Chapter 180 Ten Thousand Beast Essence Blood

Three days’ time passed quickly. By the time the third day was over, everyone’s spirits had already recovered.

After that life and death experience, after a tempering of blood and fire, the brilliance within this group of spoiled disciples had finally begun to blossom.

Although they couldn’t be said to have already unsheathed their sharp airs, at the very least they were no longer a group of trash. They already had the embryonic air of experts.

Thousands of disciples had gathered in the Xuantian plaza. This huge plaza that was hundreds of miles wide was bustling with noise.

At the center of the plaza was a huge sculpture hundreds of meters tall. That sculpture was of a man with a longsword in his hand. He pointed up to the heavens with a will that wished to destroy the world.

That statue was said to the be Xuantian Dao Sect’s ancestral founder. However, this statue seemed as if it had already existed here before the Xuantian Monastery had even been established. After the erosion of time, it was already somewhat broken down. But that disdainful will hadn’t changed in the slightest.

Below that huge statue were hundreds of green-robed disciples that were frantically bustling.

There were men and women amongst them, but the majority were women. They were currently nervously sticking some small syringes into the arms of the disciples. After taking out a drop of blood and putting it into a metal container, they also recorded the name, gender, age, and other information about that disciple.

At the fringe of the plaza were two youths sitting below a large tree. One of them was squinting at that sculpture.

After staring for a while, he asked the other, “Guo Ran, are you sure we should go up last?”

Guo Ran confidently said, “Trust me boss, according to my information, those people collecting blood are all newbies who just joined the sect.

“Letting them collect blood is a trial for them. In the beginning, they’ll all poke you several times with those needles before finally getting a drop of essence blood.

“If you don’t believe me, just look at how nervous they are. Even their hands are trembling. Trust me boss, I can’t possibly be wrong.”

Long Chen truly did see that those people were extremely nervous. But wasn’t it just to take out a drop of blood? There was no need for them to be like this.

However, to give Guo Ran face, Long Chen didn’t say anything. The two of them just stared up at that statue.

He didn’t know why but looking at this statue, it almost felt as if this statue was alive. Although that kind of thinking was laughable, he was sure he felt it. That feeling was extremely mysterious.

“Ok boss, it’s time. Almost everyone’s gone, so we can go now too.”

The time had flown by without him knowing as he stared at the statue. Almost everyone had finished.

Long Chen nodded. Previously, there had been many people, including Lei Qianshang and Qi Xin. He also saw a couple of very powerful fellows.

He had agreed to Guo Ran’s suggestions also because he didn’t want to run into those fellows. As soon as they saw Long Chen, they would start wildly sneering and barking at him like a dog.

Long Chen felt that there was no need to disgrace himself by exchanging insults with them. He didn’t want to be mocked by the people of the other four areas.

But he had secretly observed that there really were many powerful figures appearing. Their auras were shocking, not at all inferior to Lei Qianshang and the rest of the monster-class geniuses.

Just now Lei Qianshang had almost gotten into a fight with another core disciple. Both of them were extremely arrogant and had disdainfully looked down on the other, creating sparks.

But unfortunately, just as those sparks were about to explode, they were shooed off by the senior disciples in charge of this place.

Those disciples were actually familiar to Long Chen. One of them was that grave senior apprentice-brother Wan he had seen at the beginning.

Guo Ran and Long Chen walked up now that everyone had left, so senior apprentice-brother Wan just happened to see Long Chen.

He nodded to him, “Not bad. I heard everything about what happened in the trial.”

“Hehe, didn’t I end up failing in the end? Don’t tease junior disciple like this. Sorry, we came late. The inspections aren’t over yet, right?” laughed Long Chen.

Long Chen’s gut told him this senior apprentice-brother Wan was an old-fashioned person who wouldn’t casually laugh at others. That kind of person was extremely upright, causing others to easily form good opinions of him.

“You’re not late. I still have some work to do so I’ll be going.” Senior apprentice-brother Wan turned and left, but before he did, a strange light flashed in his eyes.

Long Chen immediately felt that something was off. Looking at the place to register, he saw that there were over a dozen maidens that were red from being scolded by their senior apprentice-sister.

He had no idea what they were doing. One of the people in charge of the registration was just boringly playing with her brush.

“Sorry to trouble you, but we came late. Can we still register?” said Guo Ran politely.

That person turned to look at Long Chen and Guo Ran, her expression filled with absolute delight, looking as if they had just saved her life. She excitedly called out to the people behind her, “Those of you who haven’t finished the trial, quickly come! There are two more people here.”

Those maidens who were dispiritedly being scolded immediately became like they had heard the sounds of heaven and turned to stare at Long Chen and Guo Ran.

Both of them were given a fright. They looked like hungry wolves looking at two sheep.

A quarter hour later, both Guo Ran and Long Chen dispiritedly left the plaza, their entire upper arms feeling like they had been stung by bees.

In all his years, Long Chen had never been used as an experimental object to be used by others. But in front of those lovely and pitiful junior sisters, how could he have the heart to refuse?

The person in charge of that trial had said that if those maidens’ techniques were not satisfactory, they would be forced to leave.

As a result, those sisters had practically begged them for help. Guo Ran and Long Chen had surrendered to them, resulting in this miserable end.

“Guo Ran, this was your plan?” Long Chen took a deep breath, trying to keep his contempt from his voice. However, he found he really was unable to do that.

“About that… boss, that was definitely just an exception. Next time it won’t happen again.” Guo Ran was also depressed. No one could have expected the situation would end up like this.

The Xuantian Monastery was extremely large, so even walking back took quite a long time. Just to go from the plaza to their mountain required a full two hours of their time.

By the time they got back, everyone was already gathered. Tang Wan-er glared at the two of them angrily, “What were you two doing?! Hurry up, the rewards are already being passed out.”

Only then did Long Chen realize that there was a small jug in front of everyone. Those jugs were similar to wine jugs, but he wondered what was inside these.

Guo Ran was given a jug, but as for Long Chen’s portion, Tang Wan-er did not give it to him. “Inside the jugs is Ten Thousand Beast Essence Blood. Absorb the essence blood inside and your body’s blood energy will rise to the peak, giving you a high chance of a flawless advancement.”

Everyone excitedly examined the liquid inside the jugs. Most of them clearly knew what it was.

That had bitterly kept their cultivation bases within the Blood Condensation realm all for this day, all for this Ten Thousand Beast Essence Blood.

The quality of advancements was split into flawed, imperfect, flawless, and perfect. 

In the secular world, almost all advancements were flawed. Such an advancement would have a destabilizing effect on one’s foundation, becoming a great hindrance in one’s future cultivation.

But there was no way around it. Most martial artists didn’t have the powerful resources required to build a solid foundation. That was a kind of destiny that was very difficult to change.

The next level was imperfect, which was usually the highest level most powerful family’s disciples could reach. It would leave a slight imperfection on the foundation when advancing. It would definitely have an effect on their future cultivation, but it was much, much less than the impact of a flawed advancement.

The third level was flawless, something countless experts dreamed about obtaining. If they could reach that mark, then the impact left behind by their advancement would basically be nothing.

As for the final level, that was called perfect. It was even more flawless than flawless, a level of advancement that simply could not be hoped for. Even monster-class geniuses would need to rely on luck and opportunity for that. And so most people wouldn’t even try for such an extravagant level.

In their eyes, a flawless advancement was already perfect. Such an advancement would give one hope for reaching Xiantian one day, even if that hope was extremely remote.

“Outer disciples can use their badge to go exchange for one spirit stone and five hundred points from the Xuantian pavilion.

“Inner disciples can receive three spirit stones and two thousand points. These are given once a month as your rations/wages.

“As for how to use your spirit stones and points, you can all return to your own residences. Each person’s room has a wall that has explanations for that. Once you all return, take a good look over it.

“Remember, time is pressing. When you return, quickly make your breakthroughs. Another huge competition is about to commence,” warned Tang Wan-er solemnly.

“Sister Wan-er, what kind of competition is it?” asked one maiden curiously.

Tang Wan-er smiled slightly, “I can’t tell you for now. But all you need to know is that the stronger everyone is, the more benefits and resources we can obtain.

“On the other hand, if we are too weak, we’ll only be bullied within the monastery. So we must work hard to be strong.”

Once everyone returned to their own immortal caves to cultivate and there was no one else around, Tang Wan-er turned to Long Chen. “How come what I say doesn’t seem to inspire them as much as what you said back then?”

Tang Wan-er still remembered how Long Chen had just said a couple of random things to fire everyone up. Even that fear of death in their hearts had been overcome.

She had been hoping to boost everyone’s morale this time, but she was never able to learn his morale-boosting technique. In the end, she sighed dejectedly.

Long Chen laughed, “That’s because your skin isn’t thick enough. You have to drink enough that you don’t even recognize your own family and boast so shamelessly than even you can’t believe your own words. Ah, young people really do need to train more.”

Tang Wan-er rolled her eyes at him and taunted, “Keep laughing. If you don’t want top grade Ten Thousand Beast Essence Blood, then just keep on laughing there. I’m going home.”

Tang Wan-er walked back into her immortal cave. Qing Yu was to the side covering up her laughter. Long Chen stared blankly.

“Top grade Ten Thousand Beast Essence Blood?”

Only then did he react and hastily follow her.

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