Chapter 1798 Utmost Conning Effort

“What condition?”

Long Chen smiled. His chance had come.

“This lightning dragon of yours possesses a kind of energy I want. I don’t need to devour it. I just need eighty percent of its energy…”

“Don’t even think about it.” Long Chen directly refused.

The silver drake was enraged. “Do you believe me when I say I can just kill you and devour it?” All its scales lit up, and thunderforce boomed. A terrifying energy once more locked onto Long Chen.

“I don’t believe you. One, it’s hard to say if you could even kill me. Two, even if you kill me, Lei Long will explode and erase its divine nature before its death, so you won’t obtain anything. Three, and this is the most important thing, Lei Long is not my subordinate but a companion I can entrust my life to. I told you not to get any ideas about it. Although you’re powerful, I naturally have my own trump cards since I dared to come here,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“Hmph, arrogant human, since you’re so foolish, I can only kill you!” The silver drake raised its claw.

“Hey, wait a moment. I’m not done talking!” Long Chen hastily waved his hands.

“What else is there to say?” The silver drake’s claw stopped in the air.

“Lei Long is my companion, so this condition of yours is no good. However, hehe, I have an even better condition for you.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, can you first shrink down a bit? I can’t even see your whole body, and it’s very awkward for me,” probed Long Chen.

The silver drake was truly too big. It was so big that he had a headache just trying to see it. Not being able to see its expression was also difficult.

The silver drake hesitated, but then it really did shrink down to thirty thousand meters, practically identical to Lei Long.

However, once it shrank, Long Chen felt like he shouldn’t have asked. With its power compressed, the spatial fluctuations in the surroundings grew more intense as if the void was about to explode from the pressure. Long Chen almost coughed up blood.

So in its small state, the silver drake was even more terrifying. But he couldn’t just ask it to get bigger now.

“Shouldn’t you hurry up with what you have to say?” shouted the silver drake.

“Cough, then I’ll get to the point. I have some business to discuss with you. It could be said that if this business takes off, it will completely change your life. I won’t hide the truth from you. I am a reincarnation of a god, and each time my power increases, I draw divine lightning that tempers me. Other people’s tribulations are a drizzle, while my tribulation is a true shower. It’s just that using divine lightning as a shower is a waste. That’s why I always save a bit for Lei Long. You’ve also seen how fat and mighty Lei Long is. My intention is to have you cooperate with me. When I go through my tribulations, I will split a portion of my divine lightning with you. I should put it this way to you: each time I undergo tribulation, the power of the divine lightning and its purity will be ten times greater than before, maybe even a hundred times greater. If you devour my companion’s little bit of energy, it won’t even be a snack. I can see that although you are powerful, your body is lacking that divine nature, so you are unable to become a true dragon. But if you cooperate with me, I’ll constantly give you divine lightning and help you become a true dragon. How is that?”

“Can I trust those words?” The silver drake was definitely moved by this offer.

The silver drake’s outer appearance wasn’t that different from a true dragon. It was only lacking the dragon horn. However, without the dragon horn, a drake would forever just be a larger serpent. The term drake was just in recognition of its power. It was not a true dragon.

“What reason do I have to trick you? This cooperation is mutually beneficial. That’s a true cooperation.” Long Chen smiled.

“How do you want to cooperate?” That sinister smile of Long Chen ended up raising the silver drake’s guard.

“It’s very simple. Give me the paragon art. That’s a must because I need it to live longer and go through more tribulations. Otherwise, if I died before my cultivation base broke through, what would you do? Second, if I encounter some kind of amazing existence in the outside world, you have to help me handle it because if I die, it will interfere with your growth.”

“Are you trying to get me to be a free fighter for you?”

The silver drake was no fool. It immediately understood Long Chen’s intentions.

“How is it free? I’m giving you such good divine lightning. It’s just payment after the purchase.”

“Hmph, what a joke. Everything you’ve said is nonsense. You’re trying to con me into being your fighter. I didn’t expect a youngster like you to have such guts,” sneered the silver drake.

“It has nothing to do with guts. You’ve seen Lei Long’s power. Although its current power isn’t as great as yours, you’ve been alive for countless years, while Lei Long has only existed for a few years. It’s just a child now, yet it possesses such power. Let me put it to you this way. When I undergo tribulation, there really is as much divine lightning as you want. The amount of divine lightning will only be limited by how big your stomach is. This is a decision that will decide your fate. Opportunities must be grasped. That divine lightning will be the foundation from which your entire life changes, it’s your chance to break out of the cocoon…”

Long Chen was in the midst of trying to sway the silver drake when Lei Long suddenly opened its mouth and shot out a foot-wide lightning sphere at it.

That made Long Chen jump in horror. He thought that Lei Long had just attacked. However, he then quickly understood what Lei Long was doing. It was proving itself to the silver drake.

The silver drake devoured the lightning sphere. As a result, a twinkle appeared in its eyes as it was stunned.

“How is it? Lei Long’s power still isn’t pure enough, but after my next tribulation, just imagine what it will be like with ten or even a hundred times the divine lightning energy.” Long Chen raised his eyebrows several times seducingly.

“That… that’s still unacceptable. I won’t be someone else’s fighter.” The silver drake was extremely moved, but it had its own dignity. It was the master of the Morning Dao Lightning Field. How could it possibly be willing to become someone else’s fighter?

“How could a powerful existence like you be called out to fight for nothing? Just tell your subordinates to fight and it’ll be more than enough,” said Long Chen, not forgetting to flatter the silver drake.

“Alright then. But you can’t go too far. Don’t constantly call my subordinates out to fight for you,” warned the silver drake.

“Of course. I’m not the kind of person to get caught in all kinds of little trouble,” said Long Chen with a strange smile.

Yes, when he caused trouble, it was never small.

As long as the silver drake agreed, everything else would be easy. If its little brothers were suddenly losing, wouldn’t it come help anyway? Hehe, thinking of how he had gained such a powerful helper, Long Chen almost shouted in joy.

“Fine, go brand the paragon art divine rune. As for the details, you can ask my nine generals.”

The silver drake’s figure vanished into the lightning sea. Clearly, that was its territory.

When the silver drake vanished, leaving Long Chen with the nine drakes, the atmosphere was a bit awkward.

“Come, don’t just stare. We’ll be one family in the future, so no need to mind about such minor things.”

Long Chen flicked his fingers, and nine pearls of lightning shot toward the nine drakes. This lightning energy was far less than what Lei Long had given the silver drake.

However, the drakes were delighted and immediately devoured them. The hostility in their eyes faded. Long Chen had already come to an agreement with their boss, and they didn’t have any bad opinion about it. Long Chen had already given them a taste of the benefits. 

“Many thanks.” The drakes transformed into three-hundred-meter forms.

“No need to thank me. It’s just my greeting gift to you all. In the future, there will definitely be larger gifts. As long as you follow me, I guarantee to get you thunderforce dozens and even hundreds of times purer than this. You’ll get more than you can even eat,” promised Long Chen.


“Of course. Your boss-”

“That’s the Great Dragon King.”

“Haha, your Great Dragon King also won’t be able to eat all of it. You’ll all get more than your fill. Well, even explaining it wouldn’t mean anything. You’ll know in the future. Following me is definitely your wisest decision. Ah, that’s right, I’m Long Chen, so you can call me brother Long. I definitely won’t forget you when the time comes.” Long Chen patted his chest confidently.

Long Chen was delighted. Each of these drakes was about as strong as he was. When combined, who could compete with him?

“Brother Long, I’m Dragon One. There are nine of us. You probably can’t differentiate us, so just call a number when you need us,” said one of the lightning drakes.

Clearly, they had been won over by Long Chen. Furthermore, considering that Long Chen had come to an agreement with their Great Dragon King, the two of them were essentially two figures on the same level. They naturally became respectful.

“Brother Long, don’t you want to absorb that paragon art rune? We’ll teach you how to do it,” said one of the drakes courteously.

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