into the interior of the Martial Heaven Alliance, and although you noticed them and eliminated them mercilessly, it seems it’s already a bit too late.

“If the great era hadn’t come, your methods most likely would have been effective, but with the great era, the hearts of the large sects are getting ambitious. The change in eras will completely change the board. The cultivation world will look completely different in the end. Hence, this is the worst era that’s filled with cruel competitions where the strong devour the weak. But it is also the best era. The small can suddenly soar and become giants. Perhaps a third-rate sect can even become a supreme sect.

“So everyone is ambitious and easily seduced by opportunities to grow stronger. Even if Pill Valley wasn’t actively seducing them, some of those fellows would still be drawn away from you. Of course, some are devoted to you and prefer stability. Those sects all have some foundation so they don’t need to take the risk of betting.

“However, there is a good saying: barefoot people aren’t afraid of people with shoes. People with nothing to lose don’t mind going all-in. So many smaller sects that have been kept underfoot, or perhaps large sects whose inheritances are about to be severed, are all willing to bet everything on this era. You don’t need to get angry with them over this. This is something that follows every great era. Which great era didn’t end with rivers of blood flowing?” comforted Long Chen.

Qu Jianying was surprised by his words. She had been focused on the fact that it had been Pill Valley sowing dissension, but she had forgotten the true main point: the people’s hearts. It was because she hadn’t understood why these people would act so foolishly that she was so angry.

“Long Chen, do you have a method to change our current predicament?” probed Qu Jianying.

“I do.”

“Really? What is it?”

“Kill them all.”

“Brat, you dare to toy with me?” raged Qu Jianying.

“How am I toying with you? Why is it that the Corrupt path has no traitors? Because they have terrifying punishments that are worse than death, so their people don’t dare to betray them.” Long Chen shrugged.

“Then if we acted like this, wouldn’t we be no different from the Corrupt path? The Martial Heaven Alliance is just an alliance. As long as they don’t betray the Righteous path and seek shelter in the Corrupt path, we don’t have the right to punish them,” said Qu Jianying.

“Then I don’t have a solution. It’s their mouths, and they can say whatever they want. It’s also their brains, and you can’t control what they’re thinking. You’re just hurting yourself by getting angry.” sighed Long Chen.

“Hmph, little brat, if you don’t give me an explanation about what you just said, you won’t be leaving here without a beating. I should warn you that I know all the old man’s moves as well!” Qu Jianying glared at Long Chen.

Long Chen smiled. “I naturally can explain it. The Martial Heaven Alliance is a simple cooperation for the sake of everyone’s benefit. With everyone’s power collected, it allows people to feel safer. If someone doesn’t want to feel safe here and goes somewhere else, let them go. What does their life and death have to do with us? All you need to do is look after the people who are always loyal. As for those people who leave, if they are abandoned and want to come back, just tell them to screw off.”

Long Chen’s meaning was clear. They wanted to leave, and they were adults. They could take responsibility for their own actions.

“If you do well, we won’t get jealous, but if you don’t do well, don’t come crying to us. You no longer have anything to do with us. To leave at the most critical time is a betrayal in and of itself.”


“There are no buts. This is what it means when people say compassion cannot lead troops. Long Chen’s words are completely correct. As a leader, you must bring out your resolution,” said Yan Nantian. “Long Chen’s thinking is identical to us four old fellows. Some people are so foolish that not even a god can save them. You will never be able to wake up everyone, so wasting the time and effort will only make you feel distressed. Furthermore, being distracted by that will lead to errors in judgment for your loyal followers. To save a few foolish people, are you going to let those loyal to you die? Don’t you feel that’s very foolish?”

“Granduncle-master, I understand.”

Qu Jianying sighed inside. What she needed right now was to not be indecisive. She needed to be domineering and daring.

Yan Nantian nodded. “When we told you to demand those sects declare their positions, we expected this result. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Remember those loyal to you. Protecting them is our duty. Even if we have to lose our lives, it’ll be worth it. As for those who have rebelled and those opportunists, just directly abandon them. Kick them out of the Martial Heaven Alliance.”

Qu Jianying was startled. “Granduncle-master… that’s a bit too arbitrary, isn’t it?”

It had to be known that in the Martial Heaven Alliance, although there was only ten percent who openly challenged and tried to threaten her, a total of thirty percent of the sects were still waiting to see how things turned out. If that thirty percent was also kicked out, it would be a huge blow to the Martial Heaven Alliance’s power.

With so many people kicked out, the Righteous path’s sects would become sparser and more open to the Corrupt path’s attacks. They might be quickly annihilated.

“Don’t worry about it, the Corrupt path will definitely not attack us before things are clear,” said Yan Nantian.

“Why is that?”

Long Chen was the one who replied, “Because the Corrupt path won’t let Pill Valley get so arrogant, as that’s not favorable to them. If they attack us, it will cause more sects to join Pill Valley, and that’s not what they want to see. There is a deep enmity between the Righteous path and the Corrupt path. As more Righteous sects adhere themselves to Pill Valley, Pill Valley will naturally be biased toward the Righteous path. With Pill Valley’s support, the Righteous sects that join them and have money, will definitely launch their own attacks on the Corrupt path. In that case, the Pill Valley that was neutral will have become an alliance of the Righteous path. Wouldn’t the Corrupt path be doomed then? Hence, the Corrupt path is probably also panicking and just watching. They won’t make a move rashly. Once you, the head of the Martial Heaven Alliance, make a move, a chain reaction will follow throughout the continent. This is the opportunity to wash away the sand and leave behind only the gold. This is your chance to see who is worthy of your trust.”

“Haha, Long Chen, this head of yours is not bad.” One of the Grand Elders actually praised Long Chen. The other Grand Elders nodded. Despite being so young, his vision was sharp.

“What a little monster. But if you’re so smart, why do you always do stupid things?” demanded Qu Jianying. When it came to cunningness, Long Chen was basically on the same level as these four wily foxes.

“Because there are many problems that intelligence can’t solve, and the more you try, the more indecisive you become. The opportunities in the cultivation world are fleeting. By the time you finish thinking, those opportunities will be snatched by others. So just like the old man, I like saying that in front of absolute power, all intelligence is nonsense,” said Long Chen.

“Master…” Ye Lingshan pulled on Qu Jianying uneasily.

“Don’t compare yourself to this fellow. He’s a freak. As the alliance head, intelligence is one aspect, but charisma is the most important factor, and you have it. Of course that’s why I’m willing to let you take my place,” comforted Qu Jianying.

She saw that Ye Lingshan had been given a blow. Long Chen possessed such vision, while she was a far cry from reaching that level.

“Don’t worry, no matter how intelligent or strong he is, he will be your subordinate. If he doesn’t listen to you, just tell me.” Qu Jianying glared at Long Chen.

“Cough, I’ve been away long enough. I’ll return back to the Xuantian Dao Sect to see my brothers.” Long Chen stood up.

“Don’t be in a rush yet. Stay for another couple days, and you might receive a stroke of good fortune,” said Yan Nantian.

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