Chapter 1798 Utmost Conning Effort (Teaser)

“What condition?”

Long Chen smiled. His chance had come.

“This lightning dragon of yours possesses a kind of energy I want. I don’t need to devour it. I just need eighty percent of its energy…”

“Don’t even think about it.” Long Chen directly refused.

The silver drake was enraged. “Do you believe me when I say I can just kill you and devour it?” All its scales lit up, and thunderforce boomed. A terrifying energy once more locked onto Long Chen.

“I don’t believe you. One, it’s hard to say if you could even kill me. Two, even if you kill me, Lei Long will explode and erase its divine nature before its death, so you won’t obtain anything. Three, and this is the most important thing, Lei Long is not my subordinate but a companion I can entrust my life to. I told you not to get any ideas about it. Although you’re powerful, I naturally have my own trump cards since I dared to come here,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“Hmph, arrogant...

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