Chapter 1797 Despair

Long Chen actually used the Celestial Lightning Body Blink to flash by the giant drake.


The giant drake snorted with disdain. Its giant tail suddenly slammed into the lightning sea.

A huge wave erupted from the lightning sea, blocking Long Chen’s path.

“Split the Heavens 6!”

As if he had long since expected such resistance, Long Chen slashed with his lightning blade. A giant cut appeared in the huge wave, and without hesitation, Long Chen charged through.

Long Chen was thankful that Split the Heavens had such immense penetrative power. Even this kind of giant attack could be easily pierced by it.

Once he was past the wave, he heard the giant drake’s roar. Clearly, it hadn’t expected Long Chen to have such power. It gave chase.

Its body was huge, but it was incredibly quick. However, Long Chen was also fast. Now that he was ahead, the drake couldn’t catch up.

Suddenly, the lightning sea erupted, and one giant drake after another appeared out of it, blocking Long Chen. When they opened their mouths, swords of lightning pierced through the air at him.

Each of the lightning swords was like a long mountain range. Booming sounds echoed through the air.

Seeing these attacks, Long Chen summoned lightning wings on his back. His speed increased again, and he shot past the lightning swords.

At this time, Long Chen was surprised to see nine of these giant drakes. They were all attacking him at the same time.

Long Chen’s heart pounded hard. At this time, the elder’s words resurfaced in his mind. Other inheritances had a ninety percent chance of failure, but this place had 99.99%.

To be blocked by nine powerful drakes comparable to Netherpassage experts, let alone Long Chen, even Netherpassage experts would have to submit.

If it was just one, perhaps Long Chen would have some urge to fight. But with nine of them, taking them head-on would be suicide.

Based on that drake’s words, as long as he could obtain that paragon art rune, he would be able to establish a new contract. In other words, if he obtained it, he would pass. These drakes wouldn’t be able to attack him any longer.

He pushed the Celestial Lightning Body Blink to its peak. He was like a phantom flitting through their attacks.

The nine drakes were launching a furious barrage of attacks. It was like nine giants were attacking a mosquito, but this mosquito was too fast. They couldn’t hit Long Chen, and it made them roar furiously.

Huge waves surged out of the lightning sea as they did everything in their power to stop Long Chen.

However, the sixth form of Split the Heavens pierced the waves easily. Rather than stopping Long Chen, the waves ended up hindering their own speed. Long Chen was rapidly approaching the core.

As he got closer to the core, he became even more shocked. This place that looked like an hourglass was where two sources of lightning energy were intermingling. Both sides looked identical.

The lightning energy formed a mysterious cycle. At the core, there was a giant image that looked like a gate with a pair of wings and a spear. 

Long Chen had no time to examine the two sources of lightning, nor did he have time to carefully look at this rune. He charged toward it.

The nine drakes were unable to stop him. He was too fast and nimble, infuriating them.

Just as Long Chen was starting to smile, he suddenly felt his heart drop. An intense sensation of danger welled up from within him.

His intuition built up from years of walking the line between life and death made him stop and retreat at full speed.


Just as he retreated, a silver claw smashed down from the sky, crashing down right where he had been.

Another giant drake had appeared. Its entire body was silver, and it had come out of the lightning source in the sky. It was dazzling, looking as if it had been made entirely from silver.

Long Chen’s hair rose. He felt a fatal threat from this silver drake. His intuition told him that its power far surpassed his imagination.

The silver drake coldly looked at Long Chen. “Human, this Morning Dao Lightning Field’s contract with the human race is done. We will no longer be your subordinates, and you are no longer qualified to enslave us. Go back and tell your elders that eight thousand years ago, our contract reached an end. Both sides can now walk their own paths. If any of you get any ideas about this Morning Dao Lightning Field, don’t blame us for not being polite.”

“What? That elder didn’t tell me any of this before I entered. Now I can’t even obtain the paragon art, and I can’t go back. This… this is a giant con!” Long Chen was speechless.

Although Long Chen was already used to his bad luck, this was too much, wasn’t it? It was his own allies that had sent him here to his death, and they hadn’t even given him a way out.

“Then you can just die here.”

The nine drakes lined up behind Long Chen, while in front of him was the unimaginably terrifying silver drake.

“Sorry, I can’t die yet. Can I ask, if I obtain that paragon art rune, will you stop trying to kill me?”

“That’s correct. As long as you can obtain the rune’s recognition, you will obtain the recognition of the Morning Dao Lightning Field. We naturally wouldn’t be able to kill you. However, don’t be so conceited. After being enslaved once by your human race, I won’t give you a chance. If you try anything, I will immediately kill you.” A vast aura from the silver drake locked onto Long Chen.

Thunderforce gathered from every direction, and this world became enveloped by silver lightning runes. Long Chen was caught in a terrifying domain.

Berserk silver lightning surrounded Long Chen. Each lightning rune was like a sharp blade, possessing enough power to destroy a mountain.

Long Chen was in a sea of millions and millions of those silver runes. It seemed like as long as the silver drake wished it, he would be blown apart. That was an absolute power that could not be resisted. The difference between them… was too immense.

“Die or scram. You choose,” said the silver drake coldly.

“I choose neither. I choose that rune.”

Lightning exploded out of Long Chen. It was sacred and divine.

Those silver lightning runes, which had originally locked down this area securely, suddenly fled like frightened rabbits.

Divine lightning. It was god amongst lightning, so all other lightning had to make way for it. As soon as Long Chen summoned this divine lightning, he broke the silver drake’s domain. He vanished, and in three blinks, he appeared in front of the paragon art rune.

However, he had just gotten there when a giant tail whipped toward him. As a result, Long Chen felt like a hammer had struck his body. He coughed up a mouthful of blood, and his bones shattered.

Long Chen did his best to stabilize himself in the air, but his heart turned cold. Even though his divine lightning had shattered the silver drake’s domain, the difference between them was too great.

Furthermore, the silver drake’s body was gigantic. There was no way for him to dodge it.

Taking a deep breath, Long Chen summoned Lei Long. His primal chaos space hadn’t recovered yet, and if he was injured again, it would be dangerous.

At the same time, Long Chen prepared the Heaven Flipping Seal. He was planning on having Lei Long entangle the silver drake and then smash it with the Heaven Flipping Seal. That was his final trump card. If it failed, he would be doomed.

His eyes were locked on the silver drake. He didn’t have much confidence even in this final trump card. The silver drake was too powerful. Compared to it, he was like a speck of dust.

“Wait a moment!”

Just as Long Chen was preparing to attack, the silver drake suddenly spoke.

“Tell me, how did you raise this lightning beast of yours?”

How had he raised it? Long Chen suddenly had a thought.

However, his expression didn’t change. “It’s just an ordinary lightning beast. But each time I undergo tribulation, I use the lightning to feed it. In my last tribulation, it helped me through my lightning tribulation by devouring a divine lightning rune. So it possesses the power of divine lightning. What? Do you want it? Just give up. I won’t let you devour it no matter what.”

The silver drake ignored Long Chen’s threat. Instead, it quietly looked at Lei Long. After a moment, it said, “I’m willing to go through a business transaction with you. I can let you obtain the paragon art rune, but you must satisfy one of my conditions.”

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