Chapter 1800 Every Person Has a Different Fate

Long Chen laughed with confidence and delight.

“Brother Long, have… have you really learned to control the paragon art so quickly?”

The nine drakes were astounded. They had been standing guard here the whole time.

“Hehe, Lei Long has already finished learning it. For my Yuan Spirit to learn it as well will still take some time, but everyone, thank you.” Long Chen cupped his fists.

Lei Long was a manifestation of lightning. For it to learn a lightning art was simple.

Once it learned it, with their spirits connected, Long Chen would also be able to learn it quickly. 

The best part though was that when cultivating within the rune, Lei Long had absorbed a huge amount of thunderforce from it.

Lei Long’s quality didn’t necessarily change, but now it had practically a limitless reserve of energy.

Long Chen knew that this energy was left for those inheriting this paragon art. Only when you possessed enough thunderforce could you unleash this art.

“You’re going to leave now?” The silver drake also appeared.

“Yes. I still have many things to do in the outside world. Don’t worry, I remember our agreement. I always keep my promises.” Long Chen nodded.

“Alright. We’ve never really trusted a human, so hopefully you won’t disappoint us,” said the silver drake.

“Time will tell.”

Long Chen nodded. After forming new hand seals, faint lightning runes appeared flowing around his fingers, and a thirty-meter gate appeared in front of him. It was much smaller than the giant gate he had made at the beginning.

However, this time, there were no intense fluctuations when the lightning gate appeared.

“Everyone, we’ll quickly see each other again.”

Long Chen cupped his fists and then stepped through the lightning gate. As soon as he entered, the gate closed and vanished.

The scene in front of Long Chen changed. He had reappeared in that sinister passage filled with the air of death. However, the elder that had guided him had already vanished.

That elder had been an ancient heroic expert. It had used up its last bit of energy and had now fully vanished.

It had been nothing more than the slightest discarnate soul of an expert from the ancient era. Their entire existence was supported by the faith energy of their descendants.

If the sacrifices offered to them weren’t enough or the faith energy wasn’t pure enough, they would dissipate sooner or later.

That made Long Chen sigh inside. Both good people and bad people had things that they wanted to protect in their lives. Despite already being dead, this spirit had still been protecting his descendants.

So bad people also had a good side. But that good side was built over other people’s suffering.

Long Chen followed the channel until he reached a large gate. This gate was not the gate from which he had entered.

He looked back after going through this gate and saw a large immortal character above it. It was the Life character.

He went around the temple to the gate that he had entered, and as expected, he saw a giant Death character.

Long Chen immediately returned to the palace, filled with rage. As soon as he entered, he saw Qu Jianying and the four Grand Elders looking at Ye Lingshan with pleasantly surprised expressions.

“Long Chen, you’re back?” Yan Nantian was shocked to see Long Chen walk in.

“You old bastard, were you trying to con me to death? You sent me into the death gate? Spit out the wine I gave you!” raged Long Chen. He moved to throttle Yan Nantian.

“Long Chen, don’t be rude!”

Long Chen’s actions made Qu Jianying jump, and she hastily blocked him. Even then, Long Chen furiously said, “Old fellow, do you dare to con me a bit more? That death gate had a ninety percent chance of death! Why would you harm me?”

“Hahaha, youngsters shouldn’t be so temperamental.” Yan Nantian didn’t get angry. He smiled faintly.

“That’s easy for you to say. Do you want to try taking my place? Not only did you send me through the death gate, but the contract was already up! There wasn’t even a ten percent chance of surviving!” roared Long Chen.

“Long Chen, stop shouting. Explain what happened in detail,” said Qu Jianying.

“It really pisses me off. I almost got conned to death…”

Long Chen explained what had happened in the Morning Dao Lightning Field. When they heard that the contract there had already come to an end and that the lightning beasts had already escaped the restrictions of the paragon art’s runes, they jumped in shock.

In the end, Long Chen had used Lei Long’s power to sway the other side, obtaining the paragon art rune. It truly had been dangerous. The slightest mistake and he would have died.

“First of all, we really didn’t know that such a thing would occur. According to reason, if the paragon art rune lost its effect, the entire Morning Dao Lightning Field should have collapsed. Although the death gate had a ninety percent chance of death, with your power, it wasn’t that dangerous, which was why we left the death gate to you.” Yan Nantian smiled bitterly. He really didn’t know what to say about Long Chen’s luck. With his power, obtaining one of the paragon art inheritances should have been easy, but he had almost died instead.

“Then why didn’t you tell me anything in advance so I could prepare? Other than that, if there’s a life gate, why’d you toss me into the death gate?!” demanded Long Chen.

“Don’t be so angry. You’re overestimating the Martial Heaven Alliance. We only had two spots left for the paragon art inheritance, and you also saw the heroic spirit within the temple. Their energy has reached a limit. This is our current predicament. We had one spot for the life gate and one for the death gate. Tell me, if it were up to you, would you choose the life gate and leave the death gate to a woman? Is that part of your character?” asked Yan Nantian.

“You… can you not play with me like this?!” Long Chen couldn’t help feeling some angry admiration for Yan Nantian. With that one question, he had made Long Chen speechless. What could he say?

If there was only one life and one death spot, then he really would only be able to choose the death gate. But this scenario was still infuriating either way, and now he had nowhere to vent.

“Fine, count yourself an expert. I can’t beat you when it comes to this. Fortunately, my life is tough enough, or I’d have to haunt you as a ghost,” said Long Chen.

Seeing Long Chen like this, angry but not able to release it, they laughed.

“Long Chen, what kind of paragon art did you obtain?” asked Ye Lingshan. She was very curious.

“Ah, the paragon art I learned is called Heaven Striking Five Lightning Rumble. It’s perfect to use against people who con me. What about you?” Long Chen began spouting nonsense. He hadn’t asked the name of the paragon art, so he didn’t know. Furthermore, he hadn’t mastered the paragon art yet. But with Lei Long having learned it, he should still be able to use it.

Long Chen was extremely surprised to see that Ye Lingshan was already out. If it hadn’t been for Lei Long, it would have taken him months or years to learn the paragon art.

However, Ye Lingshan had come out before him. How could he not be surprised?

“Yes, I’ve already learned it. It took me three whole years,” said Ye Lingshan.

“What? It’s already been three years?” Long Chen jumped.

“No, when I entered that world, the senior inside taught me the Heaven Rending Divine Slash. The senior also used that world’s energy to open a special spatial domain where I cultivated for three years, while only three days passed in the Martial Heaven Continent,” explained Ye Lingshan.

“A senior? Who guided and taught you? And opened a special spatial domain for you?”

Long Chen felt like he was about to go crazy. Was the difference between people’s fates really so great?

She hadn’t even been in danger, while he had almost died. When he compared himself to Ye Lingshan, he had an urge to slam his head into the wall.

“Cough, it was just luck, yes, just luck. Long Chen, I’m sure you know it’s beneficial to run into setbacks. Considering you obtained your paragon art from the death gate, I’m sure it’s very powerful,” said Yan Nantian hastily.

“Fine, I’m not jealous. I’m not resentful. I’m used to my bad luck. I just hope that if something similar happens, you can tell me beforehand.” Long Chen bitterly smiled. When he thought about it, he found that he really couldn’t blame anyone. His natural luck was just this bad. Fortunately, the results were good.

At the very least, he had obtained the paragon art inheritance. He had gained the trust of the lightning drakes in the Morning Dao Lightning Field, as well as two attacking paragon arts. His gains were very plentiful, so he should be grateful.

“Do you want to test the power of our paragon arts and see which one is stronger?” Ye Lingshan looked at Long Chen excitedly like she was a child.

Clearly, she wished to test the power of her new paragon art. She also wanted to experience Long Chen’s paragon art.

“I think we shouldn’t. You’re a good child, and using the Heaven Striking Five Lightning Rumble against you isn’t suitable. Furthermore, my luck wasn’t as good as yours, so I’m still in the midst of mastering it. I can’t use it just yet.” Long Chen shook his head.

Ye Lingshan was a bit disappointed, but she didn’t force it.

Yan Nantian and the other Grand Elders exchanged a look. Compared to Long Chen, Ye Lingshan was still a bit immature. Long Chen didn’t like exposing his power. That was a survival instinct.

Perhaps he could dupe Ye Lingshan with this excuse, but he couldn’t fool the four of them. They could already smell the scent of danger from Long Chen. He was definitely capable of using the paragon art.

Having power but not wanting to expose it, show off, or even obtain other people’s approval. At such an age, how few people were capable of this?

“Alliance head, how did the large powers react to my battle three days ago?” asked Long Chen.

Qu Jianying’s expression gradually became gloomy after being asked this.

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